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Frances McDormand: Mearing



  • Que : Ah, good, you're here. My name's Que. I do hope you have answers for him. I've never seen him so upset!

    Lennox : Optimus, you remember Charlotte Mearing, our director of National Intelligence?

    [Optimus stays in truck mode] 

    Dino : He's in a bad mood. He's not talking to anybody today.

    Charlotte Mearing : What is this, the silent treatment?

    Ironhide : We've seen that and this is not that.

    Que : Definitely not!

    Ironhide : This is worse. Prime, make something of yourself!

    [bangs fist on top of Optimus's cab, Optimus transforms] 

    Ironhide : He's pissed.

    Optimus Prime : [pounds the ground]  You lied to us! Everything humans know of our planet we were told had all been shared!

    [points to component] 

    Optimus Prime : So why was this found in human possession?

  • Charlotte Mearing : CIA's up my ass about this mystery raid in the Middle East. So it's time to come clean. Was your unit involved?

    Lennox : Uh, I'm not sure ma'am.

    Charlotte Mearing : As director of National Intelligence, I'm a really big fan of intelligent answers.

    Lennox : I really can't tell you definitively. These Autobots are like teenage kids, they like to sneak out of the house every once in a while.

  • Charlotte Mearing : Mr. Witwicky, I thought I made it clear to you that I did not want you calling this phone...

    Sam Witwicky : Listen, the whole thing has been a set-up since the beginning! The Decepticons wanted Optimus to find Sentinel because he was the only one who could revive him.

    Charlotte Mearing : But we have the space bridge...

    Sam Witwicky : Mearing, you have five pillars - I just learned that they have hundreds! You're doing exactly what they wanted you to do! What do you need me to say to you? The Decepticons are coming for Sentinel Prime!

  • Simmons : Excuse me, excuse me, It doesn't make sense! Can't we get any eyes in there at all?

    Charlotte Mearing : They keep shooting down our drones.

    General Morshower : They want us blind. But we do have a couple of mini-drones we're going to try.

    Simmons : Well, whoever's manning these UAV drones, can we try to redirect them toward Trump Tower? The kid, Witwicky, was on his way to Chicago. Said some point man, human op is there, for the Decepticons! Listen, if I know anything I know this: that kid is an alien bad news magnet!

  • [Sentinel Prime attacks NEST base] 

    Charlotte Mearing : Sentinel, stop this! What's going on? What do you think you're doing?

    Sentinel Prime : I am a Prime, I do not answer to the likes of you. Return what belongs to me!

  • Optimus Prime : The ship's name was the Ark. I watched it escape Cybertron myself. It was carrying an Autobot technology that would have won us the war. And its captain...

    Charlotte Mearing : Who was its captain?

    Optimus Prime : The great Sentinel Prime, the technology's inventor. He was commander of the Autobots before me. It's imperative that I find it before the Decepticons learn of its location. Our Autobot spacecraft has the ability to get there. And... you must pray it's in time.

  • Charlotte Mearing : These guys are the Wreckers. They take care of the Xanthium. We don't let them off the base much, 'cause they're assholes.

  • Charlotte Mearing : [Repeated line]  Don't call me Ma'am, I'm not a ma'am.

  • [Optimus arrives at NEST] 

    Charlotte Mearing : Take a good look, Optimus! This is all your fault!

  • Charlotte Mearing : I don't care who you are. If you breathe a word of what you see in here, you will do time for treason. Do you understand me?

    Sam Witwicky : I'll take my orders from the Autobots. I know them. I don't know you.

    Charlotte Mearing : You will.

  • Simmons : Well, well, well. Charlotte Mearing.

    Charlotte Mearing : Agent Simmons. Former Agent Simmons. So I see you survived Washington.

    Simmons : Washington, Egypt, heartbreak. I survive. I will survive.

  • Charlotte Mearing : Our entire space programme of the 1960s was in response to an event...

  • Charlotte Mearing : You are not a soldier. You are a messenger. You've always been a messenger.

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