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MPAA Rated R for violence throughout, language and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman meets a DEA agent in a cheap motel twice, no sex is shown at all in any of these scenes.
  • There are glimpses of a woman's bare breasts briefly and then more of her sitting on the bed from the side and then front view with her hair covering her bare breasts. She is also seen taking off her skirt and wearing a G-string. Scene starts at around 14-15 minutes in, and ends at around 21 minutes.

Violence & Gore

  • Stig holds Bobby at gun point and shoots him in the shoulder, and some blood is seen. Blood is later seen on Bobby's shirt a few times.
  • Bobby enters a man's house, and disarms and fights a bad guy, but some other bad guys emerge and hold him at gunpoint, but they let him go.
  • A man shoots another man point-blank in the chest, but he doesn't die, and the man walks over later and shoots him several times int the chest until he dies, with large, bloody bullet holes seen.
  • Bobby enters a man's office and pistol whips him, and then slams him against a wall and a desk and hits him. Another man comes in, and Bobby fires at the wall next to him and runs out.
  • Bobby and Stig hold Papi Greco hostage, and they punch him several times while he's tied to a chair.
  • A man enters a garage that Stig is in, and he fights with the man and escapes. A group of other bad guys emerge and flank the house and shoot it up, and Stig crashes through the window, and takes cover with Bobby and Deb, who're also inside. A large shootout ensues, and the three escape.
  • Sting drives up to a house and makes a sharp turn, smashing the back of his car into a man and sending him flying into a car. He gets out, but Bobby catches him. Bobby holds Stig at gunpoint, and pistol whips him, and Stig goes for a gun on the ground but Bobby shoots it and stops him.
  • It's implied that a man's severed head is in a bag, and you briefly see it, but only slightly and no gore or blood can be seen.
  • A group of men fire at chickens, and Stig grabs a gun and shoots all of the chickens.
  • Stig runs into a meeting of naval officers, and punches a guard in the face.
  • Bobby and Stig drive their car through a gate at a naval base, and several naval police give chase in their cars, resulting in a large car chase.
  • A man shoots a woman in the head, but the scene cuts before she is shot, and we only hear the sound. We later see obscured shots of her slumped body, briefly.
  • Stig starts a fire inside a diner, and he and Bobby walk out as the diner blows up.
  • A group of men attempt to kill a man in a canyon. He fights with several of them, and then runs off, and the others chase him. A shootout ensues, and he escapes in a car.
  • A scene where a sniper shoots several armed intruders from across the street. No blood and you only see one actually get shot.
  • There's an intense car chase through a desert in which Bobby and Stig chase each other. Eventually both stop right next to each other, and Stig dives into his car and they begin fighting, and after punching and poking each other, they both fall out of the car and onto the ground, wrestling. Both let go, and the fight ends.
  • Bobby shoots a gas pump in a kitchen inside a building, and it explodes, causing a massive explosion that blows out many windows.
  • A man has drawing pins whacked into his hand, with a brief close-up of him pulling the pins away from his skin.
  • A man performs a Russian roulette routine. One victim is shot in the leg, with some detail of the impact and a large blood splatter onto the man's face. In the other scene, after the gun fails to go off, the bullets are unloaded into the chest of a dying man on the floor, with some blood-spurts.
  • Two men are strung up, upside down, in a bull pen and hit in the chests with a bat, with masked blows but strong sound-effects.
  • In the final shoot-out, many people are shot and killed with small amounts of blood spurting out,complete with grotesque sound effects. A helicopter crashes. A man gets shot several times. Bobby and Stig both shoot bad guys, and the victims are seen falling over with brief blood spurts. In the end, after a Mexican standoff, the two shoot two other men, and both walk up to a wounded third man and shoot him several times, with brief bullet holes seen.


  • 22 uses of "fuck" (1 in Spanish, seen in subtitles), 31 uses of "shit", 10 uses of "ass" (6 used as 'asshole'), 7 uses of "bitch", 2 uses of "piss", and 2 uses of "pecker".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the villains is a drug dealer and boxes of heroin can be seen around his house.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lots of the action is violent and intense.
  • The scenes of Russian roulette are intense.
  • A scene where a man is trying to escape from killers and is running around a canyon. Pretty intense because you don't know where anyone is.

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