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Decisions That Women At Wisteria Lane Needs To Make
Desertman8413 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
"A Spark. To Pierce the Dark" has many interesting events that will both shock the viewers as the women at Wisteria Lane are confronted with decisions that needs to be addressed immediately or everything else is going to fall apart.

It starts with Bree when she realized that she is somehow responsible for Orson's kleptomania that she almost decided to sell her business.But apparently,Andrew talked to her out of it that she finally came into her senses that it certainly won't be the best way to make her husband happy again.It was just good to know that Bree finally learned that Orson is just trying to blame her for his misdeeds in life.

As for Lynette,she makes a decision to please her new boss,Lucy by working through the nights after the new work policy was implemented.Apparently,Lynette's employer have an important account that they are working on.

As for Susan,she unexpectedly gets in touch with her first husband Karl,whose son just enrolled in the school that she is working for.She tries to help his son Van but apparently Karl took it the wrong way.This only led to a sad reunion for both of them and the restoration of a somewhat friendly relationship went for naught.

As for Gabrielle,she is concerned that her sex life isn't within her liking and it is going downhill.Her husband Carlos is working hard and does not have enough time in bed with her.Meanwhile,she gets to have a conversation with Tom,whose wife Lynette is also working a lot harder these days.LOL I find it funny where this development could lead to in the episodes to come.

Finally,Dave has some plans when Mike and Katherine goes to a camping trip and Edie gets to know of it.She also realizes that there will be deadly consequences that could truly be disastrous.Dave intends to kill both Mike and Katherine but what does Edie do about to prevent it.Too bad that I have mixed emotions concerning about this development considering that Nicollete Sheridan is going to leave the show soon.I felt somewhat concerned on how they are going to end the Edie character.

I am looking forward with joy and anticipation in the next episode.
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