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Season 1

Episode #1.1
"Jack London used the breadth of his experience--as a seaman, oyster pirate, and gold prospector--to write one of world's greatest bestselling adventures. Now, his unique tale of psychological warfare on the roiling waters of the Pacific becomes one of the greatest entertainments of the year... He is tyrannical, brutal, and notorious. He is Captain Wolf Larsen (Sebastian Koch, The Lives of Others), the infamous Sea Wolf, who rules the crew of his seal-hunting schooner, the Ghost, with an unyielding iron fist. While on the high seas, he takes on castaway Humphrey Van ...
Episode #1.2
Maud is rescued in her boat by Wolf Larsen's ship. Humphrey warns her to keep their relationship secret for the sadist. When the ship passes by Leach and Johnson's boat, Wolf orders it rammed, promises 'not to lay a finger upon them' and simply leaves them, sinking with only one oar. They are picked up before the Ghost reaches the seal waters, but so does Death's steamer Macedonia. A bitter fights ensues, firing shots. Wolf's crew rebels,, defects and maroons Hump and Maud, Death blinds him but the current reunites the now enamored coupe and their tormentor for a grim...

 Season 1 

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