"Dead Set" Episode #1.2 (TV Episode 2008) Poster

(TV Mini-Series)


Riz Ahmed: Riq


  • Alex : Look, if you can't fix it...

    Riq : Y'know what? I'm, I'm just tryin' to get my head around this whole "end of the world" thing, right? It's not my usual environment, so...

    Alex : Well the sooner you've come to terms with it, the more chance you've got of surviving.

    Riq : I am surviving and it's *not* easy!

    Alex : What've *you* done? You've done nothing!

    Riq : I've had a van stolen! I've been chased by fuck knows! I've been in a garage while being shot at!

    Alex : "At"?

    Riq : Yeah!

    Alex : Have you shot anyone? Have you had to do that yet?

    Riq : No, no, no...

    Alex : Have you shot a friend? Your best friend? Have you done that? Have you? Have you pulled the trigger until your best friend's head explode and walked around in a dream with her blood running down your face and in your mouth, picking shards of skull from your jumper like cat's teeth? Have you? Have you done that?

    Riq : No, no... I can't say that I have.

    Alex : No? Then don't talk to *me* about surviving until you *have*!

  • [Alex shoots a figure running towards them in the distance] 

    Riq : Are you sure that was one of those things?

    Alex : No.

  • Riq : Where'd you get the gun from?

    Alex : eBay.

    Riq : Really?

    [Alex huffs irritably] 

  • Riq : I'm not... I'm normal! I'm normal! I'm normal! I'm a normal person! I'm, I'm standing up! I'm standing up! I'm a, I'm a normalite! Are you the police?

    Alex : Open the door!

    Riq : [opens the door and looks at the gore on it from the zombie Alex shot]  Oh, that's disgusting...

    Alex : You alone in there?

    Riq : Huh?

    Alex : Anyone else in there?

    Riq : No, no, no, no...

    Alex : Get some supplies.

    Riq : What?

    Alex : Get some fucking supplies!

    Riq : What, like water... and...?

    Alex : NOW!

  • Riq : Where'd you get the gun from?

    Alex : Ebay.

    Riq : Really?

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