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With the death of her brother-in-law William III in 1701, Princess Anne becomes Queen. She becomes a popular monarch, even is there are many Jacobites in Parliament who feel that James II is true king. Her friendship with John and Sarah Churchill continues strong, naming John the Duke of Marlborough and providing for him with an annual income that befits his new rank. On the death of Queen Anne's father, the former King James II, King Louis XIV of France recognized James' son as the rightful monarch. This and the issue of the Spanish succession again leads to war with France. Marlborough's military successes continue and his role as head of the army brings endless victories on the battlefield. He is rewarded by the Queen with a grant of 15,000 acres and palace to be built and known as Blenheim. Sarah is becoming somewhat distant from her children as she tends to pry into their lives, particularly that of her eldest daughter Henrietta Godolphin, whose marriage has turned into one of ...

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