"Captain Planet and the Planeteers" Two Futures: Part 2 (TV Episode 1991) Poster

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Wheeler gets his wish to see how those who were once his fellow Planeteers are living, but discovers life really has changed for the worse without him as part of their team. Gi lives alone on her island trying to rescue the last few fish species from extinction, angry with humanity in general since too few became Planeteers and the group failed. Kwame feels forced into, and accepting of, a position of constant battle to defend the few trees he alone planted from land-developers, thinking since nobody helped him before he can't possibly undo damage on a global scale. Linka works with her government preventing riots so all the masses suffering from global warming get enough from the meager food supply, and thinks Wheeler is insane since another's cowardice ruined any chance the world had by not joining the Planeteers. Ma-Ti, whose home was completely destroyed, lives among his starving people bringing out the kindness in others to support them, and despairs that since the rainforest ...

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