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Season 2

23 Sep. 2009
Gary Has a Dream
Gary decides to call up his old friend Curtis who works at a local radio station, and is thrilled that he is offered a job, thinking he is going to become the next sports newscaster.
30 Sep. 2009
Gary Promises Too Much
Gary makes a promise he can't keep to Louise when he tries to one-up Allison's rich new boyfriend (Ron Huebel) in gift giving.
7 Oct. 2009
Gary's Demo
Gary, desperate to become a radio sportscaster, tries to get Sasha to listen to his demo tape.
14 Oct. 2009
Gary Shoots Fish in a Barrel
When the guys decide to go on a "boys' night out," Gary is determined to prove he can handle a one night stand without getting attached.
21 Oct. 2009
Gary on the Air
When Vic gets arrested because of public indecency that cannot be detailed here, Gary gets his chance to host the show. But he doesn't want Allison to know. She, meanwhile, is bothered by why Tommy spends so much time in the bathroom.
4 Nov. 2009
Gary Tries to Do It All
Gary overextends himself when he tries to juggle two kids and two careers.
11 Nov. 2009
Gary and Allison's Friend
Allison is jilted when her new "friend," Sophia, prefers Gary's company over hers.
18 Nov. 2009
Gary Apologizes
Gary turns to Allison after he makes a disastrous attempt to prepare a fancy Thanksgiving feast for Sasha, Curtis, Jack and the kids.
25 Nov. 2009
Gary Keeps a Secret
When Gary lets Louise attend the popular girls party, he tries to keep it a secret from Allison. Meanwhile, Sasha contemplates having more than a working relationship with Gary.
9 Dec. 2009
Gary Gives Sasha His Full Attention
Gary tries to make an impression on Sasha with gifts, a movie and a dinner, but Allison has an emergency. Sasha says it's okay for Gary to leave from their date, but is it really? Tom and Louise get accepted into a party for the cool kids.
16 Dec. 2009
Gary Is a Boat Guy
When Melissa, the girl Tom likes, is impressed by another boy's family boat, Gary decides to help Tom by taking the teens on a trip on the yacht... of Allison's new boyfriend.
13 Jan. 2010
Gary Feels Tom Slipping Away
When Gary and Allison worry that Tom is hanging out with the wrong crowd at school, they take it upon themselves to probe into Tom's personal life. Meanwhile, Sasha flirts with professional surfer Laird Hamilton.
20 Jan. 2010
Gary Has to Choose
Now that Gary and Sasha have taken their relationship to the next level, Gary must decide whether or not putting his career on the line to date his boss is worth it. Meanwhile, Allison tries to teach Tom a lesson in responsibility.
10 Feb. 2010
Gary Lowers the Bar
After Sasha gives Gary an awesome Valentine's Day gift, he tries to outdo her by giving her the perfect gift. Meanwhile, Allison tries to bond with Tom and Louise.
3 Mar. 2010
Gary's Big Mouth
When Gary's plan to help Tom land a spot on the wrestling team backfires, he challenges the coach, a former high school nemesis, to a wrestling rematch in an attempt to settle their score.
10 Mar. 2010
Gary Tries to Find Something for Mitch
When Mitch returns home from overseas, Gary tries to help him figure out what he'll do for a living.
17 Mar. 2010
Gary Unmarried?
When Gary finds out that he and Allison's divorce papers were never filed, he uses the information to manipulate her into giving him his stuff back. Meanwhile, Allison's sister Rachael comes to town and gives Mitch a makeover.

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