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Sex & Nudity

    • From her first human appearance onward, Holo has no reservations about appearing naked, and appears in such a state regularly. Her skin is however depicted as totally smooth, and so there is no graphic nudity whatsoever.
    • Male characters are sometimes shown topless where appropriate in context.
    • Holo's belly button is completely exposed in one scene.

Violence & Gore

    • On screen, the only scenes of gore are in just a few episodes, and extend to showing streaks of red from small cuts and scratches. These are not shown in any detail, and are generally mended within a scene or two.
    • On screen violence is limited to punches. There is occasional threat of bladed weapons.
    • Off screen and in dialogue, there is an increase in the level of violence. Attacks on travellers by wolves is discussed in detail in episode 2, and a flashback strongly suggests a human being eaten.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • Historically accurate levels of alcohol consumption are shown: wine is treated as a staple drink with any meal, is served in large tankards, and is regularly drunk by minors. Such scenes, by their nature, appear in most episodes. Brandy is also shown and drunk in some episodes.
    • Holo drinks to excess on almost every opportunity presented to her, and is often shown drunk to the point of collapsing. Repercussions vary wildly between no effect and starkly depicted imagery of a hangover.
    • No smoking or drug use, as expected from the time period.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • The majority of the conflicts are cerebral, with the issue on the line being Lawrence's wealth, and the response being an attempt to out-think the opponent / public / market.
    • Three or four major physical confrontations occur during the series. Most of these carry a significant risk of injury or worse, but are generally resolved through simple escape or intelligence.

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