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More romance than disaster-storm flick. Still good though.
Movie Hound Video19 July 2011
The movie is not about a freakish deadly storm - disaster movie. It is more of a romance drama with a Super Cell storm.

PRO: build-up to the romance is good.

The plot is good.

Beautiful country scenes

CON: Synopsis is misleading.

Some over-acting by one of the lead male actors.

Poor English language dubbing.

Watched with my wife while on vacation. We love to chase storms and are trained for it so we get into these types of movies. Disappointed to say the least about NO DISASTER STORM. Enjoyed the romance story though.
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Worth watching but nothing exceptional
TheLittleSongbird16 August 2012
I saw Cloud Chasers(or Super Storm) with no expectations or any idea of how it was going to turn out. Overall I found it to be reasonably good. The film does look good, with beautiful scenery and focused photography. The editing is nothing mind-blowing but not bad. The effects are not the slapdash ones I was fearing, again they are not enough to blow you away but they do exude a sense of menace. Apart from occasional over-acting from the male leads, the acting is better than average as well. On the debit side, I did feel as though there was too much romance and not enough disaster. The disaster scenes are quite tense, but the romantic scenes are not as convincing. By all means not as overly-sentimental or as clichéd as it could've been, but I never fully believed in it and felt there was too much of a focus on it. The script is not terrible, but I did get the sense that the actors could have had more to work from, structurally the script while not stilted or aimless like some disaster movies I've seen have been seemed a little thin and the dubbing was poor sometimes not making enough sense. The story is a good idea and starts well but has moments where it is rather contrived, while the direction is a little flat and the characters while not annoying in need of more development. All in all, worth a watch but I only partially recommend it. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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Lost in the clouds
Yrmy31 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Supercell thunderstorms form the thin McGuffin that catapults this rather lightweight aviation adventure into flight, as airline pilot Niehaus is grounded after making an emergency landing to avoid a supposed supercell and sets out to vindicate herself by trying to enlist the help of two daredevil fly-boy brothers (Hutter and Witting). The inevitable flight into a supercell is only the climax, however, and the narrative crams in brotherly disputes, financial trouble, an obligatory romance, a strained father-daughter relationship and even a subplot about the brothers' mother resisting a greedy developer's attempts to buy off the family estate. The whole thing sets itself up as a kind of old-fashioned and violence-free adventure where the only real enemy is the blind force of nature. Unfortunately it achieves none of the required innocence or tension, instead floundering on the shallowness of the whole scenario and the contrived motivations needed to sustain it (including Hutter's laughably overblown antipathy to airline pilots).

The CGI flying and storm sequences are rendered reasonably well, but ultimately let down by the same directional flatness that permeates the whole enterprise, including Niehaus' performance. The film really comes across like a glossy car advert speckled with Heimat sentimentalism, with beautiful people flying aeroplanes and driving fancy cars in gorgeous Alpine landscapes. It forms an interesting counterpoint to that other German aviation drama of 2009, the much tenser but infinitely sillier Crashpoint.
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A Strange Weather Phenomenon
Uriah4323 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Andrea Schubert" (Valerie Niehaus) is a young pilot for Lufthansa Airlines who pretty much has everything going for her. Then one day as she is flying a commercial airliner from Greece to Munich she encounters a strange weather phenomenon and decides to make an emergency landing—against the advice of traffic control—at a small airport on the outskirts of Munich. Although she somehow manages to land, the airplane suffers some damage resulting in her judgement being questioned at a safety hearing not long afterward which results in her being suspended indefinitely. Determined to prove her assertion that a strange weather pattern did in fact exist she volunteers to fly for a small company which routinely flies into storms for the purpose of possibly capturing the super-cell phenomenon on video. Now rather than reveal any more of this movie I will just say that this was an okay made-for-television drama which Valerie Niehaus essentially carried from start to finish due in large part to her acting ability and good looks. It's as simple as that. Likewise, I should probably also mention that, although the film certainly included some bad weather here and there, it wasn't really a disaster film on the magnitude of "Twister" or any of the other movies in that particular sub-genre. That said, even though this certainly wasn't a great movie by any means, it wasn't a bad film either and I have rated it accordingly. Average.
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