The Big Bang (2010) Poster


Thomas Kretschmann: Frizer


  • Detective Frizer : So, who is the crispy midget?

    Ned Cruz : He's Astrophysics, Frizer.

    Detective Frizer : Astrophysics.

    Ned Cruz : His name is Russell. He's a white dwarf gone supernova.

  • Detective Skeres : You're an asshole, Frizer. Roll-it-down asshole. If we've a contest, the world's biggest asshole, you coming second.

    Detective Frizer : Yeah? Why not first?

    Detective Skeres : 'Cause you're an asshole.

  • Detective Frizer : Tell us everything you did, everything you know and tell us now.

    Ned Cruz : Or else what? Poley is gonna hit me? It may get my sight back.

    Detective Poley : Anything that helps, yeah.

  • Detective Frizer : Lex Parsimoniae. What does it mean?

    Ned Cruz : Well, it's the Latin expression for a philosophical concept known as 'Occam's Razor'. In language that Poley can understand, it means... "All things being equal, the simplest solution is the best".

  • Detective Frizer : Who was it? Who crashed the party?

    Ned Cruz : Well, that... that... that's simple. The guys who had been shadowing Anton, then tailing me... the guys in the Lincoln Town car. I can describe them. One is a fucking sociopath, who never finished first grade and who nobody likes. Another is a broken down family man, with nothing... nothing to show for his life. And the third guy... wears brown shoes and a black suit because he can't tell the difference between right and wrong.

  • Ned Cruz : Who killed Puss?

    Detective Frizer : Your client did.

    Ned Cruz : Why?

    Detective Poley : Guess he was following up on your so-called investigation, didn't like the African-American's personality.

  • Ned Cruz : Stop them, Frizer, before they kill again.

    Detective Skeres : I didn't kill anybody.

    Detective Frizer : Not yet.

  • Detective Frizer : See... I like my aftershave. I like the color of my shoes and I like that... at the end of the day, I beat you, Cruz.

  • Detective Skeres : Why... why! Why the fuck did I let you talk me into this?

    Detective Frizer : How about... 30 million dollars worth of 'why'?

  • Detective Frizer : [Frizer and Skeres have just opened the suitcase]  What the fuck is this?

    Detective Skeres : [seeing the car coming down]  What the fuck is that?

  • Detective Frizer : By the way, he'll hurt you.

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