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  • With Uncle Pete now dead, Patty finally tells Tom Shayes that she is under investigation by the FBI. However, when Tom asks his sister, who has access to Justice Department files, just what the investigation is about she reports that there is no record or an FBI file to be found. Patty declares war of sorts on the FBI and visits their office to make it clear that she holds them responsible for Uncle Pete's death and will stop at nothing to ensure justice is done. Wes decides to ask Katie Connor out on a date but asks Ellen if she has any objection. Ellen says she doesn't but her response is less than convincing. In a flash forward to two months into the future, we learn where Ellen gets her gun. We also learn that Patty has had a major falling out with someone.


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  • Ellen tells the FBI guys that she doesn't think Patty killed Pete. Patty seems genuinely upset and blames them. They're not just targeting her, she's targeting them.

    Patty and Ellen tell Tom that the firm is being investigated by the FBI.

    Two Months Later

    A man in a suit stops Tom from entering Patty's office. Tom's not allowed in the building anymore. The man shows Tom his gun. Tom gets upset, telling the man to tell Patty he tried to warn her. And he's suing her for wrongful termination.

    Tom waits in a car (because on this show, if you're meeting with someone, that's what you do). Ellen gets in. He gives her a towel. Inside is a gun. "I hope you know what you're doing," he tells her.

    Cut to Ellen, in her hotel room, holding the gun on Patty.

    Kendrick golfs as Dave watches. The energy secretary died at his own wedding. Dave's on the presidential search committee to replace him. He plans to install an ally. He wants to step up the frequency of their transactions. Kendrick warns him there's only so many times they're going to be able to pull "this" off. Kendrick checks that Dave isn't getting cold feet. He's not.

    Tom storms into Patty's office, upset that he's only now learning about the FBI. He wants them to get info from someone at the bureau.

    Tom meets a woman on the street. (Not in a car!) "What's up?" she says. "Last time I saw that face you were 18 and thought you got your prom date pregnant." She guesses it's about Patty.

    She's an assistant U.S. attorney. She can't believe what he's asking. He says please. He needs her help. His sister agrees.

    Finn Garrity meets with Dave at a country club, saying he's given up coke and hookers. Dave says it's a good call. "If you know another trader who can do what I do, Mr. Pell, use him," Finn says. "Otherwise, stay out of my face."

    Wes plays pool with Ellen and Katie, flirting up Katie. When she leaves to get a drink, Ellen acts like she doesn't mind what he's doing.

    Patty tells her husband that she thinks Pete killed himself to protect her. Phil tells her to drop the UNR case. She won't. She thinks UNR and the government are both against her. He thinks she's paranoid and asks her to please stop. She says no, she's not going to let them get away with it.

    Ellen meets with her grief counselor, who's worried about her and Wes. She thinks they should go to different sessions. She says Wes agreed. Getting involved so soon after David's death could be "emotionally dangerous."

    Dave meets with Phil, picking his brain on energy secretary nominations. Phil suggests Sam Arseneau, Patty's foundation partner. He invites Dave to a dinner party to meet Sam.

    Wes helps Ellen aim her gun, loaded with sexual tension. As they later examine her on-target handiwork, Wes "apologizes" for asking her out, saying he was wrong and they shouldn't get involved. It's a nice subtle bit of manipulation, that he finishes up by asking for her permission to ask out Katie. Ellen is super helpful, giving him her number.

    Wes meets with the Bearded Man, who shows him something in his trunk. He wants some assault rifles delivered to Jersey. Wes says no. Bearded Man laughs and says Wes is done when he says he is. Bearded Man walks off.

    Finn's favorite hooker brings him some coke. She tells him the lawyer who pestered her (Tom), keeps calling, but she's ignoring him.

    Tom's sister tells him that she requisitioned the FBI file on Patty. There wasn't one. Nothing on anyone related to the firm.

    He tells Patty and Ellen, and Ellen swears she's sure the people who approached her were FBI.

    Ellen confronts her FBI guys, asking what's going on. They tell her they know about Patty's contacts and had to pull the file.

    Walking to their cars later, one says that Ellen is smart. The other doesn't like it.

    Finn's hooker answers a knock at the door. It's Patty. The hooker doesn't want to talk, but Patty threatens to tell Finn they're not exclusive. Patty's done her research. She knows the hooker is in a custody battle and trying to put herself through school. If she helps, Patty will pay her tuition and put in a word in at family court. If she doesn't, she'll put in a different kind of word in at family court.

    At Patty's cocktail party, Phil introduces Sam Arseneau to Dave. Sam's interested. Dave asks if Sam's prepared to faithfully represent the interests of his country. "Well, we're all businessmen here, aren't we?" Sam says by way of reply.

    Over dinner, the guests ask Phil for investing advice. He's pro free-market. Sam avoids taking a position.

    Katie asks Ellen's permission to go out with Wes. Ellen says it's fine. Katie asks Ellen how much he knows about David and Frobisher. She doesn't want to say something she shouldn't. "Well then, don't," Ellen says.

    The cocktail party has progressed to the part where Sam is singing for the group. Patty and Dave chat. When he asks her about Sam, she tells him he's a great guy, but essentially an entitled brat who will tell him what he wants to hear then turn around and stab him in the back.

    The FBI guys, or whoever they are, meet with their boss, wanting to know where their case file is. He says the deputy director pulled the file because it's a top priority.

    Kendrick and Wayne golf. They like Idaho. The plant manager will play along. It's supposed to snow and they can shut down the plant to drive up demand. Kendrick is worried the storm might shift. But it's short notice. So they go with it. Kendrick gives Wayne some info on a piece of paper.

    The hooker meets with Patty and Tom. She tells him about Finn getting in the SUV. Patty tells her she talked to her family court judge, who will be sympathetic to joint custody.

    The Deacon gets in the Escalade and punches in some coordinates.

    Dave meets with Phil. Dave says he's going to pass on Sam for the spot. He's interested in Phil. He extols the power that comes with a government job. Phil agrees to think about it.

    Patty meets with the FBI boss, McGraff. She tells him she holds the FBI responsible for the death of Pete. She says she's watching them. He tells her to check her "tone." She leans in, with even more "tone," and tells him the investigation is corrupt and when she proves it his career will be over. He tells her she doesn't want to make threats. She says it's war, then leaves.

    McGraff calls someone, reporting that Patty just visited him. He asks what he should do.

    Katie has a drink with Wes. He does the old "I have a question, no, I shouldn't" routine to get Katie to draw it out of him. He brings up Frobisher. Katie backs up Ellen, saying he did have David killed and that Patty got Frobisher's financials when she took on the case. She tells him about the private security firm. Then she realizes she's said too much and tries to change the subject. He apologizes and says he just worries about Ellen. He starts to discuss their dinner plans when Katie stops him, asking why he called her. It's obvious he wants to be with Ellen.

    Finn gets in the Escalade and writes down the coordinates, in Idaho.

    Outside, Tom watches, writing down the vehicle information.

    There's a knock at Wes's door. He opens it, surprised. Ellen walks in. They stare at each other. Then Ellen kisses him. They hop into bed like two people who need each other desperately.

    Wes meets with Bearded Man, telling him Ellen knows about the security firm. Wes tells him he shouldn't worry, Ellen doesn't know he exists. Bearded Man tells him to take Ellen out, make it look like an accident. If he does it, he'll be done.

    Next week: Ellen telling Wes that someone tried to kill her, Wes telling Bearded Man that the FBI is using Ellen against Patty, Wes asking Ellen if she wants to get away, just the two of them.

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