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Season 4

16 Jun. 2010
Meet the Big Wedding
The Colonel suffers a heart attack at the alter. Reggie asks a reluctant Cora to marry him.
16 Jun. 2010
Meet the Postponement
Nuptials are postponed in the wake of a near-death experience. Meanwhile, Cora accepts a job offer in Texas, a development that impacts her engagement to Reggie.
30 Jun. 2010
Meet the Super Christian
The Colonel finds religion and moves in with Brown in the aftermath of a health scare. Meanwhile, a wacky mix-up leads Brown to assume that Cora is pregnant.
Meet the Farewell
Cora's class sets out to throw a farewell bash, but the party mood fades when Gordon spreads distressing news. Meanwhile, the Colonel contemplates living with Edna again.
7 Jul. 2010
Meet the Retraction
Will fails to remember Sasha's birthday, so Brown and Cora help him make amends. Elsewhere, Brianna lands a new boyfriend and seeks Cora's romantic wisdom.
7 Jul. 2010
Meet the Birthday
Cora accepts Reggie's proposal, resulting in an unexpected development. Meanwhile, the notion of a new baby sparks jealousy in Joaquin.
14 Jul. 2010
Meet the Taxpayer
Sasha faints and is swiftly taken to the hospital. Elsewhere, it all gets taxing when Derek helps Brown with his taxes.
14 Jul. 2010
Meet the Makeover
Where there's Will, there's a way: Will realizes that Renee's mere presence improves Sasha's spirits, so he pays her to be with Sasha. Meanwhile, Brown conjures up some magic (literally), and Joaquin has a sleepover.
21 Jul. 2010
Meet the Instigator
Reggie and Brown get trapped in a storage room. Elsewhere, Vera fraternizes with Edna.
21 Jul. 2010
Meet the Candlelight Dinner
Reggie plans a dreamy candlelight dinner for Cora, which Brown then tries to sabotage. Elsewhere, Joaquin develops feelings for Simone.
28 Jul. 2010
Meet the Break Out
Renee suffers through a nasty breakup, so Will and Sasha play matchmaker for her. Elsewhere, Brown is enlisted to endorse a body cream on television---but there are wrinkles when he then breaks out.
28 Jul. 2010
Meet the Other Side
A different side of Reggie's personality creeps to the surface, stunning Cora. Meanwhile, Brown helps Derek land a job at the hospital.
4 Aug. 2010
Meet the House Guest
Thelma slips in for a stay at Brown Meadows while Reggie is out of town. Elsewhere, Renee gets some cash, courtesy of Will.
4 Aug. 2010
Meet the Trainer
Cora provides helpful words of wisdom to an insecure plus-size student. Elsewhere, Derek helps Brown produce an exercise tape.
11 Aug. 2010
Meet the Neelys
After winning a recipe contest. the Neely's come to the Brown house to host their cooking show. Brianna teaches Joaquin a lesson about being a sore winner.
11 Aug. 2010
Meet the Bird Brains
Rifts develop in Will and Sasha's home due to social networking. Elsewhere, Brown searches for a neighbor's lost pet, but he's more interested in netting the reward.
18 Aug. 2010
Meet the White Lie
Rifts develop in Will and Sasha's home due to social networking. Elsewhere, Brown searches for a neighbor's lost pet, but he's more interested in netting the reward.
18 Aug. 2010
Meet the Celebrity
Brown, Derek and Renee team up to get a photograph of a celebrity's baby; Will finds marijuana and tries to smoke out the owner.
25 Aug. 2010
Meet the California Dreamer
Reggie chooses to stay in California, upsetting Cora. Meanwhile, Brown, having more courage than the others, gears up to teach Brianna to drive.
25 Aug. 2010
Meet the Not-So-Funny Valentine
The men are determined to boycott Valentine's Day, but they change their tune when the ladies plan something special. The romantic theme continues when Brown concludes that Renee has a hush-hush crush on him.
1 Sep. 2010
Meet the Forgiveness
The Colonel reconnects with his warfare past when the son of a fellow soldier arrives. Elsewhere, Brown gets a medical checkup.
9 Sep. 2010
Meet the Layoff
School budget cuts result in a layoff to either Brown or Cora. Meanwhile, Sasha passes an unwanted gift on to Renee.
8 Sep. 2010
Meet the Baby Daddy
A man shows up claiming to be Cora's father. Renee promotes a blood drive party.
8 Sep. 2010
Meet the Phobia
Will discovers an old friend of Sasha's is making herself sick. The Colonel and Derek try to get Brown off their golf team. He's really bad.
15 Sep. 2010
Meet the Confession
Vera thinks she's dying and confesses a secret. Simone tells Brianna she's pregnant.
15 Sep. 2010
Meet the Best Friend
Will's good friend, who's dating Renee, brings another woman over, angering Sasha. Cora bets Brown he can't be quiet for an entire day.
22 Sep. 2010
Meet the Home Alone
A major storm traps everyone at Colonel and Edna's house leaving Joaquin home alone. Joaquin is home alone
22 Sep. 2010
Meet the Nightmare
Sasha becomes jealous when Renee's friend comes to town. Brown is haunted by nightmares of kissing Edna.
29 Sep. 2010
Meet the Hero
Brown accidentally becomes a hero. Brianna and Jamal sneak out to a costume party and take Joaquin with them.
29 Sep. 2010
Meet the Campers
Brianna goes to a party and lies to Simone about it. Joaquin is scared to go camping so Will and Brown have a trial run with him in the backyard.
20 Oct. 2010
Meet the Product Party
Cora asks Renee to do a product demonstration at her next women's social group. They are shocked when Renee reveals the products. A pregnant Simone takes a drink at a party and is confronted by Brianna.
9 Jun. 2010
Meet the Crush
Derek has a crush on Renee. Brown gets fired from the school, and cannot return until he apologizes to Gordon.
27 Oct. 2010
Meet the Harassment
A woman charges Sasha with sexual harassment. Joaquin writes an essay about the family and his concerned teacher shows up at the house.
27 Oct. 2010
Meet the Replacement
When Renee quits, Sasha hires a replacement who's even worse. Derek turns to Brown when he loses his girlfriend.
3 Nov. 2010
Meet the Deception
Will is outraged when he finds out Sasha's been secretly taking birth control. An overzealous bill collector hounds Brown.
10 Nov. 2010
Meet the Wing Man
Will acts as a wing man for Anthony. The woman shows up at the house. Brown and Edna help Brianna get on the cheerleading squad
10 Nov. 2010
Meet the Seoul Sister
Colonel discovers that his first fiance didn't die in the war after all. A classmate of Joaquin's befriends him to get close to Brianna.
10 Nov. 2010
Meet the Neighbor
Cora struggles to tell an intrusive neighbor, no. Joaquin sabotages Brianna just as a college recruiter comes to visit.
17 Nov. 2010
Meet the Alternative
Darnell is uncomfortable when Cora invites him to bible study and the church lady hits on him. Simone contemplates putting her baby up for adoption.
1 Dec. 2010
Meet the New Reggie
Derek and Mr. Brown advise Reggie about caring about his appearance if he's going to date Cora. Renee becomes distraught when she learns an old fling Michael is HIV positive and angry at Sascha as she already was aware.
1 Dec. 2010
Meet the Sugar Mama
Derek meets wealthy Claudia who takes him away from his studies with expensive gifts. Renee fills in at the school health fair and clashes with Cora when she hands out condoms to the students.
15 Dec. 2010
Meet the Football Coach
Simone introduces her mom - who wants Simone to marry the father of her child, Josh - to Sasha. Cora takes over the football team and they win their first game.

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