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very very similar to movies like Father of the Bride
MLDinTN8 February 2011
This movie was OK but the plot's been used many times before. Guy and girl come home to parents and announce they are getting married. Then both families have to get along as they plan the wedding. And of course either the dads or the moms don't get along. In this case, it's the dad that don't get along. It starts from the beginning as Lucia's dad, Miguel, whom tows trucks, picks up Marcus's dads, Brad, car to impound. Brad arrives in time but Miguel still tows the car. Then they have dinner with their kids that night and meet for the second time and find out they are to be in laws. So much quarreling ensues.

The best scene is when Migual and Brad go to this bar to find a dj and Miguel gets hammered on pink nipples. Of course, the kids have second thoughts but everything works out in the end.

FINAL VERDICT: Not very interesting. Skip it.
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Flawed but enjoyable
cerule1410 July 2010
Do not pay attention to the ridiculously low rating this film has accumulated. It's hardly one of the best movies you'll ever see, but it is overall much more enjoyable than not.

The young leads are a charming, believable couple, and you do root for them.

I thought the more obvious (meaning unfunny) racial jokes were actually kept to a respectable minimum, considering that culture clash is the main premise of the movie.

Some scenes work better than others. One involving the families figuring out the "seating schematic" is quite clever and funny. One involving a bathroom is a rather shameless and unfunny ripoff of a scene from "Father of the Bride."

Carlos Mencia, I have to say, I don't think is funny or a particularly good actor. I kept finding myself imagining someone else in the part (*cough* George Lopez... or anyone else, really). But he wasn't enough to ruin the movie for me.

The best parts of the movie were the story with Forest Whitaker and Regina King, and anything with Charlie Murphy, who has a small but hilarious role. The one scene featuring him and Taye Diggs was the one time I laughed HARD. And yes, as another reviewer pointed out, the actress playing the sister was excellent.

Most of the plot points are predictable, yes, but I didn't really hold that against "Our Family Wedding." I at least had a better time than I've had at most real weddings. I give it a 6 out of 10.
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How is Carlos Mencia successful. Explain this to me someone
thesubstream15 March 2010
Our Family Wedding is a grim prospect on its face: a frantic wedding movie meets an uproarious culture clash movie, where two patriarchs - the smooth African-American and the fiery Latino - do hilarious battle and then there's some romance somewhere. It fails to deliver even on that meagre promise. Forest Whittaker and Carlos Mencia play the fathers of young lovers Marcus and Lucia (Lance Gross and America Ferrera) who return home to L.A. to announce their surprise engagement and plans to be married immediately. Things get complicated, when we learn that Lucia's family don't really like black people, and Marcus' father, a neat-freak radio DJ-cum-ladies'-man, doesn't like Mexican people. Predicaments predictably follow, in the proper order and to factory specifications.

Despite a legitimately (for the most part) talented cast and a set-up almost guaranteed to be worth at least a few forced laughs, the film manages to be almost completely devoid of humour. It's a punishing, depressing display. The film knows what beats to hit, and tries with heroic, military determination to hit them only to fail, every single time. We're presented with the really uncomfortable knowledge that the film knows it should be funny, here, here and here, and is really trying, honest - see how the goat tries to have sex with the fancy man!? - but just can't quite haul it's hackneyed self anywhere close to an actual laugh. It's ugly and it tries to make you complicit in its ugliness, like when you walk in on your roommate three quarters of the way through an extra large pizza and they try and make you eat the last slice.

To do the obvious thing and fail at it is the worst thing an artist can do. To offer a thin-gruel compromise to your audience, to say "here's a trite, rote ethnicity-clash wedding comedy that you know will be derivative but what else are you going to watch come on it can't be terrible" and then to hand them something terrible is just... rude. To ask us to watch Carlos Mencia flail his way through a grim, graceless Mr. Hulot-inspired bit of non-comedy is mean, and makes us feel badly about ourselves and the choices that brought us here.

One bright spot: Anjelah Johnson as the tomboy sister of the bride is the only actor in the film that's able to wring a couple of laughs out of it, and the sisters' relationship is one of the only interesting things in a film that's otherwise not much more than a grim procession of joyless clichés. 2/10
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deja vu
princess_shishi9 December 2010
i think there are too many of these movies these days. haven't we seen something like this a couple of years back with Ashton Kutcher?? with this movie its like im having a deja vu, and also very very predictable, nothing new or cool about it. the lead actors are pretty good but the plot is cheap and meaningless. we have seen the whole different culture uniting kinda thing, seriously we get the point no need to repeat it a hundred times.

while i was watching this, i was already imagining the ending and with no surprise it turned out exactly the way imagined it, thats how predictable it is. don't waste your time, you have seen this before!
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A really poor version of the "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" genre
napierslogs18 July 2010
"Our Family Wedding" has some good actors and two great actors, Forest Whitaker and America Ferrera, but a horrible script. A young interracial couple travel back home to tell their families they're getting married and to plan a quick wedding. Their fathers, their cultures and their families clash. This is just rehashed material and no better than a poor man's "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner".

They were going for laughs, and although I did laugh-out-loud in a few scenes, most of the lines were just rude, and all of the characters, especially Whitaker's, were just being insubordinate. Every character had friction with one another and sometimes we weren't even privy to the reasons, so not only were we not laughing, we're frustrated as well.

The few laughs were not enough to overcome the frustration and many pointless scenes. Even if they were going for drama instead, there is no sense of drama just from watching characters act in horrible ways because the script tells them to. I can't really recommend "Our Family Wedding", only possibly to die-hard fans of the genre and fans of America Ferrera. This is a Ferrera we haven't seen before, mature and subdued, and she at least was nice to watch.
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Great Film About Issues Between Two Different Cultures
dorianj-414 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I completely disagree with gregeichelberger's review. I thought this was a great film and I don't see why gregeichelberger was so concerned with WHITE people. This film is not about WHITE people. Now that does not mean that this film cannot be enjoyed by White people, but this film concerns race relations between two cultures that have had issues over the years. I get the impression that gregeichelberger does not understand this fact nor appreciate how prevalent these issues are today. Either way, please do not take his review as the gospel truth.

The basic plot of the story is pretty standard; a young couple fall in love and their parents do not like each other at all. However, with this film there is the added element of race relations between Latin and African American cultures. These relations are portrayed through numerous hilarious actions and comments that are not race sensitive, but definitely reflective of historic issues between the cultures and very funny. If you know Spanish you will definitely get more of a laugh out of this film.

Throughout the beginning of the movie young couple sort of roll with the punches as their families clamor to claim what aspects of what culture will be represented in the weeding. As the film progresses the couple goes through adversity based on their families craziness, but they find a way through it with some touching scenes.

More importantly the two families begin to work to gather to plan the weeding and make sure both cultures feel respected and included in the weeding. This is another point that I feel like gregeichelberger may have missed. The weeding is a mixture of the two families' joint effort. There is a mixture of music with a Marachi band playing through part of the weeding and a DJ spinning R&B through part of the weeding (which is a funny scene where Miguel and Brad go to a club and look for a DJ). The young couple jumps a broom and both families pick the groom up and through him up and down. There is even a scene where Lucia's gangster cousin teaches Marcus how to do a little dance.

I think the basic point of the movie escaped gregeichelberger completely and this may be an important point for anyone interested in watching this film. I don't think this film was meant to be PC, this film was meant to display issues that exist between two communities. The creators of this film went out of there way to identify certain stereotypes and issues that these two communities have with each other and found comedic ways to display this issues.

However, the great part of the film is that the families find a way to have a great weeding after all this craziness. This would be the resolution that gregeichelberger seemed to miss. The weeding day starts off as a disaster but they piece it together. The two families actually have a laugh together when they realize how crazy things have become over the weeding. At this point they actually bonded and place their difference aside for the young couple. They come to a realization that Marcus and Lucia love each other and that is something that family has to respect no matter how crazy they are.

I guess to sum it up, this film will appeal to you if you are not African-American, Latino or aware of the issues between these two communities because it has humor and heart. However, I do think it is important to understand that this film address issues between these two communities and makes a point to illustrate the issues in a blunt and realistic way, while being humorous at the same time. This is important because the jokes in the film are not simply random jokes. They are jokes based on the issues between these two communities and I believe people should be aware of this. If you go see this film with you loved ones I think you will laugh, maybe even cry, but I think you will enjoy this film because it was well done.
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Will love conquer all when a young couple from different backgrounds decide to marry?
wmss11 September 2010
First of all,this was hardly the "worst film of the year" as one reviewer on this site wrote. THAT film was called "All About Steve." This one was in some ways a standard rom-com and yes,there were similarities to other films from "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" to "Meet the Fockers." But I find that all rom-coms have elements in common,so what's the big deal? The big deal is that this film involves a mixed race couple where neither one is white,in fact the girl is Mexican-American and the boy is African-American,both college educated and from families that are not poor. In fact the prospective groom's father has quite a bit of money,and the bride to be comes from a family that ,if not rich,is at least solidly middle class. I see why the critics,both professional and non,didn't "get it." None of the main characters is involved in gangs,drugs, or lives in the ghetto or the barrio. There are no men dressed in drag pretending to be grandmothers either . And there are no main characters that are white. No "best friend" no work buddy,no obnoxious boss. The plot involves people of color having to bridge a cultural divide. Are there clichéd moments? Sure. Were the fathers sometimes over the top in their dealings with one another? You betcha! Have we seen this in other films that didn't get nearly the lashing this one did? Certainly. I enjoyed this film because ,in spite of the normal conventions of its genre,it showed people of color as normal families dealing with a situation they may not like,but having to find a way to come together for the ones they love.
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A real wedding crasher ...
gregeichelberger13 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Like a terrible version of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" blended with "The In-Laws," "Father of the Bride," "Grand Canyon" and "My Big, Fat Greek Wedding," this newest effort by director Rick Famuyiwa (who has helmed such masterpieces as "Brown Sugar," "The Wood" and "Blacktop Lingo," among others), is one of the worst films of the year - so far.

It also does for goats what "The Love Guru" did for elephants - burns a vision of those beasts in one's retinas that can never, ever be erased.

Instead of blacks and whites coming together after fighting each other throughout the movie (and then reconciling in the end), we get blacks and Hispanics going at each others throats for almost 100 minutes with no relief or comedic situations to speak of, and certainly no satisfying resolution, one way or another.

Plot has ultra-wealthy Marcus (Lance Gross, part of the Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" clan), son of Brad Boyd (Forrest Whittaker, Oscar-winner for "Last King Of Scotland"), who falls in love with Lucia Ramirez (America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty"), the salt-of-the-earth daughter of a tow-truck driver, Miguel (stand-up comedian Carlos Mencia, of Comedy Central fame).

One day, Miguel has to haul away Boyd's Rolls-Royce which is parked illegally or something like that. Of course, the two begin to argue and also to throw around the first in a series of stereotypical black and Hispanic insults. Get used to this, folks.

Like every other film (and television sit-com) of this ilk, the befuddled young couple is excited to spring the big news, but something always spoils it. Here, the setting is a fancy restaurant where Boyd and Ramirez fire more racial insults at one another and forbid the marriage.

Rest of film consists of young couple trying to mend fences while various oft-used situations take place (elderly Latina grandmother falls over when she sees Marcus is black, sensible mothers try to reign in husbands' bigotry and stupidity, extended families meet to discuss wildly divergent wedding preparations, sappy talk between father and daughter, a wedding cake fight and some kind of sports or civic event - here it's an amazingly unfunny softball contest in which the two dads, of course, face off against one another).

Do the nuptials take place? Do the fathers-in-law come to some kind of agreement? Will Marcus and Lucia stay together forever? Will there be a whole slew of black-Hispanic "comedies" made after this? Was I a complete moron for watching this drivel? Well, I can answer "yes" to the last two questions, at least.

Mencias should go back to his stand-up routine while Whittaker needs to give his Oscar to the man who SHOULD have won it - Peter O'Toole (for "Venus"). After "Vantage Point," "Street Kings" and now this turkey, the Academy Award gods have had enough. Ask Cuba Gooding, Jr. Gross and Ferrera are typical young leads, boring and insignificant, while only Marcus' mom, Regina King ("Ray") comes anywhere near a halfway decent effort.

So, if one likes watching people of different races and ethnicities screaming at one another, another movie in which men are made out to be total idiots, bigoted and racist material being bandied about (imagine if one of the leads was a WHITE person) and a goat with an erection (don't ask), then by all means, shell out 10 bucks to see this movie, you won't be sorry at all.
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Tailored Audience
DjGoody0125 March 2010
Much like those fun little videos you made back in high school, you aren't going to get it unless you where there. This movie defiantly has a lot of clichés, but that is kinda the point. For anyone who has had a marriage, or dating relationship, is cultural clashes this is a movie you can relate to. Unfortunately if you are white and have a white relationship this film will have very little connection to you. I am black and my fiancée is Mexican, so this movie had A LOT of connection with me. I could relate to 95% of this movie, therefore giving me a biased advantage. Although the audience reach of this movie isn't very big, nor is it a blockbuster by any standards, is it a FUN little film and shouldn't be looked over if you are in a relationship where each others families have culture clashing.
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A biracial couple head back home to let the folks know that they are getting married.
ltlacey30 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
For once I wish that I had at least glanced at some reviews of this movie, thus saving me money and an excruciating amount of time sitting through this drivel. Every insipid stereotype, stupid cliché, and corny joke was tried, and each failed completely. I am not even going to go there about the goat and the bottle of Viagra. For the most part, the talent was there, but I got the sense that each one had been given a large dose of some drug just to make it through the motions. For the entire movie, it felt like even the actors did not want to be there, and I cannot say that I blame them one bit. By the way, the goat had the best lines (ahem: none).
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Is this supposed to be funny?
bistella28 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to watch a romantic comedy, but this failed both the categories. First, I couldn't detected any much romance a part from the guys getting married. There was no sweetness, no passion, nothing at all where you can actually see the couple behaving like a couple. And second, ZERO fun. Even the potentially hilarious scenes like the goat one can't make you do more than "ah." I found myself wondering when the fun part was about to start, until I realised I was already half way in the movie. At that point my flatmate gave up and started watching TV at the same time. There was one of the worst acting moment near the beginning, when husband and wife are in the car, and he's sitting on the back seat; they seem to be acting in different time and different modes... it's just so badly stitched together that I cannot watch that again. Oh yes, no background music of any sort, just bad acting all the way through.
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Forest Whitaker has a sexy radio talk show voice...
charlotte-yonge27 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
But that's besides the point. I loved, loved, loved this movie! I am appalled IMDb, that this film has only received a 3.7/10 rating! Honestly, I was just making a review today about how the film industry needs a fresh take on things, something different, and this movie is it. It's been taken too harshly. Most movies are guilty of a few clichés here and there, but I felt this movie was so warm-hearted and genuine, and had a lovely message come across. You gotta admit, it took real cojones to make a movie about relationships we see everyday, but hardly talk about, out loud: Interacial couples. It had to be done... it's the 21st century, and I can barely list on my 10 fingers how many good films have been made about this topic. Guess Who (2005) comes to mind... but really, that's just sad that there aren't more interracial couples incorporated into movies, especially the big-budget ones. Pieces of April (2003) is another one, one that isn't listed as a comedy, but is in its own sense. Movies like these are dying to be made. There are so many cultures in the world, I would love to learn more about them. I actually learned from this movie too. I know traditions were always important when it came to weddings, but I didn't know it went as far as sacrificing a goat (don't worry, they don't actually do it). But I was cheering on Lucia (America Ferrera, love that girl) and Marcus (Lance Gross) the whole time.

Just do it, watch this movie! It contains something soooo many movies are seriously lacking these days: CHEMISTRY! They actually seem like a real family. Don't worry, Carlos Mencia's acting isn't as bad as everybody says it is, Forest & Regina are just... bliss, I wish they really were a couple, and everyone else was just phenomenal. I did notice the lady who plays America's grandmother (Lupe Ontiveros) also played her mother in Real Women Have Curves (2002)... which only adds to the amazing chemistry! Ciao for now.
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Our Marriage, Their Wedding
boblipton26 January 2020
America Ferreira and Lance Gross tell their fathers - hers, Carlos Mencia, his Forest Whitaker - they want to get married. Now there's the problem of the wedding, with all the attendant problems of blending their Mexican and Black heritages.

It's a good version of the standard movie of the fighting and angst of every movie about the problems leading up to the wedding, with all of the incidents so common to this sort of film, with a lot of soul-searching and spats that attend such films. It's helped along by a fine cast, including Regina Kimg and Angela's Johnson-Reyes, but the majority of the focus is on the fathers.

If you enjoyed this movie, your favorite bits will vary, but my favorite scenes are those shared by Whitaker and Gross, who speak together as if they are father and son, lovingly and sincerely.

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Very funny comedy about family
wcamp645 October 2010
I am so shocked at the polarizing views on this movie. The ridiculous high standards placed on this simple film about its plot and purpose. This is no documentary. It is a very funny comedy about two families. Clearly, their is a significant amount of intellectual elitism that exists over race in this country. From the amateur comments to the professional critics, the focus on racial elements of this film are misguided and unwelcome. It is a comedy about two families that happen to be Black and Latino. A 3 star rating is absurd compared to the volumes of exploitative ethnic action and comedy flicks of complete nonsense, and worn out plots that receive twice the rating. Clearly, this films subject matter prevents far too many from enjoying a simple comedy by feeling like they must dissect this inter-racial plot into being something it is not. Lighten up! Can we all just get along??
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A real letdown
Jackpollins20 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Our Family Wedding proves that even a convoluted, stupid, clichéd story can have a little bit of potential, but only a little bit. The film starts out with Lucia (America Ferarra) and Marcus (Lance Gross), a perfectly nice and seemingly happy engaged couple. The only problem is Lucia did not tell her uptight dad named Miguel (Carlos Mencia). Miguel, not knowing what he has done, he tows Marcus's dad, Brad (Forest Whitaker) car. When they meet, they automatically start fighting, and that's essentially the film. While the cast is likable, and sometimes brings the film out of it slum, putting the great acting of Forest Whitaker and the recycled jokes of Carlos Mencia is just stupid. While it is funny at a couple of points watching the two fight, it's just tiring. I don't care how much they hate each other, I don't want to see them fight all the movie. The last 30 minutes is an unnecessary make-up, break-up, over long wedding scene. The film got me to laugh a couple times, but I wanted my two hours back. Overall, Our Family Wedding is not worth your time or money because most of it is unfunny and wastes a talented cast, and you won't miss anything if you don't see it, so don't feel too bad if you miss it.
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It is a lovely romantic comedy...
paul_haakonsen24 February 2011
Despite it being based on a storyline that have been used numerous times in Hollywood already, "Our Family Wedding" was still entertaining to watch.

The story is about Lucia Ramirez (played by America Ferrera) and Marcus Boys (played by Lance Gross) planning to get married. They are of different ethnicity which of course is the base for a lot of hilarious moments throughout the movie. And they have to tell their parents, who is going to plan their wedding. Again, lots of fun comes from this.

The cast in "Our Family Wedding" is quite good. Lots of really nice actors and actresses in this movie. The lead roles are played by America Ferrera and Lance Gross, and they do have good chemistry on the screen. However, the ones that made it worthwhile was Forest Whitaker (playing Brad Boyd; Marcus's father) and Carlos Mencia (playing Miguel Ramirez; Lucia's father) as they struggled to deal with each other and the differences in culture.

"Our Family Wedding" is a romantic comedy in every sense, because of the story and the laughs. But there is more depth to the movie, as it deals with the cultural differences and how to overcome them. I liked that aspect of the movie as well, and it did cause some good laughs. Despite it being a storyline that has been seen over and over, "Our Family Wedding" still managed to come out as a good result.

If you like romantic comedies, then you should definitely check out "Our Family Wedding" because it is actually quite good.
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Not very funny and disrespectful for both cultures
bredammtz13 April 2019
I just watch it and as a Mexican (born and raised in a small town out in the country and living on the city too) I can tell you this is not how we do weddings. It meant to be funny but is not
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Very predictable, not very entertaining
becem-5631917 February 2019
Would not recommend unless you're in a "feely" mood.
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Unforgettable Great Movie
young-erika6512 January 2019
It's 2019 and I decided to watch this 🍿 Movie again after all these years. And I truly forgot how great and funny this movie is. I laughed so hard. This Movie is so underrated because of so many Super hero Action films we have now. I love the Super hero movies. But let's not forget to remember the laughter and fun of great family movies from the past era. Our family Wedding is forever a Movie mood when you need it🥂🎩👑🥂
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Guess Who is Getting Married?
Prismark1021 January 2018
Our Family Wedding is a race based culture clash comedy that starts out rather awkwardly.

Lucia Ramirez (America Ferrera) and Marcus Boys (Lance Gross) have been going out together for some time but have never told their parents about each other.

She is Hispanic, he is black. As the film starts there is an altercation when a black radio host (Forest Whitaker) as his car towed away by Carlos (Miguel Ramirez) leading to some racial slurs. You guessed it they are the dads and sparks fly when they later meet each other again.

You know where this film is going, it is a little like Meet the Parents but not as amusing. Once the ethnic differences are blown over, the film settles down as both parties understand each other but it should had been a lot funnier.
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weak jokes and Whitaker doesn't have the comedic skills
SnoopyStyle20 January 2015
Marcus Boyd (Lance Gross) and Lucia Ramirez (America Ferrera) are going home to announce their engagement to marry. Marcus' father Brad (Forest Whitaker) is a divorced radio personality. He keeps dating young girls. Her father Miguel (Carlos Mencia) doesn't even know that she has a boyfriend. The couple is moving to Laos where he's joining Doctors without Borders. They announce their wedding in front of both families during dinner but Miguel just tow Brad's car. To make things more awkward, Brad brings a date Ashley who actually played soft ball with Lucia. The fathers do not get along. Lucia's racist grandmother doesn't help. It's a clash of cultures as the fathers compete.

The biggest problem is Forest Whitaker. He is way too serious to be any good in a comedy. The man is obvious into his rom-coms having directed mostly that. He just doesn't fit that world. Carlos Mencia is a lot better fit. The racial humor could work but it needs to be much sharper. The jokes are mostly from the bottom of the barrel. They're not the best. If they're going there, they should take some risks. Some of the characters are funny. America is likable. The grandma hits some funny moments but the story has limited substance.
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quite interesting and tells us about getting-married story
reysia2 April 2012
I don't know why it just got low rating in IMDb. For me, this movie is a quite interesting and tells us about getting-married story. It tells us that getting married isn't easy but when you love someone and love will help you stand in every problem ahead.

Luci and Marcus are 2 persons who will get married. Their marriage isn't an usual one. They came from two different race and that makes both of their father don't like that. Furthermore, their fathers just had a problem each other on the street and that makes the condition worse. Luci and Marcus tried so many ways to convince their fathers that they are really want to get married. There were so much problem happening that made both of them finally face a crucial condition that made them wants to stop the marriage plan.

This movie tells me the real thing that really happens often in life. People who are getting married often feel not ready just before the wedding day. There are so many pressure that happens. That's not weird. It's very human being. But the thing is how you and your couple can face it together... When you love someone, you'll know how to do it and when you love someone , you'll always know that every little problem that come and will-come will strengthen your relationship. :)

I was wondering if my wedding plan will be like this. +_+ So many problem, nearly fail or maybe don't get permission from parents. lol That will be interesting and i've to prepare myself from now. ^_^
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone66615 July 2010
Our Family Wedding

The best thing about mixed minority weddings is you can rest assure the quality of dance at the reception will be superior to that of a predominantly Caucasian American affair. In addition to that white wedding stereotype, the African American and Mexican American families in this comedy also vocalize their objections–not bottle them up for later, in private– particularly the fathers.

For Lucia (America Ferrera) and Marcus (Lance Gross), getting engaged was the easy part. Now they must introduce each other to their respected families–both of which are different ethnicities. Choosing the engagement dinner to introduce the households, Lucia and Marcus are unpleasantly surprised to discover their fathers (Forest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia) are already familiar with each other due to a prior disagreement.

With both families forced to compromise their traditions in order to accommodate the other, the fathers participant in a game of one-upmanship, which later finds them in hot water with their significant others.

Slovenly assembled, this gross-out rom-com is too preoccupied with the warring patriarchs to bother with character development or comedy.

As for ethnic neutrality and dealing with objections during your interracial marriage ceremony: hire an albino priest and say your vows in Esperanto. (Red Light)
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Warm with a Great Cast
danceability-14 July 2010

STARRING: Forrest Whitaker, America Ferrera, Carlos Mencia, Lance Gross, Regina King, Diana-Maria Riva, Lupe Ontiveros, Anjelah N. Johnson, Charlie Murphy and Shannyn Sossamon.

WRITTEN BY: Wayne Conley, Malcolm Spellman and Rick Famuyiwa.

DIRECTED BY: Rick Famuyiwa.

It's lesson number one for any newly engaged couple, and Lucia and Marcus are no exception. In Our Family Wedding, they learn the hard way that the path to saying "I do" can be rife with familial strife. When they return from college and too suddenly announce their marriage plans, they soon discover that their fathers - two highly competitive over-the-top egos - can wreak a major amount of havoc on their special day. With insults flying and tempers running high, it's anyone's guess if the alpha dads (Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia) will survive to make it down the aisle in one piece. Lucia's mother is busy planning the wedding of "her" dreams and the only levelheaded one in the bunch is Angela, the groom's father's best friend and lawyer, who manages to keep her cool when the madness reaches a crescendo. With only weeks to plan their wedding, Lucia and Marcus soon discover the true meaning of love and find there is truth to the saying - that when you marry someone, you marry their entire family. The basic plot of the story is pretty standard; a young couple fall in love and their parents do not like each other at all. However, with this movie there is the added element of relations between Latin and African American cultures. These relations are portrayed through numerous hilarious actions and comments that are not race sensitive, but definitely reflective of historic issues between the cultures and very funny. However, the great part of the movie is that the families find a way to have a great wedding after all this craziness. I think you will enjoy this movie, because it was well done.

danceability-1, Amsterdam Holland.
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A wonderfully made movie about cross ethnic relations.
shorvath5531 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I rented this movie from the Local Video Store and watched it with little or now expectation of any kind. To my surprise, I felt very pleased with this production that touched the base of cross-cultural barriers that we now so often experience in our Society. After all, America is a melting pot of Cultures and of different Ethnic groups of parents who'd migrated to this land of opportunity to better their families's lives. Problems arise when young ones fall in love with each other from different Cultures, and than they have to bring their desire to marry each other to their families who each want to follow their own Cultural Path's to marry the young couple. Here it is what lies at the heart of this story, which is about understanding, cooperating, respecting, and working together with each other's families while joining the young couple in their sanctity of holy matrimony, or simply put, getting hitched. This movie had brought me a lot of laughter and serious issues to think about in terms of Race Relations and Tolarence for each other's Cultures! I think it is a must see! Steve Horvath, Chicago, IL
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