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Season 5

7 May 2013
The Witch Is Back
Now that Amy, Britta, Brad, Cody and Kevin have successfully negotiated their way through the minefield of their 20s, it's time for them to move on and make way for a whole new cast of characters.
Total Control
Sarah is away and Ted envies Levi, who has plans to flatter his boss, Willa, into a pay rise with an impromptu birthday party.
Expect the Unexpected
On the eve of his 25th birthday, Ted is sad that Sarah won't see him anymore. Meanwhile, Gordon suspects Sarah of having an affair.
Pushing Buttons
Levi's mother is unimpressed to hear that he's lost his job, but Levi finds a surefire way to crush Tiana into pulp when he spots her schmoozing with a former client.
Fate, Karma, Whatever...
Ted has enrolled in art classes to win Sarah. She is flattered, but thinks it's impossible.
Feel the Fear
Ted finds Bennie serious about opening her food van, and freaks.
Hide the Poo
Alice is back from Bali, where she claims to have had a romance with an Irish guy called Fergus - but is it true?
Not High School Anymore
The death of Levi's high school nemesis brings many blasts from the past. But who is hiding secrets from back then?
A Man of Action
Ted gets excited when he thinks Gordon is having an affair with a hot young chick, but it turns out the girl is in fact Gordon's 17-year-old daughter, Mallory.
Alice is finding life with the Irish exhausting, and is in trouble with her boss for ignoring a policy directive.
The Problem with Maths
Ted finds things aren't adding up over who has slept with who. Candy adds up a lot of things - and draws some disturbing conclusions.
16 Jul. 2013
Different, Strange
Ted feels cursed, as Levi confronts his demons.
16 Jul. 2013
Candy is determined that Alice will have a wedding no matter what.

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