"Captain Planet and the Planeteers" Two Futures: Part 2 (TV Episode 1991) Poster

Joey Dedio: Wheeler


  • Wheeler : Gi! You're young again!

    Gi : Try tunneling for a couple hours and see how young *you* feel!

  • Wheeler : Ma-Ti! I was afraid you'd given up - on *everything*!

    [clasps his shoulder] 

    Ma-Ti : I would never give up on *you*, Wheeler. You are my amigo.

  • Wheeler : [running over to her]  Gi! Gi! You're older.

    Gi : I am told I look pretty good for over fifty. Now who are *you*, young man? And how did you get on my island?

    Wheeler : "Young man"? But it's me, Wheeler. Boy, I've missed you!

    Gi : I don't recognize you...

    Wheeler : [thinking]  Of *course* she doesn't. I changed history so - we never met!


    Wheeler : I guess you remind me of someone I once knew. Someone who cared a great deal about the planet.

    Gi : Long ago, I was given this ring. I use it to help whenever I can - like saving *this* creature. One of the last dolphins or Earth.

    [kneels and starts untying the netted dolphin on the beach] 

    Wheeler : "Last dolphins"? But there must be millions of them!

    Gi : Right. Maybe thirty years ago. Now they are one of the few species that are not yet extinct. Water!

    [her ring causes a wave to come ashore and the dolphin swims out] 

    Wheeler : Extinct? How?

    Gi : Overfishing, pollution. You name it.

    Wheeler : Then why are you living here like a hermit? You could be out using your power to change the world!

    Gi : [as thunder sounds and rain begins to fall]  Oh, sure, change the world! When I was young I tried joining a group called the Planeteers, but not enough people came.

    Wheeler : [knowing that he was the only one needed who did not arrive]  "Not enough people"?

    Gi : Thas's why I don't miss people. Now you had better find shelter. The eye of the storm is passing.

    Wheeler : Gi, wait! It's not too late! You and I can *still* be Planeteers!

    Gi : Wake up and smell the carbon dioxide. It's too late for this world. It's all I can do to save a few dolphins.

  • Kwame : [both gasp as a shell races toward them, he tackles Wheeler]  *Down*, you fool!

    Wheeler : [in shock, after a hut is destroyed]  Someone's shellin' at us!

    Kwame : [dryly]  Ah - you noticed. But they will not be for long. Earth.

    [his ring causes the mound of dirt near the shooters to shake in an earthquake, they flee and it crumples] 

    Wheeler : Hey - you sure got rid of *them*!

    Kwame : They will return. They always do.

    Wheeler : What do they want?

    Kwame : This land. The only oasis left in the region - look around you, boy!

    Wheeler : [examines his surroundings to find a few dead trees and no grass]  Oh, no! All the land here used to be green, and beautiful! Now it's a desert!

    Kwame : Global warming changed the weather. The rainfall moved away from us.

    Wheeler : But we planted trees out there to hold back the water and stop erosion!

    Kwame : No one *ever* planted trees out *there*.

    Wheeler : What're you talking about? The Planeteers helped you!

    Kwame : [touching a tree]  The Planeteers? Ha! We had fine ideas, but - others did not do their part and eventually we went our separate ways. I planted a few trees in *our* village, but I am only one man. If others had helped me... maybe we could have saved much more.

    [both leap behind the tree as two more shells are fired toward them and hit it] 

    Wheeler : [grabbing his shoulder]  Kwame - let me help now! We can revive the Planeteers! We can do something to save the planet!

    Kwame : [grabs his collar]  Stop talking nonsense, boy! "Save the planet"! I am in a war to save this one oasis! If you want to help - then FIGHT!

  • Wheeler : I'm not *crazy*. I *know* you! You love *birds*!.You can play their songs, right?

    Linka : I used to love that... But - that was decades ago, before pesticides wiped out all of the birds... How could you possibly know that?

    Wheeler : I KNOW you! As a Planeteer!

    Linka : *Liar*! Oh, there was *supposed* to be an American boy like you, but he lacked the courage to join us.

    Wheeler : [sinks into the van-seat next to hers]  Okay... maybe I - he was wrong... but you're wasting your powers here!

    Linka : "Wasting*? If I did not stop that riot, then there would be no food for the other towns. Be practical.

    Wheeler : "PRACTICAL"? You're worried about a few towns! We need to save the entire Earth!

    Linka : Ha. "Save the Earth"? You poor lunatic.

  • Wheeler : [transported to a polluted city full of starving people]  This can't be the *rainforest*. There's been some kind of mistake.

    Ma-Ti : [sitting facing away from behind, sighs]  You are right. Both times.

    [Wheeler turns as he stands to face him with an empty bowl] 

    Ma-Ti : This place cannot be a rainforest anymore. And this *city* is a mistake. Please, young sir, some spare change?

    Wheeler : [horrified at how ragged and thin he is]  Ma-Ti...!

    Ma-Ti : Forgive me, but if I ever knew you, I have forgotten. I find life is easier if I can forget the past.

  • Wheeler : [after he uses his ring to bring out enough Heart in an indifferent man to give charity]  Ma-Ti, you could do *so* much more with your power! You could move people to care about the whole planet!

    Ma-Ti : [sighs]  You have much Heart, young one. Why couldn't I have known you when I was a young Planeteer?

    Wheeler : Well... I, uh...

    Ma-Ti : But you cannot rebuild a *rainforest*. It is gone forever.

    [points at him in amazement] 

    Ma-Ti : And you think that you can save an entire world?

    [buries his face in his hands and begins to sob] 

  • Wheeler : [Wheeler blocks himself from an hour before as he moves to prevent their past self from taking the Fire ring]  Hey - what're you doing? Who *are* you?

    Wheeler : I'm you. But about an hour smarter.

    Wheeler : [his past self]  Look - he's got the ring! I've *gotta* stop him! I'm *tired* of being a Planeteer! I have to save *myself*! The *others* can save the Earth!

    Wheeler : That's what I thought. But I was wrong! *Everything* is connected. So we need *everybody* to keep this planet going, *including* us. I mean me... uh, you know what I mean.

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