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Utter Disappointment
im_maz10 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I read quite a lot of good reviews so I was pretty excited when I when to watch the film. Unfortunately it was one of the worse films I've ever seen. If you know even a few things about Greek mythology then do NOT watch it. I didn't expect them to follow it completely but since they are using the names of heroes and gods they could at least use their background.

First of all, Theseus was not a "bastard" as they call him. His father was the king of Athens (Aegean) and he certainly was not a peasant since he became the king of Athens himself.

Second there were 12 gods not 6 and I've never heard of Zeus killing any other god or about the law of not interfering with humans. Gods loved to "play around" with people.

Third: as soon as I saw the so called Titans I felt like leaving the theater. The last time I checked, they were not blue people who jump around like monkeys and have no intelligence.

Fourth: I am not a racist. I have friends from all around the world but using an Indian actress as Phaedra and black people for warriors feels out of space. I repeat I am not a racist but in a film "based" on Greek mythology they could at least use actors that resemble the people of the country and since the priests were talking in "Greek", they could at least make it sound like Greek. It took me some time to realize they were not talking in an alien language and when I did, I still read the subtitles to understand what they were saying, even though it is my first language.

I do not want to over analyze the mistakes concerning the mythology but I have to day that Phaedra was not a priest but a princess and Theseus definitely did not bury his mother in the labyrinth of minotaur which is in Crete, minotaur was not a man with an iron mask on his head and Theseus did not follow his own bloody traces to leave the labyrinth.

I could write pages about mythology but I will stop here. Other than that, I did not really enjoy the fights much. I must say that some of them were amazing but most of them concentrated on showing too much blood. If you enjoy watching people chopping off body parts and literally smashing people into nothingness in slow motion then this is a film for you.

Also, there was not depth in the characters. They are all shallow and you can easily guess what their choices they will make or how they will react to certain situations. The same goes with the plot. The ending is pretty much known from the beginning there is no mystery at all. We learn everything in the first 20 minutes and then just watch several fights until the end.

All in all, the makers just used some "famous" names from the Greek mythology and created a lot of violent fights in an attempt to gain the attention of the viewers.
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Immortals is like you're dating the hottest person on the planet, but it turns out they're dumb as a box of rocks
Smells_Like_Cheese11 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you're going to mess up Greek mythology, I guess you might as well make it pretty. Immortals is a semi-related-sequel to the incredible film 300, which not only looked beautiful but had this incredible story of triumph and strength, overcoming powerful numbers with a sense of knowing who you are and the pride you have. Immortals was created by director Tarsem Singh who also directed The Cell, which was an alright story followed up by some great visuals, the same thing happens here. I think Tarsem is just known for making a beautiful movie with a weak story, he's more of a visualist rather than a story teller. I still couldn't wait to see Immortals and sadly was very disappointed, unfortunately this was just a weak story with some bizarre miscasts.

King Hyperion has declared war on humanity. He searches for the Epirus Bow, a legendary weapon created by the war god Ares, which will allow him to free the rest of the Titans from Tartarus and take revenge on the Olympians who brought about their downfall. In accordance with ancient laws, the gods are unable to take a side in the war between Hyperion and humanity. It is left to Theseus, who was chosen by Zeus and accompanied by the priestess Phaedra and a thief named Stavros, to protect his homeland and save the gods.

To begin with the positives, like I said the visuals really are incredible. Now the CGI is over the top, but sometimes I don't mind, we need the pretty occasionally. Plus like I said if you are going to mess up mythology at least we could make it beautiful to look at. When I go to a museum and look at the Greek statues, I am in awe and that's what I felt with some of the visuals in the film. The fight scenes were so well choreographed, a little ripped off from 300, but that's alright. They took the 3D to their advantage with the blood splatter and the stabbings and honestly, it was fun to watch. And if not for the script, the story was actually very good, it's something that just needed some work.

The cast though: Henry Cavill as our hero, Theseus, I don't know if it was the actor or the way he was written but I couldn't really root for his character. He seemed to lack the charisma that made me believe that not only is this man a hero but that he's a God. He has this scene where he is giving the big speech to his army that is freaking out when they see the numbers they are about to face in war and he says something along the lines "I bleed like you bleed" and randomly they're just like "Yeah!", that's it? It didn't take much encouragement and the way that Henry delivered it was weak in my opinion. Freida Pinto, beautiful lady, decent actress, however was an unneeded character and had no chemistry with Henry. Stephen Dorff did an alright job as the sidekick who often lends a joke when needed but makes for a good fighter and has some good action scenes. Mickey Rourke really does try very hard to be the bad God like King Hyperion, but again the threat wasn't so much there. He mumbles so many lines and won't stop eating when on the screen, why not just give him a cat to stroke while talking about his plan? The ending fight scene between Hyperion and Theseus was so anti-climatic to me. The mighty legendary incredible God Zeus played by… Luke Evans? Oh, my*slaps head and groans*, I don't think I need to say more, that was just wrong.

I think that if the story besides some casting issues, maybe if the film was trimmed down a bit, the film would have worked a lot better. Despite being over the top, I like the Greek mythology as a soap opera of some sorts, that's what it was like while writing and telling these stories. The film has a lot of flaws, however, I would recommend seeing in the theater if anything, go see the matinée. The visuals are absolutely beautiful and the fight scenes are a lot of fun. But don't expect the story to be there, this movie is not a rental, even as a blu ray, I'd recommend just seeing it in the theater if you want to see some great special effects. But Tarsem does need to work on his stories, I know he has some major potential, 300 was pretty and had a great story to boot, if there's a sequel, you have one more chance to make this story into a classic that we can proudly display with Jason and the Argonauts.

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And you thought Cowboys and Aliens was the worst film of 2011...
Meven_Stoffat12 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Watching Immortals is like eating a big platter full of candy and sugary sweets. There's plenty to look at and many savoury sweets to indulge in... Only for you to not realize that by the time it's all over and done with, you'll be left with a lingering stomach ache. Which is exactly what is the problem with all types of candy; eye candy or the actual food itself. It's not until you're finished devouring such huge portions of it you realize you've absorbed absolutely nothing.

I have nothing at all against Tarsem Singh, an amazingly talented and visionary director. I loved The Cell, even though it was a bit mind-screwy (though as soon as it's done, you realize what was real and what was not). Every shot in that film was to die for, starting with the opening frame of Dead Vlei. The Fall was a movie that I managed to stumble upon by accident on IMDb. I watched the trailer and quickly decided "I must see this!". Soon after I rented the DVD, watched it, and thought "holy crap, that was amazing."

So as you may or may not be able to tell, I went into Immortals solely due to Singh's namesake, and the one thing that entered my mind as soon as his name appeared over the closing credits was "did someone hold a gun to his head and force him to direct this boring 'movie'?"

It really is a shame. I love Greek mythology, and I thought Singh would be able to carry a Greek mythology themed film well. Let's say he did well with the visuals part; his trademark visual brilliance is all over this film. Every single frame of the movie is a work of art in itself. That said, the script is so agonizingly slow, boring and disgustingly patronizing.

Sure there's a lot of holes in the mythos- Theseus being a bastard, the sacred bow, etc. But those are the least of the films problems. The story and sequence of events plays as if it were adapted from a gore-obsessed 10 year old's paper on Greek mythology. One particularly insulting plot hole comes from the bow- when Theseus buries his dead mother in the cave, we are to assume the bow chose him and deemed him worthy of using the bow itself- yet Hyperion can use it without problem?!

The acting is insultingly awful. Cavill seems to think that just standing there and looking handsome and what not is acting. And while he is indeed a handsome fellow, he fits the role of Theseus in looks only. He barely emotes throughout the film, and even the one scene (where he watches his mother get killed) isn't enough to redeem his boring performance. Freida Pinto does an alright job though her performance wasn't nothing we saw in Slumdog Millionaire or Rise of the Planet of the Apes. And I have a gigantic man crush on Mickey Rourke, but he was just hilariously bad. He rehashed his performances from Iron Man 2 and Sin City, and the result was not good.

The film plods along at a snail's pace. We get a handful of action, and all are very short. Even the battle scene at the end was boring as frack. The slow, sedated pace wouldn't be such a problem if the dialogue weren't so awful. The dialogue sounds like an immature 14 year old wrote it, and I wouldn't be surprised if one did. The exploding heads scene was awesome, but that was it.

In short, guys will go see Immortals for the battle sequences and gods fracking stuff up, and girls will go see it for the guys walking around, letting their abs/muscles be the center of attention, neither of which being anything they wouldn't get from viewing the IMDb publicity stills for the movie- something they can do for free. Well, girls, if your boyfriend takes you to this movie, swiftly pull him aside and tell him "maybe you and me being together just isn't working out for either of us...". Guys, if your group of buddies drags you to this movie, immediately cut all ties with them and inform them that they're idiots.

And to the writers, your scripts are more suited for no-talent hacks like Michael Bay or Terrance Malick. Have you seen either of Singh's previous 2 films? That guy has a wicked imagination. Let him use it on worthy scripts.


THE GOOD: It looks pretty. There's exploding heads and Mickey Rourke. And Freida Pinto naked.

THE BAD: ...everything else.
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Not bad
lukalele27 November 2011
If you go to this looking for an accurate representation of Greek mythology, you'll be sorely disappointed. If you go to this looking for a decent, nice looking, 300-type action film you'll enjoy it. As someone who knows a bit about classical mythology I can choose to be unbelievably annoyed by them using it as a reference for this film, as it's ridiculously inaccurate, but I'm not.

Leave your smarts/knowledge at the door, enjoy the pretty action and people, the brutal violence and Freida Pinto in the buff, and you'll hopefully feel that you got your money's worth.

That's about it.
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I feel cheated
d_generation_x-127 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start this off by saying, if you plan to waste you're money on this movie regardless of all the negative reviews, then watch it in 2-d. DON'T BOTHER with the 3D as it ads NOTHING to the movie. I have watched many films in 3D where it didn't add a whole lot to the movie, this is the first time where I can safely say, not only doesn't it add ANYTHING to the movie, it probably makes the viewing WORSE. So steer clear of 3D.

Now onto the movie, it starts off promising, I'll give it that. The first 5 minutes of this movie are probably the most exciting of the hole movie. The introduction builds suspense, intrigue, and excitement. Remember that feeling as from that point forwards, you won't feel that anymore. Rather, you'll start to feel confusion, frustration, and mild nausea.

Acting is mediocre at best. Micky Rourke's performance is dry in this film, as is Henry Cavills and the rest of the cast. The script is pathetic, really. The dialogue is corny at best.

The story doesn't feel suited for a movie, either that or it hasn't been executed well. Throughout this whole film I kept thinking to myself the story and sequences would be much better suited to a video game. On top of that, there are MAJOR plot holes:

Why is the king after the bow? if world domination is on his mind, then how does freeing the 'titans' going to help him achieve this goal?? Why do the titans run around like thoughtless monkeys? Why in one scene is Phaedra intent on keeping her gift of foresight, and in the next scene gives up the gift to sleep with a man? Why put so much emphasis on her faith and devotion if she plans to give away her gift anyway? Why am I even asking these questions when the director has already cashed out at the bank??

The final blow from this movie is through the trailer. The "action" sequences you see in the trailer are ALL the action sequences you will see in this movie. The trailer is substantially more exciting than the movie.

Don't waste your time with this one.

As for anyone calling this movie "art", I'd suppose they are pompous and pretentious fools who don't know what real art is. I do agree some movies can be considered 'art', but only if they are visually stunning, great story, great acting, soundtrack etc...i.e a whole package. When a movie just has several nice pictures in it, it's not "art", it's just trying to hide the fact that the story and dialogue is lacking..

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Just Don't.
kshires0911 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I hadn't seen any previews going into this movie. I was just out with friends and went along with what they wanted to see because, hey, I like pretty much all movies (emphasis on "pretty much" in this case). This movie could have been really good. It really could have been. But the plot had major holes and attempted to do too much without the development to support it. Everything just flitted between one thing and the next. One second the Virgin Oracle was determined to keep her virginity and her gift (foresight). The next minute (and for no apparent reason) she decides she wants to give it up for the chance to be "normal" and has sex with the main character. This was completely and entirely just for a meaningless sex scene. They hardly interact for the rest of the movie. Beyond that, there's a 20th century style dam which they are using as a wall. Okay sure, but why is it in the middle of a desert with a mountain next to it that looks like it has always just been a mountain? Plot hole. And okay, so Titans vs. Greek Gods, it isn't original but it has the potential to be good. But why do the titans look like they were covered in gray paint and made to wear silly helmets? And why do they keep flying out of the floor in an endless stream? I really could keep going. Like, why were they determined to find the bow when the King couldn't find it. So by finding it they were leaving it open to be stolen (which it was... immediately). Just don't go to it. Rent Alexander or Agora or a mindless action movie by someone like Steve Austin. Just... Avoid.
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Epic Movie? More like Epic Fail.
skillswordfish22 November 2011
Because it was beautiful to behold, I give this four stars of AWESOME visuals (including the pretty cast) but really, what a horrible story. And S L O W. Let's face it, the previews show nothing but action and that's why we pay the big bucks for Imax 3D films but when the action is nestled in between long, long drawn out and ill-formed dialogue (I honestly thought lines were forgotten in many scenes and they were running low on budget or time and just went with it) and extremely poor start to feel duped. When you spend more mental energy thinking about another Coke Icee, you know you've just padded Hollywood's pockets.
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Watch Rourke Steal the entire movie...
A_Different_Drummer25 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First the movie. Like many (including most of the reviewers here) I was not that impressed on first viewing. This, by the way, is a peculiarity with certain kinds of movies, movies where the uniqueness of the story (or action) tend to raise expectations higher than they should be. Human nature being what it is, if you watch a film with high expectations and it lets you down, it must, ergo, the film's fault. Usually it is. But I had occasion to watch this film two more times in different environments and, with no expectations to speak of, it was better in almost every way than I first remembered. And the deal closer here is Rourke. Hard to believe that, in days gone by (not Ancient Greece, but close) he was a Hollywood pretty-boy playing hi-impact romantic leads. As most of you (probably) know, he dropped out sight for a spell and then reappeared in 2008's THE WRESTLER where his let-it-all-hang-out performance blew away both critics and audiences. In 2010 he popped up again as a bad guy in the otherwise forgettable (PLEASE FORGET IT) Ironman 2. His casting as a uber-bad guy in a super hero film caught a number of eyeballs, and his performance was arguably the most memorable thing in the picture. Dennis Miller, who had a nightly talk show at the time, got a lot laughs by running a small clip of Rourke from IM2 -- a scene where Rourke's character is sauntering down a major boulevard turning cars to cinders with his magic whip-- and then asking the rhetorical audience, in Miller's unique deadpan style, "I wonder if Mickey realizes he is actually in a movie?" This film arrived a year after IM2 and Rourke really chews the scenery here. It is hard to keep a straight face when every second piece of dialog you have is a promise that your lineage will rule the earth for centuries to come. But Rourke pulls it off. For this unique performance, and allowing for the over-expectations of audiences at the time of release, I believe this film deserves a higher rating than it currently has.
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A bloody (and flawed) visual and action spectacle.
lewiskendell19 November 2011
"The gods may be on your side, but tomorrow, I unleash the Titans."

With eternally-youthful, barely dressed gods thundering down from the heavens like golden super heroes, and really no connection to the myth of Theseus other than names and a vaguely minotaur-like enemy, Immortals plays fast and loose with Greek mythology. But in some ways, it works. 

The battle scenes are bloody and well-staged (and obviously influenced by 300), but the movie would have been improved by making them more frequent. This is a dark, violent flick and it's easily at its best when carnage covers the screen. 

The story serves, but it's pretty forgettable. Theseus, a peasant unknowingly trained in battle by Zeus himself, must stand against a vicious king who the gods are unable to touch and keep him from releasing the dreaded Titans. I don't predict many awards for best screenplay in Immortals' future, but there's enough story to keep the characters moving and motivated, as long as you don't think about it too hard.  

Despite the influence of 300 in the heavy use of slow-motion in the action scenes, Immortals has its own look and tone that helps it stand apart. Both the sets and the characters are visually memorable, and the movie never sinks to the generically dull depths of the recent Clash of the Titans remake, even during its slower moments.

Immortals never really rises above "decent", and won't topple 300 as the recent king of the genre, but it does manage to have an exciting, epic feel to it and it's entertaining enough to be worth a watch for fans of blood-soaked sword and sandals flicks. In the end it boils down to a bombastic orgy of killing with little substance behind it, but hey, that's actually kind of alright with me. 

Oh, and if you're somehow unfamiliar with how exquisitely gorgeous Freida Pinto is, prepare to have your eyes opened. In a movie full of beautiful people, she still stands out. 
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Average story with extremely entertaining results
aqashem11 November 2011
I went to this movie on a whim and because my friends pushed me to it. I have to say that I did not regret going. The story plays out well throughout with some rushed character development and cut corners in storytelling. However, the direction was top notch, the visuals were beautiful, and the casting was even better. Mickey Rourke did an amazing job as King Hyperion, the villain you love to hate. The thing that excited me the most about this movie is how well the action and fight scenes were choreographed. I always choose story over action when it comes to films but this movie far exceeded my expectations where action was concerned. I can't stress that the story was still a good one but the choreography and intensity of the action lets you care about little else.

Bottom line: I was entertained and happy.
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I got what I expected. And I'm happy
nabeel112713 November 2011
I went to see this movie with the pretense of "It's going to be a combination of Troy, 300, and Clash of the Titans"... in my own mind, Troy was a 7*, 300 a 10* and Clash of the Titans a 3* movie... That averages out to a 6.67* movie. So that's what I went in expecting.

This movie had a bit more story time than I anticipated, a lot of time was spent away from epic battles but there was plenty of fighting to keep me happy. Special effects were great, stylized blood was plenty but not too much, Frieda Pinto is gorgeous, and Henry Cavill is jacked. The acting was pretty good; to be fair, not very much was necessary from anyone besides Henry Cavill, but none of the actors underperformed.

The quality of the fight scenes was great. Not a single fight scene went by where I was like "ok, I waited 5 minutes for that!?." The fight with the Greek Gods was very well done, although many people may disagree (more on that in the next paragraph). Most of the fights are just "look at Thesius... oh how he knows how to fight." But I personally couldn't care less how many people are fighting as long as the fights are well done.

The fight pertaining to the Gods is seen partly in the trailers when you see people floating in mid air as they and their friends get punished continuously. It's very Matrix/Kung Fu style, and some people didn't like that. But the way I see it, these are Gods fighting, not humans and legends. The fight has to have a different substance than just simple blood and guts.

What really irked me were the inconsistencies with Greek Mythology and the lack luster "epicness" of the Eperius bow. For one, the number of Gods present in this movie is 5. Zeuss, Poseidon, Apollo, Athena and one more... as far as the movie goes, they could of at least shown all of the Olympians. Also, the Titans are shown as rabid monkeys against the Gods. As far as I remember, they were equal to the Gods in strength and intellect. Lastly, the Eperius Bow was not as epic as they had built it up to be; especially the first time it's shot, it sort of just happens.

All in all, the movie was what most people should expect from it. Well done fight scenes, stylized blood, gorgeous Frieda Pinto and Gods.
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Waste of money
anezka-122 November 2011
The plot felt like something written the night before a deadline by someone who once heard about Greek myths several years ago, but hasn't done any research on them. Certain aspects of the scenery were obviously chosen because they look sorta Greek, with no thought of checking with an ancient historian. The characters are boring and one-dimensional. The suggestion that the characters were based on Greek myths is laughable. The whole film looks like it was filmed in sepia - but for the pretty golden gods, the shiny silvery plastic breastplates and the unlikely blue cloaks - I can only assume in an effort to look gritty and interesting. Someone on the design team seems rather obsessed with stupid-looking hats too: gods and mortals alike provoked laughter over their headwear. The overall message of the film seemed to be a very American one: atheists are evil/stupid and faith in the gods/God is the only way of winning. Also apparently negotiation is pointless. Overall, the the film was a mess - badly plotted, with a see-through message, full of anachronisms and just dull. It tried to hard and fell short.
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don't see why everyone is being so nitpicky about the movie
JenTreven29 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I'm currently doing a degree in History and classics. I really do not understand why people get so annoyed about when characters in movies about the Greek gods are not 'true' to previous representations. For a start there are always more than one version of a Greek heroes story. that he was the son of a king is one, another is that his mother was raped by Poseidon (in human form of course, so could have been a 'villager' like in the movie) and that he was brought up be his grandfather (like his mentor in the movie) so actually it's not that far removed, if you take it from that version. I could go on using other examples from other reviews but I think I've made my point. Also, a few people are saying that the oracle having sex with him is gratuitous. Well, I don't remember at any time the Oracle saying SHE was actively trying to protect her gift, everyone else was doing it. Theseus guesses at her true feelings about her 'gift' and she says he's right, so actually, it's not that much of a shock. Also, for those saying they don't interact enough after - you obviously HAVEN'T read many Greek myths ;p Besides, it not a romance movie! I was impressed with the acting, being slightly worried at first about Mickey Rourke, and the CGI was good and non-intrusive, there's nothing worse than fussy overdone CGI-scapes ruining the feel of the movie. I actually found it had more brains than 300, which for me was very much a "LAAADS WHEEEEY" movie, where as this, although violent pretty much the whole way through, never felt gratuitous and was always interesting/exciting. As for the appearance of the Titans offending some people = who is to say what the Titans looked like? They were cosmic representations of different aspects of nature - and they seemed to do pretty well in the fighting stakes, so not really seeing the issue there either... Although, I do draw the line at Athena dying. That's just ridiculous. I think people go to these films with their 'critical hats' on, and just ruin any enjoyment that you can get out of a film like this. Just relax and enjoy the 'ride'! My boyfriend thought it was the best film he'd seen all year, and better in lots of ways than 300, too. Just my opinion, anyways!
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Groundbreaking and colorful rendition about Greek mythology with breathtaking images and impressive battles
ma-cortes26 March 2015
The picture is a fun sword and sandals epic with stirring adventures , struggles , bizarre scenarios and turns out to be an acceptable story and quite entertaining . The story is very loosely based on Greek mythology , creating a potpurrí of Gods and legends , mingling elements of various myths . As screen writers state that they chose to change many aspects of the ancient Greek stories to reflect the fact that the Greeks themselves often revised their mythology to conform to new ideas and knowledge . In Classical Greek mythology , Immortals were members of the second order of divine beings, descending from the primordial deities and preceding the Olympian deities . Based on Mount Othrys, the Titans most famously included the first twelve children of the primordial Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Heaven). They were giant deities of incredible strength, who ruled during the legendary Golden Age , and also composed the first pantheon of Greek deities . As they had overthrown the primordial deities, the Immortal Titans were overthrown by younger gods, including many of their own children - the Olympians - in the Titanomachy (or "War of the Titans"). There were twelve Olympian gods and goddesses and they were immortal and unkillable as well . The Greeks may have borrowed this mythology from the Ancient Near East . There were only 12 titans in the myths and they were immortal and invincible . There was a war in the heavens and the Titans lost . Zeus then threw them into Tartarus , which is represented as a mountain in the movie, but in the old myths was a cave at the center of the Earth with minor similarities to Hell, to be imprisoned for all eternity . The picture takes Greek Gods here and there , as in the myths , Theseus (Henry Cavill , he trained for 8 hours 5 days a week to get in shape for the film) was actually King of Athens and (in some versions) a son of Poseidon (Greek god of sea and Zeus' brother, being played by Kellan Lutz), although his legal father was King Aegeus of Athens . Theseus killed the Minotaur , a creature with the body of a man and a head of a bull imprisoned in a labyrinth, depicted here as a man with a helmet made of wires and horns with the help of princess Ariadne whom he later married . In the Theseus story, Crete had its capital at Knossos, and its ruler was cruel King Minos , here Hyperion (Mickey Rourke , he chose to do this movie instead Conan , 2011) defies the Greek God , Zeus (Luke Evans ,he appeared a year earlier as Zeus' son Apollo in Clash of Titans) . Hyperion origin is from a different myth, and was the name of one of the 12 Titans . Epirus Bow doesn't exist in any mythology, but it might be inspired by the bow of Heracles aka Hercules which was used by the Greeks to defeat Troy in the great war . Other Gods appearing are the followings : Apollo (Corey Sevier) , Athena or Minerva (Isabel Lucas) who is the daughter of Zeus (or Jupiter) and Metis, a daughter of the Titans, and goddess of wisdom , Heracles (Steve Byers) ,a son of Zeus who was the only hero to ascend to Olympus to rule with the Gods and Poseidon , he is the Greek god of the sea, equivalent to the Roman Neptune . Furthermore , Sibyl (Freida Pinto, though Lily Collins auditioned for a part, but was turned down by director) was the ancient Roman title for prophetesses .

Big production that blends Greek Gods , fights , feats and spectacular images by means of Computer Generator . Violent movie combines historic events , drama and breathtaking fights . The flick packs nice settings , characters with elaborate costumes and a seamless combination of practical and CGI effects . Every little scene has been given maximum detail, as gowns , environment and set design , adding too much C.G.I. backgrounds and lush frames showing overwhelming combats between Gods and humans . To achieve the effect of gods moving much quicker than humans, those scenes were shot at 1000 frames per second . Brilliant and glimmer cinematography by Brandan Galvin , being "done in Renaissance painting style" . Vibrating and shaking musical score by Trevor Morris . This passable picture was originally directed by Tarsem Singh , though has some flaws and gaps . Tarsem Singh described his approach to the film as being "like Caravaggio (1986) meets The fight Club (1999)" . He frequently collaborated with the late costume designer Eiko Ishioka , until her passing, she was the only designer he had worked with . Tarsem also made similar experiments filled with light , color and weird frames such as ¨The fall¨, ¨The cell¨and ¨Mirror , Mirror¨ .
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It was a entertaining flick with mythological elements but could have been better
KineticSeoul2 December 2011
When I first saw the trailer to this movie I thought it would be a lame movie that has mythological elements in it like the recent "Clash of the Titans" movie. But this movie I gotta admit is much better with the direction and the gory and bloodiness of it all. The movie is brutal like how mythological movies like this should be. The story isn't anything amazing or anything like that but the cinematography, the violence and the mythological powers that is portrayed in this movie makes it worth a watch. The parts where the gods comes down to intervene or just fight is very cool to watch and is some of the most entertaining parts of the movie. If the story was good as some of the sequences in this movie this could have easily been a must see movie of 2011. But still it's a entertaining flick that I didn't regret forking over few bucks to see in theater.

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How to ruin a good myth in a few easy steps
Quebec_Dragon14 May 2012
In the trailer, they mentioned prominently it was from the 300 producers, probably to entice 300 fans into watching it. Well, what difference does the director make then! This is from the guy who directed The Cell (with Jennifer Lopez) and more recently Mirror, Mirror (with Julia Roberts). Here, the director was rather good with the visuals (as he usually is) but managed to tell a weak disjointed story where we don't really care about the characters or the proceedings. It felt as if some important transitional or plot scenes were left on the cutting floor (no, they're not in the deleted scenes). For example, a few times I didn't know why certain characters were at a certain place. Finding the main artifact felt nonsensical and anti-climatic. The acting was mundane, the characters kinda thin, except perhaps for the gruff villain played by Mickey Rourke and Zeus (in his different incarnations) who were more somewhat complex and interesting. A speech by the hero obviously intended to be stirring actually felt corny, and had for me the opposite effect. Perhaps worst of all, the chemistry between two of the leads was absent making their romance feel rushed and unbelievable.

You would think the battle scenes might have saved this. Here again, they felt underwhelming as if we had seen them done better somewhere else. The exception to this would be when the gods actually battled with their super speed. Unfortunately, the main menace, the Titans, were not only mythologically inaccurate but severely disappointing. A bunch of similar-looking, savage, mute, human-sized blokes. The half-dozen Greek gods were a bunch of mostly unidentified pretty boys (and one woman) with ridiculous helmets. Since this is a movie based on a myth, you might expect mythological creatures. Nothing there except the human-like Gods and Titans. Even the Minotaur was a human with a metal grid helmet. The saving grace might be the visuals that offered a kind of otherworldly surreal look similar but weaker than 300. It also had very few locations. All in all, Immortals should be ashamed of even being mentioned anywhere close to the great 300. It's even weaker than the mediocre Clash of the Titans. Immortals doesn't work as an epic fantasy and it doesn't work as a decent retelling of the myth and not just because it's so inaccurate.

Rating: 3 out of 10 (Poor)
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You wont regret it
TheChampReview19 October 2011
When i saw the previews for this film i was underwhelmed and brushed it under the rug, disturbed at them trying to top 300 after Clash of the Titans came out. I must admit i was pleasantly surprised. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this film from beginning to end. Tarsem knew exactly what he wanted and its evident in every shot. The cinematography was magnificent, the set design was superb and the costumes were just gorgeous. The fight scenes were definitely impressive and left me mumbling "yeah" and "that what im talking about" under my breath.

Henry Cavill did a great job as our hero. He had a strong presence that makes me anxious to see him as the new Superman. Mickey Rourke is always a good villain but i must say his performance topped any other he played as an antagonist. Luke evans brought a power to the screen as Zeus and besides being superhot, Kellan Lutz, dud a good job as Poseidon giving more depth than he does in the Twilight Saga. Freida Pinto and Isabel Lucas are both gorgeous and commanded the screen as our two leading ladies.

Charleg and Vlas Parlapanides did an excellent job writing the film. There were no cheesy lines or inane dialogue. Everything that happened in the film had a purpose. I was very impressed with the pacing if the film. Being only 98 minutes, it wasn't too short or too long to do what it needed to do.

My favorite moments was seeing the Gods take a more active role in the film. When they appear its not for show or exposition. Whenever you see a God you better believe there will be hell pay.

Overall, this movie is a wonderfully stylized, Greek fantasy that definitely will leave you in your seat saying "Oh My God". I definitely recommend seeing thus movie because it's probably one of the best films of the year. Tarsem has definitely made a fan out of me
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Erotica for the simplistic, sadistic, bi-curious human
c-i-z-ler14 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is a really stupid movie.

The best thing about Immortals is the acting. John Hurt is a great actor and this role doesn't seem to take much out of him.

Mickey Rourke isn't bad considering his two-dimensional character and cast well because he is what some of these very good looking males will look like if the try to destroy their bodies. This makes the story utterly simplistic (which is not good or bad): good guys are bodybuilders with good jaw lines, bad guys are the scarred, ugly people who enjoy torture and murder and so on.

(Considering that all the actors seem so be chosen because of how good they look shirtless and that every character is two dimensional, I am surprised by how good the acting is.) The chief bad man (Rourke) murders a person every time he hears bad news, which is taken straight from the worst Jean-Claude van Damme movies.

The first flaw I'll discuss is that no body seems to be able to act rationally. When the oracle says to the men: 'stand your ground when the cloudless sky roars' (paraphrased) they actually flee and pretend that they followed the oracles advice. The boat would actually have made a great excuse to transport the gang of heroes to another location. Not to mention that they then wouldn't have the strange plot hole of escaping a tsunami by jumping behind a cliff.(By the way why did the boat have the shape of a Dutch wooden shoe? Was it really just to make the scene change work?)

When a bow is found no one ever tries to gain distance from the target to actually use the bow the way it is intended and it is actually lost after only one useful use by the hero. In the scene where the heroes know it is a trap, Theseus storms after the monk with the bow and doesn't think to stay on top of the cliff to shoot his arrows to the bad people below is baffling.

The "dam" at the end (which is actually a wall) has a small opening in it where the hordes of bad men need to get through. Considering the obvious influence 300 has had on the style of this movie it is strange to me that the people in the narrow passage do not use the tactic which made the battle portrayed in 300 so historic: closing the narrow gap by locking shields.

The scene where Theseus has sex with the oracle is simply weird. The tension seems all wrong, there is no chemistry, and if I were to read the mood just before they kiss I'd have said that the oracle would have decided not to have sex. (Oh, if you are having sex like this, you are not satisfying your partner) The lack of character development becomes painfully obvious in this scene, the growing together of the two characters consisted of maybe five lines spoken to one another, something about visions being a curse or a gift. At the end the characters just separate and then Theseus dies, the end.

There is a point in the movie where miners are mining something around a temple, it seems they are merely doing this to fill the screen. No mention about funding the army or something, just people digging a hole.

The graphic quality is not bad. The makers seem to have gotten the jest of how to do the action in the 300 way, but do it just a bit more sloppy. The 30 seconds it takes Zeus to slam his whip into a god is a bit much, especially since it doesn't help the plot much. There is a point where a soldier jumps with two feet onto an enemy shield knocking them over, to anyone who says Immortals is not like 300, this exact jump is done in 300.

The worst thing about the the look of the film is the idiotic costumes. The soldiers are often wearing Roman armor, which I don't really care about, but the gods really have the most ridiculous stuff on their heads. Aries seems to have strapped gold colored fence poles to his head in the form of a Mohawk and Poseidon has princess Leia buns made out of plastic. Also the non god characters: Hyperion with a Venus fly trap helmet with bunny ears and the minotaur with a barb wire (invented in 1900 or something) helmet.

The worst scene to me is when the gods fight the Titans. The Titans are apparently blue/grey goblins scurrying around in a hole. The gods beem in like the are the Power Rangers and at the end the battle (and death of some of the five? gods) seems to be pointless because Zeus just lets the mountain collapse. This part is sloppy acting since the movement Zeus makes does not imply an enormous effort.

Overall, this movie has some good visuals, but is flawed in script, logic, characters, dress, locations, bad use of source material and if it didn't have a lot of extremely bloody violence and naked people there would be no reason to go see this movie at all. A number of other movies have done parts of the visual style of Immortals, but they have done it better, so go see those and not this.
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...and boring to boot
Fredegonde28 November 2011
I wasn't expecting much. Really. I was prepared for the raping and gutting of the Greek mythology, and I got what I expected in spades. I was prepared for the total of lack of a consistent, comprehensible plot, and the movie didn't let me down. I was prepared for poor acting - check! I was prepared for all kinds of anachronisms - they were all there! The story of Hyperion trying to wreak his vengeance on the gods (thank you, IMDb reviewers, you helped me understand what the hell he was actually driving at with all this running around and butchery) and the story of Theseus achieving his hero's status are intertwined in a manner worthy of a five-year-old composing a story with nothing better to do; there are not many logical links between scenes and events and no smooth unfolding of a story in general. This is what makes it so excruciatingly boring. However, as I said, for all that I was prepared.

But I expected visuals, because I still remember the Cell, more than ten years since, and in that film, the visuals made up for the absence of a story, they were a story in themselves, and they evoked if not rational, then at least emotional response. In this film, I thought the visuals were boring, monotonous, and borderline ridiculous.

To top it off, the characters' sensibilities are thoroughly modern (Sybilla actually talks about changeable future! About free will! Ye gods!). Then suddenly, almost at the end of the film, Theseus says something that could only be said by an ancient. I will not say what it is for that would mean spoiling it for those who haven't yet wasted their time on this piece of boring entertainment, but this unexpected bit of authenticity doesn't even come near redeeming what has passed before.
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Crazy and useless
die-ghost0913 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
For all those of you who think this might be as good as 300 or better, you will be disappointed. This movie is not worth the ticket. There was so much hype about it, it just doesn't meet the expectations. There were several mythological and historical anomalies. There are some good scenes but they are few and far apart. The movie contains plenty of blood, gore and violence. But be warned, its not sophisticated violence as in most war movies. Its more of a sadistic type of violence.

The Gods and Titans SUCK!

Titans are supposed to be mountain sized, powerful and almost god-like. They are definitely not supposed to look like savage cannibals.

The Gods need to be more "Godly". In the movie they look more like pompous kings.

The weapons are all wrong. Zeus should fight with thunderbolts. Not iron chains. This not the Ghost Rider.

Athena is the Goddess of wisdom. She shouldn't fight at all!!

I do not know why THOR appears among Greek gods.

There should be 12 gods. Not 6. Several of the most powerful gods were missing. Heracles is not a proper Greek God.

I could go on forever, but there is no use. The only good parts are the gods smashing heads. There is one part which is a complete rip-off from 300-"In this narrow tunnel their number count for nothing!"

Bottom line- Do not expect something awesome. Do not compare with 300. Watch it if you like blood, gore and sadistic violence like boiling humans.
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an ungodly waste of time... just awful
tttl407716 November 2011
I guess it was the year for really bad, dumb CGI video game type films. Immortals is as awful and as deep as the worst mindless video game cut sequences. Being very poorly written may have been inevitable but this films biggest crime is that nothing of note happens for the first hour. The lack of action is puzzling for a movie such as this one. The first hour is filled with CG scenery, "gods" dressed in their best homosexual fetish duds, an occasional ominous soundtrack, and a story held together by nonsense and one brief skirmish where the lead kills three men as he tries to save his mother. Until the final battle, this movie is actually boring. The final battle was cool (although disgusting) but ultimately meaningless when anyone stops and thinks about it. In 3D or regular, this is an ungodly waste of time.
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Not bad, but not 300-2, either
Halfang11 November 2011
I had been looking forward to this one since I saw the first trailer ages ago. It really showed some moments of awesome, and it had the potential of being 300-2. However, I was a little disappointed with the pacing (a bit too slow in my opinion) and I was surprised that I wasn't surprised about the ending (if that makes any sense?). Special detail was paid to the aesthetics, with interesting compositions and scene transitions, which is always glad to look at. It has one of the best speeches pre-war that I can remember (you could see that one from the trailer, although it's better on the film), and some scenes have been improved since the trailer (the break-rock-and-unclick-apart effect doesn't exist anymore, and it's now a much better scene). Anyway, it's worth a watch, but it's not the homecoming of the second resurrection of the Greek Gods. Oh, and definitely better than Clash of the Titans.
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Underrated, loved it.
Ropi_0022 November 2011
It's quite rare that a movie i like has got so many bad reviews from IMDb-user database. Imo this was one of the best movies this year, if not the best. Yes, Immortals gives a different image of Greek-mythology gods but don't be so close minded. Action scenes are unique, story ain't that bad, acting is great and the movie ain't boring or too long. If you compare Immortals 75m$ budget with for example Twilight Saga: Breaking dawn 127m$ budget, see the difference? i'd recommend it to anyone who is into this kind of movies, way better than Clash Of The Titans and nearly as good as 300. If you're out of money and you have to choose between this or any of the other movies in cinemas at the moment. Easy pick in my opinion.
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A sublime waste of 75 million dollars in filming
maheshwari-divya11 November 2011
From gods fighting kung-fu style to titans looking like fast moving humanoid zombies, this movie left an uneasy feeling in my mind for the poor producer shelling out 75 mil dollars to make a movie that the lucky will forget. Lets not be too harsh though - the action scenes appeal to the senses if you're into that sort of thing and I am. Their is quite a bit of gore on display so hack and slash fans will enjoy this as well. But there are just too many inconsistencies with Greek mythology which really hurt sensibilities. You may not feel this so much if your interest in the subject is limited. But there are quite a few scenes that really made my jaw drop at the wonderous stupidity on show. People comparing this to 300 should not. They are leagues apart.
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300 meets Clash of the Titans
zack_wall28 October 2011
I went into this movie expecting it to resemble another 300, or another Clash of the Titans, and while it was a mix of the two, Immortals far exceeded my expectations. Mickey Rourke was, as usual, an amazing villain, playing the role so well that I never thought back to different roles he's played in the past to compare them, because there is no comparison. Henry Cavill played Theseus like a boss, and was the perfect actor for this movie. Don't make the mistake of comparing this movie to other Greek Mythology flicks, because Immortals is in a category of its own. Go check it out when it debuts nationally, you will not be disappointed!
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