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MPAA Rated R for strong crude sexual dialogue, sexuality, nudity and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • At the beginning a man is in a restaurant talking about how he "plays women's G spot like a Stradivarius" - he makes hand gestures.
  • A guy and girl are making out - she is in bra and knickers. Silouhettes of 2 people kissing in background. Next morning - one man is making breakfast and also watching a tape he made of him and a woman having sex. No nudity is seen - just his bare chest and her legs round his neck. Another woman joins them in her underwear and starts sucking the womans toes.
  • Feature of the film is a sex addict group - the discussions are very graphic.
  • Scene in a lapdance club. Several women are topless and dancing on poles. One them wiggles her breasts in the faces of the 2 men and puts her finger in one of their mouths.
  • In a cafe - a man is simulating masturbation on a baguette and then a woman has a discussion about her breasts and touches them (clothed) and jiggles them. The man then puts his face in the middle of them and then has to dash to the loo.
  • A man is in the vets - his dog wees in his lap. He gets up to get a tissue and begins wiping the wet patch. His back is to the door and as the vet walks in looks like he is giving himself a hand job.
  • The men watch a horse riding video and talk about the womens thighs and how it makes girls "wet and ready".
  • A prostitute is in theback of the van ready to "do business".
  • Tops that expose cleavage worn throughout.
  • A picture of a woman giving a man a blowjob is shown on a computer.
  • A woman describes what turns her on then asks the man to show her some magic. He touches her ear and she starts moaning in pleasure.
  • Talk of having sex on a plane.
  • Posters in a bathroom & living room show women in underwear and sexual positions.
  • A man and a woman start a strip routine provocative dance and cleavage but no nudity shown.
  • Passionate kissing between 2 main characters. Clothes are removed on the sofa but nothing further happens.
  • A man has his pants down but its behind a screen and they talk about the "mess".
  • A man sucks a womans toe.
  • A sex addict ties a man to the bed - she is in revealing lingerie - licks a lollipop and squirts cream onto the man. She climbs on top of him and then another woman walks in and catches them.
  • Videos of sexual encounters held on the computer. Andy opens one and it shows a man & woman kissing on the bed.
  • A scene with main character is pole dancing. Men try to stuff money in her bra. Another woman comes out topless

Violence & Gore

  • A man is threatened with a baseball bat. He hits the bin.
  • Man is punched and a woman cracks a bottle over his head.


  • Few uses of the word "dick/pussy". Use of the F word occurs.
  • The main charactor refers to time with women as "pussy time".
  • Andy joins a sex addict class (he follows a girl into the building and doesnt realise he is there for the class). His friend refers to the class as "better than pilates".
  • Use of "whore" "horny" "hooker" "cunt"
  • Discussions in sex addict group are quite graphic with references to erections and putting food sauces on vaginas.
  • Use if the words "vagina" and "anus".
  • In a cafe - a man is simulating mastubating on a baguette and then a woman has a discussion about her breasts and touches them (clothed) and jiggles them.
  • A woman uses the phrase "Ill kick you in the cunt"
  • The men watch a horse riding video and talk about the womens thighs and how it makes girls "wet and ready".
  • Back in cafe the waitress uses phrase "jizzed on a cookie".
  • A man in the sex addict class calls himself "Mr G spot" who lives in Pussy town and then describes everything he does with his tongue. The term "relish" is used as a sexual reference.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Ex boyfriend has a bottle of beer
  • Frat party and everyone is drinking through tubes.
  • Woman drinks a glass of wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man buys a 3 legged dog.
  • Confrontation between the ex boyfriend and new love interest.
  • Woman makes a call and is distressed - she has turned up for an audtion but has been locked in bathroom and the guys want her to strip.
  • Man is forcing a woman to pole dance

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