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  • The Hanged Man is the tale of six social misfits who meet on-line, and in a desperate attempt to escape their troubled pasts agree to gather in an abandoned barn to commit group suicide. But when the plan goes awry, the group discovers there just may be something to live for.


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  • A group of social misfits meet online in an Internet chat room and, at the urging of the mysterious leader, Dwarfstar, agree to gather at a remote, rural location to spend what will be the last night on earth together before committing Group Suicide.

    However, as each character arrives ready to embrace an 'easy solution', the reality of his/her impending act turns this "long night's journey into day" into a powerfully redemptive, life affirming experience.

    At times dramatic, hilarious and moving, this offbeat 'dramedy' continuously surprises with its unexpected plot twists and unique characters, giving the audience an entertaining look into the darker currents of contemporary American life.

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