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  • Fashion design student Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) moves from Des Moines to Los Angeles to begin her freshman year at the University of L.A. Her first night on campus, she meets fellow student Stephen (Cam Gigandet), and they hit it off together. During the night, her roommate, art student Rebecca Evans (Leighton Meester), arrives. Again, the two hit it off famously until Sara begins to notice that bad things keep happening to her friends and that Rebecca seems to be involved. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The screenplay for The Roommate was written by co-producer Sonny Mallhi. While having a plot very similar to Single White Female (1992) (1992), The Roommate is not a credited remake. Single White Female is based on a John Lutz novel SWF Seeks Same (1992). After the release of Single White Female (both the film and book), Francine Pascal released a book called The Roommate (1996) which was heavily inspired by SWF. With the exception of minor changes, the plots are almost identical. It has not been confirmed whether this film will closely follow Pascal's book of the same name, which was basically modeled on the SWF Seeks Same novel. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's called "Crimson and Clover", originally released in 1968 by the American rock band Tommy James and the Shondells and written by James and drummer Peter Lucia Jr. The song has been since rerecorded many times and by numerous artists. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Sara receives a text from Irene (Danneel Ackles) saying that she needs her, so Sara goes over to her apartment. She Finds Irene tied up in bed and Rebecca waiting for her with a gun. Rebecca accuses Sara of betraying her after she went through all the trouble of getting rid of everyone who was a threat to her. Sara attempts to convince Rebecca that she is still her friend. Believing her, Rebecca places a plastic bag over Irene's head in an attempt to kill her, too. Sara jumps at Rebecca, and the gun goes skittering into the next room. When Rebecca goes to retrieve it, Sara locks her out of the bedroom and takes the back off Irene's head. She then tries to get out via the fire escape, but Rebecca shoots open the door and rushes at Sara, causing her to fall out the window, hanging on by the curtain. Suddenly, Stephen shows up, knocks out Rebecca, and starts to pull Sara back into the bedroom. Rebecca stabs Stephen in the back with the box cutter and help Sara back in the window. Sara grabs the gun but discovers it is out of bullets. Angry at Sara for trying to shoot her, Rebecca tries to strangle her, but Sara grabs the box cutter and stabs Revecca in the back while saying to her, "You were never my friend." As Rebecca lays dying, Sara takes back her necklace and lies down next to Stephen on the floor. The following semester, Sara returns to the dorm. Stephen offers to let her move in with him, but Sara doesn't want a roommate just yet. In the final scene, Stephen helps Sara move the extra dorm bed out into the hall. Edit (Coming Soon)


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