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A never-ending stream of awkward moments
deathscythe_4220 November 2009
I will preface this review by saying that I have not read any of the twilight books, but I did watch the first movie before going to see this film, and I am looking at the series purely from a cinematic stand-point.

That being said, I thought this movie was a massive failure. The entire movie was very slow, long, and awkward. As I was watching it, it really felt like I was just watching a very long book unfold on screen, rather than a movie that is BASED on a book. To die-hard fans of the book, this could be considered a good thing, because all the fans really wanted to see was a movie that depicted all of the events of the book and followed it closely. By what I heard from book fans it seemed to have succeeded in that regard, but that is not at all to the film's credit. The film just moved from one scene to the next as if it was counting off a large check-list of scenes that the fans wanted to see, most of which just consisted of very uncomfortable and boring one-on-one dialogues. The film had very little momentum, and was tedious to watch. This was mostly due to the structure and pacing of the film but also due to the characters.

To be fair, some of the characters were likable, but they had very little chemistry. I already didn't quite believe Bella and Edward were in love in the first twilight. In this one I would flat out argue with Stephenie Meyer herself that the two characters were not in love. Their relationship was stiff, there seemed to be no real emotions between them, it merely consisted of silence, staring, and Edward randomly throwing out gooey love phrases like "you are my everything" and "i didn't wanna live in a world where you didn't exist" that just come out sounding hollow. There was a little more chemistry between Bella and Jacob, but even they were a bit awkward together. It seemed like none of the characters could say two words to each other without a ton of awkward pauses. The conversations were incoherent and annoying. There was a little bit of humor in the dialogue that I admit got some chuckles out of me, but even that came out of the awkwardness between all of the characters.

There were, however, a few welcome releases from the snail-like dialogue. Cinematically it had a few semi-redeeming moments. The score was likable, and a couple of scenes were artistically shot, but even so it was nothing that would deserve a best cinematography or best director nomination. The other well-needed break from the awkwardness came in the action scenes. They were very few and far between, and rather incoherent with the rest of the film, but they were enjoyable. The wolves were obviously CG in a lot of shots, but then there were some shots where they actually looked pretty real, and they were presented pretty well. They could have done a bit better job of foreshadowing them but hey at this point in the movie i was willing to accept what I could get. There was also a more intense scene near the end that I won't spoil that I thought was fairly well-done.

All in all, I did enjoy a few scenes in this movie, but as a whole it was slow, incoherent, poorly acted, and a bit uncomfortable. If you're a die-hard fan of the book, there's a chance you'll love it but if you're looking for a truly cinematic experience, this isn't it.

3 stars out of 10
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So BAD I find it funny
crazybilby19 November 2009
I've read all the books. I know what happens. This never ruins a film for me.

I didn't want to see this film because the previous one was lacking in... well... everything. But girlfriend wanted to see it. I went in and was instantly surprised to see the demographic had widened past 12-16 year old girls who instantly swoon at any even remotely hot guy so that was interesting. It's not relevant to how good the film was- it just reaffirmed to me (and should to all of you) that hating a series on principle or having preconceived notions of how bad something will be is unfair on it.

Not in this case. It was still bad. BUT worth the money I payed to see it because though it most definitely not intended to be entertaining in the way I found it. It was full of melodramatic dialogue and bad acting which, if you take ANY Drama classes at school- Which Robert DIDN'T- you'll notice certain things about how people deliver lines. You notice how they're SAYING lines they have memorised with unnatural and stylised emphasis on the key words in the sentences without giving the (cheesy) dialogue depth or realism. Quite simply, it was so terrible I found myself resisting the urge to burst out laughing in a room full of fans who were probably misinterpreting the melodrama as "Good, emotional drama." No. This film is ridiculous.

As it goes further on it gets less tightly stitched together and I had to become reliant on my knowledge of the books to fill in and pick up the slight gaps in dialogue and plot. They would say things that are based on something that didn't happen on screen (probably deleted scene for time) or their dialogue would just be terrible unrealistic lines that are work as standalone ones for a trailer but in conversation it seems like they're jumping slightly just to get to say something that is dramatic without it actually making too much sense.

BUT! It does have SOME redeeming qualities! The melodrama wasn't nonstop hilarity so thankfully something else held my attention. There was actual effort put into this film. The fight scenes actually used REAL special effects (something the first film was a bit cheap on) which actually looked kinda impressive. Any action was short lived unfortunately but what little there was, they did a reasonable job with.

I was impressed at the presence of transition. The previous film jumped and skipped and the next plot point just WAS without having been caused. This film (until near the end, of course) actually had a pace and a coherency to it that allows you to understand it without reading the books. This is a bonus. Certain things you'd think would drag on as the director tries to give you time to let the "emotion" "sink in" thankfully didn't take forever and the entire movie fit almost snuggly into its 2 hour length. Too bad it fell apart more and more it went along.

The film also shares the semi-awkward character interactions that create the same humour as the first one. Not as deliberately funny as the first one (though, as I said, it was pretty hilarious when it wasn't meant to be) though.

Though it was many failings with only a few things to back it up as being a reasonable film it will definitely make all you little teenage girls out there desperate to see Jacob's hell tanked up body very happy. You can HEAR the audience's reaction the first time Jacob takes his shirt off. He's got all you need: Pecs, biceps, ABS OF STEEL and minimal clothing. Too bad he lacks depth and real character. (Girls love obsessively devoted Zombies, they don't think enough to complain) It is NO WAY even NEAR one of the best films of 2009. NO ONE should say this ridiculous claim.

Really tossing up between 3 and 4 stars. Mmm. I guess a movie's highlight shouldn't be how low it sinks. 3.
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Best thing I could say was it's a chick flick (no offence meant ladies!)
roy-583-45325023 November 2009
Well, my lovely lady wife has been waiting for this movie since Twilight, and is a huge fan of the books, I thought I would keep her company. We saw the Twilight when it first came out, and I wasn't really impressed with that, so though, hey ho, go in with low expectations and hopefully I would be surprised.

The only problem was, I don't think I could have expected less and still been as bored as I was.

When in the theatre I was probably the oldest male at 37, apart from some dads that had been brought along by their kids, and several boyfriends, which is fair as I guess the film is aimed at the younger ladies than us old folks.

So, we sat down and I waited for anything to happen, well anything really. There was no chemistry at all between the leading actors, just a dull numbness which left me bored, I really don't know how Kristen Stewart got the role as she's possibly the most boring actress around and added nothing to the film at all, unless I guess she was just asked to play a spoilt brat with no brain.

I thought, maybe there is some suspense? Nope, none of that either. Bella does a very good job of not really showing any emotion either way and where in Twilight you there was at least a couple of times it made you think "something good might happen" there wasn't really a single moment in this film that stood out, although I was at some point expecting to see the teleprompter which some of the actors looked like they might have been using, so wooden was the performance.

It's a shame really that the other film I have seen recently "UP" you feel more attachment to the characters in that, than you do to the actors in this.

Yes, the CGI was good, the Wolves were pretty great. But like in 2012, throw a lot of money at CGI and be amazed, but that's about it. There so many little bits of story that really didn't seem to do anything, it really reminded me of another film directed by this lovely director, Golden Compass anyone?? All in all, pretty much a letdown, and that's with low expectations, if felt like just another suck on the wallet by Hollywood to our pockets.

If you are thinking of this film, and really if you read most of the reviews on this site I can't imagine why, wait until it comes onto DVD. Rent it for £1 and you can get a couple of cheap laughs at the acting, and for the ladies, buff men, apart from that give it a miss.
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The Twilight Saga: Teenage Porn
Smells_Like_Cheese20 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
It's that time again: Twilight! Ever since last year's release of the mega-successful movie Twilight, our lives have not been the same. With a new director on our hands, Chris Weitz, I actually had hopes for New Moon. Last year with all the screaming fans, Twilight has turned many off. It also made vampires into a joke, New Moon had potential to give the series some life. Unfortunately, we got trash. Not only vampires are a joke to this story, but these movies are a joke and an embarrassment to cinema. I'm trying to not be cruel, because I honestly feel so sorry for this cast, since they don't have much material to work with. For God's sake they have lines like "Your breathing is my gift", "You don't belong in my world", and "I couldn't live in a world without you existing". How could you work with soap opera lines like that? Not to mention, more than 80% of the film is 5 buff meaty guys in jean shorts, which I'm above those jokes, but I was expecting as they walked on screen "Gonna Make You Sweat" was going to play in the background. It seems like this was teenage porn for a while because every girl in the theater kept going crazy with Jacob's 6, no, 12 pack abs exposed. It seems like every chance the director got, he had to make the little girls happy by exploiting these young actors.

The characters are another problem: Bella, Edward and Jacob. I've read the books, Bella never intrigued me. But while last film she was just flat, this film I wanted to kill her. She's 18, now granted I know that she'll probably never find another vampire boyfriend who's so creepy in love with her, but good God, does this girl need to get a gigantic grip on life. Edward leaves and even Hamlet would tell her to lighten up a bit. She goes into this coma state where she's just obsessed on why her vampire boyfriend doesn't want her. It's more sickening, a bad influence on young girls and pretty pathetic rather than sympathetic. Edward is introduced in this sequel with him walking in slow motion as if a rock star just came on the screen, more to just please the fans and give him an applause. He spends the whole movie pretty much saying how much he loves Bella, how he can't live without her, basically any pre-teen's wet dream that a guy will be that devoted when it's actually more so creepy. While Edward is Bella's boyfriend that sparkles, we have a sensitive werewolf, Jacob. I feel so sorry for him in this movie, Bella basically tags him along, starting to kiss him, but then pulling away, but then rubbing up against him, but then telling him he can't have her problems in his life, but then saying he's beautiful and she loves him.

It's Bella's birthday, fearing her aging process she's having nightmares that she will grow old as Edward will stay young and beautiful. Alice and the other Cullens throw her a surprise birthday party; while opening a gift, Bella accidentally gets a paper cut. When the blood hit's the floor, Jasper goes into a violent state and tries to attack Bella, Edward stops him and saves Bella. After months of Bella begging Edward to change her, Carlisle explains why Edward does not want to take her mortal soul. Realizing the danger he's put her in, Edward has to break up with Bella. He tells her that he doesn't want her and that he and his family will never see her again. Bella goes into a coma practically, spending months inside her home and not seeing her friends. Realizing she could see Edward through adrenaline rushes, she convinces Jacob to fix a couple of motorcycles. As the months pass, her and Jacob grow closer as she starts to fall for him, but of course being Bella, he has a "monstrous" flaw, he's a werewolf. Bella accepts it as she tries to move on with her life, but Alice Cullen comes back saying she had a vision of Bella dying. After a misunderstanding, Edward thinks she's dead too and Alice tells Bella that Edward is about to sacrifice himself for her.

To sum this review up, this movie was made for the fans, which MOSTLY consists of 12-15 year old girls and desperate housewives. I'm not looking to insult anyone here, but after reading the books and seeing these two movies, I feel like my IQ sunk a few points. They insult my intelligence and I will never understand why this story is appealing to anyone. Stephanie Meyer is a genius in some aspect: almost every girl in high school doesn't feel special or just average. How cool would it be to have someone who has lived centuries, who is gorgeous, smart, strong and kind who just thinks you're the ultimate catch? That's what sold these stories and I hate it because it makes these girls fantasize about a world that will never exist. These stories are old and over used and Twilight has overstayed it's welcome. The special effects were awful and the material was just lousy. To be kind to the film, the action sequences are a major improvement over the last film, much more exciting and intense. I could go on forever with this review, but I'm going to save some more of my rant for my friends. While I was very kind with the rating in the first Twilight, I understood it who it was meant for and took it for what it was. This is trash and could have had so much more potential. This movie was made for the fans, so if you're not one, there's a very good chance you're going to agree with everything I said in this review.

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sunsetshoegazer27 February 2010
The first Twilight film was really terrible, and had some moments of unintentional comedy, but this was actually much worse. I spent the entire time just cringing at the poor lines, the acting, the God-awful treatment of mythology, the misogynistic, patriarchal and abusive undertones throughout the film, and the terrible special effects for such a blockbuster series.

A lot of people will dislike so much scorn directed to a film that's just a fun watch - I understand this argument but there's a difference between fun and forgettable and just being complete trash. There are incredibly entertaining movies that aren't Shakespeare but don't actually manage to offend my intelligence and my gender. This isn't one of them. Additionally, popular culture affects our world view more than we can sometimes imagine. Media should be analysed because it's influential.

And it confuses me how this could be so popular. Edward, Bella and Jacob are some of the most unpleasant and unappealing protagonists I've ever encountered in popular fiction. Bella is shallow and yet pretentious, while Edward is controlling and demeaning. These are not people that you would like if one of them wasn't a vampire and the other was snogging them.

One of the worst films I've ever seen, and it's something devoid of both artistic merit and any sort of meaning, message or thought. It really sucks that young women are enjoying this franchise and seeing Edward and Jacob as the ideal love interests.

EDIT: A lot of people giving this film positive reviews are trying to dismiss criticism by saying it's a 'film for the women/girls/ladies'... have any idea how much that furthers stereotypes? I know more than one guy who loves Twilight, and more than one girl who loves *enter generic action movie which people think only men like*. Come on people move behind this shallow 'Boys like this girls like that' already. Popular culture should be analysed, and it sucks if you think just because it's developed for one gender in mind it gets some sort of free pass for being sexist, badly written, poorly acted drivel. It sucks if you think this sort of tripe should be 'for the girls'. Another card being played is the 'Is Romeo and Juliet bad because its unrealistic?' question. Romeo and Juliet, though, is about the tragedy and immaturity of the two young lovers. The relationship fails and ends in such disaster because of the way they rushed and were consumed by lust. And it's one of Shakespeare's most heavily critiqued plays - a lot of people have criticised it. So if the Bard himself is not above disapproval then why should something like this be exempt?
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Sure didn't see that coming.
syerradaps20 November 2009
well to start off, I've read all four books, and saw the first movie which i loathed.It had horrible acting, and cringe-worthy dialogue. so i was extremely disappointed with that one.I saw the trailer for new moon and became very anxious to see it. i was hoping it would be better since they got a new director......well i was wrong.i got my tickets in advance. pulled up to the theater with my mom-she has read the series to and thought twilight sucked-and we couldn't sit together because there was so many screaming teen girls.we got there half an hour earlier thinking there'd be no one there..... anyways,so the movie starts, i'm feeling pretty good.....sure as hell did not see this piece of crap coming.WORST.ACTING. but not from everyone.just Kristen and Robert.there was no chemistry at all between them as some claim. half the time he wasn't even looking at her!he mumbles his lines and its just BAD. then Kristen cant show emotion to save her life. she does this rapid blinking thing i don't understand.if they were replaced it would make a huge difference. Taylor was pretty good for the most part. he over acted at times and it came off as fake to me. like something you would see in a soap opera. but the rest of the Cullen clan,the wolf pack,and her school mates were excellent. the cgi was good,had really good stunt work. some lines seemed out of place to me. the leading roles need to FEEL the words and not just say them nonchalantly. the ending was bad to. they cut too many scenes from the book that would make a big difference to. so overall I'm disappointed. why this is such a big franchise i have no idea. fans are too obsessed, boggles my mind.i was left dissatisfied, but of course the rabid fan base will approve.
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Worst movie and actors ever win MTV Movie Awards
londonmarcos6 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The MTV Movie Awards just ended and the worst movie that I've ever seen, New Moon, won the main Awards: Best Movie, best actress (Kristen Stewart) and best actor (Robert Pattinson). MTV is destroying young people's brain all over the world but specially in America. I feel very sorry for the new generation.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson performances in both Twilight movies are by far the worst that I've seen in my 3 decades of life.

Ahh, The couple with less chemistry in the whole World also won the Best Kiss award. Good Lord!!

Congratulations on the "awards"! LOL
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I was Blackmailed into Watching this...
jdat_199016 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously. I wouldn't have gone any other way.

At the persistence of a die-hard fan girlfriend, I read the books. While cheesy and obviously not my style, I could see how it would appeal to the Prince Charming fantasy that most high-school girls like. As I got the ending I was gradually wanting more and more bathroom breaks. It's just not my thing. And having it drawn out through not one, not two, but four books just made me... irritable.

Then I watched the movie, with the same girlfriend.

I could sigh here and rub my temples, but let's get this over with. I don't think we need to harp anymore on just how horrible the acting of Kristen Stewart and Bobbie Patinson was. Taylor Lautner deserves some credit too. Obviously picked to be eye-candy, this dude cannot act. He looks sarcastic or angry through the entire film. His attempts at dialogue are pretty sad, and his hatred for vampires somehow makes you think he is a closet sparkly fan. I think he has a crush on Alice.

Speaking of... well, Alice was dainty in the books, but here, they turn her into a pretty little butterfly, flitting and flying, huffing when she doesn't get her way. Jasper was supposed to be intense and controlled, but he comes off more as bored to be here, the same for Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie is a bitch, and even though her acting makes everyone else seem like drawings, she is still irritating and grating and you hate her anyway. The only good thing about this movie is Emmett. He seems to be having so much fun that it just makes us wanna know about him.

The plot makes a sad Kristen Stewart sad, or, in her case, bland. The heartbreak would only make a three-year old cry because he/she has a dirty nappy, and well... even in the book, she seemed like she spent the entire time just... moping. And if anyone did that in real life, if a friend, I would sit her down, and have a serious 'get over him!' talk, and since she doesn't have any friends, all you can do is just pray for Laurent to kill her. Another decent casting choice, in my humble opinion.

So, she is drawn to Italy, where she flies off because Edwards is, yes, gonna kill himself because he realized he sparkles in the sunlight.... no wait, because Alice saw Bella jump into the water, and for some under explained reason she can't see what happens when the wolves are involved. I really didn't get that, in the books or in the movies. Meyer has a lot of these plot holes in her work.

And here we get to the only good side of the movie: The Vulturi. While their build-up is pretty weak, Micheal Sheen, Dakota Fanning, and whoever it is that plays Felix are incredible. Putting fear in the people's hearts, and well, during the Edward-Felix fight, I was chanting 'Felix, Felix, Felix,' In the movie theater, you kinda wished that the series was about them. They have the history, they have the background and something to build with. Hell, even as the bad guys, Meyer could have built them up a bit more.

In the end, nobody dies, and Bella and Edward are back together again even thought nobody understood why they broke up in the first place, Bella goes home to her ever-bland daddy-o played by Billy Burke, who went on to a stunning performance in 'Drive Angry' who, wouldn't you know, grounds his 17-year-old daughter for eternity. The end.

And it couldn't have come sooner.

I would have given this movie 1 star, but due to the excellent casting by the under-developed villains, as well as a couple others, I decided not to drop it down all the way. Overall, not a movie you want to waste your time with, considering the only good thing about it was a few of the side actors. Made for, by, and to honor the fans, and nobody else, which in my opinion, is a blatant lack of respect.
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awful....just plain awful
lexi011320 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I cut them some slack with Twilight, but not with this one. To say the book was butchered is an understatement. I was fully prepared to take a long, depressing ride with Bella into the depths of h**l, but instead took a trip down comedy lane. What was the point of all those ridiculous one-liners? And Ashley (Alice) - she was terrible. She was so much better in Twilight - at least she showed some character, but here it was like watching paint dry when she spoke. And as for the spoiler note, the only scene that gave me any enjoyment was the confrontation between Bella and Paul. It was just as "electric" as I pictured it in the book. Folks listen, don't waste the money. Wait for the DVD, or even better, just wait for Netflix....
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What a disappointment
towards-the-within20 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start with saying that I'm a fan of the original Twilight movie. I'm also a guy, so as to rule out the whole 'crazed over Pattinson' sensation that'd make me go nuts over the first film just because he was in it. I'm also a big Vampire fan...

Twilight despite its many 'original' (for lack of a ruder term) ideas when it comes to Vampires and sunlight amongst other things, had feeling. Had a character development that the books themselves fail to provide with. The lady that directed the first Twilight was what made the movie become bigger than the original book. Deeper, stronger. I can't forget the sight of Bella crying in the hospital bed in thought of Edward living her. I connected with her pain at that very moment. Twilight didn't have many action scenes, in fact it only had one. But it was a means of exploring the character development of a young girl and a very old vampire. And though the reason between their spark was 'God, he's such a hunk', 'Dracula, she smells great !' the film reached out to the audience. Tried to remind audience of feelings of romance, and falling in love and love in itself. All reasons for which I liked the first film. It had feeling.

Back to New Moon. 2 1/2 hours spent in pointless, clichéd dialogs. The actors' faces appeared as if the poor souls were in pain. And I think they were, as they were giving a script written overnight or so it felt at least. Biggest mistake, is how close it kept to the book to the point of ripping out line after line. Basing a film on a book that has less soul than an ancient Egyptian mummy is not a very good idea. The book had interesting ideas, Jacob's ascension to Werewolf (Jacob and the pack being the only thing I enjoyed in that movie). Bella's pain to explore, her need for adrenaline etc etc. But to my eyes it failed, ludicrously. It was even worse than the book.

The Cullens didn't even have any part at anything. They were shallow, empty and standing around like plant pots for the sake of existing.

Bella, Bella. Remember that Twilight moment that made me cringe, seeing her cry? Well it takes a HELL of a lot of directing to have this poor girl weep and slam herself like a widow for the entire movie and the only thought coming to my head, being 'Please, someone SHUT her up'.

Edward, Robert...He didn't want to be in this film and it showed. The teenage-hormone-based craziness of his mindless zombie fans is affecting him and let us not forget the poor guy's 23. He went from having a normal life, to being popular and now he can't even sleep properly probably out of fear a crazed fan might slit her wrists in his name. Praise the star system and the mindless people we bring in our society. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd consider changing him or if he asked to leave.

Charlie was one of the BEST characters in the first movie. He brought in the comic sidekick/relief, along with Jake's father. Both having disappeared completely in this film. As for Victoria, the audience feels her as big a threat to the couple as I feel the moon crashing on earth while I'm sleeping. Typical example of a villain whose only purpose of existence is to get kicked around. Soon.

At the end of the day, New Moon was a terrible disappointment. Save for the inevitable number of 13 year old, fainting and feigning when Robert comes on the screen this movie has nothing to offer to vampire, or non- vampire fans. a waste of time.

Got to give credit to the final cliffhanger though, the 'Marry me' part. Though I knew it was coming, they still brought that one nicely. That'll help them get some of the audience back for the next sequel which, if they keep this director, will probably look like a kung-fu b-movie remake...
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Very disappointing
marina041122 November 2009
I loved the Twilight movie, that's how I started reading the books in the first place. I've read them about ten times each and I still like them. But New Moon's big screen adaptation was a huge let down.

One thing that was improved was that many of the characters actually smiled or laughed naturally when the moment called for it, as opposed to the "I don't crack a smile cause I'm a seriously deadly vampire" routine in Twilight.

I liked the portrayal of Alice, she seemed more like what she should be according to the book, Charlie and I also liked the wolves and the rest of the special effects.

But I couldn't feel the bond between Edward and Bella. I couldn't believe that they loved each other. Hell, I couldn't believe they even liked each other. Even at the end, after their ordeal, after deciding that they would never let each other go, they were frigid. The actors just delivered their lines, they didn't feel them.

The score ranged from awful to non-existent. It seems as though it was not written specifically for New Moon. Carter Burwell's score brings to memory specific scenes in Twilight. This one is an indifferent, generic one, I guess it would fit in whatever movie you threw it in.

However, the most important flaw was that the entire movie seemed very rushed, like it was originally supposed to be much longer but somebody edited it heavily and really, really badly. For example, in an instant we are informed that Edward is going to commit suicide thinking Bella's dead, she drives off with Alice *bang* next thing you know you see a plane in the air, *bang* next thing you know Alice and Bella are already inside the stolen car on their way to Volterra and it carries on like that until the end.

No character development, no bonds between them, no space to breathe, no explanation whatsoever of how things happened or how decisions were made, nothing but a hastily chopped up summary of the book.

Is the actual movie coming out any time soon?
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Do not mess up a winning formula - bring back Catherine Hardwicke & Carter Burwell!!!
justjojo39-119 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I watched Twilight before actually reading all 4 books - several times.To be fair, New Moon was the least of my favorites - I am Team Edward. So far I have seen this movie twice, hoping that by the 2nd time it might do something for me. I was disappointed. From the opening scene, I wanted - expected something to grab me - be it the scene or the soundtrack.. but it fell flat. The film's director or maybe screenwriter tried to reproduce the book faithfully, yes it's closer to the book, but in doing so, the first half just dragged on, and the music score did not help.The pace was so slow, the dialogue just fell flat, Edward's eyebrows were too bushy (they were plucked/trimmed in the 1st movie), the Cullen's contacts looked nothing like the 1st movie. Alexandre Desplat is a great music scorer- but his style does not suit this movie..there were scenes that required music, but there was none. Whoever picked the songs for the soundtrack ought to be shot.

I bought my daughter the CD a month ago, and the songs almost sound the same.Nothing grabs you like in the Twilight Soundtrack. Say when you hear "Super Massive Black Hole" you know it's from the baseball scene, or "Eyes on Fire" when Bella was imagining Edward in her bedroom. Fans still will buy it tho, no matter what.

The pace picks up on the 2nd half when Bella cliff-jumps,and Alice rushes back to see her thinking Bella tried to kill herself. From there the pace quickens, to the point where I thought they were rushed-- from Bella & Alice's trip to Italy to stop Edward from killing himself (or being killed by the Volturi),to meeting them (Volturi)at last, to the Cullens coming back to Forks, looked like the last half was heavily edited - and badly at that. The scene that Alice shows Aro (to prove to him that Bella will turn into a vampire eventually) made me cringe - that of Edward & Bella running in the woods - people actually laughed in the looked really ridiculous and sappy.

Twilight was made on a measly $30M budget, but Catherine Hardwicke made do with what was available successfully, it was a winning formula. Hiring Chris Weitz for New Moon to "take it to the next level" unfortunately, was a disappointment considering they had more $$$ to play with. The CGI was better because they had more money, but that's about it. Weitz hired Desplat whom he worked with previously - but it just didn't work. It looked different, sounded different but for all the wrong reasons. New Moon should have been bigger & better than Twilight, but it's not.

I hope the director does not mess up the 3rd movie - my favorite book--and I hope the people behind the production wake up to their senses and hire Carter Burwell to do the music score. He did a great job with Twilight, anything less would be a crime.

Bitterly disappointed.
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Much worse than Twilight
Luis_Felicio20 November 2009
I saw it last night and what a disappointment !!!

Its a 130min gushy of a troubled Bella who swings between Edward an Jacob, looking for the who she loves more. It's all about Looonnnggg closeups of Bella and Edward kissing, or attempting to do so, an on the other side, there is the Looonnnggg fixation of Jacob for Bella and their Looonnnggg staring and trying to kiss each other.

The hole story should fit in a 90min feature, and not more.

Much worse than Twilight.

Its only for the fans, don't waste your money if your not.

Final word, this film is so boring.


And lets see what they are making for the third part !!!
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So bad it's actually funny!
eline-hoskens11 August 2013
After I watched the first movie, which I thought was okay, I got interested in reading the books. So I headed to the book store and read the blurb on the back and it said something like: "Bella is still torn apart in her choice between Edward and Jacob."

So I thought: Okay, let's skip this one and have a look at the blurb of the next book, Eclipse, which said something like: "Bella's mind is tortured by the still ongoing dilemma between Edward and Jacob."

The Breaking Dawn blurb still mentioned some emotional attachment to Jacob even though she clearly had something going on with Edward, which is clear from the start.

So I decided I didn't want to read the books anymore and I patiently waited for the movie, hoping something else would happen besides love trouble and childish romance dilemma's.

As it turns out, it was only about the love obsession. You don't sympathise at all with the main character. She's somewhat of a selfish bitch, actually. "I miss my boyfriend so I'm doing all this crazy risky stuff to see him! Don't expect me to be home for dinner! I mean it! I'm gonna do it! Look at me! Look at me! Oh, Jacob put his shirt off! I'm doing it! Wiiiiiiii!" The incredible part was that she still had friends after all the sick and childish behaviour.

But it IS a really funny movie to see with friends! Don't bother not talking through it. It's funnier with audio comments. Try Rifftrax.
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What is wrong with people?! So bad, so bad
emmarustadlyvik26 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Alright. I am 15. And a girl. And this doesn't work for me at all. This movie is so horrible that it's sad. I hear my friends talk about Twilight and how wonderful the books and movies are, and I had to check them out. The first film was OK, but not better than it's rated. And then I sat down and saw this one, and..well, I will actually say it's OVERrated. The only good thing about this one is when Taylor Lautner smiles and takes off his shirt. Nothing else, and that is embarrassing. They can't act, especially this..Kirsten. I mean, I had to ask my friend if she was supposed to be so..cold, and without any feelings at all. And yes, she was, because she was so shy and didn't like any attention. But I don't see her acting, really. She shows just as much acting skills and emotions like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man. She doesn't have any passion, it looks like she's bored. And yes, Robert Pattinson is way better than her, but there's still a long way to Tom Hanks. In my opinion, the acting are one of the reasons this doesn't work out. Even though the chemistry between Robert and Kirsten is impressive.

Second of all, the film is rather boring. You (finally) get to the plot when there's left 30 minutes of the movie or so. And before the plot, it's very much "oh, my life sucks, I feel abandon, I'm just gonna sit here, being very deep and feel sorry for myself." And of course, there's a little struggle in her head. "Which one of them should I choose?". Cliché. Cliché big time. You have seen this before, with better actors and without vampires.

And yes, the plot. Saving Edward from certain death. And they fight a little, smashing each other to the walls. I usually cheer when people fight in movies, but I get bored of the fighting as well. I don't get that "Oh, this is exiting, I wanna know who's winning even though I already know it"-feeling.

So. Touching story, if you like that kind of story, great music, somewhat OK special effects. But I really don't understand why people say this is good? What is wrong with those little teenage girls? This movie is pathetic. It's boring. So please, stay away from it. Rent (500) Days of Summer on DVD if you have to watch a romantic movie.
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Didn't know something so awful could be possible
musings-morsels13 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so I knew this movie was going to be bad you knew it was going to be bad but I honestly didn't think any film could consist of no positive notes whatsoever. Some films don't have a great plot or require some character development but have great CGI to show for. 'New Moon' lacked substance, quality, artistry, the plot layout; soundtrack and actors were terrible and didn't deliver any flare whatsoever to an already long winding and dull basic story telling ploy.

The movie began with Bella waking up next to a giant 'Romeo & Juliet' novel on her pillow immediately got me thinking this director is 'highly' skilled in the art of subtlety. The fact that they're even trying to draw any parallels to a classic love story is, in my opinion slightly offensive as there was no development of love between the Twilight characters other than the superficial physical attraction. The whole 2hour 'New Moon' intensely follows Bella (Stewart) as she morosely goes about her day since Edward Cullen (Pattinson) left her. Which goes to show Bella is a whining, dependant, selfish and frankly stupid character as she disregards her family's and friends' feelings to become an adrenaline seeking suicidal tool to induce her hallucinations of Cullen. This is not someone who can be classified as a heroin in today's empowering and independent society and if the youth can't relate to this character, what is the point of dedicating an entire film on an uninteresting, miserable and superficial teenage girl!?! If I wanted to observe an emotionally insane teenage girl, I would've tailed my cousin's ass for two hours.

The cheesy dialogue and absolutely appalling acting gave me a skin-crawling-eye-rolling-dry-heaving uncomfortable experience. Pattinson's inappropriately painful expression for the whole 20minutes he was featured in the movie was confusing to watch, he had the same constipated stricken look for every situation. Lautner did nothing but act cool and expressionless for the first half of the movie, then prance around shirtless (with the same expression) for the rest and Stewart's performance was atrocious! Batting eyelashes and stuttering in a monotone bored voice does not denote fear! (Yes, I'm talking about the scene when she announce "please don't" after a hungry red-eyed vampire just called her 'mouth watering') I don't know whether it's their acting or the director's request but someone should tell those kids to learn new expressions for different scenes! Let's not kid ourselves here ladies; we all went to see this horrid movie for the abs, it was all about the abs! The wolves pack were only in jean shorts for the entire duration of the movie and Pattinson even flashed his nipples and airbrushed six pack for the last half hour. It was hilarious to see women swoon over baby-faced Jacob's (Lautner) ripped muscles like he was on the cover of a Mills & Boons novel when he unnecessarily took off his shirt and flexed his muscles because Bella bumped her head. I actually recommend this film for its superficiality if abs is the only thing you're after in a film. Otherwise strictly Twilight crazed fans only.

I'll end by mentioning my favourite scene. You know how comedies have characters run through a serene and peaceful setting in slow motion to poke fun at certain situations as seen in Shrek and 40 Yr old Virgin? Well, New Moon manged to incorporate this classically amusing scene into a serious segment of the film. This left me in stitches and made me wonder if Stephanie Meyer really wrote these cheesy scenes or the director has once again made matters much worse by turning a adolescent fantasy into a childish comedy.
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So... What the heck is this ?
krityx6 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I wonder... have I seen the actual movie or some "behind the scenes" footage ? Everything seems like a joke, like they didn't even try and they failed every time. The story ? What story ? Is there a story ? things just happen and happen, transitions are as abrupt as they can possibly be. The only constant is Bella and her terrible terrible acting and whining and screaming throughout the movie and edward who thankfully isn't on the screen as much. Pattinson seems like he's some drug addict who was just waken up early after a heavy night to do some scenes. The same for Kirsten who can't act for crap.

The movie begins with some slow-mo pictorial of Pattinson, things are going fairly well between the characters and then out of nowhere he has to go. Then there is this subplot or something that takes up like half or more of the movie, about bella's depression, that jacob kid and that redheaded vampire that wants to kill Bella. Then magically she disappears and some other things start to happen. There is no continuity whatsoever. Most of what I think is the main plot happens briefly over the last 10 minutes of the film. It's like they said, OK let's take a 2 hr pictorial of bella,jacob and edward and then just throw in some kind of a plot in the last 10 minutes. I really can't describe how bad this "movie" is. But I can't blame them for making it though, teenage girls would pay to see it even if the movie would show edward and jacob sleeping for the entire runtime.
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I love you, but I love him.
chaotic_kitty925 January 2010
Good Lord, after watching Twilight, and reading the books, I expected nothing from this movie. That is exactly what I got. Nothing. I went with a friend and my dad? Weird combination. My dad was excited cause he loved the first part of the movie and me and my friend went there just so we can laugh. What can you say when my dad, who WAS a fan, just said "Ok, this is just plain stupid." My friend tried to give it a chance, but after Edward left Bella and Bella falling on the ground like an airhead, she gave up. I gave up when I saw Kristen Stewart, the worst actress yet.

The suspense, well there is none. The whole movie you just watch this one girl sitting on a chair in depression because she was dumb enough to fall for the same old trick played by two different guys. Bella as a character is the lamest female character. Ever.

I have to say, I am not on ANY team, but Jacob was pretty awesome, even though Taylor is my age and he looks like an Indian boy with a three pack. He was just all into himself for wasting his summer in the gym, which frankly, didn't impress me at all. I have to say that the wolves were done pretty good, and there is ONE good scene in the whole movie - when the wolf pack is chasing Victoria in the forest. Only good scene.

I have to say, I was disappointed by Dakota. She is a splendid young actress, but her role in New Moon was poor. Just poor.

The whole romantic-pathetic story about two guys saying everything to a spoiled young brat, what every young teenage girl wants to hear from a guy... Well it was just boring. "I love you, but I love Edward." And all the Deja Vu moments of "I'm leaving you Bella," good Lord I wanted to slice my own hand and eat it.
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Why, oh why...
tarnishedblood22 November 2009
I had low expectations. After Twilight, this is now an obligation. I don't care much for the books, even though I've read them. (Because these days, you can't possibly have a rational opinion on this saga unless you've read the books. Otherwise, you're just a plain ol' hater who will be disregarded. Yeah, sounds about logical.) Anyway! I so badly wanted to see Dakota shine, even though I reprimanded her decision to get involved with this saga. Her eyes freaked me out - not because they were red, but because they didn't focus on anything. She just seemed to be staring vacantly ahead. (Though I've noticed this with the majority of the cast...I fear it may be contagious.) Which brings me to the Cullens. Call me closed-minded if you wish, but what kind of people wouldn't notice a person with yellow eyes in school? I definitely didn't see those yellow contacts in the first movie. If anything, they were less vibrant and could pass as an exotic shade of brown.

That said, I'm only glad I didn't pay for it. Avoid it. Or at least wait until you can use the "fast forward" button to spare yourself the agony.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Buffy collection waiting to be re-watched so that I may cleanse my head of this filth they call a modern Romeo & Juliet. I'm pretty sure Shakespeare would want no association with this whatsoever.
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Wait--what? People are upset??
leaderoftheelves21 November 2009
Ahh, what a fickle bunch Twilight fans are. I remember the release of the first film last year, and the incredible backlash from fans of the series--can't even remember the number of comments saying "Stick to the book!" Incredible liberties were taken with the plot (or did we all forget the butchering of the much-beloved meadow scene in the first movie?), and too much of Hardwicke's own film-making style was imposed upon a story that was not hers to fiddle with.

Then New Moon comes out. Obviously, the screenwriter and director went to great lengths to painstakingly recreate the second book in film form, undoubtedly due to the response to Twilight. I am hard-pressed to think of any really pivotal plot points that were excluded from this film (and, no, the flights to and from Italy don't qualify as "pivotal"). But suddenly fans come out in droves to complain on the Internet that the dialogue is cheesy? Hello, have you READ the books? Any actor is going to choke on the ridiculous dialogue that Stephenie Meyer came up with (I doubt even Robert De Niro could sell that tripe). Her dialogue only sounds remotely reasonable on the page. At least this movie didn't include such horrendous lines as "I hated you for making me want you so much"). And people saying it's slow? Again, take a look at the book--the vast majority of the story is devoted to Bella moping over the imaginary hole in her chest. It wasn't exactly an action-packed thrill ride.

I for one thought this movie was a vast improvement over the first, primarily because it stayed so true to the book. And Weitz, unlike Hardwicke, wasn't itching to impose his own style on the story by using crazy camera angles and other weird stylistic elements that were nowhere suggested in the pages of Twilight. New Moon was fittingly glossy and stylistically neutral, appealing to a wider range of tastes. It was filmed beautifully and, to my great relief, had a much wider color palette than the first film.

As for the acting--let's face it, Kristen's never going to be an impressive performer until she realizes that scoffing doesn't qualify as "emoting." And Rob just seems flat-out wrong for this role, but I think he did tap into Edward's inner turmoil better than in Twilight. I thought the performances were, overall, a huge improvement over the first film, especially from Taylor, who fits the sunshiney role of Jacob to a T. The Cullens were, yes, sadly underutilized, but making the movie longer just to give them more screen time isn't going to appease complaints about it being boring and slow as it is.

Hopefully this film will get the credit it deserves after the initial tsunami of unreasonable outrage. It's obvious that the filmmakers are trying incredibly hard to please the fans of the book by staying closer to the text. Here's hoping they don't throw up their hands in frustration upon discovering that loyalty to the book is apparently not good enough either.
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Awfulness Unparalleled
lemon_sunrise24 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Watching New Moon, the latest in the Twilight Saga, was for me, an experience identical to reading the book:


Mistake #1 was the script. It was juvenile and contrived to the extent that I wondered if some misguided fool had allowed Stephenie Queen-of-the-Paedophiles Meyer to write it herself. Given the drastic amount of quotes from the book, they may as well have.

New Moon is significantly more introspective than its fellows: Bella mopes for most of the story, sans Edward. Introspection can work well on the page. However, it's much harder to transfer onto film. Montages of Bella screaming in her sleep would have been more at home in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and when her depression is drawn out for over two hours, it begins to feel gratuitous.

As for the acting, they try, they really do, but they fall short. Kristen Stewart is monotonous. She plays Bella in shades of grey, sounding exactly the same when she tells Edward she loves him as when she apologises to Charlie for her three day disappearance. Robert Pattinson equals her dullness, looking apathetic after Bella is attacked by Jasper – not a shred of care or conflict in his expression. Taylor Lautner might have been good is he didn't find it necessary to pause between every other word, adding unnecessary screen time.

Props, however, must be given to Dakota Fanning and Anna Kendrickson. Kendrickson's comedic timing was superb. In fact, I enjoyed all the scenes with Bella's human 'friends' – they provided much-needed comedic relief. And Dakota Fanning, with her first line, proved that at only fifteen-years-of-age she has more talent than the rest of the cast combined. If only she'd gotten more screen time.

The creators of New Moon seemed aware of the overall dreadfulness of the film, and attempted to make up for it with shirtless close-ups. Too bad it didn't work. One look at Jailbait Lautner's naked chest was enough, after that it felt like a cheap tease. Add to this Edward's entrance, which was so drawn out it was laughable.

Special congratulations to whoever chose the locations. If it hadn't been for the beautiful scenery, the film would have been even more unbearable than it already was. Also, whoever organised the soundtrack did a brilliant job – Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie on one album is enough for me to buy it (although, I'll lie to the cashier and tell them that it's for my little sister).

Overall, New Moon was about as captivating as watching a slug crawl across the lawn, and just as slow. The precious few action scenes were sporadic and too short-lived to be interesting. Every boyfriend who let his girlfriend drag him there left with a pair of blue-balls thanks to the constant (and frustrating) sexual teasing between Bella and every other male character (which was achieved without a shred of genuine chemistry). And I wasn't the only audience member to exclaim "Finally!" with relief once the credits rolled.

Thankfully, the majority of cinema-goers aren't as dim as film executives seem to believe, and most people snickered at the ridiculousness of it all – particularly the final line. I might have felt bad that I was talking during the film if it hadn't been for the fact that everybody else was, too.

As my friend Caroline so concisely put it, "One and a half stars would be too generous." Don't see it, or, if you do, do what I did, and go on Cheap Tuesday.
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It's not just people hating on it...
FoxWolf875 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When this movie came out, I thought all the nasty comments were just people hating on it without seeing it because it's a popular flick for young, teenage girls, and they wanted to look cool by trashing it before it came out.

And then I actually watched the movie, and... SWEET Jesus... It is actually one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's not just people hating on it. It is actually a really bad movie. I mean I feel like I've been mooned watching "New Moon".

But, just to even things out, I'm a guy. So I'm not exactly unbiased when it comes to this movie. (I saw the movie because I work at a Drive-In theater, and it was a really slow night.)

That said, I've seen love stories and fantasy love stories that I've actually liked, or I can respect for being well made, even if they're not my thing. And that's what I was expecting with this. I was expecting it just to not be my thing, but it made me frigging ANGRY to try to sit through this. I say "try" because I couldn't sit through the whole thing!

Everyone else has commented on the movie, but I'll add my two-sense anyway.

ACTING - Mostly awful. The woman playing Bella is actually OK, but she's given horrible dialog, a horrible motivation, and a horrible story so it's impossible to get into her character.

STORY - It's stupid. That's the only way to describe it. It's like watching a two hour emo-trip.

Here's the story ***SPOILERS***

Edward breaks up with Bella. She goes through a long... long... long... LONG over-dramatic period of mourning where she meets another guy and basically acts completely emo and sees Edward everywhere. Not just for a few days or a few weeks, but MONTHS. Which the film MAKES A POINT TO SHOW US BECAUSE THEY PUT UP TITLES SHOWING US THE PASSING MONTHS AS SHE STARES OUT A WINDOW!!!!

And then she starts hurting herself and putting herself in dangerous situations because... life is meaningless. And you know, she's emo. Because her boyfriend broke up with her. And even though she's got other guys expressing an interest left and right... she just keeps crying over this one guy, who is kind of a dick. That's not romantic. That's a sign you need psychological help. And it is a terrible message for young women. "If your boyfriend breaks up with you... act like it's the end of the world... because it is. Don't try to move on. Dwell on it. And get into motorcycle accidents."



Well... I will say the cinematography is nice. Some of the editing is nice. The girl playing Bella can act, but she's given bad material. And some of the scenery is kind of nice.

But in all... the movie is really crappy. I didn't see the first one, and I don't intend to. Hell, I didn't intend to watch this one. I only tried to because it was a slow night at the drive-in movie theater where I work. But if you want to watch a good fantasy love story, there's better stuff out there. There's more well-made stuff out there.

And fans of "Twilight," I'm not hating on you. If you like it, hey, everyone's got their own preferences. Watch what you want to. But I didn't care for the movie, and I, personally, didn't find enough good to give it a higher rating.

1/10 - Only watch it if you're a fan of "Twilight" or you're really into this kind of thing. To anyone else... I wouldn't even bother with it.
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adengenira2 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is one of the worst movies out there, even a low budget B-movie is better, much better than this one. Or is it really a low budget movie ? Cause most of the scenes are in the forest, anyway..

I couldn't even laugh at its stupidity. It made me sad and disgusted. They should pay us to see it, not we.

It has very bad acting. Some scenes don't have logics. Has cheesy romance. The special effects a 10 year old can make them better and the list goes on..

Here is the summary: Bella talks, talks, talks and does nothing, then Edward talks, talks, talks and then they go in the forest and they talk some more. Then he leaves and she starts crying. Jacob shows off his pecs and the girls start screaming, then he transforms into a giant wolf and goes all horny for Bella. Edward meanwhile thinks Bella is dead for some reason, whatever and wants to die, but Bella of course arrives just in time and saves him. They kiss and he asks to marry him. Suddenly the end.

Stay away from it! it will hurt, believe me.
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This Movie Was Even Worse Than The Original
maykennon-6463917 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I seriously didn't think that it couldn't get any worse. I should never assume what I think would happen.

The characters are still flat and dull. Watching these 'actors' perform these horrible roles makes watching paint dry look amazing. No one gets enough screen time to develop their characters. Which doesn't help this movie. The romance is even worse in this movie. Bella and Edward have no time together building their relationship since all they say to each other is 'i love you' or 'turn me into a vampire'. Bella and Jacob have little bit of chemistry but no enough to start a relationship and plus she doesn't date him but Edward. The love triangle is hardly mentioned and is only shown till the last five minutes of this movie which is what all this fuss has been about. The story is boring, period. All Bella does is mope for most of the movie how Edward isn't with her or trying to figure out what's happening to Jacob. Because of the pacing it's dragged out long. Nothing exciting happens until the third act at break neck speed (just like the last movie). Plus I had tons of questions to ask. How does Alice powers work? Why couldn't she see earlier that Bella would become a vampire so we wouldn't have a pointless action scene? Why do the guys fall for Bella? There's no appeal into her. She has about as much personality as a dead tree stump. They never explain why they love each other.

I know some people say 'Well in the book...' I don't need a book. I shouldn't have to USE a book.I don't need a book on my lap when the movie can't give me the information I need. Harry Potter didn't need me to ask questions because I knew about it. I didn't start reading the books till the second movie and I was caught up with movies enough so that I didn't need questions.

Sorry Twilight fans but this is just terrible.
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Patenson...what have you done?
adseccafico30 December 2009
Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Edgar Allen Poe, Lon Chaney (Sr. and Jr.), and Bram Stoker are all rolling in their graves at the massive s*** pile that Hollywood has produced. And it's not just New Moon, it's the original, Twilight, as well. Now, I maybe beating a dead horse. But as both a filmmaker and a film fan, I feel obligated to to voice my opinion on this (for lack of a better term) cluster f*** known as the Twilight franchise.

Let me start with the acting, or lack of. It would appear to me that this movie (didn't read the book, so I have no gripe with it) was based around sex appeal. Its as if the producers picked the best looking kids auditioning, with very little care for ACTING SKILL. (which, if your acting is very important). Robert Patenson improved very little from the first movie, still giving a very vein and self-indulging performance. Kristen Stewart also showed little signs of improvement, keeping the same expression almost through the picture. As for "Mr. 6-Pack" Taylor Lautner, again, casted on sex appeal. But was the only one to show slight improvement.

Moving on to direction/scripting. Now, I wasn't expecting a Cecil B. DeMile epic. But please, try to make something decent. An actor is only as good as the script that's written and the direction they're given. So, I can't blame it all on poor acting. So for all of those involved in both films behind the scenes, please try to make something better the 3rd time around. Follow your basic techniques and don't try to be too fancy with the camera.

In conclusion, this film grossed over $700,000,000 world wide. And it was perhaps the most idiotic, the most dull, and the biggest crap fest I have ever witnessed. This movie made its money through sex and the hormonal instincts of teenage girls and middle-aged house wives. This series gives horror films a bad name. But the question remains, how far will they go? Will that tarnish The Frankenstein Monster's legacy next? Will they continue to make money? Is it just a fad? Frankly, I don't car about any of these questions. I'm avoiding this series. Thank you for reading.
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