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Season 1

3 Jan. 2008
Episode #1.1
EPISODE ONE: The World Intrudes. Hamish Keith looks back at New Zealand's earliest art, the rock drawings of the South Island and the impact they had on some 20th century artists and the encounter between Abel Tasman and Ngati Tumatakokiri in Golden Bay in 1642: the beginning of our history and the beginning of our art history. He follows the three voyages of Captain James Cook and the impact his artists and scientists had on the way Europe looked at the natural world. In particular, he looks at the art of the Pacific and New Zealand and its influence on how Europeans...
25 Nov. 2007
Episode #1.2
EPISODE TWO: Engaging with Difference. Episode two focuses on travelling artists like Augustus Earle and George French Angus who engaged with Maori society and were fascinated by their difference. We look at how Maori art responded positively to European impact and flourished with new technologies and new challenges. We see the invention of the carved meeting-house, the early art of settlers and their invention of the empty landscape which could be seen as a colonising device to steal identity. If there is nobody pictured in the landscape it could be interpreted as up...
1 Dec. 2007
Episode #1.3
EPISODE THREE: Civilising. Were New Zealand's Victorian dull, grey and repressed or were they exciting innovators laying the foundations for a flourishing and inventive metropolitan society? Was Victorian architecture our only golden age? Art societies, art schools and public art galleries flourish during this time. It seems that Maori art vanishes into museums and disappears behind a sea of red paint. Colonial artists present Maori as a dying race while the museums consign flourishing 19th century Maori art to the past and invent a false history for it. We look at ...
8 Dec. 2007
Episode #1.4
EPISODE FOUR: Reinventing Distance. After a promising start New Zealand culture takes a wrong turn - the country turns its back on the Tasman world it had belonged to from the very beginning of European settlement and snuggles up to an imaginary Britain. Towns and cities pop up, and settlers start to reinvent their history. The ensuing struggle between town and country would last for nearly seventy years. Pakeha New Zealand seizes on Maori imagery to define its identity and at the same time Maori are persuaded to give up their identity and become brown Pakeha. Sir ...
23 Dec. 2007
Episode #1.6
EPISODE SIX: The Braided River. A confident New Zealand art re-enlists in the world - choosing and adapting influences from the whole world of art and making something of its own. Sculpture heralds the beginning of an urban art and art begins to break free from the empty stereotypes of "National Identity", "Bi-culturalism" and "Telling Our Stories". The whole of New Zealand culture begins to grow up and celebrates what it actually is rather than what it was told it should be. Maori and Pakeha art begin to cross influence and enrich each other. Senior artists like ...

 Season 1 

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