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Sex & Nudity

  • A central plot of the movie involves a love triangle between a young woman and two brothers.
  • Characters discuss and/or joke with each other about several sexual topics, including masturbation, infidelity, pornography, virginity, prostitution, beastiality, and promiscuity.
  • Young men are seen without shirts in several scenes. One young man is seen in a t-shirt and underwear as he puts pants on. None of these scenes are sexual.
  • Some teenagers watch pornography. The screen can't be seen but moaning can be heard.
  • A group of teenagers discuss sexual histories. Some admit to being virgins while others claim to have had sex before.
  • A group of teenagers drive to a secluded area where prostitutes are offering their services. The prostitutes are scantily clad and include cross-dressing men. One of the young men negotiates prices with a male prostitute dressed in drag before directing homophobic insults at him.
  • A man's buttocks is revealed when the dress he is wearing rides up.
  • A character walks in on his father kissing and fondling his secretary.
  • A paraplegic man is seen naked in the shower as his son helps bathe him. No nudity, only his upper body can be seen.
  • A young man and young woman make out with each other on a swing while their friends watch from the bushes without the couple knowing. The couple kiss and grope over clothing before proceeding to sex. The young man strips off his shirt and pulls his pants down. The woman removes her underwear from under her dress and straddles him. There is moaning and trusting. The man's bare chest can be seen throughout and the woman's buttocks and breast can also be seen briefly.
  • A group of men watch a young woman walking through the living room wearing a towel. The young woman's boyfriend follows her out of the room making trusting motions at the other men indicating that he intends to go have sex with her.
  • A young man confesses to his family that he impregnated a young woman (who only recently turned 18) that is not his fiancee. He wants to break his engagement and marry the pregnant woman. His father insists that his son should convince the girl to have an abortion and keep his promise to marry his fiancee. Young man's brother makes some crude jokes.
  • A young man walks in on his brother making out with a young woman to admonish the brother for cheating on his girlfriend. The young woman's breasts are seen briefly.
  • A young man praises the breasts of a past lover.
  • A young man jokingly suggests that a young woman could have a threesome with him and his brother.

Violence & Gore

  • A father physically disciplines a teenaged son.
  • A man is seen unconscious and slumped over the steering wheel of his car following a car accident. The man has cuts and blood on his face. Blood can also been seen on the windshield.
  • Two brothers scuffle following an argument.
  • Some mild scenes of war. A man is hit with the butt of a rifle. Two Israeli soldiers fight with each other during a mission. Soldiers carry guns in several scenes and guns are fired in one scene.


  • Some profanity is used throughout the movie, though much of it is mild in nature. In total there are about 50 words that some may find offensive, including swearing, language of a sexual nature, and mild insults (i.e. "idiot"). [Based on English subtitles]
  • Insulting terms are used in reference to people of certain races and sexual orientations in two or three scenes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Occasional drinking, never to excess.
  • Several characters are seen smoking in different scenes. In one scene they are smoking what appears to be marijuana though this is unclear.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man puts a gun into his mouth intending to kill himself but is interrupted before he completes the act.

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