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Eveningstarz_420 July 2010
It's not every day I find a show, especially on ABC Family, that I find no flaws in. Not being athletic or interested in sports, it's especially surprising. And yet, I've watched every single episode right from the beginning, and I never want to see this series end. Wonderful writing, direction, casting....everything. Very good balance in every single episode. You get your feel-good family movie episode plots, and you get your teen drama, all wrapped up into one awesome show. I give this ten stars and ten million standing ovations, screaming Encore over and over again. There is much more I could say, but all I'll say for now is congratulations, cast and crew, for creating a winner of a show!
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This is captivating; motivating; inspiring and simply amazing, the whole package.
sareyin199328 June 2011
All I can say about this show is ... it is absolutely wonderful. It is jam packed with emotion and it really takes you on a journey. I am motivated and energised watching and I look forward to watching it over again!

When I began watching the pilot I thought - it'll be a one season wonder. But as I continued to watch I found myself connecting with each character - while there are characters I do not 'like' as such, the tension truly enhances the show and engages the audience. This is so captivating; motivating; inspiring and simply amazing; the whole package.

The show is more about more than just gymnastics. The success and failure of each gymnast is moving but most of all - the spirit of the team is contagious and can be applied to almost every setting. Each character has such a complex story and though it appears at first to be "predictable" I find that my predictions are often wrong or there is some twist to it. I must say that certain events made me cry whilst watching. I found myself pulling a Payson Keeler happy cry. I do think she is the most beautiful character. The strength, power, discipline and grace of her character is inspiring. I have never felt so moved by a character.

Every episode of this show is an emotional roller coaster and I absolutely love it. I hope this show goes on to create many seasons and follows the same characters through their lives. This is an amazing show and I hope it wins its own "Olympic Gold" equivalent.
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I really think there should be a season 4
taytayp22426 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really think they should make a season 4 . I got so disappointed when I found out the season ended at the spot that it did . We didn't even find out what happened to Wendy or what happens at the Olympics . I think that if they made a season 4 they should try to put Emily some place in it . I really miss her and her lover boy Damon .. I've been watching Make It or Break It on Netflix for the past few weeks and it ends at the season finale of episode 8 .. :/ If they made at least on more season that actually wraps things up and says what happens between all the girls and who wins gold I'd be satisfied . We also didn't even find out if Lauren's heart was successfully fixed !! That's the kind of stuff that us as people who love the show would like to know . This show was so so so inspiring for me to never give up on my dreams . But thats it . They just ended it like it was nothing . I really hope they make a season 4 ..
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Amazing! I love this show already, even after only watching three episodes. Everyone who knows me, they know I'm a HUGE fan of the beautiful Cassie Scerbo and I have been since watching her in "Bring It On: In It To Win It." I've been following her work and when I found out she was doing a t.v show, I was majorly excited!! First of all, when I read the synopsis of this show, I thought it was like a one-off programme and not a series, but after watching the first few episodes, a series is the way to go! PLEASE DO NOT STOP THIS WONDERFUL PROGRAMME ABC FAMILY!! It's a great show, with a story that is unique and wonderful with great characters! Give it a try, it's great!
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i love it!
avellanana3 August 2011
I love this show!!! please give it a third season!!!!!!!! please!!! i love it!i love the teamwork and the friendships in the show. the girls are amazing actresses and the story line is so captivating. i hope ABC family gives it a chance to bring back future seasons. i really wouldn't know what to do if it got canceled! i absolutely love watching it. and all of my friends do too! it really inspires me to try out for sports that are extremely difficult like gymnastics. i like how they discuss different disorders and complications that come with being a competitive athlete. and please bring Emily back in to the worlds team! i lover her and her relationship with Damon.
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love it!
melthemarshmellow26 February 2012
i disliked drama until i watched "Make it or break it". the sport and the story line is inspiring and completely brilliant! the strength they portray in the sport and in their mental state is so incredible, and even when terrible things happen to them and their families they still stand strong. it has had a great impact on how i see life. i think young girls should watch it around ages 10 to maybe 18. "make it or break it" takes you to another world and completely makes you feel you are there with the sorrows and joys. the coach Neil Jackson (Sasha Bellof)is a wonderful figure in the show, his continual courage and sacrifice for the girls is outstanding. i love this show SO much! can't wait for season 3!!!! EEEKKKKK!
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Best Show on TV!
jackie452931 August 2010
This show isn't just for young girls, or gymnasts. This show embraces such emotion of real athletes and the drama leaves me on the edge of my seat! Each finale, or even episode leaves me reeling for more. Make it or Break It is my favorite show and has brought much publicity to ABC Family because of it's success. Each of the actresses do phenomenal work on each of the episodes. The amount of emotion each of them pour into the characters is mind-boggling. I would recommend this show to ANYONE!!!!!! This show makes me wish there was more exposure to gymnasts and the sport, as this show really opens viewers eyes on the constant struggles on the lives of potential Olympic gymnasts. This show, unlike other teen based dramas, exposes real life scenarios and REAL emotion and issues. This show addresses problems such as eating disorders, the pressure of competition, loss of a loved one, divorced parents, money problems, and other issues. It shows gymnastics isn't about prettiness and dancing around. It's just as demanding as any other professional sport. PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW!!!
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Surprisingly Good
gossipgrrl1326 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i had no expectations at all for this show. when i first saw it advertised i thought it was doomed. i actually didn't think it was possible for ABC family to produce another hit like "secret life" or "greek" but i must say i was proved wrong. i was very impressed with the plot, the acting, pretty much everything. i was thrilled to see Cassie Scerbo in this, i think she is a great actress. this show kept me on the edge of my seat and i'm excited to see the episode next week. the drama was good, not cheesy at all like we've seen from ABC family in the past. i feel they could have casted a little better, get a few more well-known names, but thats my only critique. i thought this show was great and i am looking forward to the season. i give it an 9/10
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Has A Lot of Potential
crow-oakleaf22 July 2009
Maybe it's just because it's summer, and I'm feeling seriously deprived of network TV, but I'm kind of digging this show.

Make It or Break It is about a bunch of Olympic-level gymnasts and the drama that goes on behind the scenes on their way to Nationals. Yeah, it's on ABC family. And yeah, it's full of clichés. But it is well done and promises a lot of addictive teen soap action.

Biggest Weakness: The characters in this show are really one note: Lauren (Cassie Scerbo), the villain of the piece, is an ambitious and manipulative brat who will (and does) betray her friends to get ahead in the competition. Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs) is a plucky scholarship student who is torn between her dream and wanting a normal life. Payson (Ayla Kell) is completely focused. And Kaylie (Josie Loren) is clueless.

That said, all the lead actresses play their parts well. The performances from the cast of parents and paramours are solid also.

It's hard to get really excited about this show- nothing truly awesome or awful about it. The show is fun and has some pretty great moments (The gas station scene at the end of Episode 2 had me laughing out loud.), but it doesn't take enough chances to separate it from the rest of the tween-dramedy pack. B+
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Has a potential!
mare84hr25 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I was really looking forward to this show because I feel we need more sports on shows; the beginning, working hard, chasing a dream, getting lost in the way, finding your way back or just losing it! I think it started OK. Not bad, not great. Just OK. Good. For a pilot episode. In a future, I expect more. We see these girls, classic good guys - bad guys routine; one focusing on her work and doing her best; the other one a bit breaking the rules (no dating...or you're out) but also chasing the dream, being like a slot machine to her parents (IMHO, that was my very first thought when I saw her dad) and being in love; then there's this Olympic wannabe, mean little girl who won't stop until she gets what she wants, even if it means hurting someone in the way; the last one, a classic girl from the neighborhood, just starting, getting her chance, her big moment.

As I said it all now...Some may not like it. Of course, if you're a gymnastic athlete or huge fan, know all the routines,what is possible and is not, scoring system etc, you may find it a bit unrealistic. But for me, who always liked shows about team spirit, sporting events, sports and athletes, especially gymnastics...this was my cup of tea. It has a great potential to develop into a extraordinary story, and yes, if it goes that way, I will continue to watch. But, if the first 2 episodes go all Gossip Girl meets Beverly Hills on me, I'll just stop. I have really nothing against these 2 shows, but I'd like this one, which should always have sport as a main thing, and all the drama like the cream and cherry on the top, to be different. Show us their life in and out of gym, why should one go throw all that hard work and pain, preparing for years to go to the Nationals or Olympics, having no room for ordinary stuff, giving up so much (time, money, new towns and cities...) to either "make it or break it".

I'm really in a need for something like that, so with all my enthusiasm and "wow! gymnastics in a TV show" excitement, I'm giving it a 7. Would give it a higher score, but we don't want them to get cocky, right? LOL
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Season 3
missy_love_994 July 2011
in the last 3 days I have managed to watch all 40 episodes of MIOBI, I have gotten mad, cried, laughed and really felt like I was sitting right there in the middle of all of it...I really hope that they make a season 3 and hopefully somehow work Emily and Damon back into the show because I loved Emilys mom Chloe...she was funnier then ever and Emily was one of my most Favorite characters...anyways, I just really hope they make another season cause I can't wait to see what happens between Sasha and summer(u know they will hook up and just curious but was Chelsea Hobbs really prego and is that why they took her off the show?
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I love Rocky Mountain
nikhiljk-61830 July 2014
I was a regular viewer of this show, i was disappointed when they stopped it very early. Really the world created by show is fantastic and inspiring. I love the name rocky mountain and head coach Sasha belov, he seems to be phlegmatic. Kaylie Cruz and Payson keeler were amazing but Emily was my personal favorite as she came from poor family works in a Pizza Shack for earnings and became an elite gymnast, but felt sad when she decided to quit the last episodes .I miss some episodes of first season and now i am downloading those episodes.My favorite episode was the USA vs China episode.

Expecting another fantastic season from the ABC Family
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Love it
kingalexrules10 December 2010
This show when it first came out, I didn't watch it. I thought "Wow. Another lame show by ABC" and then one day I went on the ABC family website and I was bored and there was nothing to watch to I decided to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. I watched the last episode and then I didn't know what else to do. I started going through the list of shows and saw this one. I clicked and I was hooked!! This show is my favorite show!! I can't wait 'till season 3. This show feels real unlike the other shows. It's like the people are real and the problems are real because that's what happens in real life for Olympians. Bring on season 3!!
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A surprising show that starts slow, but shatters the morality play pattern with surprising depth.
LadyArwyn2 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Because of the holiday TV break (no new episodes, grrr) I started watching "Make It or Break It" - a sports soap opera about four teen girl gymnasts on the path to the 2012 Olympics, and their parents, boyfriends and coaches. It's an ABC Family show, so I wasn't expecting much. And I was right - mostly. It was shallow, contrived, often predictable, formulaic - and entertaining during a time when there is nothing else. Plus, I like the gymnastics/competition parts.

By the end of the second season, they've managed to thoroughly shock me (happily) with four of their characters who totally break out of the typical morality play quality of most ABC shows for teens.

The gymnast central to the storyline learns all sorts of typical morality play lessons - then gets pregnant and drops out of the sport to live her life as a single teen mom with no prospects. Wait, what? Second, the only openly Christian character, the gym manager, (played by Family Ties alum Candace Cameron) is so sickly sweet over the top holier than thou she pisses off the rest of the characters regularly. She emotionally devastates one of the teen girls by telling her that she would always be there for her, then refusing to forgive her after the girl makes a mistake and admits it. Cameron's character frequently shocks and upsets others with her extreme moral attitude and hypocrisy, eventually forcing her to leave the gym (and the show).

The coach - the most positive supporting adult in the series - is openly atheist and teaches the girls about morality and forgiveness. He takes on responsibility for his actions, and encourages others to do the same. He makes the greatest sacrifice for the girls immediately after being romantically rejected by the Cameron character because he will accept her faith/values, but not join her religion.

A major love interest for one of the girls reveals that he is not gay, but bi, and complains that even the gay community won't accept him (insisting he must go full gay and drop girls, or he's simply still in denial). Wait, an ABC Family show willing to discuss not just homosexuality, but bisexuality? What?

Whoa. That's a lot of TV stereotypes smashed in one show.
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Lots of excitement and drama with endearing characters
phd_travel15 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the better family shows on TV. I am not a gymnastics fan and only watch a bit of during the Olympics every 4 years but this show is fun and exciting for even people who aren't in to the sport. It provides a fascinating look at the training and sacrifice that goes into those few minutes of performance at the competitions. The financial and personal sacrifices of the parents and loved ones are quite touching. They tackle a host of issues eg eating disorders and injuries. There is quite a lot of drama and excitement each week with all the competitions. The blending of the stunt doubles and the actresses is quite effective. Some of the romantic entanglements and politics are a bit contrived but provide a nice soapy drama to balance the sports parts.

The cast is likable and are not chosen for looks but for acting ability. The 4 main girls are well cast - different and likable in their own way. Josie Loren as Kaylie looks like a young Eva Longoria and is sweet and has star quality. Ayla Kell is good as the determined Payson and her body is quite full - a good move not to choose just skinny girls. Chelsea Hobbs is effective as the financially struggling Emily. The adults are quite well cast too. Cassie Scerbo plays the bitchy manipulative Loren quite well it's a difficult role and she manages to make you feel for her. Some of the guys cast as romantic interests are a bit clueless looking. Among the parents and grown ups Peri Gilpin (Roz from Frasier) is a standout - she is a great gym mom. Candace Cameron (of Full House) plays a very sweet adult. The coach is played by Brit Neil Jackson and he is quite convincing. Susan Ward as the trailer trash mom with a good heart is quite amusing.

A couple of faults: at the end of Season 2 Chelsea had to leave for a pregnancy and the story had to awkwardly incorporate that. The evil NGO woman is a unnecessarily annoying. The alternating competition and team spirit between the girls is a bit repetitive.

Overall - a great show that should entertain and is topical with the 2012 Olympic games in London coming up.
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One of the Worst
kgrynkiewicz26 November 2013
I was a gym rat. When you spend 20+ hours per week in a smelly gym, you don't have time to waste on angsty teen dramas. Trust me. So, when I saw the commercials for this show, I was pretty pumped. What could be better than a TV show that I could actually relate to? I knew this show would become an instant favorite of mine.

I have never been so wrong—and if you knew me you'd know just how horrible this show is if I'm admitting I was wrong about something. I couldn't get through the first five minutes of it without feeling offended by the mockery it makes of the sport of gymnastics. I will never understand how even non-gymnasts could tolerate one full episode of this show, let alone get invested in the characters and the story lines as some of my friends did. It's baffling. Make It or Break It is just about as bad as they come. It is silly, it is inaccurate and it is above all offensive to gymnasts.

If you're going to watch this show, expect horrendous acting. I've been forced to sit through episodes of Secret Life of the American Teenager and Pretty Little Liars, so I know ABC Family accepts nothing but the "highest" quality actors. Their actors and actresses have about the same amount of acting knowhow as I do—none. The comedic scenes are ruined by the actor's lack of timing, the joyful scenes seem fake with their plastered on smiles and school girl giggling, and the dramatic scenes are just about as believable as the surprised look on a kids face when he unwraps a brand new pair of socks for Christmas. And I haven't even gotten to the gymnastics part of the review yet.

You'd think that with the show centering on the lives of four Olympic hopefuls, the producers would aim to create a program that real gymnasts could get behind and appreciate. ABC Family and the creators of Make It or Break It accomplished exactly the opposite of that. Great job, ABC. It was impossible to just sit back and enjoy the show without being constantly distracted by all the inaccuracies around the sport of gymnastics. It was immediately clear that the producers don't have a clue what real gymnastics is like.

One huge problem I had with the show right off the bat was the content of the gymnast's competitive routines. The pilot episode of the show, a crucial time for the viewer to judge a show on it's believability, features nationally ranked, elite gymnasts competing compulsory level skills. The second I saw the "best beam routine in the country" end with a cartwheel back tuck dismount, I lost any remaining respect I had for the whole show. Imagine Olympic All Around gold medalist Nastia Liukin, concentrating on her dismount, taking a long, deep breath, pounding down the beam, propelling herself into the air, pulling off a 2.5 twisting back layout, sticking the landing, and making the whole thing look easy. That's the kind of dismount I want to see. Not just a cartwheel back tuck.

That wasn't all they got wrong either. Episode after episode, they had parents allowed on the competitive floor, gymnasts conspiring against each other, girls scaring away an urban gang with cartwheels, scratched routines being performed, and a whole lot of other craziness. They even had a gymnast make herself puke up her breakfast because it was "too fattening". Excuse me, what? That was the last straw for me. I barely made it half way through the season before I was too disgusted to continue. No longer would I put myself through that torture.
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They broke it
hehehecool10 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This show is horrible. Whoever said this show was perfection was so wrong. The acting is horribly corny, everything is Disney style. It makes you THINK its a family movie. But wait... It's not! The underlying theme is family orientated. A bunch of well meaning gymnasts doing their best to make it to gold in the Olympics.

1. the girls set a horrible example for any student. Every time an extra walks past the girls they are the kings of snob-town. "Hey guys what are you doing!?" "Nothing get the hell out of here" *shooing motions with their hands* Or a guy comes to say hi and they bite his head off saying "I'm out of your league, get out of my face." and then they walk off to find another guy to dote over. Now usually in a family/Disney show like this you expect these kinds of girls to get their come-uppance somehow. But in the world of 'Make It, Or Break It' (a Disney show gone evil) this is just accepted as completely acceptable because the girls rule the school.

So either its marketed to the family. Then they're bullies by any other standards other than their own. And underage sexual deviants, gawping over boys who are just as rude as they are and having implied relations with all of them. (Not to mention their coach who practices with his wife in his office regularly, shutting the blinds so the girls don't see in. That's how people envision their coaches nowadays?)

And if its not marketed to the family, then everything else falls apart. The acting is clearly Disney. The lighting is Disney. The music is Disney. The only one thing I saw that wasn't Disney but kind of scary was where the coach called them to a private campfire meeting in the middle of the night and asked them to remove their team jackets and burn them. Imagine explaining that one to your mum: "Where's your jacket honey I'll wash it and put it away... What? what do you mean your coach wanted you to take off your clothes and burn them. I paid good money for that jacket! and you're not to burn your clothes for another man again!"
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diandraferreira4 May 2019
Very disappointed this show was cancelled. It was actually a great show and good things could of kept coming in the series. loved all the charaters too.
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Amazing Show
lilys_hotmail23 April 2016
This show is a hidden gem. It is filled with drama, comedy, and is full of surprising moments. The show follows Kaylie, Lauren, Payson, and Emily as they train for the olympics. Emily is the new girl in town and at first isn't liked especially by Lauren but soon all the girls become good friends. Lauren is a bit of a mean girl while Kaylie is the sweet pretty girl and Payson is the powerhouse athlete. All the gymnastics in this show is amazing and well done. The show has some twist in almost every episode keeping it exciting. I've watched every episode of this show from start to finished and am sad that the show is now over. I highly recommend this show.
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Unexpectedly Good!
star_kristina21 April 2011
Initially when I first found out about this show through previews I was sure that it was going to be a bore with no plot and only focusing on sports and useless drama.

However as I began to watch the show I realized that there was actually a really great plot that focused on not only of a struggle of teenage athletes, but also personal struggles that are relevant to everybody.

Also the characters in the show are very well developed and have their own unique distinctive personalities that allows the viewers to have a better understanding of their thoughts and actions and allows the viewer to connect with them more easily.

Overall I think that this show is definitely worth watching and once you start watching their is no stop! It is definitely very entertaining, addicting, and appeals to any demographic.
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interesting how it's ABC Family
vgerdj-305-7188861 May 2015
I do not watch much commercial TV, so, I found it interesting a show with so much lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing, adultery, etc... would have 'Family' stamped on it. If this is the 'best' that ABC can do for teens, their 'best' is woefully lacking. One of the comically out of place scenes in the show is when Candace gives her abstinence speech. Statistics show that states with abstinence only sex education have the highest teen pregnancy. Throw in an god/bible reference once a season and it's a 'Family' show. Doesn't giving teens the impression that people actually spend their days sabotaging their 'friends' run counter to the whole 'Family' image?
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