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  • A caption states that it's the near future. In an office, an interrogator (never named) asks DSA (Digital Security Agency, a part of the futuristic Department of Homeland Security) agent Cassandra Cray to tell him about the Enigma virus, which is apparently the name of a virus she uploaded to the Grid (an advanced version of the Internet.) She shakes her head in amusement, and the interrogator asks her to take him through the events that led up to it. Cray begins by stating that she and Newborn (her nickname for her partner, Michael Born) were following rumors of a supervirus being smuggled into the US from the Kazakh Collective. The virus was almost legendary, but if it did exist, it would be imperative that the agents get it.

    Narrating over shots of a futuristic city at night, Cray explains that Enigma supposedly came into the country through the skinsim network (which deals in black market pornographic virtual reality simulation chips.) She and Born were familiar with the sim-shop in question, and so prepared for a fight. They load and check their weaponry and electronics before stepping out of their car and walking down an alley to the shops back door. They kick it in

    The interrogator interrupts, asking about the source of the rumors that led Cray and Born to the shop. She claims that it came from an informant, but he can't find any record of a payment made to an informant. She replies that the informant wasn't paid with money.

    Flashback to Cray walking past a line-up to get into a club, with the bouncer letting her in. Once inside, she walks up to a table where her informant, Anderson, is sitting and kissing a girl, named Blair. Cray sits down and gets his attention. After insulting both of them, and being threatened by Blair, Cray asks him what he wanted. He tells her about some illicit organ-snatching, but she's not interested as the persons responsible have already been arrested. Anderson then starts to tell her about the super-virus. Cray becomes interested, but suggests that they shouldn't talk about it in the club.

    Back at her place, Cray is thrown face-first onto her bed as Anderson and Blair strip off her clothes. Without preliminaries, Anderson begins to have sex with Cray while Blair watches and also penetrates Cray's vagina and anus with her fingers as Anderson does so with his erection. Blair eventually permits Cray to perform oral sex on her as well, and performs oral sex on Anderson while having oral sex performed on her by Cray. Anderson then has sex with Blair while letting Cray perform oral sex on him. Anderson has more anal sex with Cray and Blair. After a dissolve, Blair is wearing a strap-on dildo and Cray has sex with her for a while, before Anderson starts having anal sex with Cray at the same time. Blair continues to use the strap-on dildo to have sex with Cray, as Anderson has Cray perform oral sex on him while he handcuffs Cray to her bed. He then has anal sex with Blair while she's using the strap-on dildo to have sex with Cray. After the climax of the sex acts, Cray (still handcuffed to her bed) reminds Anderson not to forget to pick up his chips as he and Blair leave.

    Back in the office, the interrogator asks Cray if she paid them in black-market sims. She confirms that she did so, apparently leaving the rest to his imagination. He asks her if she's in the habit of keeping black market sims in her house, and she replies that the legal ones arent interesting to her. The interrogator looks unhappy, and asks her when she told her partner about the tip.

    The morning after her encounter with Anderson and Blair, Born arrives at Cray's door and speaks to her through an intercom. She tells him to come up, as the door is open. Once inside, he calls out to remind her that theyre late, and she tells him that she needs his help with something. Born heads up the stairs to her bedroom, where she's still naked and handcuffed to her bed. He gets the keys for her, and she sets herself free, gets up and gets dressed.

    That night, at the skin-shop before the raid, a woman walks past a number of people in trances experiencing virtual reality pornography. (She waves to and flashes her breasts at one of them; he doesn't react.) She then asks the proprietor, Jeff the Scarecrow, what he thinks of her performance on the chip that he's reviewing. He's very impressed with the rough job she just did, and gives her a chip in payment. Apparently, thats all that she wants, and she has made her way up from Tijuana following the chip doing less pleasant jobs along the way.

    At that moment, Born and Cray bust in the door with their guns out. Jeff the Scarecrow stays where he is while the woman runs for cover, pursued by Cray, who catches up to her and wrestles with her on the floor of the next room. The woman protests her innocence, and Cray threatens to shoot her if she says anything more. While Born collects evidence, Cray guides her prisoner in handcuffs through the room, taunting Born with the fact that she's captured a more attractive suspect than he has. Born shakes his head with a half-smile

    In the office, the interrogator asks Cray why she arrested the girl. Cray responds that she likes to chase people who run, and that she had a hunch that the girl was more than just another sim-whore. Going over the evidence records, the interrogator asks whether Cray viewed the sim that the prisoner had just made. Cray claims that she didn't bother to view it, but rather jacked in, experiencing it for herself.

    Flashing back to that night, Cray inserts the chip into a slot in the back of her neck, and begins to experience the chips contents as the woman that she arrested. She walks down a hallway wearing a trench-coat, and arrives in a room with a bed and five men waiting for her, one of whom has already taken his erection out of his pants and begun rubbing it. Under the trench-coat, the woman is wearing only crotchless lingerie and panty hose, and she begins to rub the visible erection, before exposing her breasts and the erection of another one of the men. The first man begins to have sex with her while she performs oral sex on the second, as the other three look on. She has oral sex, anal sex and regular sex with all of the men, usually two or three at a time. As the chip reaches its climax, Cray wakes up and is visibly aroused by what she's just experienced.

    In the office, the interrogator wonders aloud whether that chip actually made it into evidence, since both he and Cray are well aware of Cray's problems with them. Cray is evasive on the subject. The interrogator observes that Born thinks her problems date from the death of Adam McKenzie, Cray's previous partner. Cray gets angry that Born shared his opinions about her life with the interrogator. Pursuing this fruitful line of inquiry, the interrogator asks her for her opinions of Born. She tells him that she thinks that Born is incredibly naïve.

    In a flashback to their first meeting, Born is giving a lecture to a group of students. One of them asks why, if the DSA was intended to track down malicious software, they spend so much time pursuing the manufacturers of pornographic sims. Born gives the student an explanation that sexually-based sims target extremely fragile sections of the brain, making them dangerous in certain cases. Furthermore, since those who traffic in them are also involved in other criminal activities, it only makes sense to police all of it. He also states that any terrorist who really wants to attack the United States will do so through the Grid. Another student asks whether it's true that Born doesn't have a chip jack, and Born confirms that he prefers to examine sims at a distance rather than experiencing them himself. Furthermore, he believes that the experience of a sim is largely illusory. Cray arrives and mocks him for believing this, and suggests that the government really tries to regulate pornographic sims because they can make more money that way. Born asks her who she is, and she tells him that she's his new partner. He's not happy.

    In the office, the interrogator asks Cray about losing her partner. After some evasions, Cray finally discusses it. Another DSA agent implanted in a terrorist cell operating out of Iceland had her cover blown, and her capors decided to use her in sims before disposing of her. By the time Cray and McKenzie tracked her down, the agent had been completely broken by her experiences, sexually tortured in a variety of ways by a dom and a dominatrix.

    In a flashback to this torture, Cray and McKenzie arrive and have to observe it (as well as the sex acts performed by the dom and dominatrix on each other) for some time before the correct moment to charge in and rescue the captive agent. When they do so, however, the dom manages to covertly dose himself with a drug that allows him to move at superhuman speeds, and he attacks McKenzie, who drops his weapon. Cray hesitates before shooting the dom with her weapon on a taser-like setting, as doing so also shocks McKenzie. The dominatrix picks up McKenzies dropped weapon, and fires a lethal round at Cray, whose body armor takes most of the impact and who fires another taser-like shot at the dominatrix. Unfortunately, the dominatrix shoots another lethal round into McKenzie as she convulses. Cray calls for help as she collapses.

    Back in the office, Cray relates that McKenzie died of his injuries before she regained consciousness. The interrogator is confused by this, as he's not familiar with the weapons that the agents used. After insulting him, Cray explains the details of McKenzie's injuries in graphic detail. The interrogator then speculates that rather than feeling guilty about McKenzies death, what Cray really feels guilty about is the fact that she fantasizes about having been the captured, tortured agent. Cray doesn't have a snappy answer to that, and the interrogator returns to the woman captured in the raid on the sim-shop.

    In a flashback, Born is speaking to the captive, but not making any progress, and so he walks out of the interrogation room, which is being monitored by Cray and two other agents, Roberts and Blond. Roberts reveals that they havent been able to find any trace of their captive in any data base, which indicates that she's an avatar (a slang term for a very proficient computer hacker) who has hidden or destroyed all record of her existence. After playing back a recording of their entrance into the building, Cray realizes that the woman was handed a chip that they havent been able to find. She enters the interrogation room and, after complimenting the woman on her cleverness, she asks what they should call her. The woman says that they can call her Tesla, and that she wants a lawyer. Cray finds this amusing, as Tesla has already been declared an enemy combatant. Tesla denies knowing anything about any virus, and Cray tells her that she has one chance to do this the easy way, by giving up the chip. Tesla remains silent, so Cray leaves.

    Later, Cray watches as Tesla is taken into a medical examination room and scanned with no result. The female guard orders her to strip naked, which she does reluctantly. An x-ray of her naked body produces no result either. Held face down on the examination table, the examiner puts on a latex glove and searches Tesla's anal cavity and vagina, putting her gloved hand into both orifices up to the wrist. Tesla finds this painful but also apparently arousing, and keeps up a steady stream of insults towards Cray, whom she's guessed is watching. The examiner then searches Tesla's mouth with the gloved hand that just probed her anus, much to Tesla's disgust.

    In the office, the interrogator asks whether Cray enjoyed watching the procedure. Cray answers that she didn't.

    In a flashback, Cray bolts into a washroom stall, pulls down her pants, opens her skirt and begins masturbating from the arousal she felt from watching the procedure. She urinates as a result.

    In the office, the interrogator notes that Cray did find the chip, and asks how. She says that she worked it out at home that night.

    In a flashback, Cray is at home that night, drinking heavily and telling her image in the mirror that she hates her, asking why she can't figure it out, alternating between sobs and hysterical laughter. Finally, she strips down to her panties and puts in a chip.

    In the chip, three women are sitting on a rock in the middle of the desert, caressing each other. One of them produces something from a concealed patch on her stomach, and feeds it to the other two, and they proceed to perform sex acts on each other. One of them urinates on the others.

    In the office, the interrogator interrupts to ask Cray who she is when she's jacked into the chips, since one can apparently experience all the various points of view of the participants. Cray states that she's always the whore. The interrogator indicates that he understands, but Cray states that he doesn't. She wasn't abused or molested as a child, she didn't become kinky when McKenzie was killed. But she likes feeling helpless in the context of her fantasies. She wants to see if the interrogator has a jack on his neck. He admits that he does, but that he only uses it for his work, not for the purposes Cray does.

    Cray responds to this by standing up from her chair, and crawling across the interrogator's desk to sit in front of him, exposing the fact that she's not wearing panties. He protests that this is inappropriate. As she begins to masturbate, she describes some of her fantasies, stating that inappropriate is what she enjoys. She forces the interrogator to perform oral sex on her

    But apparently that was just a fantasy, though whose fantasy is not really made clear. The interrogator reminds Cray that not everyone has a chip-jack, such as Born. She speaks dismissively of Newborn again. The interrogator offers to tell her a story.

    In a flashback, Born is having dinner with his girlfriend, BATF agent Alana Turing. It's been some time since they last saw each other, as theyve both been working hard. Turing feels that her work with the BATF is far more important and dangerous than what Born does with the DSA, while he, somewhat predictably, disagrees. He also reflects on his past with the tongs. It's all friendly until Born says that Alana is starting to remind him of Cray. This upsets her, as Alana thinks Cray is a dangerous burn-out. Born stands up for his partner, saying that despite her issues, she's the best agent he's ever worked with. Alana becomes suspicious that Born wants to have sex with Cray, which he finds amusing.

    In the office, Cray finds it hard to believe that Born stood up for her like that, or that he meant it. The interrogator, to whom Born told all this in a session, indicates that his instruments indicated that Born really does think Cray is the best. Cray dismisses this, as she's recently ruined Born's life.

    In a flashback, Cray returns to the lab to find Roberts still hard at work. She then goes into interrogation and tells Tesla to take off her clothes. Tesla reluctantly accedes. Cray explains that she knows where the chip is, that it is somewhere on Tesla's person in a scanner-shielded hidden patch (like the one possessed by the woman in Cray's earlier chip-dream.) Cray has a device that can render the chip completely useless, and threatens to use it if Tesla won't surrender it to her. Panicking, Tesla agrees to hand over the chip, and pulls it out of a pouch on her stomach. She insists that the chip doesn't contain a virus, but that she can't talk about it in the cell, or anywhere that isn't totally off the Grid. Cray indicates that she doesn't believe her, and doesn't really care, before she leaves. Tesla continues to protest, even after Cray is long gone.

    Later, Born and Alana are lying in bed together, naked, kissing and caressing. He performs oral sex on her and then begins to have sex with her. After a few moments of this, she performs oral sex on him, before they resume sex in a different position. They also have anal sex in a number of positions. After climax, they continue to lie together, kissing and caressing.

    Sometime later, Born gets out of bed and says that he's going to get a drink, asking Alana if she wants some as well. Half-asleep, she indicates that she doesn't. Born heads downstairs after pulling on some boxers, and is startled to find Cray in the living room, who informs him that his security system is a joke. He asks her what she's doing here, and, when told that she needs his help, tells her that she needs to learn to respect other peoples boundaries. Alana, woken up by this, comes downstairs and is even less happy to find Cray there. Ordering Cray out of the house, Alana becomes angry when Born seems to be defending her again, and storms off. Cray makes a half-hearted apology to Born, and explains that she thought he might want to examine the super-virus.

    Examining the chips contents on his computer screen, Born is amazed. He doesn't have any idea what it contains; it's a program, but not a virus. Cray inserts the chip into her chipjack, over Born's protests. A flood of information streams past, and she goes into convulsions until Born yanks the chip out of the jack. She says that the experience was the closest thing to God she's ever felt; whatever it was, it's a lot bigger and a lot smarter than they are.

    In the office, the interrogator asks Cray why she did something so dangerous. She says that it was an act of faith. Faith in what? She doesn't know or won't say. The interrogator asks whether the chip contained Enigma, and she says that it did, but that Enigma wasn't a virus.

    In a flashback, Cray, Born and Roberts are all in the interrogation room with Tesla, who continues to maintain that she cannot talk about the chip here, but only somewhere completely off the Grid. Tesla figures out, from Cray's expression, that she has seen it. Cray asks her, tauntingly, if she's scared, and Tesla says that she is, and that if Cray isn't, she wasn't paying attention. Born asks her to explain it so that they can understand. Tesla says that she can't explain anything to him, as he's a non-scan (person without a chip-jack.) Taking a terminal that they brought into the cell with them, Tesla tells Cray to give her a map, and then shell put her in the picture. (This is a reference back to an earlier scene where Cray said that Born didn't understand the difference between looking at a picture, and being in one.)

    Cray and Tesla drive out into the desert, with Born following in a second car at a distance behind. Tesla tells Cray to shut down all of the cars electronics, and Cray reluctantly complies. Cray then demands to know what is on the chip. Tesla finally tells her that the chip contains a new life-form, a fully-realized artificial intelligence, living in a holographic matrix. Cray is incredulous, but Tesla reminds her that Cray touched it when she jacked in the chip, and so knows that Tesla is telling the truth. Cray asks her about the origins of the AI. After a hesitation, Tesla tells her about an avatar named Gagarin, who created an algorithm that would record his entire brain, and released the recording onto the Grid. However, something happened during the upload that caused the recording to be damaged and psychotic. Gagarin was killed in the process by some people that he was working with. Gagarin was Tesla's lover. The chip contains a program that will track down every trace of his recording and erase it from the grid, made from his algorithm. Cray reveals that she's left a radio link to Born on, and that he's been listening in, a fact which terrifies Tesla. Tesla claims that Gagarin's AI can access a program that monitors every single phone call made on the planet.

    Suddenly, theres a flash of light, and Cray discovers that the car won't start. Tesla states that the flash was a burst from an EMP satellite. After using a hardened terminal that Cray brought with her, Tesla determines that a second satellite, which will fire a microwave beam, will be in position over them in a matter of seconds. Cray manages to open the car doors manually, and they run for cover. Moments later, a brilliant beam of light causes the car to explode.

    In the office, the interrogator notes that theres no record of the satellite blasts that Cray has just described. Cray replies that since the existence of the satellites is strictly classified, she doesn't find that odd. The interrogator asks what happened next.

    Born has joined up with Cray and Tesla, as the EMP rendered his car useless as well. Cray pulls off the orange prison suit that Tesla's been wearing off, as it contains a dozen tags that can be used to track her. To cover herself, Tesla asks Born to give her his jacket. He does, and they set off, following Tesla's lead. She explains that the difference engine is out here. Born is familiar with the nineteenth century computer by that name, but Tesla explains that Gagarin also called his main terminal by that name. She can only use the chip at that location.

    They arrive at an old, abandoned motel, and decide to use it as a place to rest. Born uses one room, and Tesla and Cray use another. Tesla wonders how many people have died in their room, while Cray only hopes that they arent going to be the next ones. In his room, Born discovers that there is no running water. Cray asks Tesla why she worked so hard to find a chip that would let her essentially kill whats left of the man she loves. Tesla explains that she doesn't want Gagarin to continue as he is, in pain and causing technological disasters. Cray then asks why Tesla chose to work as a sim-whore while searching for the chip, and Tesla answers that she doesn't mind it, as the sex can sometimes be interesting. Besides, she doesn't view her existence as a creature of flesh to be as important as her life online. Cray is dismissive of this philosophy, claiming that the virtual world isn't real. Tesla points out that Cray spends a lot of time living vicariously through sim-whores like herself, and Cray says thats different, as she can feel things. Tesla offers to show her how and where she lives online. Cray doesn't want to, but decides to go for it when Tesla implies that she's afraid.

    They appear on a grid, dressed very differently. Tesla tells Cray to create some protection for herself, and summons up a suit of robotic body armor. Cray summons up some lighter protection, and they begin to spar. Tesla is able to block most of Cray's punches, and asks her if this is real enough for her. No matter what Cray tries, she's no match for Tesla's armored form. After one final, furious attack that doesn't work, Cray jacks out of the program. She slaps Tesla, claiming that this is real enough for her. They start to quarrel, overheard by Born, who wishes that they would just go to sleep.

    Later, Born wakes up and heads out of his room to see Cray and Tesla being dragged away, unconscious, by goons. He goes for his gun (which he foolishly left on the nightstand) and is hit with an injection from behind, which knocks him out.

    In a black and white sequence, Born (a private investigator) comes into his office to find his secretary, Rosalind, typing. She tells him that he has a potential client waiting to see him in the office, a woman named Brigid Hammett. Born sits behinds his desk, and he speaks with Brigid, who spins a story of a missing husband. He asks her if it's possible that her husband just left on his own, and she does the Sharon Stone maneuver before telling him that it's not possible. She can't go to the police, because it would be complicated, Born says that he's not sure what he can do for her, but she insists that he's the only investigator who can do it for her, as he's the best. He walks around to the other side of the desk, and begins kissing her.

    Brigid performs oral sex on Born. As he's pulling off her dress, Rosalind comes into the office, carrying an old-fashioned vibrator which she plugs into a wall socket and uses to masturbate while watching them. Born tells Rosalind to perform oral sex on Brigid, and she does while Brigid resumes oral sex on Born. Born has sex with Brigid while Rosalind watches and masturbates with the vibrator. Rosalind performs oral sex on Born, and then has sex with him, while Brigid watches and uses the vibrator. Born fingers Rosalinds anus while she performs oral sex on Brigid. Born has anal sex with Rosalind while Brigid puts her full hand into Rosalinds vagina. In a change of position, Born continues to have anal sex with Rosalind while the latter performs oral sex on Brigid. He then has anal sex with Brigid, and achieves climax.

    While Rosalind and Brigid are asleep on the couch, Born is seated behind his desk naked except for his hat. Cray walks into the room. In this sequence, she's his old partner from the police force, and smilingly invites him to come back to the police, as theres a very tough case she needs his help to solve. While this pleases him, he realizes that something isn't right. The scene begins to switch from black and white to color and back again

    Tesla is asleep on a mattress in a factory setting, naked except for a pair of panties. She wakes up and calls out for David, whos in the next room. The man indicates that he doesn't like being called by that name, and so she calls him by the one he prefers: Gagarin. He gets up from his computer and comes over to her. She tells him about the dream she had, about some kind of accident that he had. He holds her and caresses her, then starts to kiss her and rub her vagina. After pulling off her panties, he performs oral sex on her, then pulls off his own coveralls so that she can perform oral sex on him. Tesla and Gagarin have sex in a number of positions, and then anal sex as well. After climax, however, Tesla abruptly finds herself alone, looking up at Gagarin as he emotionlessly tells her that he has to go, and walks backwards away from her (as though he were videotaped walking forward, and then the videotape played in reverse). He seems deaf to her pleading with him to stay, only repeating that he's sorry, and goodbye

    A pair of doors open to reveal an infernal scene, where Cray, eight other women, and seven men are having an orgy that employs sadistic and bondage elements

    Then Cray wakes up to find that a goon is having sex with her while she's in a sim; his jostling has loosened the computer's connection to her jack. She takes a moment to consider her situation then hits the goon whos molesting her unconscious body, knocking him down and out, then gets up and fights with another goon (who had apparently taken a turn with her earlier.) He grabs a hook and tries to strike her with it, but she knocks it away from him, knocks him down, and improvises a garrote from a telephone cord to strangle him.

    Clad only in her bra and a pair of pants that she got somewhere, Cray sneaks out of her cell, only to be caught by a goon with a rifle. He points it at her and is about to shoot when Born runs up, knocks the goon to the floor and begins hitting him, repeatedly. Born only stops hitting him, his knuckles bloody, when Cray calls him by his first name for the only time in the movie. Born reveals that their captors have put a chip-jack into him, and that he feels as though he's been raped. Cray tells him that he doesn't. Calmer now, Born hands her his gun, and she walks back into the room where she was being held. Two shots ring out. She walks back, tells him that they have to find Tesla. As he walks down the corridor, another shot rings out from behind him, and Cray comes up beside him once again. (She's just shot all three of the goons, in other words.)

    Tesla is on her mattress, masturbating with a dildo. She can't seem to stop.

    Cray and Born move through the factory, with their guns out and ready. They open a door to find Tesla hooked up to a computer, and pull her out of it. Cray asks her if she still has the chip; she does. A corpse -- obviously Gagarin's -- is hooked up to a computer nearby. Tesla takes the headset off of it, and Cray and Born pull the corpse out of the chair. Tesla sits down and discovers that a satellite is moving into the correct position to fire a microwave burst at their location. She can upload the chips contents, but it will be close. She tells Cray and Born that they should leave while they can.

    Born has figured out that the contents of the chip won't kill Gagarin, but rather heal him. The AI on the chip is a perfected version of the algorithm that Gagarin created. Cray understands this, but thinks that they should let Tesla do it anyway. Tesla tells them that they need to go, as the chips contents will take too long to propagate. Cray tells her to come with them, but Tesla says that she's going home. Born urges Cray to come with him.

    Above, the satellite discharges.

    Tesla tells Gagarin how much she misses him.

    Everything goes white.

    In the office, the interrogator asks Cray if that's all there is. Cray says that's it. The interrogator was hoping for some evidence to rationalize her actions, but Cray tells him that it doesn't matter, as the whole world is different now. She gets up, and walks away, but pauses to ask the interrogator what he thinks about guardian angels. He doesn't think about them at all. She does, however, all the time.

    Cray comes out of the office to find Born waiting for her. He asks her if it was rough, and she says it was but she likes it like that. He tells her that she's twisted. Cray asks Born what snapped him out of his earlier chip-dream. He tells her that the version of her in the dream was too nice to him. She finds this funny, and goes with him to get something to eat.

    Back in the office, the interrogator starts to compose his report on Cray, stating that she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder with attendant psychological problems but before he can go any further, his computers display changes, telling him that in the interests of global security, the file on Enigma has been locked, priority override Tesla. It then tells him to have a nice day, before powering down. The interrogator looks up with a very apprehensive expression on his face

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