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4 Jan. 2016
Could You Get "Athletes Face"?/Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito/2016 "Better Body" Fixes Revealed/Life-Changing Surgeries
A woman undergoes a live needle-less procedure to transform her face; a musical prodigy performs. Also: chef Rocco DiSpirito.
5 Jan. 2016
Drs Exclusive: The Man with Bionic Genitalia! Most Dramatic Weight Loss Success Surgery Update!
A facelift with no knives; a weight-loss success surgery update; can PTSD be cured with just one injection? Dr. Jennifer Berman's health scare.
6 Jan. 2016
Permanent Birth Control: Is It Worth the Risks?/Shocking Reason Child Is Taken from Mom/Drive-Thru Worker Does Unthinkable
A mother has debilitating side effects from a birth control device; a newborn is removed after the mother drinks marijuana tea; a way to stop hitting the snooze button and become motivated to get out of bed.
7 Jan. 2016
Are You a Sugar Addict and Don't Know It?/What's the Real Deal with Organic Tampons?/Glam vs. Natural Makeup: Which Is Better?
Sex therapist Dr. Christopher Donaghue; a new fitness tracker for sex is tested; how an Adele ballad could affect your relationship; an intervention on a sugar addict; Dr. Ordon's health scare.
8 Jan. 2016
OTC Birth Control in the Works?/Beauty Accessory Causes House to Burn Down?/I'm Permanently Pregnant
Debating whether birth control should be available over-the-counter; a woman claims she looks permanently pregnant; fitness expert Harley Pasternak; a lipstick that looks good on every skin tone.
11 Jan. 2016
Contaminated Water Emergency/Exclusive: Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley Health Update/Drink Wine to Lose Weight?
Reality stars Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley (Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (2014)) and their pregnancy struggle; the risks of contaminated water having high levels of lead; a study that claims drinking wine could help weight loss.
12 Jan. 2016
Can Liposuction Make You Healthier?/Plastic Surgery Depression?/Is My Man Menstruating?/Anti-Depressants for Babies?
Common cosmetic procedures that may improve health; antidepressants for babies; a DIY skin-lightening trend; what side of the body should be slept on to maximize health.
13 Jan. 2016
Were You Born a Cheater?/Price-Gouging Pharmaceutical Exec Arrested/Woman Prefers to Be Overweight
A pharmaceutical exec suspected of price-gouging; research that claims people can be born cheaters; a woman says she'd rather be overweight again, after losing more than 200 pounds.
14 Jan. 2016
Botched Surgery Intervention/Curb Emotional Eating Instantly?/Texting with Your Face?/Do You Need an Instagram Husband?
A woman, whose plastic surgery went wrong, seeks help fixing her scars; the effects of banning social media from teens; a smoothie makeover can help shed pounds; an off-label medication that can cure hormonal acne.
15 Jan. 2016
Leeza Gibbons' Family Health Scare/Ice T's Shocking Delivery Room Photo/Teachers' Controversial Punishments?
Leeza Gibbons discusses an incident that nearly killed her father; two teachers who punished students in controversial ways; what Ice-T had in the delivery room, during his baby's birth.
18 Jan. 2016
Real Housewives of New York's Kristen Taekman!/Extreme Acne Scar Procedure/The Ebay for Breakups?/A Coin Was Found in My Lungs!
Kristen Taekman talks about her health and The Real Housewives of New York City (2008); a website being called the "Ebay for Breakups"; a man who's lived with a debilitating skin condition for 20 years.
19 Jan. 2016
Popular Hair Product Makes Women Go Bald?/Social Anxiety Is Ruining My Life!/Child's "Love Note" Considered Harassment?
A popular hair product that may make women go bald; a woman claims social anxiety is ruining her life; dermatologist Dr. Sonya Batra; how to avoid a makeup mishap that ruins photos; when to work out to burn the most fat.
20 Jan. 2016
Woman Discovers Mold Inside Breasts?/"Carbaholics" as Damaging as Alcoholics?/Trick to Triple Chance of Pregnancy?
A woman who had moldy breast implants that almost killed her; the dangers of being a "carbaholic"; a way to possibly triple chances of getting pregnant; Kym Johnson Herjavec offers tips on how to get a dancer's body; three secrets for a better smile.
21 Jan. 2016
Banish Your Belly Bloat!/Strip Club at Your Neighbor's House?/Artificial Sweeteners Affect Breathalyzer Tests?
Banish belly bloat; rental properties that became locations for shocking activities; a study of whether a Breathalyzer test can be affected by mixing diet drinks in cocktails; twerking to soothe a crying baby.
22 Jan. 2016
Exclusive: TV Star's Cancer Battle/DIY Secret for Cold and Flu Sufferers/Transitioning Into a Man and Became Pregnant!
A TV star, battling breast cancer, gets a double mastectomy; an "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" story; a DIY secret to not running out of tissues during cold and flu season.
25 Jan. 2016
"The Doctors" Exclusive: I Was Dead for 12 Minutes!/Red Carpet Sex Ed?/Celebrity Makeup Artist Reveals Her Secrets!
A father who was struck by lightning; tips from a celebrity makeup artist; celebrities who are "teaching" sex ed.
26 Jan. 2016
Fake Plastic Surgeon Caught!/Pill Addicts Can Now Sue Doctors?/Lawmakers Feud Over Breastfeeding Mothers!
A man sentenced to 20 years in prison for impersonating a plastic surgeon; why pill addicts can file claims against their doctors; a couple who have tried for 14 years to conceive; an app that claims to decode a baby's cries.
27 Jan. 2016
Freeze Dried Poop to Lose Weight?/Do You Have Drunk-Face Syndrome?/Soccer-Ball Sized Hernia Before & After/Is Your Detox Bogus?
A surprising pill as a cure for obesity; what to know about a juice cleanse; an infertile couple revisits with big news; how one can eat French fries guilt-free; how to use a kitchen spoon to get Adele's cat eye.
28 Jan. 2016
Shocking Videos Caught on Camera: Toddler Smoking Marijuana!/Debilitating Cluster Headaches/Too Good Looking for Success?
Video of an adult offering marijuana to a toddler; debilitating cluster headaches; a shocking requirement a college has for applicants.
29 Jan. 2016
Friday News Feed: Breaking News Stories Affecting Your Health!/The Bachelorette's Ali Fedotowsky Reveals More Big News!
Ali Fedotowsky (The Bachelorette (2003)); a funeral home that serves alcohol during services; a "flip of a switch" vasectomy; a past guest's dramatic skin-removal surgery; a healthy soy sauce swap.
1 Feb. 2016
Double Chin Injection Put to the Test!/Diet Based on Genes?/Speakers in Your Private Parts?/Dad's Family Photo
A new speaker, placed in a private body part, could have health benefits for an unborn baby; three women test a surgery-free treatment for double chins; a DNA test to determine if one's genes can make you fat.
2 Feb. 2016
Hot Topics with Carmen Electra!/Build a Booty Without Surgery?/Miracle Eye Lift Put to the Test
Carmen Electra discusses dealing with relationship drama; how to build a booty without surgery; Hollywood hair trends; a look at the prescription-drug crisis.
3 Feb. 2016
Exclusive: Murdered Reporter's Family Speaks Out/Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge
A murdered reporter's family discusses their daughter's death; Tamra Judge (The Real Housewives of Orange County (2006)) sets the record straight about her granddaughter's "medical crisis"; unexpected places in the home where mold may lurk and what to do about it; a massage trend is tried.
4 Feb. 2016
Exclusive: Woman Removes Her Ribs for Beauty!/Diet Pill Horror Story/Outrageous Crime and Health Stories Making Headlines
A woman who removed six ribs, in an effort to slim down, and her doctor; crime and health stories; a dad's story of how he lost part of a leg and almost died, after overdosing on diet pills.
5 Feb. 2016
Medical Map to the Stars! Red Carpet Skin Tips;
Celebrity hot spots in Los Angeles are visited; how celebrities get a perfect smile, body and skin; and celebrity health secrets.
8 Feb. 2016
Top Trends and Procedures Put to the Test!/3 Minute Eyelift?/New Hot Flash Cure?/Saggy Jowl Treatment/Love Handles GONE
New trends and procedures are tested. Included: treatments for hot flashes, saggy jowls, love handles and skinny lips.
9 Feb. 2016
Frozen to Death for Hours/Go Fund My... Plastic Surgery?/Death in a Single Dose?/Dangerous DIY Trend
A man who froze to death, but was revived; a woman who raised money for plastic surgery on a controversial website; a beauty trend that could put kids at risk; and a trick to keep bananas from browning too quickly.
10 Feb. 2016
A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?/New App Keeps You Kardashian Free!/Cheating on the Rise More Than Ever?/Motorized Sperm
The possibility that a cure for type 1 diabetes is near; an app that rids all things Kardashian from the Internet; favorite foods that can set one back at the gym; and a health secret that can add years to one's life.
11 Feb. 2016
Shocking Medical Stories from Around the World/A Woman Dumped for Being Overweight Does the Unthinkable!/A Woman Is Set on Fire
A woman who survived being severely burned and scarred over 85 percent of her body; an app that measures one's bra size; and a workout for lovers.
12 Feb. 2016
Friday News Feed/Mom's Hemorrhoid Horror Story!/New Instant Face Transplant App/Trick to Prevent "Hungry Shopping" Purchases
A woman with debilitating hemorrhoids; and the story behind a photo of a hospitalized couple, after an auto accident.
15 Feb. 2016
The Doctors Exclusive: My Husband Tried to Murder Me/"Criminal Minds" Star A.J. Cook/Gene Simmons from KISS
A woman describes the story of how her husband tried to kill her; actress A.J. Cook (Criminal Minds (2005)) discusses her own health secrets; rocker Gene Simmons talks about dealing with a health issue. Also: a danger about car seats.
16 Feb. 2016
Tyrese Gibson & Rev Run Talk Sex, Dating and Instagram Jealousy/Potato Chips/Facial Mask/Milk Recipe
Tyrese Gibson and Joseph Simmons (aka Rev Run) address sex, jealousy, exercise secrets and parenting advice. Also: odd recipes featuring bugs, worms and crickets; makeup tips.
17 Feb. 2016
Dr. Travis Comes Clean About Health Issue/Live Procedure for Raccoon Eyes/Ear Piercing Cures Migraines?/Danger to Pets
Dr. Travis seeks help for a health issue; a woman undergoes a procedure for "raccoon eyes". Also: a possible migraine cure via an ear piercing; a new fragrance.
22 Feb. 2016
IV Drip for Facial/Real Deal: Anti-Inflammatory Diet/DIY Waxing Gone Wrong/Burned by Fat Freezing Treatment/Dad Jailed
A facial and a cellulite massage mat is tested; the diet of a Victoria's Secret model, and an acne-like breakout.
23 Feb. 2016
Hot Topics with Piers Morgan!/Susan Sarandon Cleavage Controversy/Woman Jailed for Faking Cancer/Please Save My Marriage
Piers Morgan discusses his recent Twitter feud with Susan Sarandon; nutritionist Christopher Donaghue tries to save a couple's marriage and explains how to keep a relationship healthy; and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder discusses how to snack like a supermodel.
24 Feb. 2016
Woman Can't Stop Destroying Her Life/Undercover Germ Tests Revealed/Flu Fighter Cider?
A woman who can't quit a life-threatening habit, even after a major heart attack; addiction-free pain medication; what may be lurking in one's lunch; and an app that matches lipstick color to one's clothes.
25 Feb. 2016
Pain Cure Through Your Nose?/Baby Attached to Placenta for 6 Days?/Man Throws Alligator into Drive-Thru/A Superfood Donut?
A method to eliminate migraine pain; pole dancing classes for kids; and a new super-food: donuts.
26 Feb. 2016
Friday NewsFeed: Shocking Medical Stories Caught on Camera!/Dr. Rachael's Big Baby Surprises!/Doctors Remove Ants from Ear
Dr. Rachael faces two surprises, prior to the arrival of her daughter. Also: a medical emergency that left a driver in an unlikely spot.
29 Feb. 2016
Movie Theatre Germs!/DIY Tightening Wand for Down There?/Tiny Waist, Full Belly?/Butt Boosting Clothing?/Park Your Dog in a Box?
Health risks in movie theaters; whether a new type of clothing can give butts a boost; and tips for attaining a thin waist. Also: a man who survived being struck by lightning.
1 Mar. 2016
Shocking Stories Caught on Camera! Drugstore Thief Beat Down!/Teacher Caught Berating First Grader?
Shocking events caught on camera, including a pharmacy thief beat down and a teacher berating a first grader; whether chocolate is better for teeth than fluoride; and how Beyoncé boosts metabolism. Also: sex and relationship therapist Christopher Donaghue.
2 Mar. 2016
The Doctors Saves a Woman from Potentially Suffocating in Her Sleep!/Supermodel Secrets for Looking Young?/Plastic Surgery Apps
A woman is saved from potentially suffocating in her sleep; a bill that would force men to get their wife's consent, before getting Viagra; guilt-free Mexican recipes; and Miranda Kerr's latest beauty secret.
3 Mar. 2016
Exclusive Updates: Extreme Weight Loss Surgery Revealed and PTSD Injection After Horrific Accident/Shocking New Surgery Fads!
Updates on past guests, including a man who lost 225 pounds; and a woman who developed PTSD after a horrific accident. Also: a potato-only diet.
7 Mar. 2016
A Woman Is Hit by Two Cars and Left for Dead!/A Doctor Performs Procedure on the Wrong Baby/Hip Replacements for Better Sex?
A woman who was struck by two cars and left for dead; women who have had hip-replacement surgery for better sex; an alarm clock that awakens one in a sexy way; Dr. Rachael's baby girl's live 4D ultrasound; a money-saving supermarket hack.
8 Mar. 2016
New Killer to Top Cancer by 2050/The Incredible Dr. Pol/"Happy Days" Star Anson Williams!/Dr. Berman Reveals a Personal Health Scare
Discussions include a disturbing viral video. Also: Anson Williams (Happy Days (1974)) shares healthy twists on comfort foods; and a look at Adele's transformation.
9 Mar. 2016
Roast, Bake, Shake to a Better Body?/Yoga Pants That Burn Calories?/DIY Health Test Dangers?
Roast, shake and bake the way to a better body; a non-invasive fat-loss procedure; do go-to bulk-bin snacks compromise health?; yoga pants that may burn calories during workouts; using a blow-dryer to improve the taste of a popular snack.
10 Mar. 2016
The RefrigerDATEr: Mates Based on Your Food Choices!/Controversial Breastfeeding Meme?/Man's Shocking Reason for Stomachache?
A controversial "breastfeeding" photo of a young boy pretending to feed his sibling; "The RefrigerDATEr, a dating game in which a woman picks a match based on the contents of his icebox; doctors' shocking find during the examination of a man, who went to the hospital for a stomachache.
21 Mar. 2016
Woman Gets "Hump Back" from Drinking?/"Super" Bedbugs on the Attack?/Red Carpet Beauty Secrets Revealed
A father uses an online tool to catch a daughter buying drugs; could a drinking habit lead to a "hump back"? how to get rid of "super" bedbugs; five foods to help lose five pounds.
23 Mar. 2016
Model Kidnaps Rival?/Lipo injections?/She's a Hot Mess Makeover!/Love and Hip Hop Star Tells All!
A model who kidnapped a rival, after she posted pre-plastic surgery of her online; a relationship intervention is staged for a wedding-dress designer who can't find love; a look at lipo injections.
28 Mar. 2016
Shocking Medical Videos Gone Viral!/Mom Allergic to Being Pregnant?/Locked Up for a Reality Show?/Rom-Coms Bad for Relationships
A look at the possibility of being allergic to being pregnant; who would spend 60 days in prison for a reality show?; shocking medical videos that went viral.