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Sex & Nudity

    • Some scenes of light kissing.
    • A girl tells a guy in college that a girl in high school always wished to sleep with him.
    • A boy says that he made out with a girl he and his friend just passed by on the street.
    • There is a brief shot of a woman flashing her breasts at the camera in something a group of teenage boys are watching on television. A by rewinds it and they watch it again.
    • A teenage boy grabs a stack of "Pin-Up" magazines that has a photo of a bare-breasted on front. He heads away from the group of guys he is with into a private room, presumably to masturbate. Nothing is shown.
    • A teenage boy stares at a young woman who is cleaning a floor at a house as she is dressed in short shorts and a low cut shirt.
    • A stack of porn magazines fall on the floor when two girls pick up a stack of blankets. One of the girls says they belong to her "pervert" brother. A few non-explicit nude images are seen.
    • A teenage boy sits in a bathroom on the ground as he watches a teenage girl bathe. She is naked but nothing is seen. He asks her if he can kiss her, but she says no.
    • A written diary entry reveals that a girl wants to sleep with a guy who already has a girlfriend. She goes on to say that he made un of her Mickey Mouse panties. A girl who is secretly reading it writes in it "I can't help that I'm a SLUT!" to be mean to the girl.
    • A boy jokingly asks a girl if he can sleep in her sleeping bag with her. She returns to him and his friend, "you two can sleep in it together if you want."
    • A girl swims in a suit with a boy that her friend claims is naked, but he is not.
    • A college aged young man is hitting on girls who are freshmen in high school, but not in a malicious sexual manner.
    • Two teenagers breathe into each other's mouth in a brief embrace.
    • The joke term "menage a twin" is used. Also, a "twin blow job."
    • A girl asks a boy if he wants to sleep with her but he gets nervous and says "no."
    • We see a car rocking and a girl's bare foot sticking out of one of the windows.

Violence & Gore

    • Two girls get in a brief fistfight.
    • A boy sees cuts on another boy's wrist.


    • A middle finger is shot to a character.
    • "F**k" is said 8 times.
    • "Bulls**t" is said twice.
    • "S**t" is said twice.
    • "Pissed off" is said once.
    • "Bitch" is said 3 times.
    • "Dumbass" is said once.
    • "What the hell?" is said twice.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • A teenage girl swipes two beers from someone else's cooler at a pool.
    • A girl gives a boy a lighter and another boy asks her if she smokes. She tells him that a boy she used to like did, but not her.
    • Some scenes of teen smoking are shown.
    • Some marijuana is seen being poured out on a table.
    • Some teen drinking is seen.
    • A girl receives a bottle of vodka in a "drunken talent show."

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • There's a bit of a "gotcha" scene when two teenagers scare another two when they are in an embrace during a jocular seance.

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