Aliens: Colonial Marines (Video Game 2013) Poster

(2013 Video Game)

Ashly Burch: Lt. Lisa Reid


  • Cpt. Jeremy Cruz : Clp. Winter, I'm sending in Rhino 2-1 to reinforce 2-3. How you feeling kid?

    Cpl. Christopher Winter : I'm feeling good, Captain. But I'm worried about 2-3

    Cpt. Jeremy Cruz : That's good, because I'm sending you in to catch up with Rhino 2-1 so you can get the flight recorder and see who cause this.

    Cpl. Christopher Winter : Sir, what happened in there?

    Cpt. Jeremy Cruz : We shipped them to bed.

    [Gets up on a power loader] 

    Cpt. Jeremy Cruz : Attention chicks and dicks of the USS Sephora, as of right this second Rhino 2-1 and Rhino 2-3 are fighting to get hold of of the situation we're in. We don't leave Marines behind. Over the next 2 hours, we're gonna send a series of dropships over to aid with cas evac of the USS Sulaco.

    Reid : Sir, the Sulaco was reported last seen over Fury 161. How is it back over *this* planet?

    Cpt. Jeremy Cruz : Lt. Reid, thanks for the interruption. We don't know how that boat got back here. What we're worried about his what's killing our Marines in there. This is a liquid situation, information to follow as it comes online. Ready up. Good hunting Marines, oorah to ashes!

    [Marines shout out oorah] 

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