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Dance Flick did not "step up" like it should have
Smells_Like_Cheese22 May 2009
With the recent disappointments that have been in the spoof movie genre, we needed something fresh and funny, well we're not getting that obviously. But ever since the Friedberg/Seltzer team has joined in the "I can make a movie too" bandwagon, we were begging the Waynes Brothers to come back. The last really funny spoof movies are the Scary Movie series, they were clever and in our faces about the clichés in horror movies. The past few years we have had a major thing with dance movies like: Save the Last Dance, Step Up, Stomp the Yard, You Got Served, Honey, etc. Leave it to the Wayanes Brothers to finally put this genre in it's over clichéd and overused scripts in it's place. Unfortunately Dance Flick did not meet my expectations, it was one of those movies that used all the funny clips in the trailer. I can't even believe how many problems there was with this movie, wither it's the editing, acting, or direction, Dance Flick is a let down.

Megan is a former dancer who goes to a new school where everyone can magically sing and dance. She meets some new friends like Tracy, Charity and Thomas who is in a street dance gang. When Thomas and Megan connect they must face their "impossible" dreams together. Trying to "bring it", they work together to bring the ultimate dance group together. They also must face the difficulty of having a inter-racial relationship, as black women and white men passing them by, they try to pretend their love isn't real. But will they put all aside to help Thomas and his crew win the five grand to pay back his sponsor? Well, if you've see the "dance flicks" of the past decade, you know how it goes.

Now for some odd reason I did get a few laughs out of a stupid movie like Meet the Spartans, but that was because I kept my expectations low and knew what I was going into. With Dance Flick it was completely different, I was really excited because we have a really funny team working on the film. But they relied too much on the gross jokes, instead of getting a laugh from them, they keep pushing on the gross jokes too much on the audience and it just didn't work. The actors seemed to force their comedy too much as well where they were just not funny. The movie was also, like most spoof movies, was way too short as well, the stories didn't make sense and were just too random. I'm sorry to say that Dance Flick is just a bad movie, it has a couple giggles here and there, but the audience was silent throughout most of the film. I'd say to skip the movie, if you really want to see it, go for the rental.

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They used all the funny clips in the trailer
the-movie-guy29 May 2009
(Synopsis) Megan (Shoshanna Bush) has a dream of going to Juilliard and becoming a dancer. While she is performing at her dance audition, her mother is tragically killed in an auto accident. Megan must move to another city to her destitute father's apartment which is located in a condemned building. She enrolls in Musical High School, an inner city high school. Since her mother's death, Megan has given up dancing. Megan meets some new friends at the school like Tracy (Chelsea Makela), Charity (Essence Atkins), and Thomas (Damon Wayans Jr.) who dance in a street dance gang. Thomas and Megan connect, and they must face their impossible dance dream together. They try to bring the ultimate dance crew together to win $5,000 at the local dance contest.

(My Comment) The funny and inventive Wayans Brothers made this spoof movie, yet it was not as funny as the TV movie trailers would imply. This is one of those movies that used all the funny clips in the trailer. If you go in thinking it will be a funny movie, it will disappoint you. There are so many problems with the acting, script, editing, and direction. Unfortunately, Dance Flick did not meet my expectations. I did laugh at many of the scenes, but the few laughs that I did have, weren't enough. At least the movie was short. I would not recommend this movie to anyone, so save your money and see something else. (Paramount Pictures, Run Time 1:23, Rated PG-13)(2/10)
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Use Any Moves Necessary to Escape.
tfrizzell4 August 2009
Nearly incoherent mess from the Wayans brothers basically parodies every dance-themed film of recent memory and even takes stabs at other pop culture features like "Twilight" as well. Vignettes add up fast and furiously with no one in the cast making much of an impression and the film almost feeling like it had two dozen different directors and screenwriters (and none with a good cinematic idea). As good as "Airplane!" and "The Naked Gun" were in the 1980s, "Dance Flick" and others of the type are that awful in the 2000s. Do whatever moves necessary to avoid this horror of a movie which accomplishes nothing except stealing the audience's time, energy, and money. Gobble, gobble. Turkey (0 stars out of 5).
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A waste of time
mrbilal198726 May 2009
I went to see Dance Flick with a friend of mine just a couple of days ago. From the previews I thought the movie would be pretty funny and I hadn't seen my friend in a while so I thought "why not." My, I believe this is the first time I have ever stepped out of a movie theatre wishing I could get a refund. My friend and I were both able to agree that it was is probably the worst movie we have ever seen. The jokes, many of which based heavily on common negative stereotypes, were completely overplayed to the point of being down-right insulting. Some jokes just didn't make any sense whatsoever, and were disgusting. In short, the movie left much to be desired.
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This movie was awful!!!
cdiddy8722 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
WOW!!! I went to see this movie today. I must say that this is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. I knew going in that it was going to be a very silly movie but from the previews - it still looked funny. Sadly, it was not funny at all. This is very disappointing considering the actors in the movie. It was also directed by Damien Wayans who I've always thought was a funny guy. This movie gets a big THUMBS DOWN! Some parts of the movie actually made fun of Ray Charles which I didn't understand at all. That was not funny! Why would they make fun of him in a movie that is supposed to make jokes about other dance movies? Do yourself and favor and don't bother! This was a total waste of money!!!
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Chill out
Buddy-5120 September 2011
"Dance Flick" is the latest in a long line of "Airplane"-spawned movie parodies, this one a product of the formidable spoof-industry mavens, the Wayans Brothers. Like most such films, "Dance Flick" is a goofy, genial and instantly forgettable comedy that takes on such recent hits as "Step Up 2 the Streets" and "Hairspray" as well as more dated works such as "Flashdance" and even "Singin' in the Rain." As with all these scattershot send-ups, the movie defies the rules of logic and physics as it pokes fun at the accoutrements and style of hip hop music and culture.

Damon Wayans, Jr. plays the not-so-streetwise hood who falls for Shoshana Bush, a lame-assed white chick from the suburbs who wants to make it to Julliard but has to overcome the trauma of losing her mother in a car crash on the day of her audition. The amusing Essence Atkins costars as Shoshana's sassy best friend, Charity, with Shawn Wayans appearing as Charity's baby daddy.

It would be easy to feel superior to a film like "Dance Flick" - as most viewers clearly do - but a good part of it is actually pretty funny.
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Dance flick needs better choreography.
davidbeckham14411 June 2009
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen thankfully I saw it online.If I had paid for this I definitely would have demanded a refund.I only laughed about 2 or 3 times thats it throughout the whole film thats bad for a spoof.

Shoot I even liked Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans even own them now on DVD.But this movie was just plain awful making fun of Ray Charles(low-class).Making light of the incident where Brandy accidentally wound up costing an innocent person their life(despicable).

This movie seemed to drag on and on and on it literally bored me to death and the ending wth?!That has got to be the worst ending of any movie I've ever seen period .It made no sense to the rest of the movie and the movie it was spoofing.Plus the acting in this film:BAD flat out terrible.The jokes were forced repetitive stale and boring just seemed more like torture after a while.

The youngest Wayans debut in this movie was not a good one he needs to take some definite acting lessons he sounded like he was reading off the script while he was talking .Shoshanna Bushs character seemed lost confused and made certain facial expressions other than that her acting was also terrible she couldn't even fake crying now THAT is really bad for any actor or actress.Wayans I am begging you stop the nightmare on spoof street while you still can please.I give this a 0 out of 10 complete waste of time thank god I didn't spend money on this tripe.Oh and that part about invading space was wrong that was like promoting abuse towards women subliminally in that one scene.
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Definitely not "Scary Movie"
mellvsej28 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw previews for this film on TV, I got excited because I am such a fan of the Wayans films such as "White Chicks" and the first two "Scary Movies." While this film definitely had it's share of funny jokes, there was nothing original to it. A lot of the quotes from the original movies that it was spoofing were kept the same or extremely similar, without much humor really added. The young male lead did a good job, I will have to say though. I didn't recognize him as someone I had seen in movies before, but then I realized that he was one of the Wayans men as well. This movie was definitely better than the disastrous "Superhero Movie" and all of the other recent spoof films but didn't live up to the potential that it really could have had. I don't know if the Wayans brothers are losing their touch, or just wanted to give the next generation a place to try out his talent, but if I were you, I wouldn't pay more than the couple of dollars it takes to rent it. Definitely one to rent before you buy.
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I loved this movie!
jasminemoniquebell29 November 2009
A lot of people are bashing this movie to shreds. This movie is not to be bashed its hilarious. It brought me out of my depression for a little while. It makes fun of classic dance movies. It could be offensive to those with little to no sense of humor. It kinda picks at gays,African American community,fat people,whites from the suburbs,Interacialdating, All the while doing it in a realistic stereotypical way. As a ex fat girl & African American I was not at all offended. Sometimes the best comedy is the one thats politically incorrect & free to be itself. People that think this movies bad don't know comedy its better then the typical spoof like movies out there. I think the wayans brothers did a glorious job at writing it. I wouldn't say its a 10 out of 10 but I would say its def. about half of that. It deserves better applause & recognition then its been getting. It maybe stupid but its def. funny & not predictable.
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Welcome back Wayanes'
vaqt24 May 2009
I actually signed up for my IMDb subscription just to comment on this movie. I saw it last night and I LOVED it! Was it a great movie? no, of course not. But it was GREAT FUN! Amy Sedaris (sp?) alone is worth a trip to the theater. This is the kind of movie that cynics will crucify before they even see it. I suggest if you are having a long, tough week... You go out and rent "Save the Last Dance" and "You got Served" then watch this movie right after those.

I haven't laughed this much in a long time. And the last few scenes are classic. If you loved the original Scary Movies and hated all of the spin offs (which the Wayans' didn't make) then this will be a treat for you.

ps. do NOT bring the kids. This is PG 13, but it is almost as racy as the original scary movie.
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I can't believe this film actually disses "Employee of the Month"(2006)
KineticSeoul8 November 2009
I can't believe the creators of this movie think they have the right to actually diss "Employee of the Month"(2006) which I admit was not a good film, but I was just astounded. Now I will admit the movie did give me a few chuckles, but that is cause of how stupid the parodies in this is, but few of the parodies was a bit entertaining since I got most of it. I sometimes enjoy stupid comedies but the stupidity of this movie was just too much to the point it just gave me a bit of a head ache. The story is retarded and very simple, a girl named Megan who does ballet meets up with some wannabe break dancer Thomas(Damon Wayans, Jr). And they get some wacky romance going, with a bunch of stupid crude jokes thrown in to lengthen the run time which would actually have been a very short movie without it. The thing about the jokes in this movie despite it being not funny, is just way too drawn out. It just seems they went to great efforts to throw in unfunny jokes. If your someone who seen a lot of movies and get the parodies will find some of it to be very slightly amusing. But if you don't get what they are doing parodies of, you just won't get the dumb joke, because it's a inside joke for the people that has seen the movie they are trying to do parodies of and it's even a lousy attempt at that. And there is a heck load of parodies thrown in from a heck load of movies. It's just obvious the Wayans brothers was just trying to cash in, because they basically used the best bits for the trailer which wasn't even funny, so if you seen the trailer there really isn't a point to seeing this movie. This movie just makes black people look bad, in my opinion. The jokes are just vulgar and messed up while trying to go in the shock humor direction while trying to entertain the audience with the suffering of some of the characters in the movie. Which is fine if it was funny but that is not the case and it just feels like it's you that is being tormented. I must say they must have either payed the lead actress a lot of money for this role or she was just desperate for fame. The film is racist and sexist, and like I said is fine by me if it is funny, but it just isn't. This is one of those comedies where everyone is obnoxious and semi-retarded and I seen this types of comedies do quite well if they go in the right direction. But "Dance Flick" is just a jumbled mess and when the film is finished you start to wonder what just happened, because of the stupidity. And I ain't one of those critics that think they are more intelligent and superior to everyone else and go around bashing on dumb comedies that are actually quite entertaining for not being smart. But this film deserves to be bashed on. But like I said, if you get the parodies of other films which is strung up very randomly for laughs you might find it slightly amusing and will survive through it.

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What were they thinking??
midtra5228 August 2009
I've always been a huge fan of the Wayans brothers. Their sitcoms have been hilarious along with most of their movies. I mean Major Payne was great. But I don't know what on Earth happened here. We know they have talent. We know they can be funny. When it comes down to it, this movie was just plain corny and not funny.

There were a few funny parts but I mean very very few. I would have thought they'd watch this movie themselves and realize if they released it things would be a disaster. It was just painful, and I don't know what happened. I hope the Wayans brothers can rise up after this failure and make some good stuff again. As far as this movie goes, the instant I finished watching it, I took the DVD out and broke it in two so no one else would ever have to suffer.
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How bad can a movie be? This one is hard to beat.
tachytron24 May 2009
My wife and I, along with our 4 sons, walked out on this movie. This movie was misogynistic and pornographic.

Guess what? Our kids hated it as well; they were stunned and said it was "just weird". We came home and explained to our kids we don't approve of this garbage. The trailers didn't convey whatsoever the degradation celebrated in this trashy film.

I enjoyed "Something about Mary", love Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and Hot Fuzz etc. Assuming you can look past the tired, sophomoric attempts at pornographic humor, the not-so-funny gratuitous violence, "Dance Flick" simply is not funny and it certainly isn't intelligent.

Seems that we are not alone in our assessment of this terrible movie. We spoke to the manager after walking out, he agreed with us, apologized, and gave us compensation for our movie tickets. This movie shouldn't be rated PG-13; I recommend a rating of R. But still, I can't imagine any adult deriving any real entertainment value from "Dance Flick". Do not waste your time; it isn't even worth renting when it comes out on DVD. Yeah, it's that bad.
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Dance Flick is a pleasant and hilarious surprise, AND a long-awaited return to Wayans' form
culturedogs25 May 2009
When I first saw the preview for this one, I found myself hoping against hope that the family that brought us I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka and In Living Color would step up to offer us a funny movie after White Chicks and Little Man. Honestly, I never bothered to watch those films, as the trailers were so screamingly unfunny to me.

And now I find myself horrified at the average rating of 3.3 out of ten on IMDb(as of opening weekend) for Dance Flick, which I consider a loooong awaited return to form for Keenan Ivory Wayans, and a revelation of the rebirth of that satirical spark from the earliest days of In Living Color. In fact, Dance Flick even tops all modern attempts at satire by Zucker proteges Friedberg and Seltzer (Disaster Movie,Meet the Spartans, Epic Movie, Date Movie) and even David Zucker himself (though, curiously, it seemed to me that Shawn and Marlon Wayans were in his orbit for an over decade long meltdown, including his involvement in the Scary Movie series and, finally, last year's unfunny and politically confused An American Carol).

Here's reason # 1 why Dance Flick tops it: it shows every sign that it was made by adults who actually watched the movies they're lampooning in their entireity (Gasp! Imagine that!). It's not surprising to me that a number of the more negative reviews on here ignore jokes based on movies like Little Miss Sunshine or Twilight, since those gags seemed to have been written by people who sat and watched more than the trailers for those films.

Reason #2: A good cast given a chance to shine. David Alan Grier's Showgirls parody was a great use of DAG's singing talents. Yes, he had to act through a fat suit for most of this film (ala Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy), but his performance so made up for his participation in Zucker's Carol.

Essence Atkins is hilarious as Charity, the student mom who hangs her baby carrier up in her locker, baby intact, telling the waif to "breathe through the vents."

Shoshanna Bush plays Megan White, who makes a bizarre choice for her Julliard audition, and whose mom seems on the edge of a "tragic" fate (in one of the funnier sequences in the film).

Damon Wayans, Jr., however, is a revelation as a chip off a really funny block. He plays Thomas Uncles (if you can't sit well with that joke, please go rent I'm Gonna Get You Sucka and then we'll talk), a young dancer in a street crew who's also a starry-eyed med school hopeful in what's described as a "Cosby sweater." Damon Jr. shows acting and humor chops equal to any in the previous generation of Wayans, and hopefully gets the chance to work on something at least this funny again.

Reason # 3: The director. Damien Dante Wayans demonstrates the difference between throwing a grab bag of lame material at the screen versus an attempt at layers of jokes.

Reason # 4: Continuity. This film, finally, feels like a product produced by people responsible for Hollywood Shuffle and I'm Gonna Get You Sucka. I'd gladly watch this film again, right alongside the previous two. Each of the films take out the satirical knives to point out the silliness inherent in a lot of pop cinema, but with affection.

Reason # 5: The jokes are funny. The movie is chock-a-block with well-timed gags, right down to the set decoration and costuming. Yes, there is evidence of jokes about Hairspray and Ray that are barely used, and the film is far from perfect. But the difference is in the funny. This is, and is so worth your time.
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The Wayans don't deliver
Floated21 August 2010
Dance Flick is a movie that really isn't funny or even remotely that great. It had some funny moments but not enough to actually be called funny. The acting was bad all in the film, mostly by the lead character Megan, and Thomas. His facial expressions were weird and he was over the top too much. But its a Wayans film, acting isn't always that great in their films. The plot is spoofed from Step Up 2: The Streets. About a girl Megan who wants to live her dream to become a dancer so she moves to another school. This happens when her mother passes away. Many spoofs in this film were unnecessary and just plain unfunny like the spoof of Ray Charles from "Ray", "Fame", and others. Spoofing Ray Charles was a surprise because "Ray" isn't a dance movie, and this movie is called Dance Flick. They also spoofed "Twilight" at the very ending. I didn't laugh at anything except a few chuckles. And like others have said, many of the funny scenes were in the trailers. One funny scene was towards the end with the final "you got served" dance scene with the fat guy dancing. Also credit to Shawn Wayans character and Affion Crockett (A-con), he was pretty funny. Though overall this movie was just not funny (except a few moments)
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Very Funny!!!
Pumpkin_Man25 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this movie was extremely hilarious! The Wayans family is back, doing what they do best. I loved all the spoofs, gags, and jokes. Megan White used to be a dancer until she made her mother come to her audition when it was raining. Her mother dies, but she never really got over it. When she moves to the city, she makes friends with Charity, Thomas, a gay boy and a few more. Thomas helps her with dancing, and slowly fall in love with each other. Thomas also owes $5,000 to Sugar Bear, unless him and his crew can win a dance battle. This movie spoofs Save the Last Dance, Stomp the Yard, Step Up, Hairspray, High School Musical, Ray, and much more. I highly recommend DANCE FLICK!!!
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Shockingly very funny
Jackpollins14 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, and Date Movie, I wouldn't have been surprised if Dance Flick was as bad as them. I am happy to say Dance Flick is a hilariously nasty spoof of the Step Up movies, You Got Served, Stomp The Yard, Feel The Noise, and How She Move. I wasn't doubting that this was gonna be funny, it just wasn't a very good chance. The secret behind this and the first two Scart Movie's success (I do like the other two Scary Movies quite a bit, though) is the Wayans brothers. They now how to perfectly write, direct, and star in a comedy. There's still the same gross-out jokes, but for every gross out joke there's at least 2 huge laughs. The story is basically a huge parody of Step Up. City girl moves to a school, and forms her own dance crew. Only here, they make fun of it. Yes, we do get a hairy chest shot of her, pooping jokes, and snot running down people's noses, but unlike Disasater Movie or Date Movie, that's not the only thing here. There's also a lot of funny and cleverly done jokes laughing in the faces of these dance movies. If there's nothing better than paying eight dollars for a ticket to get a good amount of huge laughs, then I don't want to know what you should pay eight dollars to do.
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Dance Flick was GOOD!
beetlejuice198728 May 2009
I went to see Dance Flick, really unsure what I would think but still had an open mind...and I REALLY liked it. I was hysterically laughing the whole time and I really loved the dance sequences too. It's more than just a spoof has plot, humor, romance but the humor was what I loved best. It really will make you laugh and you are sure to have a good time if you see this movie. Take your friends, so you can all laugh together and quote it afterward. The Wayans always know what they are doing and they got this one right! Take your family, take everyone you know...just go see it and have a great time. Good summer comedy!
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Tired even by the spoof genre level of films
dbborroughs5 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Wayans family passes the torch to the next generation with yet another painful spoof film of the seemingly endless urban dance films that seem to pop up in the multiplex every couple of weeks. I don't really see the point since anyone who's seen any of the films spoofed would agree that many are actually pretty funny in their own right. The plot follows the usual "kids needing to dance ending up in make or break competition while finding romance along the way" rut. The problem is that the plot is so terribly clichéd that there really is no need to watch since you know whats going to happen.(yes I know its a spoof but its lacking any sort of creativity or effort beyond the obvious so it becomes painful going) For better or worse some of the jokes are funny, but they usually come at the end of much too long a set up. As it is I've wasted too many words on the lousy film in order to get over the minimum length. My best advice is avoid this.
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It has its funny moments
smashayre25 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I think I laughed at this movie about 7 or so times. There were lots of spoofs but not as many genuinely laugh inducing moments that I'd hoped for in a movie of this genre.

Still I can not deny that I did genuinely laugh. I saw this by myself in a theater of several other black people and two white girls... none of them left before the credits rolled nor did I.

The funniest moments for me were 2 of the jokes done by Shawn Wayans. I'm not a fan of his but they were genuinely laugh inducing ones to me at least.

There were some scenes that they tried to play for laughs like spoilers

the scene where the ballerina leaps into this guys arms? insert fart noise... but it came across about as funny as a user dubbed video on youtube...

Incidentally here's a heads up on finding that clip of Step Up where someone dubbed fart noises over it. It plays the same here no acknowledgment whatsoever of the noise by either party post fart.

Since I laughed 7 times? I'll give it 7 out of 10.
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The trailer was much better
OtherBrotherDarryl25 May 2009
In comedy, they say, timing is everything. This movie works great when boiled down to a 30-second promo, and I was actually pretty excited to see it, even though I've never been a big fan of the Wayans' movies (and haven't even seen most of the films that this one spoofs). Unfortunately, they managed to fit most of the big laughs into that preview, so those moments didn't strike me as hard, and some of them dragged on too long and simply weren't funny at all (like the "invade my space" scene).

I do think the current rating (2.8) is a bit harsh, though. The movie isn't that bad, it just isn't as funny as I'd hoped it would be.
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The Wayans Family Is Still Creative!
leighabc12328 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There were so many jokes in this movie that I really had trouble keeping up with them. It was easy to get lost in the plot of this movie.The jokes were very crude. Essence Atkins made this movie great! She played a silly role for the first time ever. And the scene with Ellia English and all of those disrespectful children was very funny and creative. The scenes where Brandy and Halle Berry hit the mom can never be duplicated. Kim Wayan's almost walk on role was funny. Marlon Wayans is still a cornball. Shawn Wayans is still a player. However, it was very disrespectful to poke fun of the late Ray Charles. I hope his estate sues the Wayans family.
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For a ridiculous genre Dance Flick actually pulls it off
Robert_duder3 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There is one thing in film that I can't stand especially in the last new millennium is the spoof genre. The ridiculous, over the top, disgusting humor that forces jokes into a tired story by making fun of various types of movies that don't deserve being made fun of. Scary Movie brought stupidity to a whole new level. The quality of films in the spoof genre shrank to the worse level of stupidity after the nineties leaving behind the Naked Gun films, Airplane and classics like that. All this being said imagine my shock when Dance Flick actually turned in a reasonably less stupid, and actually funny (even if it was guilty pleasure laughing) with a decent story no matter how silly it might be. The films they poke fun at actually work into their story and they use the teen dance flick "Save The Last Dance" as the basis of their story and that works too. The cast really meld well together and the toilet humor is in full swing which is almost a given with this type of movie, in some ways it always has been. But repeatedly I found myself laughing and shaking my head at the pure silliness but yet still entertaining me so bravo to them.

Relative newcomer Shoshana Bush leads the cast as dancing hopeful and awkward clutz Megan. In true comedienne style Bush uses physical comedy and terrific facial expressions to really bring home the laughs. She likely has a promising career in comedy if she gets out of this spoof genre because as okay as this movie's not likely to get her anywhere. Damon Wayans Jr. continues the Wayan's shaky ground career in spoof movies, lord knows the Scary Movie films were enough to make me never watch a spoof movie again. However Wayans Jr. does a decent job of not overdoing the slapstick comedy, a mistake his father made on numerous occasions. Wayans Jr. And Bush are kind of cute together but then don't have a lot of chemistry. Essence Atkins plays Wayans Jr's sister Charity and she is hilarious. Her over the top performance really stands out in this cast and she is ridiculously funny. Veteran young actor Affion Crockett is also good, very funny, and not overused as the best friend A-Con.

If I sound like I'm talking this movie up like it's a must see treat of the year then let me back pedal. I still hate spoof movies and if I could go back in time I probably would have saved the Microsoft points (I rented it on Xbox 360) and not paid money or currency for this. That being said if you stumble onto it via cable or someone else rents it and forces you to watch it then you won't be at a complete loss of an hour and a half or less. Fortunately like many spoof films it has a mercifully short run time. The ridiculousness will make you smile despite yourself and the cast is decent enough to make it work. So if you can lower your intelligence or if you actually enjoy parody/spoof movies then this one is at least redeemable and that is saying something. 6/10
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will appeal to fans who love this sort of low brow humour
gregking427 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Not another movie spoof? Movie parodies are something of a hit and miss affair, with most of the recent movie spoofs (Meet The Spartans, Date Movie, Epic Movie, etc) missing the mark. As the creators of the original Scary Movie, Keenen Ivory, Marlon and Shawn Wayans have hit the mark with more accuracy though, as their parodies have been characterised by more wit and an appreciation for the subtlety required by the genre. As the title of their latest movie suggests Dance Flick is a send up of the whole dance oriented movie genre, targeting everything from Fame and Flashdance right up to more recent films like Step Up, Centre Stage and Stomp The Yard. But the film also includes spoofs of Hairspray and the whole High School Musical franchise. Most of these dance-themed flicks have followed a fairly predictable formula and have been fairly cliché-ridden, so the targets are pretty obvious. You can virtually tick off all the parodies as they parade before your eyes. There are quite a few laughs to be found throughout the scattergun approach, but there are also many more moments that fall flat. What passes for a plot centres around the relationship that develops between Thomas (Damon Wayans Jr), a street dancer, and Megan (Shoshana Bush), a classically trained dancer when they meet at a talent school. Thomas is involved in "street battles" and desperately needs to win an up and coming competition to pay back money he owes. Dance Flick has been co-written by siblings Marlon, Keenen Ivory and Shawn Wayans, who have been the creative mainstays of their films over the years. But the film introduces a whole new generation of Wayans into the film-making fold, both behind the camera and as on-screen talent. Making his directorial debut is their nephew Damien Dante Wayans, who has worked on TV series such as My Wife And Kids, and it is obvious that he shares his uncles' comic sensibilities and appreciation of cheap sight gags. Dance Flick will appeal to fans who love this sort of low brow humour.
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A Comic Cakewalk!
zardoz-1326 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The Wayans clan, who made the first two "Scary Movie" spoofs, show no mercy with their latest parody "Dance Flick," an uproariously crude, lewd, and rude roasting of dance movies. Specifically, "Dance Flick" pokes fun at "Fame," "Save the Last Dance," "Drumline," "Hairspray," "Center Stage," "Step Up," "Roll, Bounce," "Stomp the Yard," "Step Up," "Step Up 2 the Streets," and the "High School Musical" movies. "Dance Flick" ranks as the best parody movie since "Superhero Movie" (2008). Moreover, the Wayans have ripped into some classics, such as "West Side Story" and "Singing in the Rain." Indeed, the fun of most parodies is spotting the movie being jeered first and hoping second that you'll cheer the jeers. Even if you loved the movie getting mocked, a good parody can make you appreciate your favorite movie more because it pays tribute to it.

Not nearly as scatological as the first two "Scary Movies," "Dance Flick" relies on the usual hilarious sight gags that the Wayans deploy throughout their derivative, often lowest-common-denominator, plot to skewer the conventions and clichés of those terpsichorean tales. Unless you've seen the aforementioned films, you may not be laughing when others are roaring. Sometimes, the Wayans insert some pungent political satire into this brisk 83 minute epic, but it doesn't distract from the overall antics. You rarely have enough time to read all the whacky wall signs plastered in every shot because the film flies by so quickly.

After her mom dies in a tragic auto accident rushing to her daughter's Juilliard dance audition, Megan (Shoshana Bush of "Fired Up") relocates to the big city to live with her destitute father (Chris Elliot of "Cabin Boy") in his condemned apartment. Like everything else in the audacious "Dance Flick," the demise of Megan's mother is played strictly for laughs. In fact, she escapes from her wrecked vehicle, only to be struck by a car with a Lindsay vanity license tag. Another vehicle with a Brandy vanity tag hits her. Finally, a third vehicle with a Halle vanity tag strikes her. Appropriately enough, a black female dressed as Cat Woman flees from the accident. After Halle hits her, Megan's poor mom flies through the air and lands in her freshly dug grave.

Meanwhile, Megan enrolls in an inner city high school, Musical High School. She meets Thomas (Damon Wayans Jr.) and they become an item. Megan has shunned dancing since her mom's death. Eventually, Thomas persuades her to take up hip-hop dancing. Later, on their first big date, Thomas takes her to the ballet. Megan is shocked. The ballet recreates the events that culminated in her mom's death involving a stalled gasoline tanker truck along with those reckless celebrity drivers with vanity tags.

Aside from Thomas, Megan meets a variety of oddballs at Musical High. The first day at lunch in the cafeteria, the entire student body improvises the song & dance routine from the movie "Fame" where everybody plays a musical instrument, including a blind kid named Ray (George Gore II) who displays his piano skills. The "Fame" lyrics has been changed to something considerably more salacious as well as silly. Megan's ghetto hall locker neighbor is Charity (Essence Atkins of "How High") and Charity hauls her infant son to school everyday and hangs him in her locker while she attends classes. Charity's brother turns out to be none other than Thomas. In another "Save the Last Dance" scene, Charity reprimands Megan for her interracial romance with Thomas because African-American gals are running out of their own race to date.

Imagine the usual line-up of characters in teen dance musicals. Each has a counterpart in "Dance Flick," right down to the pairing an obese "Hairspray" type girl and her dream boy jock who would rather play Juliet in "Romeo & Juliet" than dribble for his father's high school basketball team. Megan gapes when she meets her dance class instructor, Ms. Cameltoé (Amy Sedaris of "Bewitched"), who lives up to her descriptive surname. Meanwhile, Thomas and his main man, A-Con (Affion Crockett of "Soul Men"), have their own troubles. A-Con is a street hoodlum with no ambition, but Thomas aspires to be a gynecologist. Thomas dreams of attending Jus Community College. They have a dance crew that participates regularly in street dance competitions. They have lost $5-thousand during their last street dance contest. Now, they owe the five grand to a local gangsta, Sugar Bear (David Allen Grier of "An American Carol"), and he demands his dough. Sugar Bear resembles Jabba the Hutt of "Star Wars" and cannot consume enough candy, pies, and sugary treats.

Primarily, director Damien Wayans has taken "Save the Last Dance" and crossed it with "Step Up 2 The Streets," adding characters from other movies like "Hairspray," "Ray," and "Fame." For instance, an obese girl like Tracy from "Hairspray" attends the school and the basketball coach has a son who resembles Zac Efron from "High School Musical." Grier is riotous in an obvious fat suit as a Sugar Bear and Chris Elliott plays Megan's sordid, low-life father. Naturally, the entire Wayans clan gets in on the action. Shawn plays Charity's baby's daddy. Shawn has several amusing scenes. Marlon is the most outrageous as an idiotic drama teacher who has made only one movie. He played a slave in a "Mandingo" plantation movie where he cut his leg off. Keenen Ivory plays a street dance promoter Mr. Stache with the whitest fake teeth you've ever seen.

The Wayans have been masters at politically incorrect parodies since their Fox-TV series "In Living Color," and they ridicule stereotypes mercilessly here for maximum merriment. They rag straight people, gay people, black people, white people, and drunken celebrities. When A-Con tells Thomas that he cannot become a doctor because he has guns for hands, he displays his gun hands and calls himself Edward Triggerfingers after the Johnny Depp movie "Edward Scissorhands." Altogether, "Dance Flick" is a comic cakewalk!
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