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Excellent behind-the-scenes story of how the movie was made.
ValentineOK18 June 2009
Great story! Many former secrets are now out.

Wonderful, fun movie - great to see that the majority of the stars have gone on to have successful lives and careers.

Sadly, the story includes the heartbreaking and tragic tales of two cast members - one being John Belushi.

I learned many fun and exciting things about just exactly what it took to make this movie.

I'm not a member of Hollywood or the media so this truly was an inside story for me.

If you love the movie Animal House, you MUST see THE INSIDE STORY!

Highest possible ratings! June, 2009
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OK look at "Animal House"
preppy-39 September 2010
Documentary about the making of the film "Animal House". They talk to almost all the actors except for Tom Hulce--I guess he didn't want to do it. Most of the talk is with director John Landis and then executives at Universal who fought to get the picture made. I personally think it's a bad film--misogynistic, racist and just full of crude humor--but they admit that multiple times in the documentary itself. Also I've always found information about the making of movies fascinating so I enjoyed this one. I was surprised to see Kevin Bacon talking about it too (this was his first movie). It's not a great documentary--just a very good one. Fans of the film will love this. I give it a 7.
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Adding to the ANIMAL HOUSE Inside Story
elizasimons9 August 2009
They interviewed some of the local Oregon cast of ANIMAL HOUSE, but missed a Landis regular cast member, Eliza Garrett (now Eliza Roberts), who played "Brunella At The Desk". The casting of Eliza came about because she'd starred in Landis' SCHLOCK as a teenager. John called her to play the role that Lisa Bauer played, but when Eliza informed him she was pregnant, he asked her instead to play the poncho'd Brunella. Even with 24 hour a day morning sickness, shooting AH was a blast, and now Eliza son, CBS Records recording artist Keaton Simons can claim to be the youngest member of the cast of ANIMAL HOUSE, having been an embryo in the movie. Eliza went on the continue acting, become a casting director and marry actor Eric Roberts.
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