St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold (2009) Poster

Gabriella Wilde: Saffy


  • Bella : [the Posh Totties, Bella and Saffy are showing new girl Roxy to her bed; and she sees a group of girls dancing]  Oh, don't mind them. That's just the Flammables.

    [fire appears on the screen with the "Flammables: St Trinians group logo] 

    Roxy : [confused]  Why are they called "Flammables"?

    Saffy : Have you *seen* all that polyester? Last year, one of them took up smoking and *half* the school burnt down!

    [Saffy and Bella giggle to themselves] 

    Roxy : Oh.

  • Roxy : [carrying her bag to the beds]  Where do I sling my stuff?

    Saffy : Well, we can make up some room in our area, I suppose.

    Chelsea : [excited]  Yeah, you can so totally hang out with us!


    Chelsea : I mean, you know, if you wanted. Whatever.

    Zoe : Does she look like she'd want to hang out with a bunch of shallow, facile, peroxide-blonde turbo skanks?

    [the Emos' St Trinians logo appears on the screen; with creepy music] 

    Bella : You think she'd rather hang out with *you* and the sulky, sun-dodging Emos?

    [Chelsea and Saffy laugh, and the Posh Totties' St Trinians logo dings on the screen] 

  • Lucy : [the girls are in the headmasters' office in the boys' school; and they spot a gold ring hanging with the headmasters' portrait]  Look what he's wearing!

    Chelsea : Ah, so now, *you're* the Style Queen, are you?

    Saffy : Yeah, we're looking for a ring, not fashion tips.

    Lucy : But he's *wearing* a ring! Well, an earring, anyway.

    Chelsea , Saffy , Bella : [in unison]  Yeah. In a painting.

    [the Posh Totties put their fingers in and sizzle their fingers together] 

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