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Fully Funded Friday the 13th: Vengeance Fan Film Is a Jason Lives Sequel

Fully Funded Friday the 13th: Vengeance Fan Film Is a Jason Lives Sequel
As we wait for a new, official Friday the 13th movie to come down the pipeline, some fans of the franchise have taken it upon themselves to gives us what Hollywood won't. Friday the 13th: Vengeance is a fan film that has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter recently and is intended to serve as a sequel to the sixth entry in the slasher franchise, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives. They've also managed to get C.J. Graham, who starred as Jason in that particular entry, to take part.

Currently, the Kickstarter has earned just shy of $40,000 from 116 backers. The original goal of $25,000 has easily been surpassed. However, as the filmmakers note, it's going to cost more than what is being asked here to complete the movie. This will just help make it so they don't have to halt production and can keep Friday the 13th: Vengeance on the tracks.
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Dr. Dre’s Apple Music Series ‘Vital Signs’ Shelved Due to Graphic Content

Dr. Dre’s Apple Music Series ‘Vital Signs’ Shelved Due to Graphic Content
Over two years after news leaked that Dr. Dre was working on a secret Apple Music scripted series called Vital Signs, the project’s fate has been revealed: Apple CEO Tim Cook shelved the project due to its graphic depictions of violence, sex and drug use.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Cook viewed Vital Signs over a year ago and was “troubled” by the series, which featured characters doing lines of cocaine, gun violence and an explicit orgy scene at a Los Angeles mansion that gave the series notoriety before it was even announced.
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Kevin Conroy Wants To Make Another Batman: Arkham Game

Though most of us instantly call to mind something such as Batman: The Animated Series or Justice League Unlimited whenever Kevin Conroy’s name is mentioned, it’s important that we not overlook his other contributions to the legacy of the Dark Knight. Don’t forget, he’s also voiced the icon in several hit video games over the years.

Since we’re on the subject, I guess I’ll name-drop the underrated Vengeance, but we all know it’s the Batman: Arkham series that produced the fondest of memories. In all honesty, it was quite possible my favorite depiction of the Caped Crusader in history. Aside from nailing the characters, I just loved how those interactive experiences immersed you in the world that is Gotham City.

Speaking of which, while Conroy appeared at a panel over the weekend at Michigan Comic Con, Captain Cold cosplayer Tyler Moylan asked the
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The Filmmakers Podcast #64: Interview with actor & Wos star Stu Bennett

  • Nerdly
Here’s the latest episode of the The Filmmakers Podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. If you haven’t heard the show yet, you can check out previous episodes on the official podcast site, whilst we’ll be featuring each and every new episode as it premieres.

For those unfamiliar, with the series, The Filmmakers Podcast is a podcast about how to make films from micro budget indie films to bigger budget studio films and everything in-between. Our hosts Giles Alderson, Dan Richardson, Andrew Rodger and Cristian James talk how to get films made, how to actually make them and how to try not to f… it up in their very humble opinion. Guests will come on and chat about their film making experiences from directors, writers, producers, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers and distributors. They also shoot the breeze about their new films, The Dare, World of Darkness,
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Official Trailer for Action Film 'I Am Vengeance' Starring Stu Bennett

"You best stop shooting your mouth off, now – or you're a dead man!" Saban Films + Lionsgate have just released an official trailer for another one of these low budget, super cheesy, totally awful-looking action films. This one is titled I Am Vengeance, a variation on the original Vengeance title for UK release. I Am Vengeance stars former WWE wrestler Stu Bennett (who wrestled under the name Wade "King" Barrett) as an ex-Special Forces soldier turned professional mercenary, who goes to a small town to investigate the murder of a friend and his parents. The film's cast includes Keith Allen, Gary Daniels, Anna Shaffer, Bryan Larkin, Sean Blowers, Sapphire Elia, Mark Griffin, and Wayne Gordon. I'm so, so tired of these films, only about guns and muscles and bravado and being men and honor and glory and all that crap. Here's the official Us trailer (+ poster) for Ross Boyask's I Am Vengeance,
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Where are the older film leads in Hollywood?

In 2009, I watched 320 films. Only four featured oldish leading characters ... and that included Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button

In a perfect world, we would all hit our 60s like Meryl Streep in It's Complicated – having affairs, baking croissants and adding extensions to our lovely Santa Barbara homes. Sadly, our dotage is more likely to resemble that of the couple in Tokyo Story, repeatedly given the brush-off by adult children who see them as a nuisance, or of poor old Umberto D, unable to pay his rent.

Statisticians are predicting that, soon, a quarter of the UK population will be more than 60 years old, but we're unlikely ever to see a similar proportion of senior citizens in significant movie roles. In 2009 I watched roughly 320 films. Other than the aforementioned Streep, only three could be said to feature oldish leading characters: Hirokazu Koreeda's Still Walking, 71-year-old Dustin Hoffman getting it on
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Todd's Top And Bottom of 2009, Plus Directors To Watch For!

With 2009 at an end the time has come to look back over things with my personal picks for my favorite films of the year, the biggest disappointments, and a list of promising young directors to watch out for going forward. Please bear in mind that my bottom list is not necessarily what I consider to be bad films (though most of them certainly are) but the films that I was most disappointed by. It's an important distinction. As always it's worth noting that there are both good films (ie Mother) and bad films (ie Giallo) that don't appear because I haven't seen them yet and this is, of course, all purely subjective ...

Todd's Favorite Films Of 2009:


The latest from Lars von Trier is provocative and transgressive in all the right ways. I've been a fan of von Trier from his student days and his return to conventional style
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Vengeance (2009) Movie Review

Hong Kong’s crime cinema God Johnnie To goes International in “Vengeance”, a film that is at once different and yet familiar for the director. The film stars French rocker Johnny Hallyday as Costello, a French chef who journeys to Macau after a trio of Chinese hitmen fulfill a contract on the family of Costello’s daughter (Sylvie Testud). The daughter miraculously survives, but her husband and two children are not so fortunate. From her hospital bed, the daughter demands that her father avenge her, and Costello, whose life as a chef was a second act and not a first, agrees. He is not a stranger to guns and death, and indeed it is that former, long-buried life that is currently robbing him of his memory, which makes his current mission all the more urgent. Costello sets out to locate the killers, which proves difficult. Fortunately, serendipity smiles upon our
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Johnnie To's Vengeance review

Johnnie To is one of the more productive directors among my list of favorites, which is a good thing as the films he's made these last five years have been of remarkable quality. His latest film Vengeance continues his winning streak and makes it clearer than ever that To effectively reinvented himself these last ten years to become a true author.

Vengeance is a little different though. His regular cast is still very much present (Anthony Wong, Suet Lam, Simon Yam), but the lead role is reserved for someone else this time. Johnny Hallyday, famed French singer and occasional actor is the main man this time, lending the film a very specific direction. A pretty daring move, but one that works well.

Hallyday's inclusion raises a pretty big language issue, as Hallyday is a native French speaker while the rest of them speaks Cantonese. Middle ground for both parties is English,
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Johnnie To’s Vengeance on Hk DVD & Blu-ray Disc

Ha! Just as expected, our French friends won’t be the only ones who will be able to enjoy Johnnie To’s Vengeance from their own couch this Christmas time. According to several online shops, Hk super distributor Mega Star will release the film on DVD and Blu-ray Disc with English subtitles on December 11th, the same day as the sweet looking French release from TF1 Video.

The back cover says the Blu-ray Disc will be locked to Region A, but this doesn’t mean much on Mega Star releases. Their latest release of Accident is also labeled as Region A but plays fine on European Blu-ray Players.

Preorder Vengeance on DVD or Blu-ray Disc from YesAsia

Update [Dec 22, 2009] I got my Bd copy today and the disc is locked to region A! 35 full resolution screen shots are available at the Asian Blu-ray Guide.
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Johnnie To's Vengeance Hits DVD December 11th.

To say that the critical response to Johnnie To's (mostly) English language debut Vengeance has been mixed is to be fairly kind, honestly.  But, a weaker effort or not, To is To, which means a rabid legion of fans is waiting for their chance to lay hands on it.  Well, here's your chance.  The Hong Kong release date for both DVD and BluRay - the BluRay being Region A and therefore playable in all North American equipment - is December 11th and both are available for preorder now.
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Johnnie To produced Accident hits DVD & Blu-ray Disc in November

When it comes to quick and export-friendly home video release of recent domestic blockbusters, nobody beats our friends from Hong Kong. See the Johnnie To produced and Pou-Soi Cheang directed thriller Accident (Yi ngoi). The film had it’s theatrical release in Hong Kong on September 17th and not even two months later (November 11th) it will be available on DVD and Blu-ray Disc including English subtitles. Most of Mega Star’s Blu-ray Disc releases have been reported as region free, so there’s really no reason not to preorder this while we wait for an English subtitled release of Johnnie To’s Vengeance

Preorder Accident on DVD or Blu-ray Disc from YesAsia
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Johnnie To’s Vengance: French DVD & Blu-ray Disc in December

Sometimes, but just sometimes it must be great to live in a film-loving nation like France, because our friendly south-western neighbors were not only the first that could see Johnnie To’s Vengeance on the big screen back in May, but will also be the first to get a DVD and Blu-ray Disc release. On December 11th, TF1 Video will release the film in three flavors, a standard one disc edition, a two disc collector’s edition and of a Blu-ray Disc edition in a nice looking steelbook.

Sadly none of these releases will included English subtitles and TF1 Video also has the bad habit to enforce the French subtitles when the original (mostly english in Vengeance) language track is selected. But since Vengeance opened in Hong Kong on August 20th, I bet English friendly Hk DVD and Blu-ray Disc releases will pop up by the end of the year as well.
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Sitges 2009 Complete Lineup

The Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia announces its complete program. There are still a few surprises to be confirmed, like the closing gala, but they have already put together the final list of films that will be screened at Sitges 09. Below you’ll find the titles of each film and their sections as well as links for the films that we have already reviewed here on Sound On Sight. Opening Film [Rec]2. Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró. 2009. Official FANTÀSTIC In Competition Section Accident. Soi Cheang. 2009. Accidents Happen. Andrew Lancaster. 2009. The Children. Tom Shankland. 2008. [1] Cold Souls. Sophie Bartes. 2009. The Countess. Julie Delpy. 2009. Les Derniers Jours Du Monde. Jean-Marie and Arnaud Larrieu. 2009. Dogtooth (Kynodontas). Yorgos Lanthimos. 2009. Dorian Gray. Oliver Parker. 2009. Enter The Void. Gaspar Noé. 2009. Grace. Paul Solet. 2009. [2] Heartless. Philip Ridley. 2009. Hierro. Gabe Ibáñez. 2009. La Horde. Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher. 2009. Ingrid. Eduard Cortés. 2009. Kinatay. Brillante Mendoza. 2009. Metropia. Tarik Saleh. 2009. Moon.
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Greg’s 2009 Tiff Report: Day 6

It has became a bit of a tradition for me to completely blow off a screening at least once a year.  Last year, it was the 4 hour Che.  Well, I didn't disappoint myself and when I woke up Thursday morning, I decided that it was time.  So, see you later Kamui.  It pained me to ditch a ninja movie, but after 11 movies and 2 wrestling events in 6 days, I was a mess.  Physically and mentally. I pulled myself together eventually and headed downtown for a 3:30pm screening at about 3:10pm.  This was not looking good.  After having to change subway lines I decided to take a cab the rest of the way.  I would have made the screening right on time had I not given up my cab to the attractive blonde woman who asked if she could have the cab.  I believe I responded with "muhlrahr".  She assumed
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Tiff Review: Vengeance

Vengeance Directed by Johnnie To Starring: Johnny Hallyday, Anthony Wong, Lam Ka Tung, Lam Suet and Simon Yam For those that have read my Tiff reviews and updates over the past few years, you may remember me mentioning a director by the name of Johnnie To.  Not only is he a great action director in Hong Kong, but I think he's one of the best ever in the world.  There's something to his style that I just love, so you can imagine how happy I was that his latest film Vengeance came to Tiff. Vengeance is the story of an older man with a failing memory named Costello (Hallyday) whose daughter is in a hospital struggling to survive, while her Chinese husband and their two kids lay dead after a gang hit.  Who wanted them dead and why?   Costello is immediately warned by police to stay out of the way
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Sitges 09: And the full lineup includes...

The full lineup has been announced, and among the load of genre fare that's been running the fest circuit are the world premiers of:

Vincenzo Natali's latest, Splice, which we're all excited about.

Simon Fellows twisted adaptation Malice in Wonderland (trailer)

Along some of our personal favorites:

Black Dynamite (friggin awesome)

Swiss scifi flick Cargo (trailer)

Pater Sparrow's incredible Stanislaw Lem adaptation 1 (review)

The Mo Brothers Indonesian slasher Macabre (review)

Atm (get it?) horror-comedy The Human Centipede (review)

Full list after the break.

Opening Film

[Rec]2. Paco Plaza and Jaume Balagueró. 2009.

Official FANTÀSTIC In Competition Section

Accident. Soi Cheang. 2009.

Accidents Happen. Andrew Lancaster. 2009.

The Children. Tom Shankland. 2008.

Cold Souls. Sophie Bartes. 2009.

The Countess. Julie Delpy. 2009.

Les Derniers Jours Du Monde. Jean-Marie and Arnaud Larrieu. 2009.

Dogtooth (Kynodontas). Yorgos Lanthimos. 2009.

Dorian Gray. Oliver Parker. 2009.

Enter The Void. Gaspar Noé. 2009.

Grace. Paul Solet. 2009.

Heartless. Philip Ridley. 2009.

Hierro. Gabe Ibáñez. 2009.

La Horde. Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher.
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Vengeance review

Opening this year’s Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival on Wednesday night was Johnnie To’s latest offering, Vengeance. A good old fashioned revenge thriller, the film is a collision of ideas and styles and an obvious attempt by the director to reach a wider audience, a fusion of European flavour and Far Eastern spice, that sees those time-honoured themes of brotherhood and loyalty given yet another airing. But is it any good?
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Exclusive Interview: Michelle Ye talks Vengeance, Dream Home, Unleashed and lots more

Born in China, raised in the Us and now an established name in Hong Kong, Michelle Ye is hardly your typical Chinese actress. After starring in a decade’s worth of hugely successful TV series, including comedies, romances and even martial arts serials, Michelle signed with Media Asia and dived headlong into Hong Kong’s film industry, and in just a couple of years has worked with some of the city’s finest directors and gone head to head with a string of Mainland and Taiwanese wannabes. On the eve of Vengeance’S Hong Kong premiere, Michelle very graciously let me buy her lunch and we discussed working with Johnnie To, Alan Mak and Pang Ho Cheung, being in-competition at Cannes and the general state of the local industry. Beware - here be Spoilers!
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Toronto Film Festival Announces 2009 Galas and Special Presentations

The first wave of major titles for this year's Toronto International Film Festival [1] were announced yesterday, and there were certainly more than enough high profile picks to get people talking. Ricky Gervais's The Invention of Lying, Neil Jordan's Ondine and Nicolas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising were among the world premieres unveiled for September, along with North American premieres of such films as Steven Soderbergh's The Informant!, Bong Joon-ho's Mother and Johnnie To's Vengeance. There was some controversy over the choice of Jon Amiel's Darwin biopic Creation as the festival opener -- not because of the subject matter, but rather because of the fact that this is the first time the fest will kick off with a non-Canadian film. It does seem like a bit of a strange choice, but how can you say no to Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly? Sundance hit Precious, Based
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