The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) Poster

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black



  • Quil Ateara : So this is your girlfriend, huh?

    Jacob Black : [looks around awkwardly]  I said she was a girl who was a friend

    Quil Ateara : [looks at Embry]  Do you remember him making that distinction?

    Embry Call : No I don't.

  • Bella Swan : Jake, I love you. So please, don't make me choose. Cause it'll be him. It's always been him.

    Jacob Black : [whispers]  Bella?

    Edward Cullen : [walks over to Bella]  G'bye Jacob.

    Jacob Black : [Grabs Bella's arm]  No you don't speak for her!

    Edward Cullen : [shoves Jacob and he phases into wolf midair. Lands and growls madly at Edward] 

    Edward Cullen : Bella get out of here

    Jacob Black : [rushes towards Edward, teeth showing] 

    Bella Swan : STOP! Stop. You can't hurt each other without hurting me.

    Jacob Black : [stops growling abruptly, rushes off into woods] 

    Bella Swan : [softly towards him]  Jake!

  • Jacob Black : 108 degrees over here.

    Bella Swan : My hands are freezing. Must be nice never getting cold.

    Jacob Black : It's a wolf thing.

    Bella Swan : No, it's a Jacob thing, you could be like your own sun.

  • Bella Swan : [feeling the blood on her forehead]  I'm sorry...

    Jacob Black : Bella, you're apologizing for bleeding?

  • Bella Swan : I thought you couldn't protect me here.

    Jacob Black : Guess I don't care.

    Alice Cullen : [incredulous]  Well, *I'm* not gonna hurt her.

    Jacob Black : No, you're just a harmless Cullen. I'm talking about the other bloodsucker who tried to kill Bella because of you.

    Alice Cullen : [turning to Bella]  Victoria?

    Bella Swan : Yeah, Victoria's been around.

    Alice Cullen : I didn't see her. I didn't see you get pulled out of the water, either.

    [Alice turns and looks distastefully at Jacob] 

    Alice Cullen : I can't see past you and your pack of mutts.

    Jacob Black : [moves toward Alice]  Don't get me upset.

    Bella Swan : [runs between Jacob and Alice]  Hey, stop. Stop, stop, stop.

    Jacob Black : ...or things are gonna get very ugly.

  • Jacob Black : I know what he did to you but Bella, I want you to know I will never hurt you.

  • Jacob Black : [to Edward]  You stay the hell out of my head!

    Edward Cullen : Jacob, I know you have something to say to me. but I'd like to say something to you if that's alright. Thank you. Thank you for... keeping Bella alive when I didn't.

    Jacob Black : No, you didn't. And it wasn't for your benefit trust me.

    Edward Cullen : I'm still grateful. But I'm here now. I'm not leaving her side until she orders me away.

    Jacob Black : We'll see. Hey, my turn to talk. I'm here to remind you of a key point in the treaty.

    Edward Cullen : I haven't forgotten.

    Bella Swan : What key point?

    Jacob Black : If any of them bites a human, the truce is over.

    Bella Swan : But if I choose it it has nothing to do with you.

    Jacob Black : No I won't let you. you're not going to be one of them Bella!

    Bella Swan : It's not up to you.

    Jacob Black : You know what we'll do to you, I won't have a choice.

    Jacob Black : Bella come please.

    Bella Swan : No, is he going to hurt me? Read his mind.

    Edward Cullen : [assures her] 

  • Jacob Black : Bella, you're crossing a line.

    Bella Swan : Then don't draw one.

  • Jacob Black : Tell me something... You like me, right?

    [Bella Nods] 

    Jacob Black : And you think I'm sorta beautiful?

    Bella Swan : Jake, please don't do this.

    Jacob Black : Why?

    Bella Swan : Because you're about to ruin everything. And I need you.

    Jacob Black : Well, I've got loads of time. I'm not going to give up.

    Bella Swan : I don't want you to. But that's just because I don't want you to go anywhere. It's really selfish. You know, I'm not like a car that you can fix up. I'm never going to run right.

    Jacob Black : It's because of him, isn't it? Look, I know what he did to you. But Bella, I would never, ever do that. I won't ever hurt you. I promise. I won't let you down. You can count on me.

    Mike : Well, I need to go home. I was feeling sick before the movie, okay?... What? What's your problem?

    Jacob Black : You're my problem. Feeling sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. Do you want me to put you in the hospital?

    Bella Swan : Jake, the movie's over. What are you doing? Jake... You're really hot... You feel like you have a fever. Are you okay?

    Jacob Black : I don't know what's happening. I gotta go.

    Mike : That dude is weird.

  • Bella Swan : Jacob! You cut your hair off? And got a tattoo? I throught you were to sick to come outside or pick up the phone when I call.

    Jacob Black : Go Away!

    Bella Swan : What

    Jacob Black : Go Away!

    Bella Swan : What happened to you? Did Sam do this to you?

    Jacob Black : No Sam's trying to help me! Don't blame him! But if you want to blame someone blame your little bloodsucking friends of yours, The Cullens

  • Bella Swan : [after she flips over her motorcycle]  I'm gonna go again.

    Jacob Black : No. Forget it. No more bike.

  • Bella Swan : I've brought you something. It's a little crazy.

    Jacob Black : Wowwwwww. Scrap metal.

  • Bella Swan : Woah, you're buff. What are you, like 16?

    Jacob Black : Age is just a number baby. What are you now, 40?

  • Jacob Black : Quil keeps asking to come over. I think he likes you a little too much.

    Bella Swan : Oh... Well... I'm not really into the whole cougar thing.

    Jacob Black : What's up with you and age? I mean, how old was the Cullen guy anyway?

  • Jacob Black : They think they run the place. Embry use to call them "Hall monitors on steroids" Now look at him.

    Bella Swan : That's Embry?

    Jacob Black : Yeah.

    Bella Swan : What happened to him?

    Jacob Black : He started missing school, then all of a sudden he started following Sam around like a little puppy. Same thing happened with Paul and Jared. And Sam keeps giving me this look like he's waiting for me or something. It's kinda staring to freak me out.

    Bella Swan : Well, you should just avoid him.

    Jacob Black : I try.

  • Jacob Black : So, "Face Punch", huh? You like action movies?

    Mike : No, not really.

    Jacob Black : I heard it sucks. Bad.

    Mike : Hey... Are you even old enough to see this movie? I mean, without adult supervision?

    Jacob Black : Right... Yeah. Well, she's buying my ticket for me.

    Mike : Right... Okay.

    Bella Swan : Well, Jessica bailed and Angela's got the stomach flu so Eric's taking care of her... It's just us three.

    Jacob Black : Great...

    Mike : Great...

  • Bella Swan : So, you're a werewolf?

    Jacob Black : Yeah, last time I checked.

  • Alice Cullen : Bella, what is that God awful wet dog smell?

    Bella Swan : Um... That's probably me. I've... It's Jacob.

    Alice Cullen : Jacob who?

    Bella Swan : Jacob's kind of a werewolf.

    Alice Cullen : Ugh! Bella! Werewolves are not good company to keep!

    Jacob Black : Speak for yourself...

  • Jacob Black : Please stay here. For Charlie. For me.

    Bella Swan : I have to go.

    Jacob Black : I'm begging you. Please.

    Bella Swan : Goodbye, Jacob.

  • Jacob Black : Age is just a number, baby.

  • Jacob Black : What a marshmallow!

  • Bella Swan : IF we're going to do this every day, and hopefully we are. We've got to fit some homework in I don't want Billy thinking i'm a bad influence.

    Jacob Black : You influence me? Please.

    Bella Swan : Umm I'm older then you making you the influencee and me the influencer.

    Jacob Black : But my size and knowledge base makes me older then you, due to your general paleness and lack of know how.

    Bella Swan : I convinced you to build two wheeled death machines don't you think that makes you kind of young and naive?

    Jacob Black : Ok so where do we stand?

    Bella Swan : I'm 35. You might be like 32.

    Jacob Black : Oh come on.

  • Jacob Black : Oh man, your head.

    Bella Swan : Oh my God I'm sorry!

    Jacob Black : You're apologizing for bleeding?

    Bella Swan : Yeah, I guess I am.

    Jacob Black : Well it's just blood Bella, no big deal

    [Jacob takes off his shirt] 

    Jacob Black : What're you staring at?

    Bella Swan : ...You're sort of beautiful.

    Jacob Black : [smiles]  How hard did you hit your head?

  • Charlie Swan : I'm gonna try the Cullens place again.

    Billy Black : Cullens left town Charlie.

    Harry Clearwater : Good riddance.

    Charlie Swan : Where'd they go?

    Billy Black : We're gonna find her Charlie.

    Jacob Black : Charlie!

    Sam Uley : She's alright.

    Charlie Swan : I got her, thank you Sam

  • Jacob Black : Have you ever has a secret? One that wasn't yours to tell? well that's what it's like for me, only worse, you have no idea how tight I'm bound.

    Bella Swan : I hate this. I hate what they've done to you.

    Jacob Black : I mean the killer part is you already know. Bella do remember when we walked the beach at La Push, the story?

    Bella Swan : The story, about the cold ones?

    Jacob Black : Guess I understand why that's the only part you remember.

  • Jacob Black : I was just buying a part for the Rabbit. You should really come take a ride when it's done.

    Bella Swan : Is it fast?

    Jacob Black : It's... decent

  • Jacob Black : Yes. I promised I was never going to hurt you, and this is me keeping that promise. Go home, and don't come back, or else you're going to get hurt.

  • Jacob Black : [after reviving her from the Cliff Dive]  What the hell were you thinking?

    Bella Swan : I just thought I saw something.

  • Bella Swan : [Noticing Jacob's physique up close]  You're sort of beautiful.

    Jacob Black : How hard did you hit your head?

  • Jacob Black : [right before almost kissing Bella]  Que Quowle

    [stay with me forever] 

  • Jacob Black : Have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone?

  • Jacob Black : He left you Bella! He didn't want you anymore.

    Bella Swan : I have to go.

  • Jacob Black : I gotta go. I've got a vampire to kill.

  • Bella Swan : You've killed people Jake.

    Jacob Black : We only kill what we are trying to protect you from, vampires.

  • Jacob Black : Bella, they're not really fighting! They're cliff diving. Scary as hell, but a total rush.

    Bella Swan : Rush?

  • Jacob Black : Do not get me upset. Things are gonna get very ugly!

  • Bella Swan : I want to go again.

    Jacob Black : Are you trying to get yourself killed?

    Bella Swan : I want to go again.

    Jacob Black : No. Forget it. No more bikes.

  • Jacob Black : Age is just a number babe. What are you now, 40?

  • Jacob Black : [Picks up phone]  Swan residence... He's not here right now... He's arranging a funeral.

    [Phone hangs up] 

  • Bella Swan : [after Jacob gets off of the phone with Edward]  Who was that?

    Jacob Black : He's always in the way.

  • Bella Swan : If we're going to keep doing this, and I hope we are... we've got to fit some homework in there. I don't want Billy thinking I'm a bad influence.

    Jacob Black : You influence me? Please.

    Bella Swan : Are you... I'm older than you so that makes me the influencer and you the influencee.

    Jacob Black : Hah! No. No. No. My size and knowledge actually makes me older than you because of your general paleness and lack of know-how.

    Bella Swan : I convinced you to build two wheel death machines with me. Don't you think that makes you kinda young and naive.

    Jacob Black : Okay. So where do we stand?

    Bella Swan : I'm 35 and you might be like 32.

    Jacob Black : What? Come on.

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