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Anna Paquin: Sookie Stackhouse



  • Pam : [handing Sookie a leather outfit]  Put these on.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Oh, thank you. But I-I'm fine really. I'm just gonna dry out my hair and be on my way.

    Pam : You're not going anywhere. Eric and your boyfriend aren't nearly done talking just yet.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Is... Bill is some kind of trouble?

    Pam : That's for the boys to figure out. Right now, what you need to do is change out of your clothes. There's vampire in your clevage.

    Sookie Stackhouse : [looks down and gasps]  Okay. Eeww!

    Pam : Allow me.

    [takes the bloody piece out] 

    Sookie Stackhouse : Thank you.

    Pam : I'm beginnin' to understand the fuss everyone's makin' over you.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : [worried]  So, you're not in any trouble?

    Bill Compton : A simple slap on the wrist. That's all.

    Sookie Stackhouse : You swear? Because Pam made it sound...

    Bill Compton : Pam was turned almost a hundred years ago, and yet somehow still behaves as though every day were Halloween. She's all drama and theatrics. I assure you, everything's going to be fine.

  • Bill Compton : [in bed with Sookie after finding the cat dead]  Aren't you tired?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Everytime I close my eyes, I see her face.

    Bill Compton : Your cat?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Gran. But now that you mention it, Tina's in there too.

    Bill Compton : You do know that I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. That I am here for you, to protect you.

    Sookie Stackhouse : What if I don't wanna need to be protected? What if wanting to be protected makes me feel like the helpless little girl I used to be all over again?

    Bill Compton : Sookie... all of the things that you need to be protected from, all of the trouble you're in, you are in because of me. So, you needing to be protected has nothing to do with you or who you are. All of it is my fault. So why don't you just go to sleep and let me be the one to worry about it.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Bill, all the trouble I'm in, it's mine. I chose it. I chose it when I chose you.

    Bill Compton : Yes, but...

    Sookie Stackhouse : Don't you think I wanna blame somebody else? But what happened to my Gran, and now to poor Tina, it's my fault. And it's sweet of you to try to take it on from me, but if I let you, I'd be so mad at you, I'd never be able to look at you again. And right now your face is just about the only thing getting me by. So why don't we just leave it on me, okay?

    Bill Compton : [pause, accepting]  Very well.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Night Bill.

  • Sookie Stackhouse : [very upset]  How 'bout I tell you what you can get for me, Andy Bellefleur. I'd love to have who ever's killing off my family's head on a platter! Think you could arrange that for me?

  • Amy Burley : [outside the bar]  Hey you. Listen, you alright?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Sometimes I wish I smoked, you know, so you could sneak outside without anybody knowing something's wrong with you.

    Amy Burley : [understanding]  Okay. I'm really sorry about your cat.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Maybe I shouldn't have come in today.

    Amy Burley : Yeah, I was gonna say why did you?

    Sookie Stackhouse : I don't know. Maybe 'cause lately it seems like if I called in sick everytime somebody I loved got mudered, I'd never make it in for a single day of work.

    Amy Burley : Well, don't you think Sam would understand?

    Sookie Stackhouse : I guess. But if I went home, what would you do?

    Amy Burley : Me? What's it got to do with me?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Well, with Arlene doing nothin but showin' off her ring to anybody who will look at it, you'd be the only one waiting tables.

    Amy Burley : Yeah, she's gonna be a handful, that one.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Can you imagine what she was like the first time she got married? What about you? You ever been married?

    Amy Burley : Is this the part where the sister asks what the girl's intentions are with her brother?

    Sookie Stackhouse : Hm-mm. 'Cause right now I am all about protecting Jason.

    Amy Burley : He misses you, Sookie.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Right.

    Amy Burley : No, he does. I mean, between your grandma passing and then what happened afterwords with you.

    Sookie Stackhouse : He told you about that?

    Amy Burley : He couldn't not. I mean, he's a mess about it.

    Sookie Stackhouse : Well you wouldn't know it.

    Amy Burley : Look, I know what you must think of him, and I get why you're mad at him, I do. But he loves you. You still got people around you who love you. And all I can hope is that maybe one day I can be counted in among those people.

    Sookie Stackhouse : [pauses]  You are way too good for him. You know that, right?

    Amy Burley : [almost laughing]  Of course, I know that. I'm not stupid.

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