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It's a contemporary movie musical that makes you feel genuinely sky-high.
Chicago Tribune
It boasts a generous exuberance and, as entertainment products go, it's surprisingly sweet.
Step Up 3D isn't, in dramatic terms, a very good movie, but it's the first film in a while to use 3-D as more than a marketing ploy; it points toward an original way of making a musical.
Miami Herald
The actors, aside from Sevani, were clearly not cast for their mad acting skills.
The Hollywood Reporter
While several of the dance sequences admittedly pack a visual pop, the added dimension does the hokey scripting and some of the acting no favors by amplifying their already noticeable shortcomings.
This vapid street-dance soap opera boasts the series' flashiest moves and klutziest script yet, like a brilliant acrobat with a speech impediment; it's also one of the few 3D releases since "Avatar" to make compelling use of the format.
Sure, it's nifty enough to see dust particles swirling or hands swooshing at you, but mostly the 3-D muddles the invention and exquisiteness of the film's raison d'être: the dancing.
Orlando Sentinel
It's the same movie as the earlier "gotta dance" over-choreographed crunk-and-breakdance epics. Exactly the same.
Watching this movie in 3-D is very much like sticking one's head in a blender and hitting "pulse."
L.A. Weekly
Meant to take the scrappy and often ingeniously choreographed dance sequences to the next level, the result is stalled between floors: Some sick moves get even sicker; some become distorted and freakishly distracting.

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