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Nick is under a lot of pressure from Today's World publisher, Colonel Fairburn, as Nick and his executive team have lately had and are still having problems coming up with interesting and insightful feature stories. What Doris thinks Nick and Ron need is a day away from the office to let their minds relax and re-energize, she offering the farm as a retreat location on Sunday. They accept Doris' invitation. On Sunday at lunch at Doris', Toby seems a little listless, as he is not even eating. With a fever, he is eventually diagnosed with the measles. As neither Nick or Ron remembers if they have ever had the measles and can't find out on a Sunday, they are under quarantine at the farm until they find out for sure. So on Monday morning, Doris, in addition to making the initial inquiries as to Nick and Ron's past measles status with the necessary county health authorities, has set up the house as a satellite office of Today's World. Having the house be part house, part farm, part hospital ...

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