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Season 3

17 Jan. 2009
Welcome To Rainbow Simulator
The Bears Are Swearing But These Bad Words Are Censored
5 Mar. 2009
March Of Five
The Care Bares Said Hello To The Goats
16 Apr. 2009
We Are In Nintento 64!
The Care Bears Teleport To Nintendo 64 Games
28 May 2009
Not Evil!
The Care Bears Teleport To Hell So The Devils Are Gone
8 Jun. 2009
The Bathroom Airbender
The Care Bears Drain Into The Water, Oh No!, That's Bad.
4 Jul. 2009
The Giant Wii Remote
The Care Bears Said That The Wii Remote Is Giant And Not Talking
23 Aug. 2009
Too Hot!
The Care Bears Are Too Hot
19 Sep. 2009
Too Cold And Freezing!
The Care Bears Are Too Cold And Freezing
31 Oct. 2009
Happy Halloween!
The Care Bears Said Trick Or Treat
6 Dec. 2009
Happy X-mas Day!
The Care Bears Eats A Turkey
17 Dec. 2009
Care Captured
Grizzle plans to erase the Care Bears' belly badges; Cheer, Funshine, and Grumpy get captured and Oopsy and Share lose their belly badges.
25 Dec. 2009
Care-O-Meter Trouble
A girl named Emily breaks the Care-o-Meter and now Care-A-Lot could disappear forever.
12 Apr. 2009
The Broken Bracelet/Stormy Weather
Grumpy accidentally smashes Share's bracelet during a visit and tries to hide it but learns an important lesson about telling the truth. Then, a huge storm blows through Care-A-Lot and a tree falls on the Caring meter.
24 Apr. 2009
Alice's Ice/Bree's Tree
A girl named Alice likes to ice skate but is terrible at it. Then, another girl named Bree is was bullied for being a tomboy and likes climbing trees. Cheer and Funshine cheer Bree up and tell her that it's okay to like boy things.
2 May 2009
Xavier and the Bully Part 1/Xavier and the Bully Part 2
A boy named Xavier deals with bullying in this action packed episode that involves Grizzle turning the Care Bears into Scare Bears.
1 Jun. 2009
Fire at Your Own Will/Grizzle Traps The Bears
Grumpy enjoys playing shooter games rated M/Grizzle traps the Care Bears.
2 Jun. 2009
Oopsy In Love
Oopsy is in love with Harmony.
3 Jun. 2009
Grizzle captured the Care Bears.
5 Jun. 2009
Harmony's Solution
Harmony gets the Care Bears out of Grizzle's house.
6 Jun. 2009
The Last Adventure
In the last episode, Oopsy and the gang obsess over TV and start acting like TV show characters.

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