Death Note (2017) Poster

(I) (2017)

Willem Dafoe: Ryuk



  • Ryuk : Shall we begin?

  • [last lines] 

    [L has the Death Note - Ryuk appears to Light] 

    Light Turner : What?

    Ryuk : [laughs]  You humans are so interesting!

  • Ryuk : Every human spends the last moments of his life in the shadow of a death god.

  • Light Turner : Okay, relax, Light. You're asleep. You're asleep and you're... dreaming of some 8-foot tall demon-looking motherfucker.

    Ryuk : Ohhh, yes! A dream! I like that. Dreams are places you can have fun, right? It's all in your mind, so why not enjoy it?

  • Ryuk : Rule 28: Each death must be physically possible. So no shark attacks while someone's on the toilet, as much as I love that idea.

  • Ryuk : You think I'm some dog, Light? You can just snap your fingers and I'll come running?

  • Ryuk : The name and the face is all you have to have.

  • Light Turner : If you fuck with me, I'll write your fucking name in it!

    Ryuk : Hah! You could try. Let me tell you this, Light: my name has four letters, most anyone's ever gotten were two.

  • Light Turner : I decide who dies, you do what I tell you. Those are the rules.

    Ryuk : And who makes the rules?

    Light Turner : Whose side are you on?

    Ryuk : There are no sides, only the game!

  • Ryuk : [sees James Turner challenge Kira]  Now I'm rooting for the guy!

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