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  • In the small town of Stone Cove, Maine, deputy sheriff Dwayne Hopper is on the night shift at the police station. He discovers that one of the prisoners in the holding cell is Ronald Perkins, a local pharmacist and a suspect in the disappearance of 14 children over the past 10 years, including Hopper's young son. Interrogating Perkins, Hopper learns that the mad pharmacist has built an army of 14 people brainwashed through cult-like methods to protect him from Perkins' parents' killers. Investigating, Hopper and the police unwittingly unleash his followers on the small town, and a night of terror beings as the 14 super-strong, zombie-like warriors wreck havoc with only one thing on their mind: "Kill for Mr. Perkins."

  • In the resort town of Stone Cove, fourteen children have been missing for more than ten years. One of them is Kyle, the beloved son of Sheriff Dwayne Hopper who is obsessed to find out what happened to him. When pharmacist Ronald Perkins is arrested, Dwayne suspects that he might have abducted his son. He asks his pal Hal to go to Perkins' house to investigate. Hal goes to the basement and finds many cells, and accidentally he releases the creatures that are imprisoned. Hal is murdered and the creatures escape.


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  • Ten years after officer Dwayne Hoppers son disappeared, the last of 14 victims in a string of local unsolved disappearances, his suspicions are aroused by prison inmate Ronald Perkins (Richard Brake). Dwayne searches Perkins house and discovers a collection of torture videos featuring the missing victims from the past. In a fit of rage, Dwayne kills Perkins when he arrives home.

    But things get complicated when a wave of carnage suddenly sweeps the town, with reports of Dwaynes own son among the marauding psychopaths. A number of flashbacks start to reveal that Hopper's son was kidnapped from his home, wondering if his son is still alive. Earlier in the film, Hopper begins to question Perkins' motive on how he knows that Hopper has a family, namely his wife and daughter.

    After doing some digging on Perkins' file, Hopper comes to a horrible realization that Perkins kidnapped his son years ago. Hopper tries to help him, but arrived too late. Hopper then shows the file to Perkins, and tells him he doesn't have a family. He calls his deputy, Hal to cone down to the station to see if the man in the cell is the killer he had been looking for, but Hal becomes skeptical at this.

    He then looks through Perkins' personal belongings and realized that there is no record of Ronald Perkins' living in town. A friend of the judge tells him that they will have search warrant in the morning, but Hopper decides to call his deputy to look at Perkins' home and finds a backroom in the basement full of scientific equipment. Hal notices a cage with someone inside and gets attacked by a crazed woman. During their conversation, Perkins reveals that his own family was killed by a burglar to Hopper.

    Perkins tries to sympathize with Hopper for losing someone they loved. Meanwhile, Hopper's daughter is out with her friends, not knowing that they are being watched by someone close by. Daisy and her boyfriend run for their lives after two of their friends are murdered. Her father arrives just in time to save her, and shoots the suspect. To their shock, the suspect comes back to life and is run over. The chief of police decides to declare a state of emergency.

    Hopper finds out that his own son is still alive as he witnesses him killing someone in the street. Hopper's wife Janine is having an affair after her son disappeared. Daisy tells her father that Janine is at a motel with her boyfriend, whom she witnesses being beaten to death by a woman with a champagne bottle. A local holds Daisy's boyfriend, Eric at knife-point when he tells Hopper that everyone is dead. Hopper realizes that Perkins wanted to get revenge by taking 14 children with him.

    They arrive at the motel to find Janine safe and sound. Hopper then leads the killers into a fight, while Janine, Daisy, and Eric seek shelter at the police station to wait for help. A deputy and the others decide to find safety in the basement when they learn their inside. Eric is then ripped to pieces by the killers. Hopper then arrives with a shotgun and kills them. They start to hear Felicity, an animal rights activist, calling for help in one of the cells.

    Hopper also realizes that Perkins took the kids to make the townspeople suffer the way he suffered. Felicity hears a strange noise in the bathroom, where she is attacked and killed by someone hiding in the ceiling. The deputy realized that there is no way out. Hopper's son tries to attack him, but the deputy holds them at gunpoint, resulting in him getting shot dead by Hopper. Janine volunteers to get help, where Hopper promises to take care of Daisy, if anything should happen to her.

    Hopper and Daisy watch on the video monitor that the killers are planning an ambush, where they attack and kill Janine, much to their horror. Hopper tries to deal with the situation himself by not endangering Daisy. He then gives her a shotgun to protect herself. Hopper tries to reason with his son, "Kyle", while police sirens start to approach the station in the form of state trooper reinforcements. Hopper wants Kyle to remember his lost childhood, such as playing chess. But he fails to understand that Kyle is completely gone and he responds by killing Hopper by snapping his neck. Kyle then kills Daisy with a shotgun when he ignores his sister's pleas for mercy... thus leaving no survivors.

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