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Season 6

23 Apr. 2013
High Hopes
Julie muses about high hopes, excited that Nathan is moving back to Australia. Donna continues with Logan. Buzz is the new addition to Rafter Electrical. Ted gets lost.
30 Apr. 2013
First Time for Everything
Nathan is working hard to build a solid base for Saskia and Edward in Australia and accepts a job offer despite its obvious shortfalls. Saskia is excited to be joining him but little does Nathan know, for the first time in their married life, Saskia is keeping something from him. Meanwhile, Emma is quietly giddy at the prospect of her blossoming romance with Craig.
7 May 2013
Setting Limits
When Buzz's new employee brings his wayward son Jackson onto the site, Dave begins to suspect his good nature is being taken advantage of. Meanwhile, Donna is mortified when she realizes that both she and Emma have been played by Craig. Donna tries to avoid telling Emma setting up an impending confrontation, but she can't hide the truth forever.
14 May 2013
Secret Women's Business
Having found a place to rent, Nathan's done all he can to prepare for his wife and baby's arrival. But when he gets to the airport, all the planning in the world could not prepare him for what he found.
21 May 2013
Reality Checks
Nathan travels to London to track down his wife, Saskia and their son.
28 May 2013
Manning Up
Matt is despairing about his musical career, until Buzz gets a mate in a rising band to let him fill in when his guitarist is ill. Carbo enjoys his healthy sex life, but looks forward to fatherhood even more, and Retta secretly decides to go back on the pill. Nathan is exhausted, doing just too much with tireless baby Edward, but won't let Julie 'meddle'. Ted's dementia gets much worse, mistaking people for deceased ones from his younger days, with incidents like kicking Crabo's dog ad kissing his wife.
4 Jun. 2013
Taking Stock
Jackson is miserable, feeling neglected by both parents. When Dave, the only reliable father figure, whose coaching works wonders, even turned the knave nobly protective of Cooper, prepares to leave on a long bush tour, something snaps. Coby is finally nearing the end of his prison term, but the visit from Frankie which her new room-mate, Matt, calls likely falls trough. Carbo looks forward to fatherhood too much to care about his birthday party, thus a real surprise while he planned a luxury suite. But finding out she's back on the pill spoils the party and spells ...
11 Jun. 2013
Damage Control
Coby finally enjoys a visit from Frankie, although she's non-committal, yet afterwards she smashes Matt's hope to become her permanent house-mate and more intimate friend. Dave discovers that Jackson vandalized his minivan, blames father Buzz and instructs him to step up as father. Ted's latest amnesia episode includes driving off with Ruby to the zoo and getting arrested for trying to enter his former home. Still Julie feels too guilty to admit her father needs to go to a rest home, as he suggested months ago.
18 Jun. 2013
Role Reversals
Jackson admits his vandalism to startled father Buzz. Carbo's new job is too exhausting to remain a stud in bed. After bad 'advice' from same-gender mates to play hard to get, Matt still ends up together with Emma. New restaurant chef Gary Edwards is quickly fired again by control-freak Donna, but a staff strike forces her to ask him back and he senses she's erotically tempted. Ted's latest nocturnal escapade ends in ER, so in his next clear spell he empowers Dave and reluctant Julie to commit him to residential care. Alas, they discover Internet poker inadvertently ...
25 Jun. 2013
Head vs. Heart
Jackson's claim that neither part-time parent actually loves him brings Buzz to offer him a permanent home with him, on best behavior. Matt is so nervous when offered a recording session with the rising band that he messes it up, but ends up doing great with his own songs. Despite Julie sabotaging their own sale, the house is soon sold. Ted keeps forgetting about his thus affordable move to the rest home, but cooperates in lucid moments. Cook Gary Edwards and fellow staff have a surprise for Donna in the netball tournament she pressed female friends into.
2 Jul. 2013
Centre of the Universe
Cody is finally released from jail. he finds Dave packing, as the house is sold. When Nathan's warning finding an affordable house is nearly impossible proves true, they resign to renting. Ben visits to 'help pack' and say goodbye to his childhood home, but also finds grandpa Ted doesn't even recognize him. Jackson and Buzz delight Dave with a surprise: his van, completely restored with Carbo's expert help. Nathan ends up accepting Carbo's offer to move in with him. Trish, now under a guru's spell, commandeers the Rafters to a bizarre party, catered by Gary at Donna's.
2 Jul. 2013
Packing Up the Rafters
Everyone makes a video diary to tell Julie and Dave how much they mean to them. Donna realizes that she wants to be with the cook and they start a relationship. Eleanor tells Julie she will look after Ted and they will play Battleships. Sammy, Nathan, and Ben all decide to raise baby Edward and move into their own unit.

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