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Ricardo Darín: Benjamín Esposito



  • Benjamín Esposito : You see? I don't want to miss another chance. How is it possible? How can I do nothing about it? I've been asking myself for 25 years and I've only been able to come up with one answer. "Forget it, it was another lifetime. It's over, don't ask." It wasn't another lifetime. It was this one. It is this one. Now I want to understand. How can someone live an empty life? How do you live a life full of nothing?

  • [last lines] 

    [English subtitles] 

    Irene Menéndez Hastings : It'll be complicated.

    Benjamín Esposito : I don't care.

    Irene Menéndez Hastings : Shut the door.

  • [first words, handwritten, from English subtitles] 

    Benjamín Esposito : He ran to the end of the train and watched as her figure, once gigantic, now shrank in his eyes, but grew more than ever in his heart.

  • Pablo Sandoval : Ma'am, did a saint die this morning?

    Irene Menéndez Hastings : Why?

    Pablo Sandoval : Because an angel in mourning just walked through the door.

    Irene Menéndez Hastings : It's just a trick we angels have to look five pounds lighter.

    Benjamín Esposito : [to Pablo, after Irene walks off]  You smooth fucker.

  • Benjamín Esposito : How's the irresistible smile that you said you got? Cause I never saw it.

    Irene Menéndez Hastings : Of couse you didn't. I only use it with my fiancé.

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    [English subtitles] 

    Benjamín Esposito : [voiceover]  On June 21st, 1974, Ricardo Morales had breakfast with Liliana Coloto for the last time. For the rest of his life he'd remember every single detail of that morning. Planning their first vacation... Drinking tea with lemon for his nagging cough... with his usual lump and a half of sugar. The fresh berry jam he'd never taste again. The flowers printed on her nightgown... and especially, her smile. That smile like the sunrise... blending in with the sunlight on her left cheek...

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