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Come for the wolf-girl, stay for the economics
Atled26 November 2012
In medieval Germany, a travelling merchant discovers a naked wolf-girl in his cart. Naturally, he decides to explain economic theory to her.

For months.

Allow me to be brief. Fans of anime who have discovered this anime because of its attractive protagonist will be both disappointed and delighted. Disappointed, perhaps, because every time the show's writers have to choose between showing the pretty wolf-girl and showing coins changing hands, they select the latter. Delighted, however, because the coins rapidly become the stars of the show - and after a few episodes, you'll be as big a fan of them as of Holo.

Leaping from one economics topic to another without a pause, Spice and Wolf dabbles in currency exchange, stock markets, coin purity, black markets, insider trading, loans, bargains and every manner of trade under the sun. And you'll barely notice the education. Being whisked along by Lawrence's Holmes-like reasoning on the whys and wherefores of each deal makes for a curious yet entrancing adventure, where most of the battles are in the mind. And with the wonderful interplay of the two leads offering a wonderful backdrop and developing storyline for the money to bounce off, it's an adventure you'd be mad to miss out on.

Absolutely recommended.
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A compelling tale of merchant and wolf.
kevinxirau1 March 2012
When I first learned about this series, I was naturally curious because there hasn't been anything like this before. Going into it, I was amazed of how well-made Spice and Wolf really is. Right from the first episode, this series left such an impact on me that it is difficult to describe the beauty of it and the direction the story went through.

So here's how it goes: Young merchant Kraft Lawrence goes from town to town selling products from wheat to furs. While going through the town of Pasloe, he encounters a mysterious being: Holo, the wolf-like deity of harvests in the form of an amazingly beautiful young woman. Together, these two go about traveling from town to town making intricate business deals, having witty and thoughtful conversations, and trying to avoid the attention of the Catholic Church that will like nothing more to destroy poor Holo. As the couple continue heading towards Holo's original homeland, both begin to develop fond feelings for each other.

Spice and Wolf is quite different from other anime I've seen. Character development is superb and the interactions between the characters are a load of fun to watch. The animation is top-notch and the music is incredibly compelling, suitable for certain scenes in the episodes. I am actually moved by all this and any series that can do that certainly deserves more than enough credit.

The two protagonists are the ones that make it all possible. Lawrence is very interesting as he is knowledgeable in the art of trading. He's also a guy you can count on to have your back and he can usually turn a bad situation around no matter the stakes. Holo is probably the best anime woman I have ever seen. She's fun, clever, and is able to stand up for herself. Holo is also very easy on the eyes, from her soft hair to her stunningly beautiful eyes. For all this, this wolf girl is not without complexity as she has some vulnerable emotional qualities that make her pretty sympathetic. The combined qualities and compatibility of Lawrence and Holo are what truly drive this series.

Overall, Spice and Wolf is a compelling tale you would not want to miss. It is so well made that it begs to be more recognized by the world for it's story, characters, animation, and music. It has some good themes to keep it going and the drama really pulls some heartstrings. It is highly recommended that you check this series out and enjoy.
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First Episode to the Last, One of my Favorites!
gameguyrocks3 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This show is absolutely fantastic. For one thing, the voice actors actually make you feel like the characters are real. Another is the superb story line. Along with those, it can be educational throughout most of the series. It deals a lot with the Stock Market and Tradings. I've learned more about that kind of stuff by watching this then school could ever teach me.


Season 1: It starts off with a merchant by the name of Lawrence Craft finding a 15 year old girl in his cart, with wolf ears and a wolf tail, who then tells him she is the goddess known as Holo. He then lets her tag along with him as he travels all across the world, trying to earn the money to open up his shop, until she gets back to her homeland, Yoitz. Along the way, they run into a bunch of trouble, involving people capturing Holo and trying to sell her to the church so that they can "Purify" Holo, to Lawrence going completely bankrupt after the stock market crashes on all the items he had in his cart, to Holo spending all of his money on Apples, Clothing, and other things she wants. After the stock market crashed, Lawrence regains most of his money by smuggling gold in the bellies of some sheep in which belong to a Shepherd which they befriend. The smuggling goes wrong at one point in which some people that were helping them turn on Lawrence and try to keep the gold for themselves, but he solves that problem by letting Holo transform into her true form and wiping them out, but the Shepherd tries to attack Holo. Over all the noise, Lawrence calls out either the Shepherd's name or Holo's as he's trying to stop them from killing each other. In the end, Holo demands to know who's name he called out, but he never really gives her a direct answer.

Season 2: In my opinion, better then the first season. It starts off with Holo having a dream about how over the years, as she never ages, all of her loved ones die as the years go on. She then wakes up and Lawrence and her are traveling to a city, where they meet Amarte, in which Lawrence tells Amarte about Holo's debt to him (Due to all the money she's spent with his money) and that being the reason she's traveling with him, to repay her debt, which then leads to Amarte willing to buy Holo off of Lawrence and allowing her to go free, and possibly, in Amarte's head, marrying her. Lawrence then takes the deal thinking that Holo will continue traveling with him either way, but then he goes to a witch and starts asking her about Holo's homeland, Yoitz, in which he finds out it may or may not exist anymore. He doesn't tell Holo, but she eventually finds out that he'd been keeping it a secret, and she starts freaking out about her becoming all alone, which then for some reason, Holo tells him to "Make love to me" so that she will get pregnant and that there would be 2 of her so she would never be alone, but Lawrence refuses to, which results in Holo leaving. In order to regain her back, Lawrence tries to repay Amarte for the contract by trying to gain a bunch of Fool's Gold which is at that moment selling for an outrageously high price, and then it gets into some really confusing stuff, until the end where Holo then returns to Lawrence and continues traveling with him. After that, they come to a town where they stay at an inn, in which Lawrence meets a hooded woman that tells him about a great business deal in which she partners up with him and they make tons of cash. But then, a bunch of stuff happens and the details get amazingly hard to explain, and it all results in Holo wanting to know what she is to Lawrence, even after she made the deal, in which Holo would either leave Lawrence due to the deal going well and him being able to open a shop, or the deal turning on him and her running away, and the woman turning on Lawrence and trying to kill him. In the end, she knocks him out and leaves the deed to the inn he was staying at on Lawrence. He then goes to Holo, tells her about everything that happened with the deal and how it had gone wrong, and then she starts yelling at him, then he tells her he loves her. It gets really emotional after that, then he kisses her, and they continue their journey together.

The thing I loved most about season 2 was that it leaves room for a season 3. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in Midevil Times, the Stock Market, or the Romance genre. 10/10 easily.
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Romance and Economics.
xcvb_20038 February 2014
Spice and Wolf.

Now this is how romance in animes should be dealt with. I was kinda hesitant at first to watch it as I don't like romance focused stuff but boy does this anime deliver on that front in a fresh way.

The story is good and its progression is great. It focuses on the characters. The old times setting and merchant stuff gave it an adventurous touch.

The protagonist is a likable kind hearted merchant who is really good in what he does and has a mind for profit. His thinking is analytical, always weighing Then there is Holo, the female main character of the anime, who I think is one of the best female anime characters I have seen. She is wise, intelligent, funny and witty, not to mention REALLY GOOD looking. And she is in no way ANNOYING, which was the biggest surprise for me as female characters in animes, especially romantic ones, tend to be annoying. The love story between the two main characters is handled masterfully. Both of them undergo a lot of character development and have diverse personalities that you can't help but enjoy it. The anime focuses a LOT on merchant stuff too. Trading, currencies, techniques, stock prices etc etc. I was baffled at how much detailed it was. Hell, one could learn a thing or two from this anime about that stuff. :p

Soundtrack was pretty good. Some of the emotional scores and the comedy ones were GREAT.

Animation/art wasn't outstanding or anything but it looked good.

If only it was a little longer. I felt that season 2 ended a bit abruptly, I was hoping for a little more of the journey.

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Amazing at all shape
damcraff18 August 2014
Lawrence 25 year old traveling peddler,( a good one) meet holo 250 year old pagan wolf,she claimed her name as holo the wise wolf, holo is godness of rich harvers.holo was a giant wolf but change to lovely nice looking 15 year old girl.still have an exposed beautiful ear and tail. Holo want go back to her home at north, called yoitz where the world is silver and everything sparkle. Holo join Lawrence travel to north, in they travel, they facecing many trouble, but they hang on to it they share all the joy and sadness. Time past out and they got feeling love each other but they secret it. In season 2 at near to end Lawrence say to holo that he love her, and also holo say she fall in love with him to.for the truth some time i cry watch this anime. The anime was AMAZING, the song play at precise moment,voice dub and dialogue are awesome, watch this anime is fun and heart breaking couse at some moment, I hope there was spice and wolf season 3 in making, this anime shall not to be miss, the story line is perfect and the character was good, it should be continue in new season.
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AwesomeGeorge1413 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The plot: Kraft Lawrence, a 25 year old peddler travelling from town to town selling and buying various things to make a living during a period much like Europe in the Middle Ages. One night when stopped at the town of Pasroe, he finds in his wagon a 250 year old pagan wolf deity girl named Holo. She appears to be that of a 15 year old girl, except for a wolf tail and ears. She introduces herself as the town's goddess of harvest who has kept it blessed with good harvests of wheat for many years. Despite having the responsibility to watch over the town, she wants to go back to her homeland in the north called Yoitsu, she believes the people have already forsaken her anyway and that she has kept her promise to maintain the good harvests. She manages to bargain her way out of the village by making a deal with Lawrence to take her with him. As they travel, her wisdom helps increase his profits, but at the same time, her true nature draws unwanted attention from the church.

This show is so good. Holo is a great character. Kraft Lawrence is also a great character too. But the rest of the characters are assholes.

The chemistry between Holo and Lawrence is amazing and believable.

The romance is subtle and realistic.

The music is amazing, it can be calm then fast.

The animation is beautiful, the backgrounds look very good and the characters look really good and expressive.

The voice acting is good in both Japanese and English.

I wish there were more episodes and seasons :(

Overall, this is an amazing amine with great characters, beautiful animation and incredible music

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Spice meets wolf on a journey through the lands
kiza-26 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
+++ mild spoilers ahead +++

It's truly fascinating what you find if you keep clicking through the recommendations list on IMDb for a while. So I ended up on "Ôkami to kôshinryô" or the rather amusing English title "Spice and Wolf". With the official website URL being www.spicy-wolf.com I guess you can already be sure that spicy is related to the wolf and not to Lawrence's trading business. ;) I wonder why they went with the strange English title "Spice and Wolf" instead.

Being only 12 episodes (plus an additional OVA) the main plot is told rather quickly. Lawrence, trader and later dubbed softy by his companion, finds the wolf goddess Horo sleeping in his cart one night. And from then on things go strange ways. It's quite obvious that the story takes place in times of change. In a world where the church is gaining influence with whatever methods they see fit, there is little place for a god people pray to for a good harvest. As people's faith in Horo diminishes there is no more place for her in the old village. So she sets out as Lawrence's companion on a journey returning her to the north.

Contrary to, for example Wolf's Rain, Horo is not a wolf that changes back and forth, but rather drawn the furry way, human girl with tails and ears forming out of her hair. Almost exclusively naked in the first episode ^.^ but they dropped this rather quickly in the following episodes. Well OK, it would draw way to much attention in the world they travel. I guess that first episode is where the title Spicy Wolf truly fits. *cough*

The dialogue between Lawrence and Horo is truly magnificent at times, mostly when they argue over the unspoken topic... their relationship. Well, of course there is none, other than the business part. The "side plots" are mostly Lawrences trading business, in which I got slightly lost due to the subtitles rushing by with the speed of light... at least it felt like that.

All in all a series well worth finding and who knows, maybe there will be another season! At least the ending didn't exactly end the storyline in any way.
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Stories are better when they have an ending, are they not?
Throkell22 December 2018
Horo and Lawrence «Spice and Wolf» focuses on the story of a wandering merchant named Kraft Lawrence. The story takes place in the medieval period, at the time when danger was awaiting you at every corner and turn: outlaws, different deadly illnesses, and church, which was the number 1 issue for many-- a misstep and you become a heretic. Kraft Lawrence has been wandering for 7 years already, trying to earn enough money to open his own shop and to become a better merchant. When he leaves another small village to sell goods, he finds the Goddess of harvest in his wagon. Horo explains the merchant that people no longer need her help and are starting to forget about her: they neither pray to her, nor do they even remember about her lending a helping hand to them when they needed it. And after a little test, the merchant agrees to take the Goddess on his journey. Because who would refuse to have a Goddess on your side? (Kraft, you lucky bastard)!

Characters There are only two protagonists in the series--the wolf girl Goddess Horo and the merchant Kraft Lawrence. It becomes obvious right from their first meeting that they complement each other well, and this first impression will prove correct later on. Kraft Lawrence is calm, when Horo is quick-tempered, but they both care for each other. What I am trying to say is that both of them are very different, but they are also very similar to each other. And the reason for that is their loneliness, they both are aware of. As the series progresses, the protagonists will have to face many challenges that will test them. With that being said, I believe that with every new episode of Spice and Wolf, you might fall in love with this series more and more.

Horo Horo - is a local deity of harvest; her original form is a tremendous wolf. Several centuries ago, she came to the south from her homeland in the north. She agreed to protect the village's harvest. However, humans are ungrateful creatures that are unable to understand that even a deity is unable to control nature. With time, soil becomes exhausted and is no longer able to support crops or other plant life. But the villagers think that this is just the Deity's whim and blame her for everything, little by little forgetting about her existence. Having understood that people no longer need her help, Horo decides to return to her homeland.

Aside from that, Horo has two forms: the first being a giant wolf and her second is a 15-year old girl. Horo is fond of delicious food and alcohol, but especially loves apples. She takes pride in her tail and takes special care of it, constantly combing and maintaining it.

Without a single doubt, Horo is one of the reasons for success of this series. She might be one of the most interesting and beautiful female characters you will ever see. It is somewhat challenging to give a proper description of her character, because she is always different. She is very smart, her jokes are better than what you see in 90% of comedy series, she looks strong, but she also makes an impression of a fragile creature that you want to protect really baldly. She is always ready to help; a perfect companion a merchant will ever find.

Lawrence Krawft is a merchant that hopes one day to open his own shop. At 12, he became a student of an experienced merchant; at 18 he started his journey to earn enough money to open his own shop. Since that time, he has been earning money for 7 years already, buying and selling goods in different towns. As a true merchant, he is trying to find profit in everting and refuses to accept unprofitable deals. When he meets Horo, he agrees to help her. Yet, in return, she will have to compensate for losses. Kraft Lawrence is very smart and crafty, but also very kind individual, which Horo dislikes about him.

Although, there is nothing special about him, as a character, he makes a very positive impression. Mainly because of the fact that with story-line development, his character also changes. (Which is rare for some series). On top of that, you cannot say that Lawrence is weak: he is ready to stand up for those who are dear to him. Though, when the situation is dire, Horo will help him. That said, he is a very interesting character with his own principle and beliefs; his development is very interesting to follow. His cold, but also kind character complements Horo very well.

Plot The plot consists of three main components: trade, action, and dialogues. Despite the fact that trade is often associated with something boring, in case of Spice and Wolf, the economics is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, and is explained in detail. This, as I think, makes the story-line even more interesting, but never boring. As a person who loves strategy games and especially everything connected with trade, I found elements of economics very interesting to follow. Although, many may disagree with me. Personally, I found it interesting to find out about many tricks that are connected with coining of money and how one can make a fortune using these tricks. Action scenes are the only drawback to find in Spice and Wolf; there are like two scenes in the whole 2 seasons. That said, if you are looking for some actions scenes, that is not the anime you should be looking for. But even without action scenes Spice and Wolf is able to prove that it is a masterpiece, a diamond, which is very difficult to find sometimes, because even without action, it is able to kindle your interest, which is a huge problem of many SoL series.

Holo and Lawrence The most important role in the story-line, based on the economics would surely play dialogues. It is not surprising, because Spice and Wolf is based on the light novel, which was written by Isuna Hasekura. And as you know, this means that there will be many dialogues, and the success of the series will only depend on the quality of these dialogues. I must say that, for some reason, they work well. I cannot describe the reason why they work that well: the reason for that might have been an excellent work of the Japanese voice actors that voiced Horo and Lawrence (by the way, I would highly recommend you to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles, or insert your first language subtitles. The amount of the work the Japanese voice actors paid to their characters is simply amazing, Spice and Wolf is one of these series you should only watch in Japanese. But, of course, it depends on your likes and dislikes, so feel free to watch it in whatever language you want), maybe because of the superb dialogues, written by Hasekura Isuna. Another thing worth mentioning is that these dialogues are never annoying, because they give you all the needed information. However, sometimes you will still have to think based on the information you have about some things that have not been mentioned in the series.

Art Without a doubt, the series is somewhat old. (The second season has a much better art than the first series, simply an eye candy, by the way). However, one thing is obvious-- the amount of work paid to make every single frame look amazingly beautiful. Not only do characters look unique, but also their outfits, backgrounds; the whole series look quite enjoyable, because it is somewhat a challenge to capture that medieval feel in your work. Spice and Wolf animators, however, did manage to do it.

Music Composed by Yuji Yoshino, a Japanese composer who has done a variety of works in video game music, such as in .hack//Legend of the Twilight. He has also arranged a number of music collections for the Suikoden series, including Genso Suikoden IV Music Collection: Another World, some tracks of Genso Suikoden Celtic Collection 2, and all of Genso Suikoden Celtic Collection III, Spice and Wolf's OST is truly charming.

The opening performed by Natsumi Kiyoura perfectly illustrates how lonely both Horo and Kraft are. However, together they are not lonely anynore, they can overcome all the possible hardships they might face, and no matter how long their journey is going to be, they will still succeed. The ending theme displays the comedy part of the series and it is possible to say that it illustrates Kraft's and Horo's relationship.

Grade: Overall (dub) : c Overall (sub) : A Story : B+ Animation : B+ Art : A Music : A+

All in all, Spice and Wolf is a series worth watching, but it requires some patience in order to fully appreciate the pacing and complexities in the plot and in order to engage with the characters. Fans of SoL will highly appreciate every single detail in Spice of Wolf; there is nothing I can dislike, or criticize in this series. My only regret is that it did not get a third season. But it should not worry you, since you can always find light novel's spoilers on the internet.
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DoctorNordo18 September 2014
So I wasn't sure how much I'd like this one at first. I saw it classified on Wikipedia as a romance and this is typically not my favorite genre. Thankfully, the romantic story is secondary to the main plot. I was grateful for this, for had it been the other way around I think it may have become tedious. The main stories revolve around the business ventures of Lawrence and Holo as they journey to Holo's ancient homeland hidden somewhere in the distant north.

Now one might think that a story centering on the business dealings of a traveling peddler might be mundane, but they actually succeeded in making it rather exciting. And while so many other non-comedy animes have mortal peril as the main consequence of failure, and while Lawrence and Holo both certainly have brushes with death, it is just as often that the potential cost of failure is Lawrence's financial ruin and bankruptcy. I found this to be refreshing.

One of the coolest things about this anime is that it is actually educational. It provides a (very basic) crash course in basic economics and touches on such subjects as supply and demand, market trends, currency trading and speculation, and others. The downside is that if you're like me and already have a relatively good understanding of these things the explanations in the show can come off as long- winded and a little tiring. However I absolutely appreciate the show's effort at being educational.

As for the romance angle, I felt that it was handled well. It is by far the secondary plot of the show and it rarely overstays its welcome. The only problem that I have in this regard is that Holo is an extremely violent person and often ridicules Lawrence and even goes so far as to shove, slap, and punch him. Sorry, but if domestic violence against women isn't okay then it shouldn't be okay when it's a woman striking a man. This is a common anime trope that has always bothered me and Spice and Wolf is simply the latest specimen.

Oh, and I also have to say that the English dub is incredible, especially the voice of Holo (Brina Palencia). Truly one of the best dubs I've seen recently.

And finally I will leave off with one more complaint. The ending is, in my opinion, not satisfactory at all. If I understand correctly, the anime only covers about 1/4 of the manga so there really isn't any true resolution in this show. But all in all I liked it very much.

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Warning: Spoilers
This is a grand series that builds suspense and action in a perfect blend. It gives you a bit of knowledge too. It can be a bit slow. But be patient because it really pays off. The characters are unique and all have their own different and creative back stories. It also portrays the corruption of the Catholic Church in medieval times. It's representation of the Middle Ages into the Renaissance is crafted well too. Even with a touch of science fiction it feels very realistic. You can really understand the characters as well. They go through situations like we do. The same types of struggles and fights. So it's very great
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Wonderful Adventure and Chemistry
peterfmodel18 August 2019
This is one of the nicest anime I have ever watched. The chemistry between Lawrence and Holo is wonderful to behold. This is not an action series, it's a series about the relationship between Lawrence and Holo and their adventures together. This is a good one for the whole family.
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So sweet!
Irishchatter8 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So this is the first season (I reckon) of the Spice and Wolf series. It introduces us to the wolf which her name is Holo and a merchant named Lawerence. Before watching this anime, I never thought it had a second season and I was so stoked when I found this out because I really wanted to see Holo & Lawerences relationship develop even more! I like the fact Holo was always wanting to try human wine and she was always annoying Lawerence when she gets drunk. I never ever seen such a man get so patient with a woman before especially on an anime!

Now for the next review for the season 2 of this anime!
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