Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) Poster

Patrick Dempsey: Dylan



  • Dylan : Sam, do as I said, she won't be harmed, you have my word.

    Sam Witwicky : I'll kill you, you have my word.

  • Megatron : Be gone, insect operatives! Your work is done!

    Dylan : [bows]  Your Excellency.

    [Dylan takes Carly away] 

    Dylan : [out of Megatron's earshot]  He's such a dick.

  • Carly Miller : Do you want this to happen?

    Dylan : I want to survive, I want forty more years! You think I asked for this? I inherited a client!

    Carly Miller : Yeah? Well, when Cybertron's here and we're all enslaved, I guess they'll still need a human leader!

    Dylan : Don't jinx me! You want to survive, you listen to me!

  • Sam Witwicky : [pointing a gun at Dylan Gould]  Where is she? WHERE IS SHE?

    Dylan : You've got some balls.

  • [as the Autobots leave in the starship Xanthium] 

    Sam Witwicky : You wanted an answer, you got it.

    Dylan : I always get what I want, Sam. I just had to be sure.

    Sam Witwicky : Sure of what?

    Dylan : That they would go without a fight.

    [signals Starscream, who blows up the Xanthium] 

    Dylan : We all work for the Decepticons now.

  • [during the Chicago massacre] 

    Carly Miller : I guess they didn't tell you about this part, did they?

    Dylan : You think I'm at every meeting?... Look, I'm safe. They said I'm safe.

  • Dylan : NOOOO!

    [pulls a gun on Sam] 

    Sam Witwicky : Dylan, you can't do this, okay?

    Dylan : There's only one future for me!

  • Carly Miller : They said... they were shipping resources, to rebuild their planet.

    Dylan : Yes. But they need one resource in particular, one native to our planet.

    Carly Miller : ...Us?

    Dylan : You're very smart. You see, they can't rebuild without a slave labour force. How many rocks out there offer six billion workers?

    Carly Miller : What are you talking about? We can't transport people!

    Dylan : They're not shipping people. They're shipping their planet here!

  • Dylan : You think you're a hero? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?

    Sam Witwicky : No, I'm just a messenger.

    [knocks Dylan into the pillar] 

  • Dylan : Prisoners? You're keeping prisoners?

    Soundwave : Yeesss...

    Dylan : You need to teach them about respect! This was all business, but now it's all personal, do you understand me?

    Soundwave : [laughs]  I understand. No prisoners, only trophies!

    Que : Bee, I think they're going to kill us!

  • Dylan : If you want to survive a war, do business with the side that's gonna win.

  • Dylan : [Sam spits on him]  They will slaughter her. Do you understand me? In the time it takes you to blink, they will do it to her, and then they will do it to me!

    [hits Sam] 

  • Dylan : I liaise.

  • Dylan : You chose sides - you chose wrong!

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