Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners - A Study in Murder - Part 2 (2009) Poster

Sôichirô Hoshi: Lio Shirazumi


  • Lio Shirazumi : Finally we meet, Shiki Ryogi.

    [Wearing a Kimono, a leather jacket and a haircut same as Shiki's] 

    Shiki Ryogi : I know you. You are...

    [Lio begins to attack her, she defends herself] 

    Lio Shirazumi : Hey, how strange. That's all what you do? Shiki Ryogi.

  • Lio Shirazumi : [after falling to the ground]  Why? Why don't you go serious? You're completely differently than you were four years ago. You could have killed me before if you wanted... But you're not trying to go far.

    [Trying to stand up] 

    Lio Shirazumi : I need you desperately. I wanted to see you because I have not much time left. Everything I did it for you... how I killed people, how I left the bodies...


    Lio Shirazumi : ...In order to you knew it was me.

    Shiki Ryogi : What are you saying?

    Lio Shirazumi : I thought you'd remember what happened four years ago if I did that.


    Lio Shirazumi : But you kept ignoring me.

    [laughing involuntarily] 

    Lio Shirazumi : Instead, It had a different effect.

    [to Shiki] 

    Lio Shirazumi : Yes I'm a serial manic. I had no name, but the society put it on me. It's like a glove.

    [Shiki is surprised] 

    Lio Shirazumi : I was so happy to have fulfilled their expectations last week

    [Approaching to Shiki] 

    Lio Shirazumi : A serial manic must kill people, because it is expected of him, right?

  • Shiki Ryogi : [Turning her back to Lio]  I've already said before, right? You do not interest me. Just wanted to confirm.

    Lio Shirazumi : [Desperate]  Lie!Lie!Lie!Lie!

    [Jumping to a fence] 

    Lio Shirazumi : As evidence of that, your eyes are always looking at my death.

    [Shiki turns to look at him, Shiki's POV looking at his lines of death] 

    Lio Shirazumi : You don't have to hold it up, Shiki Ryogi. You came here because your desire asked so, right?


    Lio Shirazumi : You followed me here because you want to kill me, right? Come on, kill me.

    [Shiki ignores him and starts to leave] 

    Lio Shirazumi : I see... So you're saying that's not enough to make you come back? Well, I have to kill the motive!

    [Shiki stops] 

    Lio Shirazumi : Who holds you back. Then all will end.

    [laughing maniacally] 

    Shiki Ryogi : [Shiki goes to attack him]  Who...

    [Severing the Lio's left arm] 

    Shiki Ryogi : ... is going to kill who?

  • [Mikiya arrives to Lio's apartment which has become a madman's shrine to Shiki. Reads the Lio's Journal] 

    Mikiya Kokutou : [Voice over]  April 1995, I've known her. May, I will talk about her I'm still going crazy when I see her. Only look at her but I've gone completely mad. She has usurped me the day by day. An outstanding student from the institute. Am I in love with her?

    Mikiya Kokutou , Lio Shirazumi : [Voice over]  July, "I hate weak people" She has said it so quietly. just like that, Shiki Ryogi told me no. I hate the weak people. I don't quite understand what that means. That night, I hit someone for the first time. That night, I killed someone for the first time.

    [Mikiya is surprised] 

    Mikiya Kokutou : [Voice over]  I couldn't sleep at all since that day. I'm so scared I can't even leave my room. I hate to live so comfortably, and even to look at me in the mirror. I'm the most despicable. I have no desire to do anything, and I have no desire to eat anything. I'm the most despicable. The seventh day, I realized that this man was not the only one who died that time. Why nobody told me the hard truth? To kill someone means to kill oneself? August. I'm freaking out slowly, as Araya said: I'm perfect. No one can blame me for killing someone if I'm crazy, but the kill don't vent me. Being alone makes me very anxious. I've realized I need someone like me, a lunatic.

  • Lio Shirazumi : [Noticing that someone is in his photo lab]  Long time no see. Has it been three years, right? Kokutou.

    [Mikiya notices his presence] 

    Lio Shirazumi : You have arrived faster than I thought. I didn't think you would go up so soon. Have I fucked up?

    Lio Shirazumi : No. But there was a clue. In November I researched the list of tenants from the Ogawa apartment complex and your name was there. You were there, so you had something to do with Shiki in some way. Right, Lio Shirazumi?

    Lio Shirazumi : Araya's trick was not interesting. It seems that you know everything. Yes, it was three years ago. It was no coincidence to find when you were on the way to Shiki Ryogi's home . I stopped you there because I wanted to show you one of her crime scenes. I could not bear that you were her victim without telling you about her true nature.

    Mikiya Kokutou : You are taking up the crimes from four years ago.

    Lio Shirazumi : [Evasive]  But four years ago I was not the murderer, Shiki was...

    Mikiya Kokutou : [Interrupting him]  Don't lie, Lio...

    [Bouncing LSD blotters] 

    Mikiya Kokutou : Is this what you wanted to do?

    [Noticing that Lio has lost his left arm] 

    Mikiya Kokutou : Your arm...

    Lio Shirazumi : Shiki Ryogi did it to me.

    [Looking for a drug vial in a drawer] 

    Lio Shirazumi : I thought that losing the arm was not much, but it's taking a while to heal. I guess this is what killing means.

    Mikiya Kokutou : Why have you committed so many murders?

    Lio Shirazumi : I don't kill for fun.

    Mikiya Kokutou : So why?

    Lio Shirazumi : Because my origin has been awakened by a demon with a human face known as Souren Araya. Kokutou, My origin is consuming. As my origin has awakened, I have to eat. I'm a homicidal maniac that consumes people.

    Mikiya Kokutou : Lio, Are you alright? You don't behave normally.

    Lio Shirazumi : Don't worry, let me go. This may be my last formal talk with you.

    [to Mikiya] 

    Lio Shirazumi : I need her, Shiki the killer... But you...

    [Approaching Mikiya] 

    Lio Shirazumi : With you, Shiki will not come to my world. all I have is her, but...

    Mikiya Kokutou : No... Let's see Touko, Maybe she can do something...

    Lio Shirazumi : [Rising to his knees before Mikiya]  No. I'm special. But at this step... You are good. Yes, you were always by my side... The one who can control me right now must be for you. I'm a murderer. I'm not Normal.

    Mikiya Kokutou : Please don't say that.

    Lio Shirazumi : I feel powerless...

    Mikiya Kokutou : That's not true.

    Lio Shirazumi : You're rigth

    [Grabbing Mikiya and throwing him against a wall] 

    Lio Shirazumi : Don't look for me anymore! The next time I'll have to kill you!

    [Breaks the glass of a window and escapes] 

  • Lio Shirazumi : [Mikiya wakes up after being ambushed and clubbed by Lio]  I told you that don't look for me. So the thing is over.

    Mikiya Kokutou : [Bruised]  You...

    Lio Shirazumi : But I'm surprised. I didn't think you were so hard. The first guy I killed four years ago died after a single stroke.

    [Stepping on Mikiya's thigh, making him scream] 

    Lio Shirazumi : I should have start with you. I wouldn't have become a murderer if I had. But I'm happy, you keep looking for me. I know you're my classmate, Give you Shiki would be a waste. I just need you, be my friend.

    Mikiya Kokutou : You don't know how to make friends.

  • Mikiya Kokutou : You're the one that killed the four guys on Monday.

    Lio Shirazumi : Oh, yes, what a problem. I made them attack her, but Ryogi not crossed the line. All because you don't let her go,

    [Pulling out the Shiki's dagger] 

    Lio Shirazumi : While you're in this world, Ryogi will not cross. So, Join us or die.

    Mikiya Kokutou : [Realizing that is the Shiki's knife]  Shiki, You might not...

    Lio Shirazumi : Worry about yourself before worrying about others.

    [Stabs Mikiya in the thigh, making him scream louder] 

  • Lio Shirazumi : [Seeing Shiki walking away]  Are you going to abandon me? , I killed and I've done all this for you!. I understand, are you going to return with Mikiya, Ryogi? Then you don't need to go, he's here.

    [Shiki stops] 

    Shiki Ryogi : [Towards Lio]  You...

    Lio Shirazumi : [Throwing her dagger stained with Mikiya's blood]  You can keep it. Sorry for the stains.

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