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Pretty entertaining sequel
TheLittleSongbird4 August 2010
I am not going to lie and say this sequel is a masterpiece because it isn't for me. But I don't consider it a bad film, in fact I thought it was pretty entertaining. Comparing it to the first film, which I also liked even with its faults, I haven't completely made up my mind which I prefer, as both had their good and bad points that were either improved upon or diminished.

In terms, I'd say the sequel had the more eventful plot, that said there were occasions where there was too much going on, and both films admittedly had episodic story structures with some entertaining parts. While I liked the acting on the whole, two performances weren't quite there. One was Gemma Arterton, now I am not dismissing her as a bad actress because she isn't-see her in Tess of the D'Urbevilles she is brilliant there- it's just that she doesn't have much to do this time around. The other is I agree Sarah Harding, she looked pretty but her acting and facial expressions I felt were all wrong and to me her presence felt pointless.

In terms of scripting, there are some fun lines(this is interminable), as well as some very silly ones(Seriously, she'd snog a melon if you drew a mouth on it). There were also some good scenes(and plenty of anarchy between the schoolgirls), such as the one at the boy's school(my brother was an extra in this scene), the ruination of Romeo and Juliet, the sword fight between Geoffrey and Romeo and the search for the ring in the dark. The two scenes that didn't quite work so well were the ending, which felt rather abrupt, and the part where Annabelle is in the school infirmary in exorcist fashion, which came across as a little too silly for my taste.

St Trinians 2 is nice to look at, it isn't high art, but the buildings are imposing and it was nice to see London again. The music is delightful, and the direction is decent. Apart from Harding and Arterton to a lesser degree, the other performances are fine. Rupert Everett is a lot of fun to watch, while Colin Firth has more to do this time around and is wonderful. Tululah Riley gives a nice account of herself as well, as does Toby Jones, while David Tennant makes for an excellent if somewhat hammy villain of the piece.

Overall, no masterpiece but it was at least watchable. It keeps reasonably to the somewhat chaotic tone of the first film, and while the plot was a little busy in places and there were moments of stale laughs or acting, I enjoyed it. 6/10 Bethany Cox
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Not bad; a good laugh
A-Clockwork-Bobbin23 December 2009
It's really hard to rate St Trinian's 2. On the one hand, it is lively, sharp, and amusing, but on the other hand, the plot is a little disappointing. The film itself borders on the 'absolutely surreal' (mind you, it's a bit ironic to claim this against St Trinian's school, eh??), which somehow, I thought, made it a bit awkward to watch.

As ever, the stereotypes of teenage schoolgirls is strong, which adds to the overall enjoyment of the film, and as you can expect with your typical British comedy film, there are the odd pieces of play-on-words humour which you have to be quick to catch up on. Also watch out for references to famous films or other popular-culture references (you'll understand what I mean when you watch it).

(And before you ask: It's generally clean humour. No toilet humour/fart jokes.)

Thus, I give this a rating of 6/10, mainly because of its overall cleverness and entertainment value. Would I recommend it? Yes I would; it's about time a comedy film had real humour in it, even if it is masked in a very bizarre plot.
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silly franchise gets sillier
SnoopyStyle27 July 2015
Annabelle Fritton (Talulah Riley) is the new Head Girl of St Trinian's. Roxy (Sarah Harding) is the Rock Star new girl that every click wants. Sir Piers Pomfrey (David Tennant) hires Celia (Juno Temple) to steal a ring from the school library for £20,000. The girls find out and Annabelle counter offers £100,000. Pomfrey do not take it well. Her aunt headmistress Camilla Fritton (Rupert Everett) tells the girls that in 1598, her pirate ancestor stole a treasure from Pomfrey's ancestor. The ring is one of two which leads to the treasure. Pomfrey raids the school and steals the ring. Camilla seeks the help of disgraced politician ex-lover Geoffrey Thwaites (Colin Firth). The girls dress as boys to find the other ring. They call former Head Girl Kelly Jones (Gemma Arterton) to steal back their ring from Pomfrey's male chauvinistic secret society AD1.

It's a silly franchise that got even sillier. The problem is that it's more boring and less fun. The new girl is a dud. It turns into a rather boring caper movie. It tries to play up the girl power aspect by creating a cartoonish chauvinist secret society. It only serves to make a powerful message seemingly stupid. This franchise is never going to be Shakespeare but this is much worst. By the time they do a flash mob, all hopes are lost.
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Good if you are looking for a Laugh
annarrgh21 December 2009
i saw this today and as a part of its target audience, i would say that this has done a pretty good job. although, in my opinion it wasn't as good as the first film and does get a bit silly at times, it still had loads funny parts and was highly entertaining. I Particularly loved Chelsea, i loved how she had more of a chance to shine in this film more than in the other one and i loved Miss Fritton, again, she was a lot funnier in this film. I also loved Zoe the Emo's character, i thought she was a lot better and likable than the Emo from the last film. I think a lot of the reviews for this film have been unfair, its not supposed to be a clever, award-winning masterpiece, its supposed be a fun and light-hearted comedy which is what it has achieved very well. As long as its not taken seriously, St. Trinians 2 is a really good film.
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Absolutely loved it!
dickens-leanne19 December 2009
This is an absolute Christmas cracker. I think it is slicker and more polished than the first film, and Rupert Everett is even better this time around as the eponymous Miss Fritton. It is camp, witty and outrageous and full of classic one liners. The new girls are hilarious and Tamsin Edgerton who played Chelsea has proved that her future career lies in comedy. Yes It's movie/panto for the masses, but that's half of its charm. At a time when England is in the grip of mass unemployment and recession, this is the kind of family comedy that everyone can enjoy. I cannot believe all of the bad reviews. That said, the vast majority of them are written by men aged 35-60. Go figure! At least the filmmakers know their target audience, unlike the people who's job it is to criticise. I'm sure it will be as successful as the first film. Top marks class. No detention for anyone.
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Amiable updating
neil-47614 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The St Trinian's films of the 50s and 60s were a quintessential English oddity. They were broad comedies based on Ronald Searle's eccentric drawings of a girl's boarding school. This school operated on a quasi-criminal basis where you rooted for the girls because they weren't so much wicked as naughty, constantly seeking to get one over on authority, bigger criminals etc. They were not great works of art, they fitted their own niche and reflected their time.

Fritton's Gold is the second movie in the revived franchise, and it does much the same thing as its predecessors - it reflects the era in which it is made through a broad comedy about slightly delinquent schoolgirls. Rupert Everett reprises headmistress Miss Fritton in the tradition started by Alistair Sim of the headmistress being played by a man in drag and, like Sim, he also plays other family members. It is also pleasing to see Colin Firth, David Tennant and Toby Jones revelling in playing such broad and very British material.

There is a tolerable plot running through this, although I felt it went on a bit too long. The girls carry much of the movie, of course, and most of the key players get their own moments. I chuckled fairly constantly through most of it, and felt that it was a satisfactory updating of the fondly-remembered originals.

It is also worth pointing out that it is relatively lowly placed in the smut and bad language stakes.
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Somewhat disharmonious...
paul_haakonsen16 February 2011
Having liked the first St. Trinian's movie, I was looking forward to see this sequel. However, it was somewhat of a disappointment compared to the first movie.

You have the hilarious headmistress here again and of course the colorful and unique schoolgirls that we all know and love from the first movie. And this was what was working well for the movie. There is a lot of over-caricatured stereotypical archetypes in the movie, from the geeks to the emos and everything in between.

The story was in itself nice enough, having a good plot, but unfortunately it was delivered in a very chaotic and disorganized manner. It seemed like the producer wanted too much to be happening in every single shot. And the end result turned out to be confusing in sorts and very disharmonious. I, for one, didn't like the way this movie turned out. Had they cut down on it and simplified it, it would have worked so much better.

Also the movie was full of nice sets, costumes and props.The attention to detail in the movie was really cool. So hats off to those in charge of that.

"St. Trinians 2: The Legend of Frittons Gold" is labeled as comedy, but this is not the type of comedy that will make you roll around on the floor laughing. The humor in the movie is fast and witty, and you should be familiar with British slang and word-play to fully catch some of the lines here. And I am sure that teenagers will love this movie and take it to heart.
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sorry spoilers! I liked it
simon381822 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this today in an empty cinema - OK it was 9am showing in snowy Surrey - and i thought it was very good.

The plot was easy to follow. The acting and script were good and the ideas new and original for a sequel.

The girls are looking for the Frittons missing treasure that also Lord Pomfrey is looking for over a disputed ownership 400 odd years ago. A Simple plot with a lot of adventure, humour and thrill of the chase, Plenty of twists and turns. This isn't as some have described it as a Sarah Harding Show as she was more or less in the background most of the time with probably no more than a page of script.

Only down points. 1, couldn't keep the same cast as the first but then again its a school so pupils always leave and join. 2, (sorry spoiler) not enough of Gemma Arterton.

The start of the film with the mini is slightly predictable but hilarious all the same.

Watch it. I say its for any age.
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Funny, exciting, suspenseful, imaginative (and ultimately uplifting) romp.
geoffgee24 December 2009
Lots of things impressed me about this film. The incredibly imaginative plot takes the action into several widely varied settings, all of which I thought were painstakingly realised. The girls are a wonderfully diverse bunch and I liked the way in which, in spite of their differences, they make getting along with each other more important than their rivalries. The humour is plentiful and is nice and evenly spread over the entire film. For me the girls' comments amongst themselves provided some of the funniest moments, but there is also plenty of witty absurdity present throughout the suspenseful plot. Good use is also occasionally made of the background music (some of which I thought bore more than a passing resemblance to what I've heard in other films). In truth, I was never all that keen on early British comedies. However, I'm glad I didn't let that put me off seeing this as I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!
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Great Fun
cattydecatcat17 January 2010
I saw this with my mum and my younger sister, amazingly we were the only people in the cinema (I'd have thought more people would have wanted to see it). In comparison to the first one, I would say that this one is more child friendly (hence the PG certificate) there is less dark and sexually orientated humour. However i didn't find it as funny (personally). However I loved it, the script is funny and the plot is ridiculous and strangely unpredictable, it also has one dance routine at a train station, which I thought was ingenious (I know, that's sad). One slight problem though- not enough of Gemma Arterton- Never mind, hopefully they'll be another sequel with lots more of her in it.
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A Horrible Misfire
gary-44418 December 2010
The St Trinians stories are good ones. I feared the worst with the first remake, and was pleasantly surprised. I watched this second "reimagining" - and was very disappointed. So, what went wrong? Three things, Russell Brand was missing, Sarah Harding is not good enough to carry a female lead, and too much of the action was out of school.

I suspect that the budget was bigger for this one, but it was wasted off premises. The charm is "the school" in the broadest sense, and this was lost in a bizarre plot focusing on lost pirate treasure. No St Trinians story is complete without "Flash", yet he is missing. David Tennant is lost in the strangely written role of Lord Pomfrey, Rupert Everett and Colin Firth reprise their roles in the first film, but to much less effect.

Previously Stephen Fry was brought in to boost the final act- and it worked, together with Girls Aloud as the School Band. This time around there is no such imagination or stardust. To mess up what is fundamentally such a strong concept takes some doing – but that is exactly what Directors Oliver Parker and Barnaby Thompson do. Most damning for a comedy – it isn't funny.
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A ridiculous drivel
Gordon-1112 May 2010
This film is about a bunch of delinquent school girls hunting for the lost treasure of pirate Fritton 420 years ago.

The first "St Trinian's" was light hearted entertainment, but the same cannot be said of "St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold". It tries too hard to parody other films, such as "Home Alone" and "The Exorcist", that it becomes a disjointed and senseless wreck. As the film progresses it becomes more ridiculous and more unfunny. Despite the good portrayals of various characters with distinct personalities, the film fails to impress.

I normally enjoy comedies, and thought the first "St Trinian's" was good entertainment. It's a pity that "St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold" is a ridiculous drivel.
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Some big names in the cast. What were they at?
paudie28 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
With leading British actors such as Colin Firth, David Tennant and Toby Jones you'd expect a movie to be quite good, even if it does have St. Trinians in the title. However this isn't the case.

I didn't see the first modern remake. Perhaps it was a lot better but this movie is quite disappointing.

I wasn't expecting Shakespeare (though I did get some!) but basically it's not very funny, though there are a couple of good lines. The slapstick scenes aren't great. None of the characters are really appealing, the plot is very far fetched and there is a very annoying soundtrack. (OK, I'm getting old and grumpy – I admit it).

Perhaps I shouldn't be reviewing this movie at all as it is probably aimed at teenage girls who would love the idea of running wild in a boarding school while hanging around with Colin Firth and David Tennant. However the movie certainly didn't appeal to me.
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More anarchy from the girls of St. Trinian's
Tweekums9 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the first film half expecting a real turkey but ended up rather enjoying it so when this sequel aired decided to give it a go too. The makers have kept the same basic style so if you enjoyed the first film I'm sure you'll like this too and if you disliked it you might as well not bother watching this.

The film opens four hundred and twenty years ago as a ship loaded with treasure intended to be used to fund the overthrow of Queen Elizabeth the First; as the pirate makes off with the treasure its previous owner, Lord Pomfrey vows vengeance no matter how long it takes. Back in the present at St. Trinian's School for Girls one of the students has been offered £20,000 by a mystery man to acquire a ring that is hidden there. When the other girls find out they decide that he may be willing to pay more; new head girl Annabelle Fritton demands £100,000 but rather than pay that he mounds a commando style raid and despite the girls best efforts he gets the ring. Head Mistress Camilla Fritton tells the girls that according to legend the ring was one of a pair which when combined would give the location of the treasure stolen all those years before by Pirate Fritton! To get the treasure the girls will have to follow a series of clues to find the second ring and recover the first ring from the mystery man who was a descendant of Lord Pomfrey and like his ancestor part of a secret society devoted to keeping women in subservient positions.

The humour is similar to before with the girls taking on their adversaries in their own inimitable style. Most of the original cast return although sadly Gemma Arterton now has a much smaller role having left school and got a job with MI7. She has been replaced as head girl by Annabelle Fritton; once again played by Talulah Riley. Once again the various girls provide a good number of laughs as does new cast member David Tennant who does a fine job as Sir Piers Pomfrey. There are plenty of jokes that reference other films; the most obvious being a scene spoofing The Exorcist; it wasn't a bad joke but I wonder how many of this films target audience will have seen that film. I won't go into detail to avoid spoilers but the scene where they finally opened the treasure chest was a real surprise and gave me a good laugh.

Overall I'd say this is certainly one for fans of the previous film and while it isn't necessary to watch that first it is a good idea as it gives a better introduction to the characters.
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Girl power to the extreme
gemmampass31 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The girls at St Trinians School are a collection of the usual stereotypes found in modern day schools. They constantly are fighting among themselves over who's in the best crowd and causing trouble for not just there teachers but everyone they come into contact with. They soon uncover a hidden mystery in their school and begin there hunt to find some treasure. What they don't know is they will uncover one of history's biggest secrets.

The whole focus of this film is girl power and therefore if you're not a young girl you probably won't appreciate this film. It's an enjoyable film but the story line is completely unbelievable. In comparison to the first film it is much more child friendly but doesn't have any comedy aspects. You get what you would expect.

Whilst the storyline is a bit extreme the concept of different groups of people coming together for one reason is an inspiring one. The film is witty and the research which was conducted into usual school groups effectively carries the story forward.
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entertaining but silly
simonpcpearson17 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Not as good as St Trinian's 1 but still funny in places. The plot was a bit of a mess but I suppose that's the madcap world of st trinian's school.

David Tennant was an excellent baddie and Firth and Everett are on top form as the two lovers (it makes sense when you've seen it).

The only weak performances were Gemma Arterton- although that is the writing rather than the acting- and Sarah Harding. Harding is embarrassingly rubbish in every way. She cannot act, ruins every scene she is in and looks far too old to be a schoolgirl.

Despite the above criticisms this was worth a watch.
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the worst film I have ever encountered.
samhendo-sh22 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This, by far, the worst film I have ever ever seen. I cannot convey in words my dislike for this film. The plot is average to poor and this distininct averagness of the plot is destroyed by very bad acting across the board. Whatsmore, most of the film is hugely unrealistic and tghe plot (as we see when the school goes and gets weapons that have been hidden despite the whole school being in on it, including the staff) makes no sense whatsoever. This makes for the least enjoyable film ever, I wouldn't be paid to watch this godforsaken film. The one thing I could have possibly enjoyed about this film is rating this film a 0 on IMDb however, as I have found out, this is impossible. Unfortunately this has left me nothing good to say about this film and I can only tell anyone who isn't a six year old girl not to watch this film.
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Contemplated Suicide
james_hey13 January 2010
Was possibly the worst film i have ever seen, however was slightly less painful watching this film than sitting on a cactus (emphasis on the word slightly). The storyline was atrocious and yet the acting was even worse from the start to the end. The fact i had to pay for it made me feel like i had been robbed and violated. I was genuinely considering asking for a refund. I honestly can not think of any films which either irritated my gag reflex or made me want to gouge my eyes out with a rust spoon covered in chili sauce like this. The only reason why i didn't either walk out of the complex or fall asleep in the cinema was because my girlfriend would not let me. I would not recommend anyone to watch this film and certainly not pay to view it. However on the upside the film is crammed full of beautiful young ladies, even this was unsuccessful in keeping my attentions on the film due to the fact mentioned earlier the acting was of an incredibly low standard.
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Wasn't as bad as expected for a sequel
lorijs4 March 2011
On the positive side, this was a very funny film. This was made possible by the performances of Rupert Everett, Colin Firth and David Tennant. Everett's Miss Fritton was possibly even better than in the first outing. It's quite obvious all three are relishing their parts. Nothing at all serious here but they all play it up so well.

The downside is some of the plot was just a bit too far-fetched. I'm happy to suspend disbelief in a camp movie such as this but I do have my limits and they were definitely reached. I also found too much of the action in this film takes place outside of the school and you get far less of a feel for what the school is about than in the first one. So it's a lot harder to understand how the girls go from being in the various cliques with hostilities towards each other to working together for their school.

As sequels go, this was far more entertaining than I had expected but it could have been so much better.
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Anglophiles Only...
gregwein9 October 2019
A ridiculous romp through the clicks of high school via British Public school cliches. Silly, funny, Monty Python-esque humor, wrapped in hilarious misogynistic Jokes. So over the top that is beyond silly, and comes back to being funny again. If you don't want to think, you love British culture, and just feel like eating popcorn and being entertained for an hour, this is your movie!
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Excellent Sequel To The 2007 Film
samgrimes-476491 September 2019
The Sequel Is Just As Good As The 2007 Brilliant Film I Have Watched This Many Time Once Again Tamsin Egerton Shines As Chelsea and Gemma Arterton and Colin Firth Are Brilliant and Give Excellent Acting. It's Rated PG In The UK Unlike The First Film Which Is Rated 12 In The UK and 15 In Ireland. This Film Is Rated PG On Disk 1 In The UK and 12 In Ireland and Disk 2 Is Rated 12 In The UK and PG In Ireland. Brilliant Performances Acting
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St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold
jboothmillard21 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The first film with an all star cast and a couple up and coming young talents was reasonably good fun, I heard that this sequel was rated terribly by the critics, I was certainly willing to give it a chance anyway. Basically Annabelle Lealla Fritton (Talulah Riley), the Head Girl of St. Trinian's and niece of headmistress Miss Camilla Dagey Fritton (Rupert Everett) has found a valuable ring, and wealthy philanthropist Lord Piers Pomfrey (David Tennant) wants it for some reason. Miss Fritton explains that in 1598 it was stolen by Pomfrey's pirate ancestor by Fritton's ancestor, this ring is part of a hidden treasure, and they will be able to find it as long as they find the other ring double to put them together. The mischievous and unruly girls, including receptionist Beverly (Jodie Whittaker), the eco Celia (Juno Temple), posh totty Chelsea (Tamsin Egerton), rebellious rock star Roxy (Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding), rude girl Bianca (Fresh Meat's Zawe Ashton), emo Zoe (Montserrat Lombard) and the geek Lucy (Ella Smith), are rejoined by former Head Girl now MI7 agent Kelly Jones (Gemma Arterton), and former Education Minister Geoffrey Thwaites (Colin Firth), and Miss Fritton's former lover. Having followed all the clues they do in the end find the treasure, but it is not gold or other riches, it is the truth that William Shakespeare was the pseudonym of a woman, Pomfrey tries to steal this secret, but of course he caught by the police and the evidence is destroyed, and the everyone parties to celebrate. Also starring Toby Jones as Bursar, Celia Imrie as Matron, Katherine Parkinson as Physics Teacher and David Armand as Police Officer. There is not much I want to say about this film really, despite having good names in the cast the acting is worthless, even Everett in drag and Ashton being likeably gobby, the action sequences are ridiculous, the jokes did not make me laugh one bit, and the plot is ridiculous, it was just a crap comedy sequel I don't think the kids or any of the family should bother with. Poor!
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The girls are back, watch out!
Enchorde8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The girls from St. Trinians are back! This time they get a lead on a mythical treasure that an ancestor to Annabelle and Camilla stole and hid. But they need to get the two rings that together hold the answer to where the treasure is hidden. This is a perfect job for the girls at St. Trinians. And even better that the competition is a woman hating secret society headed by an heir to the captain that got robbed in the first place.

St. Trinians is an entertaining movie. There aren't many times where I was laughing out loud, but it got a subtle humor that draws a smile almost constantly. Rupert Everett is just great as the headmistress Camilla, and I sincerely hope that Talulah Riley finds her way into more prominent roles.

However, this being a sequel, I don't think the adventure or plot is up to the standard set by the first one. This time it seems more like a field trip more than an almost spy thing with a spectacular burglary like last time. It also lacks the presence of Gemma Aterton who only makes a short appearance. It is entertaining, but it is not as good as the first one.

As a last remark I wish Sarah Harding finds her way into to more acting. Her character held untapped potential.

I wonder if there will be a third St. Trinians. I wouldn't mind but then they must find more adventure in their next story.

6/10 Btw, why anyone would want to "translate" this to Kick Ass Girls 2 (as they had in Sweden for example) is both incomprehensible, ignorant and totally unfair to the St Trinians tradition. I protest!
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An absolute joy
r-hart7718 July 2011
It is wonderful to see British comedy such as this. To me this really hit the spot and was just what I needed to cheer myself up.

How can you go wrong with a cast such as this? Colin Firth, David Tennant and Rupert Everett all coming together with a cast of sensational young girls.

OK, the plot veers towards the ridiculous but what would you expect from this type of film? It is pure escapism performed to perfection.

I have been a fan of British comedy all my life and it is wonderful to know that the genre is still healthy and going strong.

Bring on St Trinians 3!

It would be wonderful at this time to see a revival of the old 'carry on' movies. Most of the cast of St Trinians would fit right in.

I watch movies to be entertained not necessarily educated. This movie certainly kept me entertained this evening.
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Legend? No.
georgia_cushion22 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I mean this film was OK but it was nowhere near as good as the first one. I found the first one hilarious and it still is one of my favorite films ever. This one however I wasn't too keen on. I mean the actors were again good, as they were in the first (but this time they also have a cameo from David Tennant!) but it didn't help that they had a mediocre story-line. It was good but not as memorable as the first one. Overall I would say that St. Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold, is an OK film with an OK story-line. I would rate this 7/10 and say that it is suitable for anyone 6+. If you are looking for a good film.. The first St. Trinians is worth a watch.
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