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Even the Kiddies Weren't Buying It
noirprncess2 January 2010
Today I had to sit through this movie several times. :-(

As an adult, it wasn't funny or entertaining. But what amused me was the reaction from the kids in the audiences. Almost none of the kids laughed out loud during the matinée viewing (the showing with the most kids in attendance).

Some take away comments from the mouth of babes: "Is it over YET?" "I'm bored" and my personal favorite "That wasn't so funny at all." (poor kid said it over and over again with the "big" jokes.) Plus, I had never seen so many kids ready to leave after the first 15 minutes.

It didn't get better over the course of the evening.
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Bad jokes, irritating characters.
arginnon4 May 2012
This movie just fails on so many levels. It is terrible, I couldn't even sit through it. Don't watch it, ever, don't even show it to your kids, because they might like it at the time, but they'll get brain damage or something. So just don't check it out, definitely not, if you have to pay for it.

Okay, let's start with the title. Squeakquel? Really? What the hell is that? Squeaking sequel? Did the producers think this was a funny and clever title? Let me tell you something: IT'S NOT! Moving on. The jokes. They're not funny. A poor old lady in a wheelchair falling down the stairs? Come on! Who wrote this crap? Stephen Hawking? (You see, that's an example of a bad, tasteless, offensive joke. The movie is full of them.)

One big problem in the film is, that the supporting characters tend to forget that the Chipmunks are, well… damn chipmunks and not kids! Squirrels (even if they talk) are allowed to go to school? They need someone to babysit them? They're rock stars for god's sake? Gosh… Another thing that caught my attention: when those kids put the squirrels into the toilet, isn't that animal cruelty? Shouldn't they go to prison for that or something?

All in all, this film is really stupid, badly written and annoying. The studio must be thinking that kids are stupid and all kinds of crap is good for them. Sorry if I cursed a lot, but this movie offended me by how bad it was. It's not the case where something is so bad it's good, it's just very bad.

I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. Maybe those who're blind and their hearing is impaired (ba-damm-tss).
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good family fun!
fritzlang3 January 2010
After all the negative reviews I read, I went in with pretty low expectations. Perhaps that's why I ended up giving up a 7.

Look, this is not Hamlet, Citizen Kane or Duck Soup. This is a PG film that as close to being family friendly than I have seen. I can only imagine the PG rating was due to the fact that the chipettes were darn right sexy - I didn't hear any vulgarity, see any nudity, violence or adult situations.

It is really getting hard to find a film where I can take my 9 year old daughter to. With battling giant robots, vampires, and giant smurfs lurking in 3D, this movie was a relief to see.

The plot is paper thin - though in its defense it did have an ethical base of family, friendship, and responsibility.

The effects were top notch, and there were a few times I even laughed (which was a few more times than I expected).

In one word it was - 'Cute' - which is exactly what I think it sought out to be. Nothing more.. Nothing less. Harmless fluff.

My 9 year old enjoyed it. And at the end of the day, that's all that mattered to me.

This is a film for children. Taken on it's level, I give it a 7. if you want to rate it as art or entertainment for adults? Yeah, mebbe a 2 or 3. But you know what? Some kids were clapping at parts in the theater. To me, that was pretty cool knowing that a film can get kids in a theater clapping for the characters on the screen.

So relax. chill.. bring your little ones... and enjoy...
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Just because it's for kids doesn't mean it has to be brainless and cheap
MissSimonetta12 September 2011
I was about as excited about watching The Squeakquel as Marie Antoinette was about walking to the guillotine. From the trailer alone, you can tell this was made with the hope of making a quick buck with as little quality as possible. It succeeded, as it made millions of quick bucks at the box office and it just made another when my mother decided to buy the DVD. We decided to spend quality time together watching this thing, and after wasting precious minutes of my life with bad jokes and a stale plot, I have decided to review it.

The chipmunk trio is sent to high school, where they deal with stereotypical high school problems and have a rivalry with a female group of chipmunks, The Chipettes. The Chipette's manager is the greedy manager of the Chipmunks from the last movie, seeking to reclaim his former glory by making millions off of the female group's talent. Then, there's a plot where the Chipmunks sign up for a talent show in order to win money for the school's music program, which is losing funding, a plot I'm sure has never before been used.

The story is about as interesting as the synopsis. You could make a drinking game based off of how often you can predict what's going to happen next. None of the characters besides the main trio are interesting, the jokes fall flat, and all the high school "trauma" the chipmunks deal with is about as real as an episode of Saved By the Bell.

Now, I wasn't expecting Citizen Kane or some grade A masterpiece with complex themes and characters. I knew perfectly well this is a kids film and not one of excellent quality at that. It fails nonetheless. Just because a movie is for kids doesn't mean you have to reach for the lowest common denominator in order to entertain them, it doesn't mean you have to give them a thin plot with the freshness of a rotten apple core, it doesn't mean you have to reach for teenage stereotypes that should have been out with big hair, and it doesn't mean you shouldn't at least TRY to put a decent amount of effort into the final product! 3/10
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Decent. movie, could have been better...
bighead-07 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I can honestly say the movie itself was only decent, I did expect better and this is coming from a huge fan of the chipmunks, dating back to the early 80's when the cartoon series reined. I enjoyed the first 3D chipmunk movie, I watched it a few times and there wasn't too much with it that I did not like. But this movie... it had me smile a few times, other times it kinda let me down because it did not live up to my expectations.

One of the BIGGEST disappointments to me was the limited interaction the chipmunks and chipettes had with each other throughout the movie. It certainly wasn't like the old cartoons where they were all together getting into mischief, competing with each other, or just plain having fun doing whatever it was they did. It was always enjoyable watching Alvin and Britney going at it, while the other 4 tried to keep them out of trouble. In this movie their interaction with each other is very limited, and when they do interact, it's mostly in depressing or angry situations. In the old cartoons, sure they squabbled, especially Alvin and Britney... but it was in a fashion that left you smile cause you know deep down they all cared. In this movie they seemed.. cold to each other, especially Alvin vs. Simon.

Examples are when Alvin tries to warn Britney about Ian Hawk, Britney turns a cold shoulder to Alvin's advice and ends up on the floor covered in food, angry at Alvin. Another example is a scene showing a depressed Theodore because of his brothers fought for a good portion of the movie, Eleanore comes over to talk to him. Just when you think she's gonna cheer him up, the scene ends abruptly in my opinion. Last example is when Alvin misses the music competition and shows up late, Britney just looks at him all sad and says "BTW, I didn't want to win this way" then walks away.. what the heck is that? There's also the constant arguing and fighting going on with Alvin and Simon, and Theodore spends a good amount of his time being sad. I was not expecting some chipmunk love story where they all fall for each other and live happily ever after, but I did expect to see them all get along for more of the movie. The majority of the movie was about them fighting and distrusting each other, it's not the image I remember from my youth.

I understand that the storyline was that Ian wanted revenge on the chipmunks, and didn't want the chipettes to trust the chipmunks so they couldn't warn them about who he really was. Simon and Alvin we're fighting because Alvin was being his egotistical self, and Theodore didn't like it. The storyline in theory was good; it's the way it was executed that kinda killed it. It felt like they tried to do too much, and accomplished so little. It's like the movie was just a bunch of short random scenes that eventually came together in some fashion, but never felt entirely complete. Again, I think I feel this way because you never really see ALL of the chipmunks together in this one, and it seems to focus on Alvin and Simon a lot more than the other four. Because this Squeakuel introduces the chipettes, by the end of the movie you feel like the chipmunks and chipettes never really got to know each other, then they all end up living together in the end?

Besides the limited interaction with the chipmunks and chipettes as a whole, where was Dave? In a hospital bed almost the entire movie. Don't get me wrong I'm not a huge fan of Jason Lee, but jeez why cut Dave out of almost the entire movie? He's part of the Chipmunks franchise, and he made very limited appearances. Instead they put in some nerd cousin of David's who wants to take no responsibility and play video games. Who is this guy? I don't ever remember seeing him before, why take out Dave? I did start to kind of like him by the end, but still.. he was no replacement for Dave.

So there's that, those are my biggest disappointments about the movie. Besides the flawed execution of the story, the limited interaction of the munks, and the lack of Dave.. it was enjoyable to watch. I can honestly say unless you are a chipmunk fan from the past, you probably will not like this movie. I am personally hoping for a 3rd movie just to correct the mistakes of this one, and carry on this wonderful legacy. I want to see all 6 munks running around, laughing and playing, and getting into trouble like the good old days.
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The Kids Loved It
straty0211 January 2010
I asked my 11 year old and 7 year old daughters what they thought of this film. They both loved it.

The 3 on IMDb is a bit misleading. This is a film for children, not a campaign to win an Academy Award! Obviously there are people out there who take things a little toooooo seriously when rating kid's movies.

My 11 year old daughter writes the following: the movie was great. i love the sounds of those little voices. why are kids films usually getting a 2,3,4? the film the music, adventure,scenes were all entertaining for me.

Remember folks, this is a film for children, the chipmunks have been around for more than 30 years so they must be doing something right. If you want to over analyze a film then do a search on the French new age section and go your hardest, on the other hand if you are looking for pure entertainment for your under 12's then go no further.
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Perfect for young families and animation fans, but not for everyone else.
shulmanator16 December 2009
Saw an early screening. I never saw the first one, but within the context of it being a kids' movie, it was actually quite well made. I actually laughed at the jokes, and I'm 33 and educated. If I were a young kid, I'd love this movie a lot, but I'm way past that and am often quite critical of children's genre films these days. The plot was coherent and the moral issues were clear. The characters stay true to themselves, much to anyone who is a fan of the original cartoon characters, and the dynamic of character triads works well for moral storytelling.

The moral lesson to be taught is about learning to be selfless and considerate of others. This is explored through Alvin and his ego problem, and the consequences it has on his friends and family. Other characters have their own arcs as well, and they read clear and convincingly.

On the downside, I think there are some choices that hurt the quality. Dave, the most famous human character in the franchise is probably in the film for about 5 minutes total, however the human characters we're left with are good performers with decent subplots. I did not care for the cliché use of a fart joke, but I forgive it because there was only one, and it was used in a way that's actually still funny to adults.

Sure, it's not the most intellectual film for an adult audience, but it serves its purpose and achieves its goals, despite being the result of commercialism. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their small kids out to a movie.
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Good, so long as you don't expect a serious film
Auntie_Annie28 December 2009
I really enjoyed this film, but mostly because I went in with the expectation that I would have an hour and a half of laughs and general fun, not a serious film. I have seen the first film, and this isn't as good as it, but probably because film makers always use up all there best ideas in the first films, very few sequels live up to or surpass the originals. Obviously it's not the sort of film you can watch again and again, the jokes are clichéd and will quickly become old to anyone over the age of about 8. It never ceases to amaze me why adults go and see a children's film and somehow expect a serious film. All in all, good fun, the quality of the film isn't bad. Children will enjoy this, and their parents won't be bored by it either!
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Just a Perfect Waste of Film: Go Home, Talking Chipmunks
clydeclyde24 December 2009
You've all seen or heard of the first film, Alvin and the Chipmunks. My suggestion is that they shouldn't have even made a sequel, or in this case, a sqeakuel. Last film was fine: a group of talking chipmunks found and made famous.

When I went to watch this at a pre-screening, it was awful: my cousin was asleep, and I was just crying to get out of the theatre.

Now, the storyline is awful: those talking chipmunks go to school, and face against some other talking chipmunks in this band contest. In my opinion, I thought that was a really weak storyline.

However, this is just a perfect film for small kids. Lessons taught about being considerate to others, being kind, and those other lessons.

But as entertainment, I'd rather have watched Barney.
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Absolutely Terrible
therearecows9 January 2010
This movie was a terrible movie, even for children. I am 15 and had to bring my younger brother to this. Even he didn't enjoy this movie. Watch the three chipmunks attempt to "survive" high school. It boggles my mind that people are still pretending that high school is a huge threat. It really isn't anywhere near how bad these unimaginative scriptwriters and directors believe it to be. you love exhausted and clichéd plot-lines, shallow teenage stereotypes, numerous plot-holes galore, and an endless stream of fart and belch jokes, you still won't watch this movie. I wouldn't even recommend this to fans of the original, which was probably about five times better then this garbage. A useless movie that maybe should have been released straight to DVD at best.
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Cute and entertaining all the way through!
Mississippi2031 December 2009
I have to laugh at the comments about "not having substance." Um, this is 'Alvin and the Chipmunks,' right? If you really are concerned about what "messages" this movie is sending your children (or....yourself?), then there is a plain, easy-to-grasp theme about family and friends sticking together. I'm not sure what else you want.

Beyond that, the film is very cute, funny, and entertaining all the way through. The female-counterpart "Chipettes" add something new, but don't take away from the Chipmunks. Zachary Levin and David Cross are charming and amusing in their respective roles. If you liked the first movie, then you will be entertained by the "squeakquel."
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Funnier than a lot of kids' movies
lkl64112 January 2010
I don't understand the severely low rating for this film. 2.7?

I was prepared for something awful but wanted to do something with the 4 younger kids before they headed back to school.

This is the movie they wanted to see.

I've seen a lot of kids' movies and this is definitely among the funnier ones I've seen.

My 8-year-old and I sat next to each other and had a hard time controlling our laughter on a few occasions.

I told my husband he definitely has to see this when it comes out on video. I can't wait to watch it with him!

Give it a try - maybe even risk raising your expectations a little!
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I tried to laugh. honest.
The_Light_Triton17 January 2010
But even the only 19 year old teenager in the audience who lowered his standards all the way down to watching this children's flick says this was a waste of time and film.

I recall seeing that theatre packed with children. of course, it was Saturday afternoon. But the sounds of laughing children were about as rare as a steak.

In other words, even the kids didn't like the movie.

So what goes on? The chipmunks hurt their owner while performing some van halen (rock on) in high pitched tones. so then they have to stay with their grandmother (who also gets hurt) so then they have to stay with toby, who's only care is video gaming. To curb their time, the chipmunks have to go to school. they find their place in school with the singing competition. if they fail, the school's music classes and club will no longer exist.

Meanwhile, the arsehole Ian wants vengeance. He finds it in the form of 3 girl chipmunks, called the chipettes. but the chipettes are perfect matches for the chipmunks. this is shown when they meet, along to the song "I wanna know what love is" (rock on).

The only memorable funny part at which i really didn't have to try to laugh at was when one of the chipmunks broke the TV with the Wii remote. That has become an internet sensation, when some idiot kid doesn't put on the remote strap and throws the remote into the TV.

If you hadn't guessed already, the soundtrack is the only good thing about the movie. but anyone can make a good soundtrack.

I recommend that you don't watch this all. Not even a rental.
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Great fun for the kids
LincsUK21 December 2009
I watched this movie this afternoon and although the humour wasn't particularly suited to my tastes it certainly made my 5 year old laugh (aswell as the other kids in the audience).

In comparison to the first movie I certainly wouldn't say it was better, it was, however... almost as good. Animaton was spot on, humour was good (not too over done), music choice, like in the first movie was excellent.

If you want to put a smile on your kids face this Christmas then you could do a lot worse than Alvin & The Chipmunks.

It's worth remembering when commenting on this type of movie that it's a kids film, targeted at an immature audience.

Overall, for amusement I would give it 7/10, my 5 year old 10/10
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By far the worst one
peelboy10008 November 2014
I've seen the first one and its okay. I chuckled a few times and it was entertaining and cute. I've seen the third one and its not that great. But not bad. It was watchable and entertaining. But this one flat out sucks. Its not funny, its dumb, its not even entertaining. The chipmunks go to high school? Ya high school. Makes no sense right. And the whole movie they just try to save the schools music program against the girl chipmunks. Which were really annoying. The characters suck, its unfunny (didn't laugh once), there's a bunch of stupid cameos that kids wouldn't understand, and is by far the worst of the three. Watch the other two, there fine. But this one sucks.
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What did you expect?
kirk-24627 December 2009
Given the really low rating on this website, I just have to use the word "Honestly" when I say that I honestly enjoyed this movie.I even liked it more than the first.I really don't know what you were supposed to expect from this movie.If you were expecting a great family movie like "Up", then I guess I can see why you were disappointed with the film.But I wasn't disappointed.I thought it was funny, cute, entertaining, and pure fun.It's no masterpiece by any standards, but it is NOT a bad film in any way.The acting isn't great, but it's decent.David Cross also makes a very funny performance this time around.You also have to admit that the CGI for the chipmunks isn't half bad.I'm just at a loss of words at how underrated this movie is.I'm sorry for sounding like I'm repeating myself, but what in the world did you expect from this movie? Were you expecting something so good as if it were from Pixar Studios? Were you expecting something that paid homage to the cartoons.If so and you ended up hating this film, you really have some serious issues.
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Not terrible, but not very good
wwgrayii1 January 2010
Let's face it: "The Chipmunks" is a pretty thin premise. Once you get past the novelty of squeaky voiced animated rodents, there's really not much there. So this movie's straight-line, A to B to C story is a serious drawback.

Director Betty Thomas doesn't get a whole lot out of the cast (although, to be honest, I don't expect much in the way of high-caliber acting in movies like this), and the whole thing has a bit of a TV-movie feel, but the animation is rather good, and the film moves moves along at a pretty good clip, so even adults won't get too bored.

Certainly, for some reviewers, a film like this, in the final analysis, is perfectly acceptable, since it's "for kids," and thus the only thing that counts is whether it's "entertaining" on some basic level, regardless of its actual quality. That's a pretty common attitude toward kids' films, and one that really sells children short, as if they have no interest in character or story. They do, just like anyone else, albeit on a less sophisticated level than (most) adults. For example, I know that a lot of reviewers hated "Hotel for Dogs" but that film had an engaging story, well-drawn characters and a story that, while ultimately predictable, still held a few twists and turns. It wasn't particularly good, but it was better than this film.
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A Nutshell Review: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squekquel
DICK STEEL25 December 2009
I will not deny that I've grown up with the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon series on television, and had unabashedly enjoyed their very first cinematic outing way back in the year 2007, formulaic the storyline may be like an extended cartoon episode. That it had raked in enough cash meant a sequel wouldn't be far away, and the logical progression in terms of the introduction of new characters, translated to the ushering of The Chipettes, voiced by Christina Applegate, Amy Poehler and Anna Faris as Brittany, Eleanor and Jeanette respectively.

But the sequel suffered from having a rather half baked plot in trying to pit one set of chipmunks over the other, and complicated itself by trying to do too much in too little, having to write off their human guardian Dave (Jason Lee) to replace him with nephew Toby (Zachary Levi) who's about as plain as a piece of cardboard, and the very tired Alvin versus his brothers in an all for one and one for none subplot involving his association with the football jocks in search for a higher popularity.

Even the villain too was a repeat in having Ian (David Cross) make a comeback, in trying to exploit the Chipettes for his comeback after falling from grace in the first film, without the clunky corporate executive being corrupted by greed and money stemming from good intentions. Here he's manipulative in a child-like fashion through and through, and you can see his grand plot from a mile away when he tries to isolate one of the Chipettes whom he thinks will be a better solo artist at the expense of the rest.

So it's a revisit of the same old themes of family togetherness over friends, or over careers, which got repeated twice for the different triplets. And it's either me, or somehow having the chipmunks all sounding alike (despite having a different voice cast) got to me this time round. The redeeming grace of having them sing and dance to contemporary pop tunes also took a nose dive here, having the number of performances got reduced, and of course the novelty of having such songs "munked" have lost their lustre.

However, having it released during this festive period would mean that all will get forgiven, and children will once again be thrilled by the all singing, all dancing chipmunks welcoming the festive cheer. There's a coda at the end of the film as well, so don't just head out the cinema once the credits start to roll.
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Seek out the Squeakquel, do, all who desire a fun family flick
inkblot1129 December 2009
The darling chipmunks are back and continue their careers as rock singers! While performing on stage, however, Alvin accidentally causes his "dad", David Seville (Jason Lee) to have a major accident. Soon Dave is in traction at the local hospital and has called his aunt to care for A, Simon, and Theodore. But, she, too, has a pratfall at the airport and so her grandson, Toby (Zachary Levi), ends up watching the singing rodents. Toby, however, is very young and although he tries hard, keeping up with the chipmunks is difficult. For starters, the chipmunks now attend the local high school, where the girls are gaga for them and the boys are miffed that they aren't getting as much attention. Most importantly, the school's music department needs money so the principal (Wendie Malick) has signed the performing chipmunks up for a "battle of the high school bands". Meanwhile, former manager Ian (David Cross) is near-homeless and living next to the music studio where he was once employed. One day, three little GAL chipmunks (voiced by Christina Applegate, Amy Poehler, and Anna Faris) arrive especially to see him, for they can sing and they are hoping to be his new act. Ho, ho, perhaps this is the way for Ian to get back to the top of the biz. Learning about the band battle, he enrolls the female chipmunks at the same high school and insists on that they join the musical competition. What will be the result? This is another winner in the family flick category. The chipmunks are darling and, what a nice turn, we now have the Chipettes, too, those lovable female chipmunks. All of the actors voicing the cute critters do a very nice job. Lee, unfortunately, has very little screen time but Cross, Malick, and all of the others do a fine job. The story, musical numbers, and direction are all great while the wonderful animation is a huge asset, for the chipmunks really are something special to behold. One minor criticism, however, is that the high school students practice "swirlies", that is, dunking kids and chipmunks, headfirst, into the toilet. This cruel practice could have been left out. But, all in all, do seek out the Squeakquel, it is fun, fun, and more fun.
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Funny and cute
jwtrout2 January 2010
Went tonight with the whole family. Laughed quite a lot and so did the kids. The inside jokes were pretty funny. It's a cute, little movie, cleaner than the first one as far as innuendos go. Kids will like it, parents will like that the kids like it and if you have the kind of sense of humor that I do, you will laugh, too!

When I read a review about a movie that is meant for teens and adults, I want to know whether it is ridiculous or worth seeing. When I read a review for a kids' movie, I want to know whether it is clean and funny and whether it can teach my kids a lesson or not. This movie WAS clean and funny and taught my kids once again the importance of family and keeping your word. Why can't that be enough? Why does a kids' movie have to have lots of substance? Why can't it just be cute and sweet,like the TV show was all those years ago? "We're the Chipmunks,C-H-I-P-M-U-N-K! We're the Chipmunks, guaranteed to brighten your day!" :-)
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ignore the bad reviews!!
mcmillanjj4 April 2010
This movie was great. My husband and I just watched it with our 3 year old and 18 month old and we all loved it! Our kids got up and danced during every song and actually sat and watched the movie. My youngest actually climbed up onto our entertainment center to watch it and got really excited and our oldest kept yelling at her to move so he could watch...they were both very much entertained. It was very cute and quite funny. There was nothing wrong with the story line whatsoever. There was a lot of creativeness and humor that had my husband and I laughing. Anyone that didn't like this movie has no sense of humor at all. We only rented the movie but we are going to purchase it as soon as we can! Great movie for the whole family!!!!
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monarie11 January 2010
i am upset about all the negative response that this movie is receiving, just because it doesn't have a murder, or rape, or sex people don't like it. that is not the kind of movie this was meant to be it was funny, lovable and cute. I love the chipmunks, if you watch them, you might learn a little about animals. animals a very smart, and they are cute. I love each and every one of them. I have worn out 2 DVDs of Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. love this movie also can't wait for it to come out in DVD so i can wear out 2 of these DVDs. i didn't really care for Toby he was kinda a flake, but then what can you do in the hospital.
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A fun movie that the kids will enjoy.
zactac9 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie was alright, but The Squeakquel is better in many ways than the first. For the Squeakquel it has songs, laughs, and brand new competition for Alvin and his brothers.

It is already obvious from the previews that the Chipettes are making their debut in the Squeakquel. The way they debut brings back an old enemy of Alvin and his brothers. Ian comes back to cause more trouble. Lying to the Chipettes, putting them up against Alvin and the Chipmunks, and trying to put an end to the Chipmunks singing career once and for all. So now the Chipmunks are going to school and they must compete against the Chipettes for the spot of representing their school in a charity competition so that they can save the school's music program. As Alvin learns that he must choose between his brothers or being the number one star with no one else there to take the spotlight from him.

Many new things happen in this movie, bringing new material to build on a sequel that can be pretty good now that everyone has been introduced to the movies. While the movie is enjoyable it seems that children may get more from it than adults would. In the end it is a fun little comedy and musical that a lot of people could enjoy.
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Remember, This is a Kids Movie
mandiking2329 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I read a bunch of the review before writing my own and am sad too hear what people have said. Especially considering this is a kids movie and mine loved it! Okay, so it was not as good as the original, but how many sequels are?

I took my kids to see this Christmas Eve. I thought it would be a nice way to start the holiday. I have a 7 year old son, and my daughter is almost 2. They both had a blast! My 2 year old had fallen asleep on the way to the theatre, but it didn't make her upset to wake up in a movie theatre minutes later, she thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie.

I thought the writers did a great job at making a movie so similar to the TV show on when I was a kid, with only minor differences. It may have been obvious to me what was going to happen, but all the kids were really sitting there wondering "what's next". That's all we can really ask for. As for me, I found it was a great way to spend Christmas Eve with my family.
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Better than The Dark Knight we need more movies like this..
yeelir18 March 2016
To start me off we have some great sequels. Aliens, The Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and T-2. All those movies look like crap compared to Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Alvin and the Chipmunks was great, absolutely fantastic. BUT Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 might be better. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 features Jason Lee as Dave in yet another Oscar worthy role. Jason Lee has the amazing ability to show a great amount of emotion and just the power of acting. I'm very upset he will not be receiving an Oscar for the role of Dave. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 also best be taking home a visual effects Oscar, the visuals are amazing and the chipmunks look amazing. The writing for the film is also very well done. The dialogue fits in very well and just makes the film better than it already is. This movie might be better than the first one and should get Best Picture. What makes me upset is that the movie didn't even got nominated for Best Picture. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 is a great movie with wonderfully amazing acting, screenplay, visuals, directing, writing and just all around entertaining movie. I could go on with everything great about Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 because it is such an amazing movie. Alvin and the chipmunks is better than "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly." Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 gets an A+. I AM AN IDIOT AND MY REVIEW SUCKS IM ALSO LIAR. THANK YOU.
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