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“Welcome to the first of what is a new regular feature where we take a look at the soundtracks from forthcoming movies, along with some of old favourites. First up is Jack Kirby, taking a look at some new soundtracks coming soon… Enjoy!” – Phil

Arnau Bataller’s score to Lovecraft inspired horror sequel La Sombra Prohibida begins as it means to continue; with a furious bombardment of strings, timpani and choral warbling. The music is loud and dynamic with lofty ambitions, presumably to convey the scale of the otherworldly monstrosities in the film. Santiago’s Madness builds more subtly than the Opening Credits, but its crescendo is no less dramatic. Despite some softer moments in tracks such as A Personal Feeling and You’ve Been There Before though, the score is a little too samey throughout its runtime. Its eight minute penultimate track Cthulhu proves to be the most interesting
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