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Better than I thought it would be
jdavid5521 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is your typical inane kids' fare but there were a few funny moments, especially involving the talking mule. The lead boy actors are mostly newcomers but do a decent job. There's nothing objectionable about the film so it's okay to let your young children see it. In fact, I think they'll enjoy it. If you have a young teen girl, she might be especially interested in the young romance sidebar (involving Tommy's teen sister) along with the handsome young men featured in the film. Kevin Sorbo (from "The O.C." and "Psych") is probably the only face you'll recognize in this movie and he plays a very silly dad who is trying to force Tommy's mother into selling the property so he can profit from it. I've seen worse films, so perhaps a rental viewing is worth your time.
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Tommy and the Cool Mule
startrekfan7226 January 2018
I enjoyed this movie No violence or foul language just good clean family fun and wholesome values. though I thought the acting was a bit sub Par for Kevin Sorbo not his usual style, and the dialog was a bit Lame but the premise of the film was sound I would recommend this for KIDS of All ages all levels of development it is just a real Laugh fest. I would liken it to movies like Cars, or other Disney films with talking animals, it had the look and feel of a B Movie and the sound of a Z movie no real directorial skill was put forward in this film I have my dithers as to weather it can even be called a Film, Nice try but No cigar hear

I also felt that the movie moved way to fast to follow along with the people involved need to go back to School and learn the basics of film making and directing no where near the skill of the directors of say the last air bender or Dolphin Tale, or Eragon Nice try nice effort but not good enough to impress me..

his film is good for I would say 9 year olds and under any one over 9 is to mature to believe this tripe save your time and watch a real movie
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A feel good movie-and a mule with an attitude!
renee052120 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There are so few family movies out there these days,so it was refreshing to see this one come along. It's the story of a young boy who must become a man when his dad goes off to war and doesn't return. A greedy developer(played superbly by Kevin Sorbo)tries to get the bank to foreclose on the family's farm,but just when things look hopeless,along comes a feisty mule named Jackie A,who just happens to talk. Together,Tommy & Jackie go against the bullies who have made his life miserable. Tommy learns that you can do anything you set your mind to,no matter what anyone tells you! I would recommend this for the whole family!
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OK idea ruined by poor execution
Havan_IronOak13 June 2012
This movie is to good film what off-brand carob is to chocolate. The idea of a family friendly movie with a talking mule was fine. But the dialogue and the events pictured in the movie were terribly executed. It's as if the writers and the director couldn't be bothered to put together a reasonable movie.

And it's too bad because there were a few nice moments. I've never heard of a rodeo event like the one featured in this film. Even if such a thing exists the audience cheering an event that they can't see doesn't make much sense. And the holes in the plot logic were big enough to drive a horse trailer through.

I am curious how something like this gets made. I wonder what the producers were thinking. It's certainly not apparent in the film what caused this to get mad and released at all.
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Bland for the budget
butterbutt-7385420 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There may be a slight spoiler contained in this about the plot. When I saw the title I thought that it would be a good movie. The budget was approximately $1,000,000 and for that amount I was disappointed. The acting is positively atrocious most of the time, and the slight mentioned romance between the Mother and Rodeo man is not needed whatsoever. It's definitely not the best movie, plot holes big enough to drive four trailers side by side through them cause problems within the movie. The largest being (SPOILER) the fact Tommy can only hear Jackie talk after he is hit on the head, and yet Nathan can also hear Jackie talk. Tommy gets hit again and cannot hear Jackie until the end of the film, but no one else can hear the Mule. The story has it problems and it's an okay movie if you are able to not notice plot holes, bad acting and writing. But if you notice plot holes and can distinguish bad acting and writing in a movie, then you will not enjoy Tommy and the Cool Mule very much.
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From Start to Finish, Stevens Creates a Knock-Out
movemetojapan-17 July 2009

T&tCM is the killer family flick. All kids, brothers and sisters, will love it for a lightheartedness, Element t-shirts, and Jackie A's less than appropriate manners. (farts) But Pep-Pep can enjoy it too! My only gripe with this work is that Dodge Davis was to mean. Every time he proposed deal with Mom I just wanted to see him take it!!! (At least I got that at the end :)) Hopefully kids will realize how mean he is and realize that when you're in a finance trouble and a man offers to buy your house, you throw water at him.

I have to thank all my friends and their parents for suggesting this an great movie to me!!! It had me and my six boys cracking up in unison together. This was great addition to anymovie collection... I plan to by at least a couple more copys! (at least) Have fun watching Tommy's Cool Mule Awesome!
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Mules rule! Very enjoyable family film
inkblot111 April 2017
Tommy Braxxton (Grant Barker) loved his father, a champion horse rider. Alas, Mr. Braxxton was a major in the Reserves and he died overseas. Although Mrs. Braxxton tries to hold the family together money is tight and she eventually has to sell all of their horses. Tommy is devastated. Moreover, Tommy's relative poverty invites some of his classmates to bully and mock him. The young boy's one true friend is his dog, Major, an extremely smart German Shepherd. Tom's slightly older sister is hoping to go out on her first date, mostly. However, one day, Tommy is invited to a kids party by a large ranch owner, Mr. Daviss (Kevin Sorbo), who is trying to convince Tommy's mother to sell her property to him. Once at the festivities, Tom hides in a barn during a game and is hit on the head by a board. My, what stars float around the young lad's head! Even more astonishing, a mule named Jackie (voiced by Ice-T) starts to talk to him! Wow, are the guests surprised when Tommy comes out riding the mule and doing tricks! In fact, a local rodeo owner invited Tom to compete in a sort-of steeplechase in a few weeks. It becomes very important to Tommy for, one, there is prize money and, two, he can show up the guys that have been bullying him! Just before the race, the mule stops talking! Will Tom be able to win the prize? This very enjoyable family film proves that, at times, mules rule! Who knew that mules could run races and do snazzy maneuvers? Not this viewer! The cast, headed by Barker, is quite fine, with Sorbo giving a funny performance as the insipid Mr. Daviss. The western scenery is lovely as well. Want a family movie that is comic, inspirational, and celebrates animals? This mule is a jewel!
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