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Scarlett Johansson: Natalie Rushman, Natasha Romanoff



  • Natalie Rushman : I'm surprised you can keep your mouth shut.

    Tony Stark : God, you're good. You are mind-blowingly close to this. How do you do it? You're a triple impostor, I've never seen anything like it. Is there anything real about you? Do you even speak Latin?

    Natalie Rushman : Fallaces sunt rerum species.

    Tony Stark : Which means? Wait, what did you just say?

    Natalie Rushman : It means you can either drive yourself home or I can have you collected.

  • [Natalie Rushman walks in dressed as the Black Widow] 

    Tony Stark : Huh! You're... fired.

    Natasha Romanoff : That's not up to you.

  • Nick Fury : You've been very busy. You made your girl your CEO, you're giving away all your stuff. You let your friend fly away with your suit. Now, if I know better...

    Tony Stark : [interrupts]  You don't know better. I didn't give it to him. He took it.

    Nick Fury : Whoa, whoa, whoa. He took it? You're Iron Man and he just took it? The little brother walked in there, kicked your ass and took your suit? Is that possible?

    Natasha Romanoff : Well, according to Mr. Stark's database security guidelines, there are redundancies to prevent unauthorized usage.

    Tony Stark : What do you want from me?

    Nick Fury : What do we want from you? Uh-uh. What do you want from me? You have become a problem, a problem I have to deal with. Contrary to your belief, you are not the center of my universe. I have bigger problems in the southwest region to deal with. Hit him!

    [Natalia injects Tony in his neck] 

    Tony Stark : [groans]  Oh God, are you gonna steal my kidney and sell it? Could you please not do anything awful for five seconds? What did she just do to me?

    Nick Fury : What did we just do *for* you? That's lithium dioxide. It's gonna take the edge off. We're trying to get you back to work.

    Tony Stark : Give me a couple boxes of that. I'll be right as rain.

    Natasha Romanoff : It's not a cure, it just abates the symptoms.

    Nick Fury : Doesn't look like it's gonna be an easy fix.

  • Natalie Rushman : Well done with the new chest piece. I'm reading significantly higher output and your vitals all look promising.

    Tony Stark : Yes, for the moment, I'm not dying. Thank you.

    Pepper Potts : [overhears]  What do you mean you're not dying? Did you just say you're dying?

    Tony Stark : Is that you? No, I'm not. Not anymore.

    Pepper Potts : What's going on?

    Tony Stark : I was going to tell you, I didn't want you to alarm you

    Pepper Potts : [interrupts]  You were going to tell me? You really were dying?

    Tony Stark : You didn't let me.

    Pepper Potts : Why didn't you tell me that?

    Tony Stark : I was going to make you an omelet and tell you.

    Natalie Rushman : Hey, hey. Save it for the honeymoon. You got incoming, Tony. Looks like the fight's coming to you.

    Tony Stark : Great. Pepper?

    Pepper Potts : Are you okay now?

    Tony Stark : I'm fine. Don't be mad, I will formally apologize...

    Pepper Potts : I am mad!

    Tony Stark : ...when I'm not fending off a Hammeroid attack.

    Pepper Potts : Fine.

    Tony Stark : We could've been in Venice.

    Pepper Potts : Oh, please.

  • Tony Stark : How do you spell your name, Natalie?

    Natalie Rushman : R-U-S-H-M-A-N.

    Pepper Potts : What, are you Googling her now?

    Tony Stark : I thought I was ogling her?

  • Natalie Rushman : I'm going to enter the facility.

    [she begins to remove her dress, Happy stares at her and dodges a car] 

    Natalie Rushman : Eyes on the road.

  • Tony Stark : What's on the docket?

    Natalie Rushman : You have a 9:30 dinner.

    Tony Stark : Perfect. I'll be there at 11.

  • Tony Stark : Can I ask you something personal? If this was the last birthday party you were going to have, what would you do?

    Natalie Rushman : I would do whatever I wanted to do, with whomever I wanted to do it with.

    [cut to Stark dancing around drunkenly in Iron Man suit] 

  • Natalie Rushman : Will that be all, Mr, Stark?

    Tony Stark , Pepper Potts : No...

    [Pepper talking over Tony] 

    Pepper Potts : Yes. Yes, that will be all, Ms. Rushman.

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