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29 Aug. 2008
Dave Rafter was looking forward to a 'second youth', alone again with his wife Julie, after daughter Rachel and lately successful son Nathan's marriages and 'immature' adult son Ben moved out - to help next-door Greek neighbor mate Nick 'Carbo' Karandonis house-sit his parents' home, only neither knows how to run a household. The house-mate the boys take in is the very nurse, who David felt humiliated by after an overdoses of Viagra to celebrate his re-won freedom. Then things go really wrong: Ron Barrett's firm, where the parents work, downsizes: Dave is kept only ...
2 Sep. 2008
Playing a Googly
Dave still finds his new situation stressing: barely can he cope with giving up his electrician job, or the fact that his wife dumps her father on him - the father wanders through their house as silent as a ghost, only Dave finds out his 'unmanly' secret. Fortunately Ben's new nurse house mate convinces him she'll keep Dave's own exposure secret. Preventing Nathan becoming a rival rooster in dad's roost is hard enough - then daughter Rachel arrives. She opens up only to her mother, yet once Dave steps-up as dad finds it worth a bloody nose being beaten by her addicted...
9 Sep. 2008
She Ain't Heavy
Ben enjoys living 'free' without his parents, despite the empty fridge and total mess. Realizing nurse Melissa is a guy-like house-mate only makes her more attractive, so mates Ben and Nick are suddenly rivals - parading macho and undressed - while warning each-other she's off-limits. Meanwhile only Ben can look out for sister Rachel, who's moved back home, fleeing abusive alcoholic husband Daniel. Daniel warns her he won't let her go - Rachel hits the bottle herself. Ben ends up abused by both feminists as somehow Neanderthal misogynist for barking off a gay pass in ...
16 Sep. 2008
How Did We Get Here?
Nathan Rafter recounts how, in the past 18 months, his dreams seem to have come true and then fall apart again. First Sammy Westaway becomes his date and lover, then she turns out to be the daughter of real estate baron Tony Westaway, ideal for a young agent like him. It goes wrong when the honeymoon is canceled as Nathan's grandmother had a fatal cardiac arrest during the wedding, and Sammy forbids him to accept a lucrative job from her dad. Within months her shopping addiction exhausts their credit, so they move into his parents' place.
23 Sep. 2008
Lines of Communication
Julie worries incessantly about the financial strain of supporting the entire family as Dave struggles to get referrals for his electrical contracting business. Meanwhile, Ben is uncomfortable with keeping a secret about Rachel from his family.
30 Sep. 2008
Facing Demons
After grandpa finds a dirty tape, Rachel tells him how she instantly fell for Daniel Griggs at her first job in advertising. At first he charmed the whole Rafter family but soon proved to be a hopeless substance addict - Rachel doesn't quite manage to break up with him. Now the family knows his own secret, grandpa decides to move back home and face his nosy neighbors.
7 Oct. 2008
Self Made Man
Nathan Rafter hid the invitation to his rich father-in-law's 50th birthday party from his 'humble' suburban family. When it gets out, everyone blames him. Nathan's wife Sammy insists on organizing the party instead of her mother Trish. Nathan's mother Julie, finally with a reason to dress up worries she has nothing fit to wear. Sister Rachel 'punishes' Nathan by inviting his suave private school mate Oliver as her date so Nathan's 'well-born' cover is blown. Ben and Carbo surprise their mother (in a good way) twice. Tony offers a penthouse to give the couple a new ...
14 Oct. 2008
Taking the Lead
Ben's drunken one-night stand with Melissa threatens to destroy their potential relationship and so to give her space he seduces Lauren but she turns out to be just what he didn't need. Meanwhile, Dave's past catches up with him when he sees a television interview with his former band mate Steve Wilson and Carbo develops a crush on Chrissy.
21 Oct. 2008
Suburban Boy
Dave Rafter had been willing to forget about his 'once promising' rock career, but Steve Wilson who continued playing after their sole hit, asks him along for a one-time-only easy tour, which he accepts impulsively. The kids learn about their dad's writing fame, and Nathan finds it most helpful to close a real estate deal with the band's fan magnate Fred Mackie. Bennie stands in as the wine waiter. However something goes wrong. Dave deals with his unfinished business drastically.
28 Oct. 2008
All in the Planning
Carbo keeps courting Julie's colleague Chrissey Merchant and must babysit his own sister's kids - Agysilas proves quite a handful for him and Ben. Hotel guest Nick Leigh, investor Venderbergh's man, makes Sam jump through hoops to set her bumbling straight, then courts her. Nathan put his foot down to stop luxuries being bought that they can't afford. Rachel bumps into her ex, Daniel, just when she discovers she's expecting. Although she can't hide it from Melissa, Ben even thinks it's 'their' pregnancy, and the family opposes a panic abortion.
4 Nov. 2008
Away from It All
Julie plans a quality time weekend away in an old-fashioned beach cabin with Dave, grandpa and the 'kids'. Nathan 'can't get away from work' so he can have the house alone with Sammy, but she ruins this rare chance by nagging him about leaving his cellphone on and walks out. Despite her views against all men, Rachel nearly pulls hunky biker Ewan, who tours Australia as long his terminal MS allows. Ben's nurse-mate Melissa has a bad prawn allergy reaction and refuses to talk about her estranged family. Carbo 'hosts' Chrissy back home, but she "can't" commit.
11 Nov. 2008
Removing the Block
Shortly before Christmas Dave wants more quality time for Julie and him, so he enforces domestic chores roster. Alas that exposes everyone to a practical breakdown, a mysterious stench and Rachel's macrobiotic 'cooking'; to her amazement next door proves housekeeping can work well, even with kid brother Ben and his cahoot Nick. Nathan feels there's just no time left after work, and that's not working either. Grandpa tries Friend Finders, but is he really ready for dating? Ma misses mothering. Chrissey makes up with Carbo.
18 Nov. 2008
Smiling Through the Pain
The Rafters feel their bodies let them down. Ben is ashamed an armed hold-up made him literally piss his pants, yet the suggestion of therapy is even scarier. Dad Dave's dental maintenance costs $6,000 but he can't afford without accepting a job with his ex-colleague Warney. Also dealing with his gang lands him in a nightclub and trouble ensues. He still gets the surprise birthday party that he really feels too old for. The girls discover Rachel's yoga motivation, studly guru Vishnu, but ma finds taking the mikey out of her literally painful.
25 Nov. 2008
A Mother's Radar
Sick of not getting anytime alone, Nathan and Sammy arrange a romantic rendezvous at a vacant property but are discovered by Nathan's boss Carl who promptly fires him. However, Nathan cannot tell Sammy what has happened so he lies to her and his family as he goes about trying to get another job whilst getting jealous at the re-appearance of Sammy's ex-fiancé Owen Matheson. Rachel brings her relationship with Vishnu out in the open but Vishnu's openness upsets Dave. Later Chrissy tells Julie that Vishnu is spreading it around amongst all the female yoga participants - ...

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